Want a phone that can run Windows 10? Grab this Lumia 635 for just under $50 right now

At the moment, the just-released Windows 10 preview for phones supports just six low-to-mid end Lumia devices. As luck would have it, Amazon is running a sale on the AT&T Lumia 635 for just $49.84 and it happens to be one of those lucky six Lumia Windows 10 preview devices.

Yes, you can get this 4.5-inch smartphone that doesn't need a contract for just under $50. Once you have it in your hands, you can download and install the Windows 10 for phone technical preview to try out all the new features. As we reported before, higher end Lumia devices can't current use this first preview build but Microsoft plans to add more devices to their Windows 10 list in the near future.

Update: We have also been told that the Lumia 635 is also available at Walmart locations (opens in new tab) for $50 as well

Source: Amazon (opens in new tab); Thanks to Justin Angel for the tip!

John Callaham
  • So what's next? windowscentral.com -> windowsstore.com?
  • Central : A place where _all_ things about come together. So, yes. We'll discuss WINDOWS Phones that are on sale. Oh, don't forget, there is a Windows Central Store. ;P
  • Yeah I miss The good old times when windows central used to talk about windows phone, today they make phone case reviews, talk about games, make Xbox stream of games on twitch, announce lumias on promotion and things that happen with at&t and version, not to mention the Microsoft band articles flood when it launched, we rarely see them talking about windows phone nowadays
  • Erm...yeah...I think that's why they renamed it to 'Windows Central' as opposed to 'Windows Phone Central' ;)
  • If they talked about nothing except for windows phone, guess what!? This site would have a whole lot less content, maybe an article a day on average. When you have single digit numbers, but a few makers of phones and lack luster support from everyone involved, then this site would be dead. Again, you can't talk about what's not going on!!!
  • Y'all some negative nellys. And that's coming from me.
  • Co-sign
  • Yeah ok Mr. Eddie   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3nXHAQa-gQ
  • More like Windows US fuckkkk the world. They write articles as if their user base is American.
  • Installed it on my Lumia 635. So many changes! It will take some getting used to. One thing missing is the Family Room option. I use this a lot. Hope they bring it back, soon.
    The new photos app is also a big change, they don't have "albums" view yet, which I use most often. I also dislike how the photos tile now displays "recent photos" and there is no way to change that, yet.
    And finally the font sizes everywhere have reduced so much that it seems weird - especially in the "settings" pages.
    No more data toggle in action center.
    Clicking on WiFi switch in action center to turn it off still takes you to WiFi settings page.
    Can't add Mesaaging to lockscreen quick notifications.
    Kids Corner is still present.
    Selecting a picture is a nightmare now. For instance, if you want to change your background or select a photo to be displayed on the photos tile, you cannot select an album of your choice and browse the photos in it. You have to browse through ALL the photos on your phone, since there is no album view.
  • How it works?
  • What about Live Folders?.. Is it Still there or did they kill that feature? :-o
  • Live folders are still there. The OS lags quite a bit, though. I mean, not older iPhone on new IOS bad, but it has some serious hesitation in certain spots.
  • Happy to hear that anyways.. What about Transparent tiles?.. Can we make the tiles transparent so that we can see the background wallpaper through our tiles?
  • No data connection toggle though.
  • Transparent live tiles work as intended. Tiles that aren't transparent don't.
  • And does the toggles in action centre still include Data Toggle? do we have Kids Corner? Can we turn off Wi-Fi using wifi toggle in action centre without getting into the main settings page?
  • Live folders are still there.
  • Has it the option to return to 8.1?
  • I don't see it.
  • Here: http://www.winbeta.org/news/microsoft-releases-recovery-tool-revert-windows-10-back-windows-phone-81
  • Any apps failed to work.
  • I second that question. I use MixRadio a lot! I don't mind taking the risk regarding the bugs...but I need to know this app at least works. :)
  • no rooms anymore.. really .. cmon microsoft  
  • No. No rooms __in the preview__ __yet__. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/preview-faq-right-for-me-phone
  • Did you read the know-issues? Family Room is on of them.
  • Yes, and I hope they bring it back "soon"
  • It'll be awsome if you post those screenshots in twitter or something.. A quick video will be appreciated as well ;)
  • What is "family room" on phone?
  • http://www.windowsphone.com/en-US/How-to/wp8/people/use-rooms-and-groups It's basically a hub to share various things with a group of people. Calendar, Notes (i.e. grocery list), chat, photos. I could see using chat more when my kids have phones and there's more than two people in the room, but the other stuff I find useful to share in one place. Photos are nice because as we've moved away from a normal camera, my wife and I can just upload vacation/any photos into the Family Room and they're collected in one place to publish, share, etc as we did before when downloading from a camera.
  • The ONE feature I'm hoping Windows 10 brings is the ability to text from my computer like MightyText or MySMS. Do you know if this is something they have implemented? I'm currently on an Android phone while my beautiful 925 sits in my desk drawer. Yes, I use the PC/Text feature that much :)
  • Yes. iOS/OSX integration of messenger app is cool. Windows needs an equivalent.
  • Couldn't agree more
  • What do u think about proprietary software ie BBM built into text messenger/message options?
  • You can do this with Whatsapp now, if your contacts have it.
  • Cant you do that with Lync?
  • Transparent tiles still there as an option?
  • Yes
  • Thanks for the details..really appreciated :)
  • Guessing Family Room will become an app like other integrated features have in the past.  Easier to update that way.
  • Great buy a phone for a buggy os
  • It's $50. That's nothing in the US.
  • This is true. I'll look on amazon, I think I have that much in gift cards.
  • Nothing like a superiority complex on display in public. Back on your high horse again..and to think that after you acted a fool with the other website you had toned it down..but the monster reawakens.
  • Work on your hands on video Daniel.. :-/
  • Yeah but still a waste. Better to save that money towards a high end phone when the OS is actually in usable shape. It's pretty early right now
  • slow down ... big spending guy ... still lot of people paid $7.25 daily wages ... 
  • Lets make it simple, not guilt Daniel for actually being able to buy a $50 phone.  He worked hard and did what he needed to in order to be able to make the statment that $50 is not a lot of money.He shouldn't need to feel guilty about feeling that way or saying that he feels that way. Its obvious to most that it is his opinion not stated as this immutable fact. The average wage in 2013 (in the US) according to SSA.gov was "43,041.39" so given a 40 hour work week pre-tax pay would average about $20. Even taking the median, it's around $13.50.  I dunno how much Daniel makes but whatever it is, when he looks at the effort (time to earn $50) vs reward (the phone) its obviously not that bad of a trade.        
  • well he is clear with his comment ... why are you giving an explanation ? do you represent him ? 
  • It's something for many. :)
  • Ordered one on Amazon this afternoon after seeing the post. It's not like I need it but it's cheap enough to mess around with and explore Win10. 
  • Daniel's right, $50 is not that much to ask for a really solid low end device.
  • So much arrogance in this comment.
    First of all, no one is asking you to test out the OS that is still in preview and still adding features.
    Second of all, you would not be one smart person to install the preview on your primary phone.
    Third, no one is asking you to buy a new phone.
    Fourth, there are developers who make apps and want to make sure that it will work on Windows 10 when it rolls out. They might need multiple phones - one to test out on the Windows Phone 8.1 and the other phone to test out on a Windows 10.
  • Well said.
  • well said mate ... and there is one arrogant saying $50 is nothing in USA ... shame on him
  • For a cell phone, in the US, that is nothing.  Sorry, but the comment is right in proper context, which he did state.
  • No that is no proper context.
  • Yeah, He really did not put it in context, so it sounds kind of dickish. He should have added "for a phone" in there somehwere. 
  • probably he meant to be dickish ... why everyone giving explanations?
  • nice practiced political correctness but you should save it for something more important like blind orphan seal pups on chritmas ... $50 isn't that much ... even to us poor people ... we really don't need you defending us.
  • $50 is virtually nothing for a cellphone in the US. Sorry if that bothers you, but it's the truth. If you REALLY are so desperate that you must have W10 NOW, then spend the $50 or shut the F up.
  • I bet you a lot of Americans would disagree with that statement. A lot, and I mean A LOT of people in the US can't afford $50 on important things let alone a smart phone.
  • Maybe so, but a vast portion of US smartphone users are accustomed to paying $200 down plus a portion of their bill for two years. That is a whole lot more than $50.
  • ...
  • How's it? Quick Feedback
  • Buggy
  • Need to see some video demos of it before I even think about trying need cannon fodder
  • Hahaha this is hilarious!
  • Yup!  Exactly what I did.  Plus, I got free one-day shipping. =)
  • No. No, I don't. I'm done with this shit. Been a user and evangelist since day one, constantly getting fucked over. This is it I think. To much crap this time around.
  • So much drama over an OS for a phone. Human race is doomed.
  • @Daniel, ignorance is bliss my friend :)
  • Haha Dan you snarky bastard, that was funny!
  • Do you have any idea how pathetic and obnoxious you sound ????
  • Don't discount that this may be all that some of these people have. And, as unfortunate as that may be, I'm being totally serious.
  • This⬆
    After all, isn't MS aiming for the low end market.. Who the hell do think are buying those phones..Donald Fuckin Trump...
    That's a fucked up comment, $50 is nothing in the U.S....
  • Yeah, well then they can freaking WAIT until W10 comes out for their phone, right? Holy shit, the mentality of entitlement here. What is wrong with you people?
  • Daniel, without said drama, you'd still be doing sleep studies and emt jobs around the clock to pay the rent, asshole.
  • I don't know , but I find your reply rude. You can voice your views in a more polite way too. :|
  • Absolutely. If you don't like the comments on here it doesn't you have to be a jerk.
  • Who are you responding too?
  • I, for one, found Daniels reply to be incredibly rude and condescending. He set the bar, others followed suit. If you can't take the pain, don't play the fucking game.
  • Big time rude, Daniel being the editor in chief has a position. We have none, hence the bar set by him is a very real obstacle regarding his ability to be decent.
    I can admit that I can be nasty, downright nasty, but usually when taunted. Ell, all of us can be nasty when we need to, and the internet only enables it via anonymity.
  • Seriously, you think whiney little babies are what make this site go?   Hardly.  
  • Daniel I feel sorry for you poor bastard. You personally get offended when a negative comment is made about WP. Please leave this community.
  • Haha yep.
  • PC master race
  • It's been doomed since facebook took its 1st steps
  • A technical preview of an OS at that! :) I guess that justifies the drama for some. :D
  • What's with the hostility man? The headline posed a question. I have an answer. And it's not about money. You'll probably find that $50 is a lot less here than in "middle America". I am a developer and user of Microsoft products and I am, no, we are, as a collective, being screwed over again and again. Those who know me on twitter know I was on the fence about leaving last time. This time I think I may as well. It's also not about "a phone OS" as such. It's about people like me, who evangelize the platform. We are the people likely to buy the high end devices and spread the word. By limiting the "preview" to low end devices they're shooting themselves in the foot. Sure people will still install it without heeding the warnings about not installing on your daily driver, but these are also the people who will scream and shout when they miss an important call or alarm.
  • People are entitled to be a little upset about this. They paid for their phones like everyone else and only ask that Microsoft be upfront. Not build expectations to gain media traction at the expense of it's already dwindling market shares. And it seems inconceivable that Microsoft did not know from the beginning which phones would be compatible.
    Or at the very least, knew before releasing it. So while it's wonderful that someone was able to receive it, it's like a middle finger to those who didn't. So don't diminish people's right to be outraged at the poor planning via Microsoft's communicating certain compatibility. I like other owner's of certain high end phones are fully entitled to express disappointment with this communication blunder. Just as if it were reversed and low end phones were left out.
    Also how does it look when Microsoft releases a new update to certain phones and just by chance one of those very "compatible" phones just so happens to be on sale, today? It looks an awful like some sort of sales gimmick. Shady. Besides... I'm still paying on my 1520 and don't want to downgrade to get an upgrade. If I decide after having paid this phone off if I even want to stick with Microsoft. Because this is definitely not the first time something of this sort has happened.
  • And... It's not just that, it's also how they can't even get Denim or to unbranded, unlocked CV devices before carrier locked handsets. They talk a lot of smack about we have to let the carriers test and whatever when in reality, half the carriers don't bother testing at all (as can be seen by the recent o2 denim hey Cortana issue. it's one thing after another with Microsoft and as a developer working somewhat closely with them on their platforms it's become increasingly hard to recommend their products. And this isn't just me talking, some developers have wiped their apps from the store already.
  • It's a technical preview, in no way would installing windows 10 on your phone right now be an upgrade. Just the opposite. 
  • Entitled, really? For pre-release software with known issues meant for testing? For the past week or so, it's been clear that hardware support will be staggered. It has been in this price range since December. Moreover, if it is to artificially drive up demand, the price would increase in order to profit from a scheme. Not the opposite.
  • This drama and the people earn you guys money my friend :P
  • Well, if people like Paul Thurrot and Ed Bott are acting like smug little bi***s about it, how do you expect some of the average joe users to act.  All this dust, someone would think Microsoft stole their soul. 
  • Great replied dan!
  • Lollllll. This us sarcasm right? Has to be...
  • Wow. Seriously. You're feeling burnt from not getting first dibs on a preview of unfinished software?
  • I get the feeling India is such a shitty place to live that this is the only thing that keeps them from killing themselves. And now they don't even get it. :(
  • What gives you the impression I'm from India? I currently reside in one of the richest counties in the world, and no, that is definitely not the US of old A.
  • Who cares what country you are from.  You are still whiney little biatch.  Grow up!!
  • I'll grow the fuck up when you learn to spell. Deal? Nice one, you found the edit button...
  • Most of the complainers have had Indian sounding names and can't seem to write English very good. Didn't specifically mean you. And I wasn't really serious anyway.
  • It's the way MS is handling things. It was on this site that said the high end phones would get ten first...also, MS said denim would come to high end first, didn't happen, went to low end first. For all the upfront announcements of products to come, that we wait for, I think they could've said 10 will go to the snapdragon 400's first? Ms knew of the problem of install, that's why they are developing a solution to use the SD card so 8gb phones can install the update.
  • Doesn't matter. Folks up here act like you can't be outraged from a repeat offender like Microsoft.
  • True
  • Can you post a link to the exact article from this site that said High End phone get it 1st, i'd like to see the source article and where their info came from. I dont remember reading that artice ( I dont read every single article posted on this site) so its entirely possible I missed it.
  • I can try. I need some time. I have to pick up daughter from school. I'll pm you if need be. Ok?
  • take your time.  
  • Ok. I'm at the school now. I took a screenshot in case I need to pm you, I have your username.
  • Found it: http://www.windowscentral.com/first-wave-windows-10-phone-preview-likely...
  • Give me a deal on your used phone then, some of us can tolerate this "abuse".
  • http://1drv.ms/1F2Yl2R   you still want it?
  • Was that before or after finding out about the update not coming to your phone?
  • Haha. Honestly, this was before. It's a 1520 with phantom touch issues and after being fucked around with by support for a year I just broke it. Still have another 1520 that works fine. Still has phanom touch though - as did the third 1520 I owned for a short while. Best god damned phone I ever had, but fucking frustrating to use when it registers a swipe as a tap or a tap as "back" or just holding the phone in landscape as though I want to use Cortana.
  • Will complain that they installed and its buggy.. No win situation.
  • I kind a agree with you ... 
  • Ok, are you done whining.  I feel bad for you for when you get out into the real world.  Life is going to make its bitch.
  • You should probably re-read and edit your comment as it doesn't make much sense...
  • Emigrating you after the one that doesn't make much sense literally
  • OK Cool ! Now we have to buy a low-end phone to test W10 -_- 
  • +521, don't have it yet. :p
  • Or wait a few months...
  • Haha your point. Low end phone low end OS. At least windows update iphone 6 looks like iphone 1
  • No you don't. Nobody is telling you to test it.
  • Have a close look at Joe calendar appointment in previous post's video -
    Team Kora
    Spartan proposal
    Built-in inking
    XBOX integration last but not the least hair appointment (comeon its joe :P )
  • Nice copypasta. c:
  • If you stop pasting the same comment on every post, that would be great then! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • +1.. I saw this comment in 3 post -_-..
  • It's really not that interesting. :)
  • Nice marketing.
  • Can i get this in India??
  • Yes
  • "Want a phone that can run Windows 10?" Ah... That's evil. First you should add now or right away with that sentence. And second, you are making the other users jealous or envious or whatever :-P
  • If only I was an AT&T customer... or american, for that matter.
  • You don't want to be American. We're a nation of facile cowards.
  • Haha. Not all of us!
  • Most of us.
  • Why does that matter? I'm American and on AT&T.... Burned is burned. Lol nationality doesn't really factor in.
  • currently*
  • It's not unlocked.
  • Or... wait a couple of weeks/months to test it on your device. Hope it will be soon enough.
  • Ship it to europe, with such a price, and i will take 2 of them, immediatelly!!
  • Yeah its buy two at £50 each, shame that Amazon UK don't offer such deals
  • What is the near future exactly. Why can't they ever be more specific about anything. Obviously they have a roadmap.
  • Ha ha, made me laugh a little
  • Daniel for every time I read a comment by you I get annoyed. You should grow up and act mature. You are a like kid who hates everyone that does not agree with you. Grow up or get a another job. You are making a fool of yourself and hurting the WP community.
  • No, he's just providing entertainment for those of us who aren't jerks with a false sense of entitlement
  • +920 - so many entitled brats here...
  • Grow up and go to another site like..... Phonearena yeah go there instead
  • He is not hurting the WP Community. He's making people aware of the updates and news. Because of him only, you're here at WindowsCentral. And anyways, people are crying about a technical preview OS just because they only released it for few devices? They said they will release it in the future. You calling Dan a kid? Its not gonna mean anything to him as he faces comments like that everyday and he's not gonna take it personally but there's a limit to everything man. Stop blaming him. Why don't you call yourself and the other people as KIDS who are moaning about the update and anyways gonna end up blaming MS for making a buggy technical preview. Just stop. Seriously some of the people's are next generation of idiots. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Totally agreed... I can see lots of idiots today in WC ... I wish there were an option to Filter comments made by fools.. :D .. Daniel.. Don't get hurt... After all, they are just fools.. :)
  • Really? Did he start this site (honest question, I don't know)?
      Edit: from other comments appears he indeed did.
  • Yes indeed he did. He is the Editor-in-Chief. Ref : http://www.mobilenations.com/
  • Well I kinda agree with this one. I mean, I love wcentral, Daniel's articles and videos, but his comments are more than often insulting and misplaced.
  • Of all the crying going on just in this thread you pick out Daniel's comment to get annoyed??  Wow!  Just wow.
  • Leave Windows Central. He won't hurt you anymore.
  • Wow surprised that didn't get deleted. Can't post criticism ;)
  • Nice PA about a PHONE UPDATE. Keep your (incorrect) opinion to yourself. Daniel built a business out of this website and you're crying on your couch. Who's a better man?
  • I have seen Daniel posting aggressive and idiotic comments. Everyone has write to express their feelings. It's called freedom of speech. My opinion is my right. If Daniel don't like my comments. Don't read it. He is destroying the community he helped to build. Don't act like the fools, be the better person.
  • How's he supposed to know that he doesn't like your comment if he doesn't read it? Furthermore it's his freedom to post an answer to your comment. 
  • So in essence we have a right to speak negatively about him but he shouldn't be allowed in that case to reply to that (I don't recall ever seeing him go off the deep end which already puts him several points ahead of most in the patience department).
  • No.
  • Tempting! :P
  • So, what US carriers would this phone work on? Thanks in advance.
  • AT&T for sure (and therefore GoPhone, Cricket, etc.) I don't know if it has the bands necessay for T-Mobile but knowing AT&T probably not.
  • It's probably carrier locked to AT&T anyway.  Would still work on Cricket or Straight Talk though since they use the AT&T network.
  • I don't think it has any CDMA radios so it would not work on Verizon, Sprint or US Cellular.  Don't know if it would work on T-Mobile or not.
  • And next quarter when all those companies run their user statistics, they are going to be thoroughly puzzled as to why Lumia ownership got a big bump, and be scratching their heads as to why it was the L635. Then some MS guy on the board will say "our low end strategy is working! Keep pushing the low end!", and we won't see a flag ship until 2018....
    Mark my words..
  • Consider them marked.
  • Thanks for marking them! :p
  • That is just what I might have to do... I thought with the L920, an L520 and a L1520 I had enough developer phones to play with, but heck, Win10 is the future and the earlier I get my hands on it, the better it is....
  • Seriously? No, seriously, what the hell? Really uncool.
  • WalMart and others have it for the same price.
  • Really?  You're saying I can walk into a Wal Mart and buy one of these....   so damn tempting..... so tempting...  I don't even have AT&T so it would be like a little W10 computer.  :)  Still.... so tempting....
  • Why is everyone handing up on Dan, you guys don't like him why do you keep the app and then complain. WC is a great app and information delivered by some cool people. I can see Dan being a little out spoken but so are all of you and if anyone of you had an app like this it would be a whole other story, your app wouldn't last long cos you would jump down someone's neck for disagreeing with you, he didn't do that at all! You guys are the ones that need to grow, maybe you guys needs off the internet cos you are the ones hurting the outlook on the windows community not WC
  • You must be joking! Oh wait...
  • Just relax people, this is a buggy version. I know everyone wants to be part of it, but in a couple of weeks/months we're going to have a more stable version for more phones.
  • People are willing to risk bricking their $300+ phone but they can't shell out $50 to get a phone to test the "unfinished software"?? Unbelievable
  • No, I can't because I don't live in the U.S.
  • They are probably cheap alternatives where you live.
  • Perhaps not and in particular perhaps not of the phones that have technical preview available at this point. :)
  • Is this phone unlocked our will our only operate with an att SIM?
  • Only AT&T SIM
  • Patiently Waiting this for the L1520, it will come one day.
  • One thing makes me wonder though. Wouldn't one expect that the majority of tech savy WP users are the enthusiasts who went for higher end phones or who went for the first WP8 flagships like the L920 and the L1020? Based on that, what kind of qualified feedback would MSFT expect to get by their choice of rollout today? If I would want feedback on an early build, I would target specifically those devices, just based on the assumtion that the feedback might be more technical and therefore more valuable.
  • +1520
  • There is an article that explains it.
  • It explains it the same way it was explained why Windows Phone 7 would not be upgraded to 8. In a nonsensical way. The same way they explained why they had to remove some of the better WP features going from 7 to 8. Partitioning? Really? Give us a fucking firmware files and let us flash a fresh install. Why the hell would I want to "upgrade" anyway? Anyone who had ever done an upgrade on a desktop PC knows how dumb that is.
  • Actually the article explains it perfect you just dont understand. Its real simple your high end phone OS partition isnt big enough to hold windows 10, the version low end phones get is smaller so it will fit, they currently dont have an installer even if you flashed it that can merge your OS partition with your main data partition. Has nothing to do with space and everything to do with adjusting partition size, resizing is not needed on low end phones. this is completely because its very early they did not choose low end phones, high phones take more work and so they come out later the software isnt exactly the same. If you dont understand something just ask dont pretend like you know what your talking about. Partitioning for consumers or developers is currently unavailable the phones that dont need it are listed, deal with it.
  • I can't even begin to explain to you how wrong you are. But you are. Sure, they can't dynamically change the partition size, that is fine, but they can obviously set the partition size when flashing a new firmware. Geez. If anything, it's quite clearly you who do not know about these kinds of things - I for one have reflashed and rescued a number of bricked devices thruout the years.
  • You cant explain it because you dont know what your talking about, you probably dont even know what a partition is without googling it, they do not reparition during a firmware update dont be stupid, they never have, they had a set partition size since the beginning of wp8 and its never changed with updates, this one is too big to fit, its never been reparitioned (your phone) since you have had it. I have reflashed more phones than you have owned stop acting like you know what your talking about your look even more dumb. EVEN if they did repartition on a firmware update they dont have that capability yet with W10 its a different OS. Which is why it cant be done yet. You flashing your firmware and downloading it OTA and putting it on is the exact samething the only difference is where the OS is stored, you flashing stored on your computer if its OTA its stored on the phone, they are the exact samething so stop acting like flashing it, is so techinical a monkey could do it. It doesnt get repartitioned if you think it does then prove it, I know you cant cause you have no idea what your saying.
  • This is what I was explaining. According to aduplex, many phones are still on 8.0. Consumers don't know about pfd. If they don't know about pfd, how the hell they gonna know about insider? The data pool will be very, very limited. High end consumers are more tech savvy, better socioeconomically situated, etc. Which would increase the probably probability of participation in said insider program. Wtf, is it hard to figure out MS? Ms could have waited for dynamic stitching, then rolled out to more phones.
  • Can I be logged into two Windows Phones with my 1 account? How does all that work?
  • Yes you can.  It works fine.  Make sure you disable SMS backup on one of them or you'll end up restoring the other phones text messages to your own phone someday.
  • you can be logged in on more than 1 phone i have 3 on mine
  • Yes you can. I havetwo phones logged in and it works just fine. In fact that's part of the beauty of it.
  • you can be loggeed into 200 phones with your 1 MS account, its basically like signing into onedrive on any PC you want.  
  • WalMart has it at the same price, in stores
  • Doesn't ship to Europe :(
  • Might be time to follow suit of some other sites and disable/kill comments for articles. People can't/won't stay civil or sane. All these "discussions" should be limited to the forums, really.
  • When you say "people" I hope you include he author of said article as well...
  • My main phone is a 1520 but I do have a 635 lying about.  Sadly, since the 1520 uses a nano SIM, I can't truly test run W10 since the 635 uses a micro SIM and I would be unable to use it as my main phone.  Granted I could go get the 635 activated with a new SIM but I'd rather not go through the hassle.  And going WiFi only means I couldn't use it on the road.
  • I was about to post the exact same thing. It's just too much hassle getting another SIM activated and the 830 is too expensive to buy just to test the preview. I could try a SIM adapter but I'd prefer not to risk getting my SIM stuck when swapping back and forth between phones.
  • Buy one of those adapters that lets you use the smaller sim in your devices.   They work great.  I have a nano sim that I can still pop in my Lumia 928 using the adapter.  I got mine on Amazon, I don't know if you can find them locally.
  • I didn't know they made nano SIM adapters.  That's something I will have to look into.  There are times when I want to use my 635 at the beach or camping so an adapter would be really helpful.
  • http://www.amazon.com/MediaDevil-Simdevil-adapter-Micro-Standard/dp/B00G26XWDI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1423786479&sr=8-1&keywords=micro+to+mini+sim+adapter    
  • jajaj parece una cargada para los que se quedaron afuera, ¡ Vos loquita del windows phone que te meas por probar el 10, comprate un teléfono para probar una version ultra garcada! es el colmo. A ver si nos dejamos de joder con todo el hype del nuevo sistema operativo, que ahora debe funcionar bastante mal, lo que falta para hacer todo mas histérico, es que lo instalen y arranquen a quejarse de los errores o perdida de datos. Yo ya me pudrí de esto. Voy a esperar como cualquier mortal a que salga la version final. Muy poco serio todo.
  • Lol seriously?
  • I want individual app lock , call. Recorder , mp3 send via watsapp.. Pleaseee make it soon
  • LOL Is there really someone who is willing to buy a phone just because of an update? (Not counting those IT guys with channels on youtube and stuff)
  • I might. I'm not installing it on my 920 since I need to make sure it works...
  • Yes. Any excuse for a new shiny.
  • Yeah im tossing around the idea...granted, seems like a waste of $50, but honestly I could spend it on much worse.
  • Oh....so that's why they only allowed cheap phones on win10
  • I'm getting one
  • Don't think I'll be paying for this "preview" so thanks but no thanks. I have a Window Phone. If I'm good and nothing else, I'm good at waiting.
  • Ooh thats cheap. With that I mean the article, cause u tease the sad ones who didn't get the preview and the phone is just cheap. :D
  • Update madness!!!!
  • Best Buy will price match that price from Amazon too. FYI!
  • I might just buy one since the old but good 920 can't yet get the preview, which is okay, no need to mess with the daily driver. Also, there are some extremely thin skinned whiners here who would probably find enjoyment in hobbies other than feeling entitled to nothing guaranteed and shooting the messenger. Put the phone down and play outside.
  • This does nothing for people on T-Mobile...
  • Gives them a chance to try out Cricket. :)
  • Or, if you want/need one from t-mobile.  $79.99 from walmart.  In Texas, at least.
  • £99 in uk! Nightmare. Perhaps eBay could help?
  • So, I'd be buying right now if 635 £50 gbp in UK!
  • Good thing I picked up my 635 and Xbox Music pass on Sunday for $99.90! (I wish I could use it on my 1020 but that phone has been the single best device I've ever owned and I don't want to chance it.) EXCELSIOR!!!!!
  • I keep trying to justify $50 to beta test and well....its a struggle lol. Part of me knows if I was running on my 1020 and it bricked, id end up with a 635 until the new high end phones come. Which then leads me to think, maybe I should buy it anyway, since my 1020 only gets about 4 hrs on a full charge when I am offsite from work and using it heavily. Who knows what the preview will do to my battery....
  • Is the sim from the 1020 compatible with the 635? Or would it require an adapter?
  • No adapter required between 635 and 1020.
  • Can someone using 635 on Cricket please test Tethering on Windows 10? It worked on Black, but got blocked by Cyan, and Denim.  Wondering if Windows 10 brings it back.
  • What a mistake.... So after providing all devs with 930/1520 tomorrow I have to buy a bunch of 630 to test my wp10 apps.... Not a problem of money, problem is lack of respect to all the devs, early preview programs were just bullshit.
  • What's even worse is that there is no SDK for Win 10 yet...
  • This is the first release at an earlier stage than you got it last time... You will get it on 930/1520 w/ SDK eventually... No one is forcing you to do anything. However, if you support 512K apps, you should prob have a low end phone anyway...
  • I was just pointing out that the rant about not being able to test Win 10 apps is pretty ridiculous if we can't even develop for Win 10 yet... That was sarcasm :)
  • Just did this deal since my 1520 can't get it yet.
  • You people act like expressing outrage is entitlement. What, others can't express their disappointment for a phone they paid for and not you? Microsoft is definitely at fault with this communication fiasco and people have every right to express such sentiment without other folks commenting as if they have some moral superiority to condescend.
    And Microsoft you keep expanding all the factors that leave you with a mere 3% percent market share. You knew beforehand which phones it would be released to prior to your media frenzy of lowered expectations. Did you show the slightest consideration to the many consumers to whom you knew would not be receiving the preview? No. Instead you held tight lipped and allowed the expectations of many to be raised for greater publicity.
    So, yes. I will express my disappointment with yet another snub by the folks at Microsoft. If you're plan is to lower your market share to 2% or even 1%, then good job.
    And to all of you that feel the need to belittle justified indignation towards repeated aggravation. This is not the first time Microsoft has sidelined sectors of it's consumer base. So back off.
  • I think the issue is the amount of outrage some are communicating. I have a 920 so I don't get it either. I'm disappointed yes but I'm not freaking out over it. The reason we are crying entitlement is because when your opinion is that MS should have made it available to your phone and they are jerk face bastards for not then, yes, you are acting like an entitled punk.
  • It's almost as if Microsoft purposively did this to sell more Lumias. Smart.
  • How about a 635 unlocked.
  • Damn you! Did you really have to make it that easy? I just went ahead and bought one from Wal*Mart; pickimg it up in a few hours. I was so ready to install W10 on my 1520 or 1020 and now this...
  • There are two things which are infinite. The universe and human stupidity. And I am not so sure about the first one. - A.Einstein For some reason, that seems appropriate here.
  • Agreed.
  • People, this is like Windows 10 on the PC. Don't install I on your daily driver... If you cant afford two phones, one for testing and one for use, do you really belong in a group of testers? This is important... DON'T BITCH AND COMPLAIN. GET A CHEAP PHONE TO PLAY WITH. Actual testing by people will make the OS better. A bunch of people installing it just to play and then complain online about the bugs and NOT following protocol and informing MS about bugs will NOT help anyone. Enjoy.
  • Exactly!  This post pretty much sums it up!  Very glad that I installed the Windows 10 preview on my old Lenovo.  I would be very frustrated with all the hiccups on my main rig.  Same goes for the phone!
  • I'm beginning to wonder if many of the rude, whining people who just slag off WP, Daniel, others on the site.... Are just android/Apple fan boys who want to see MS and all connected, fail...? All you horrible lot should just go boil your 'eads and leave the rest of us to have enjoyable, whine-free time here at WC!
  • Just ordered one!  There is no way that I would install this preview on my 1520. 
  • Oh and drat my 625 from Telus which is low budget is not on the list.... So I'll wait.
  • The best thing about the 635 is that you can stick in a 128gb micro SD card.  And, if you're like me and have a large music collection, THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!  I hope going to Windows 10 doesn't mess with my 128gb card.  I will find out soon!  Installing as I type!
  • 53$ I now have a 2nd 635... Installing 10 now...   If you cant afford 50 bucks for a smart phone, you dont need a smartphone...
  • I ordered mine off Amazon and will have it by Saturday.
  • Anyone know if the phone will be unlocked? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Man, I didn't realize so many of you morons disliked Dan. If you were a serious user of this site and a serious user of the WP OS then you would know that Dan has always been there when we needed him. He's always been truthful and straight to the point with his articles and comments. Sure, we all joke around and talk crap on here but don't be a pansy about it. Dan is a vital part of Windows Central and always has been. I for one enjoy his articles and skimming through comments and seeing his replies to the morons of this community. I'll speak for him and say PISS OFF!