Latest Cortana ad shows Siri having 'Dot View' envy

The latest Windows Phone ad not only pits Cortana against Apple's Siri, but shows off some of the features that the optional HTC Dot View Cover can do on the Windows Phone-powered HTC One (M8) for Windows. The ad starts with Siri looking in the mirror, admiring her prettiness, and goes on to the One (M8) for Windows showing off the features of the Dot View Cover, like activating Cortana, receiving notifications, and answering calls. In terms of similar cases for the iPhone? The fun stops there as it looks like other iPhone covers just muffle up Siri.

The best part is that from now through January 31, 2015, HTC is throwing in a free limited edition Dot View Cover with the purchase of the One (M8) for Windows.

Thanks to James for the tip.

Chuong Nguyen

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  • This MS Ad Strategy Sucks in My Opinion (~_~)
  • I think it's great. Cortana is worth showing off, as is the Dot View case. Plus I found it to be funny. Then again, I have yet to see an ad in which everyone agrees about it, so... AT&T Store manager told me customers are coming in asking to get Cortana on their iPhones, so it is resonating with consumers.
  • Cortana on iPhone, they must be crazy....
  • Don't put that past MS. If it comes with a patent they'll get $ from they'd sell it to even the devil himself
  • If Microsoft dare put Cortana on other platforms they're dead. Well, Windows phone is dead
  • There's a possibility that Microsoft is could do this in the future.
  • They will probably get it some day, as an app.
  • I think it is rather telling that Microsoft is only comparing Cortana to Siri.
    Google Now seems to be a far more polished product. Until Cortana is better than that, I think MS should switch their advertising approach (along the lines of the National Geographic Lumia ones).
    Products sell when they become aspirational. Tacky adverts like this one definitely don't help Windows Phone achieve that end goal (IMO)....
  • The trouble with pitting it up against Google Now is nobody cares about it. What I mean by that is it has no personality. Siri and Cortana come across as tech with a personality and so make for good adverts. I would recognise both Cortana and Siri but I have no idea what Google Now sounds like.
  • I know of someone who has an Android phone but refers to the personal assistant as Siri.
  • Google now isn't as good as Cortana IMHO.
  • Your opinion maybe....but in independent tests, Google Now gives Cortana and Siri a damn good spanking. But that's not too surprising, because it is backed by a more capable search engine.
    (I say that as a 1020 owner and a Google loather! But you've gotta hand it to Google; they are just better when it comes to search related tech)
  • As a MSFT fanboy, I approve this message.
  • Sad, but true, on my pc and WP, Scroogle is for advanced and specific searches... but on a daily basis on my WP I use Bing...
  • Google Now may do more web searches but, Cortana is better at doing most other stuff and sounds 1000 times better than that robotic crap on Android and iOS.
  • The thing is, Cortana is more than just about search.
  • That's the point! This is not about Search, nor is it about responding questions... 'Personal Assistants' now a days are about helping you as much as an 'Assistant' would; with apointments, relevant remminders, little important bits that short term memory passes and then its late, etc. It is somehaow Data Minning for the personal things that matter to you! Not Search Results!
  • For me a personal assistant can have as many flaws as possible as long as she sets me up on a blind date with one of her hot friends. 
  • Regular web searches, yes but in every other aspect Cortana and Siri give Google Now a "...damn good spanking."
  • Cortana isn't all about search.
  • All three have their pluses and minuses, however only Cortana can give you people-based reminders.  "The next time I talk to XOX, remind me to tell her/him about that thing."  Neither Siri nor Google Now can do this.  Also, Cortana is much more integrated into the OS than Google Now is and is capable of doing a lot more within the OS than Google Now.  "Turn off bluetooth."  
  • Targeting Apple seems smart to me as they are in 2nd place. You have to overtake 2nd place before going for 1st. Additionally, Apple people are known to blow money without hesitation.
  • @spinzero I think MS has chosen Siri as thier primary target because she has consumers Mindshare. She's known. She represents to the masses, even those that don't use her, the status quo of digital assistants. She, as we all know is far less capable than Google Now, yet her personality, the popularity and Marketing power of Apple, a media that LOVES Apple, have made Siri somewhat of a cultural icon.
    By Microsoft pitting Cortana against Siri, its akin to taking on a school yard bully. If Microsoft can convince the masses that Cortana is superior to the digital assistant that rules the minds of the masses, they indirectly beat Google Now in the minds of the masses as well. Just as if a school yard bully is taken down, his cronies and everyone else who witnesses it all take notice and have a new found respect for the one who put the bully in his place.
    Google knows this. That's why there has been an influx of Google Now advertisements since Microsoft launched this Siri vs Cortana blitz. Microsoft has been killing two birds with one stone. Google's now trying dodge those stones by putting its assistant out front. They're REACTIVE ads are telling.:-) Microsoft and Cortana are gaining mindshare.
    Additionally Siri's "personality" makes a better backdrop to showcase Cortana.
    Also, Google Now is VERY capable. Microsoft is smart to attack it indirectly. It's a more effective approach than going head to head in ads. Google could easily come back with some strong rebuttals. Where Cortana clearly beats Google Now is the personality which is key to inducing user engagement.
    Finally Cortana is a 7 month old beta, and she's already playing hard ball in the big leagues!
    I say, keep'em coming.:-)
  • Beta in name only Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • +1520
  • The Mac vs. PC ads that Apple pummeled Microsoft with for years seemed to work out OK.
  • It's because the iPhone is the best selling smartphone in the U.S. market and because more people know who Siri is than Google Now. Plus, even if the ad backfires and people go with iPhone instead, well, Bing powers Siri so it's still a pseudo-win for Microsoft. Not the case for Google Now.
  • Aspirational, like a prescription drug commercial or wait for it...a dancing Surface commercial.  I think the current ones are much better.
  • It has nothing to do with Siri or Google Now being better or worse. It has all to do with people knowing Siri and not knowing Google Now.
  • It's quite debatable as to whether Google Now is much better or more polished. However, I do think most would agree that Google Now does lack a distinctive personality.
  • I thought the ad was great. (although I'd rather see the Lumia line getting sold, that is if they only had a new one worth advertising.) I don't hate the breakdancing style ads, but these should sell more products. But in general It doesn't matter what the ad is, MS needs to advertise more.
  • If they're asking for Cortana on their iPhone, then something's working, but something more critical isn't. I would like to see how many people STILL walk out with an iPhone.
  • I hear a lot of people complain about their iPhones and I've seen a lot of iPhones have to be returned for a replacement. I wonder how many people even know that WPs exist!
  • You think everything MS does is "great"
  • Is it great though? MS is taking a "work together" attitude in some areas, but a "your device is stupid" attitude here.
  • Yeah, that one actually made me laugh when Siri got muffled. It's whimsical and not snobby.
  • Someone had voted your comment down to a -1, I thought that was pretty snobby. So I gave it an up vote :)
  • Hey, thanks! I don't see those up/down votes on the app, but it's a nice gesture regardless. I made a comment the other day and went to the site to see a -17! Hahaha. I should've won a prize or something.
  • i think microsoft should stop cross platform support for cortana :( if they dont,then glory from WP is taken :(
  • They're asking for Cortana on the iPhone? Really means the ads are effective. :-) Windows Central App for Android- Lenovo IdeaTab A3000
  • Yes. Even some of my colleagues who have iPhones and always brag about it are saying that they 'hear' Cortana is better than Siri and are asking me about it. Somehow this campaign seems to be working
  • This will end once cortana is availabe across all platforms... I hope it stays a WP exclusive... SO they can still show off...  
  • Pretty much true...
  • That's a seriously funny, likable and we'll done commercial. Good work.
  • If nothing else, it's making people, on the iOS sites, go nuts.
  • #iZombieCryBabies lol
  • Not all of us are cry babies. I'm an Apple/iOS fan. I still think the commercials are cute and clever.
  • I am finding these ads to be getting old. It is time to move on from giving iphone time in their ads and focus on the great features they have.
  • Bye Girl!
  • Hater's gonna hate. Lighten up, these are fun and clever!
  • And creepers gonna creep.
  • Siri tries to dis cortana
  • These ads are funny, Make me laugh alot :)))
  • Really love them! :D
  • Yes, really funny.
  • You know, I really like my 928, but, it is difficult to feel superior about my WP when updates are like they are. I know it's Verizon holding things up but how do you try to sell someone the joys of a WP when you have frustrations with it yourself?
  • I got an M8 a couple weeks ago and didn't care for the Dot View case, but it has definitely grown on me. Glad they are showing it off!
  • You focus on what you love about the platform... The only frustrations I have are those I'd experience on other platforms too. :)
  • Due its time to get a HTC one T-Mobile. Just do it.
  • That's a great idea, just jump to a carrier that doesn't have coverage everywhere.  Unfortuantely for me and many people who don't live in the top 200 markets, it's Verizon or AT&T and you can forget about Sprint and T-Mobile.  Actually, you can always forget about Sprint. ;)
  • Thank GOD in Savannah, GA Tmobile destroys ATT data speeds. Also I read last week where Tmobile has the fastest data speeds in Detroit. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Not Verizon's fault.  With the minimal gap between development you can bet that Verizon Icon/928 will be getting Denim before AT&T/T-Mobile
  • Dude...if you can, leave Verizon!
  • And let them know it was because of their poor WP support that you're leaving and going to AT&T.
  • Verizon must have trolls here.. There is no reason these comments should be voted down. I left Verizon ages ago and I'm glad I did. So many people just blindly believe that you can't get service unless you're on Verizon. The truth is that most of the time, you'll never notice the difference. In Las Vegas I actually got better service and less dropped calls on ATT.
  • As a Verizon user, I have to wonder how Apple does it - they upgrade all their devices on all their carriers on the same day, and none of them have carrier-specific bloat added in. My guess is that was part of their deal, and at the time Verizon was dying to get the iPhone because AT&T was the exclusive US carrier for like 4 years. I wish they'd level the playing field for Microsoft and Google phones.
  • Much as I too wish this were the case, it's quite simple really why it is not. In the case of iOS, the updates need only be tested on Apple proprietary hardware. End of story. WIth both Windows and Android manufacturers there are simply way too many variables from one device to another. And that's the price of having a more "open" (if you can call it that) platform. Microsoft could improve the situation with the Lumia line if they stuck with 1 or 2 (a mid level and premium) handsets and leave the budget level phones to third parties.
  • I'd like the One M8 for Windows and the Dot View case even more if it was available globally instead!!!!!
  • I wanna see Cortana doing impressions on her next ads. :P
  • Bananaaaaaa
  • Only if they get better ones. Not that I hate the few they have. I really want to see some HAL impressions.
  • Cool case I think my sister will be so pissed off when she this one, coz she has the android version of the HTC
  • The Android version has the case, too.
  • But the Android version doesn't have Cortana. (yet)
  • This is one of the best Cortana vs Siri ads so far
  • Ok. Enough?
  • Haha, this ads is funny
  • Cortana support all the language?
  • English (US & UK) and Chinese only, yet.
  • Cortana is also available in India, Australia and Canada.
  • And your point is...? Eventually Cortana will be in many languages, just be patient...
  • Awesome cute funny ads. Reminds me of the days with the Mac vs PC commercials. I hated Apple, but those commercials making fun of windows were so god damn funny. I'm glad Microsoft is finally poking fun back at Apple. It's awesome.
  • Love it, pointless but funny. :P
  • Why can't they focus on features of Windows Phones instead of this? I hate attack ads. Trying to make the other company look bad only makes yours look worse.
  • Because the common consumer's attention span responds very well to short bursts of pleasure-inducing stimuli. That's why commercials are full of colors, tried and true musical notations, and other pleasing sensations, not lists of technical information and specific features.
  • Yea most don't understand that windows does 99.9% of the things that 99.99% of phone users use or do faster better and more effiencent than their phone but the novelty stuff that barely works is why they buy their phones, my fam all have nexus 5s and 7s and my 920s run circles around those year old devices but that one novelty app is what keeps them from converting
  • I edited a photo I took of a friend, using my 928, and she was amazed I was able to do that on my phone.
  • While I would agree with you, we are talking about Apple, the most evil company with demonic practices and yet somehow they have a large crowd of brainwashed worshippers thinking Apple is God.
    Destroy Apple, at any cost.
  • Maybe you should call the Winchester brothers to exorcise and kill them.
  • These are good. Keep 'em coming. 
  • Keep 'em coming. Love these ads. Reminiscent of the "Hello, I'm a Mac... I'm a PC" commercials Apple did.
  • I think with the rate Microsoft advertises the Iphone, Apple will not need a budget. I've seen more Apple products in Microsoft's commercials than I've seen in real life.  
  • Good update to the ad, especially when Siri gets voice muffled.
  • Did anyone else notice that the troll from the forum who goes into every thread that has to do with Android/Google is also commenting negatively on the video? Priceless.
  • Cortana is great, but hardly worth switching to....I switched to WP cause I got a surface and happened to really like live tiles. Plus, I used to have android, but got sick and tired of the lag and rooting and roms, instability, crashing, etc. I have had an iPad since the 2 first came out, bit always felt that it was a gimped experience.... Enter surface pro into my life and I am full Windows now.....i love my surface, but they really need to unify the UI on windows 10......i know we have heard all about it, but ms really needs to be more proactive with developers i.e. find a super easy way for existing IOS apps to be ported to windows 10
  • I've not seen all of the Cortana ads but I wish the would do some showing that more can be done with it than shark. Maybe there are some ads that have, but I think more would be better.
  • MS's universal apps language or what have you is also intended to make app porting from IOS & Android easier as well. Source: Windows Weekly.
  • HAHAHA!!!!
  • Im pretty sure that whoever made the dot view case can design something similar for the iPhone
  • It needs integration to the OS. I doubt iOS has that. And BTW, HTC made the Dot View case. They won't make one for Apple.
  • Why would you think that? The dot view case was specifically made for the one by HTC, just like how many other OEMs create their own accessories for their phone. To differentiate. The iPhone isn't capable of that now. Give HTC this one...geez..
  • It needs supersensitive screen to work. They don't have it on iphones.
  • I so miss Cortana, I had to go back to a iPhone for due to lack of work apps. Cortana beats Siri hands down.
  • That's BS, I do all my work on my 1520 and 620... No need for a sexually dubious and useless iPhone... Sure there are some things missed but they are a few features only. And the corporate world runs on "avoid as many expenses as you can" can you do that on Apple products? NO, because after two years you are screwed with the replacements cost of your dear apple products thanks to "Apple's 2-years end of support"... Hate me but that's a truth you will never hide...
  • if you can get the manufacturers of half the equipment I work with ( security industry )  to write apps for windows phones then I could ditch my iPhone. Personally I want my 1020 back. 
  • The HTC is one beautiful phone.
  • Yeah it is. If only they'd remove that black bar with teh HTC logo that doesn't do anything.  Made sense on the M7 with its capacitive buttons, but makes zero sense on the M8. Just makes the phone bigger.  Love the look, though.
  • What's with all the "you shouldn't do this" reaction? It's just a bit of fun. We don't have to feel inferior cos we use WP. Its our Cortana. She may make her way into other OS but she will still be our Cortana. Jeez, be proud of your WP and gleefully wait for the backlash. That should be fun!!
  • My only worry is the ads causing the consumer to view Cortana as only a novelty.
  • I use it lots and it simply is not a novelty. I think this is the future must have.
  • Hoho that is really funny when siri puts its cover!
  • Haha...
  • Man, that dot view case is ugly.
  • When Siri covered herself, I just laughed out loud. Hahahahaha genius marketing.
  • Exactly that was best part... :D real LOL
  • This phone is awesome. If this were a Lumia I'd be all in. But between the dual camera thing and the dot view case I just don't trust HTC to keep up with the updates. That's too much customization from a brand that's struggling to keep up. But seriously without considering the future, this phone is awesome.
  • These ads are funny but I wonder how bad is the lack of OEMs interest in Windows Phone that now it has to be Microsoft to produce the ads for their phones... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • These ads are funny but I wonder how bad is the lack of OEMs interest in Windows Phone that now it has to be Microsoft to produce the ads for their phones...
    (No idea why my original comment is showing as belonging to WPenvy. I think the WCentral app on Android may have overridden something...).
  • What's gonna happen when cortana will be available for iPhone?
  • Un related: Hay guys which game to buy?? Modern combat vs mass effect?? If anyone played mass effect, plz share ur experience....
  • LOL! This ad is cute and funny!
  • Wonder why they never compete with OK google...
  • Google is not a digital personal assistant.. Its just voice search...
  • LOL..
  • Lol that moment when siri was talking with the covers on :D . This one was the Funniest :D
  • Superb ad..
    Nice to see dot case in action.
    Windows rocksssss.
  • I simply can't wait to get Cortana on my UK 1520... And I find these regular 30 seconds of trivial mocking humorous and light-hearted fun whilst also highlighting that Apple don't get everything right. I am also pleased that after much trying, I have a personal Windows Central tip mention :D
  • I don't know about other things but Microsoft is really doing great at these ads. These ads are perfectly highlighting their products and at the same time telling rivals to grow faster.
  • I wish they could make this cool case for the Lumia phones
  • Hhhhh, Cortana kicks off Siri's ass
  • Off topic : Can anyone suggest me a game to play over wifi with local friends ?
  • 06-22-2011, 02:19 AM
    Left 4 Dead
    Killing Floor Call of Duty Serious Sam Warcraft 3 tower defense games and other mods
    League of Legends Rise of Nations
    Age of Empires II
    Age of Empires III
    Command and Conquer games Dungeon Siege II/III co-op
  • Unreal Tournament GOTY (1999) and Age of Empires II: The Conquerors are my favorite two off all time. Both have custom maps/mods that add more fun.
  • But I seriously doubt all those games are available for Windows phone
  • I saw this list some where.. And i tried some of them... Really nice games
  • Why you girls are always picking up on each other??
  • Because they are girls....
  • It's sad, but I will leave Microsoft now and go to Android. My 930 is the last Windows Phone.
  • Yeahh please go back to your super ugly lagdroid lol
  • We don't have Cortana, no word flow, We can only chose US Bing so my search results are terrible and we don't have any apps from banks like Swedbank(I am Swedish) so why should I stay? I love Windows phone but I won't stay anymore because Microsoft's only target is Usa
  • Hahahahahahahahahaha,, nice I still laugh
  • I absolutely love the new ads. They are so funny.
  • Awesome :D !!!!!
  • I am seeing an increase in the number of queries and mentions regarding Cortana on Windows Phone related Q&A on Amazon. And almost all the mentions are positive.
  • They need to find a better way to go after Apple.  Dot view is a gimmick at best.
  • Dot view is not gimmick.
  • Yes, it really is. It's a neat one, but it is definitely a gimmick.
  • Its not about the stupid case, its about Cortana. The more the ads more up the awareness of Cortana occurs. This is good advertising. Like it or not but Cortana is the only major selling point of windows phone atm
  • Just got my m8 and ordered the free case I love the phone so far definitely the best windows phone I've had
  • I like the cover. Cool stuff
  • One thing I'd love to see is cases like the dotview for the m8
  • One friend asked me why her siri didn't tell jokes.
  • This strategy is amazing. Keep these ads going Microsoft!! This is how people become aware
  • Why would the cover muffle Siri's voice? I thought she was sitting on her speaker, so that cover should have no effect.[/taking too litterally]
  • What a lot of people forget is that microSOFT is a SOFTware company hense my capitalization. Thier primary goal is to have everyone using Thier software. And in part they have succeeded. Office is on every device osx ios android windows etc. Soon Cortana will be ported to android and ios. No biggy. Soon windows 10 will be running on everything and that is the biggy. Buy your stock now... It will be worth a lot in April. I know mine will be.
  • this is how cortana looked wayback in 2003 in Halo:combat evolved(for windows pc)..check it out(