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This is Cortana with the Dot View case on the HTC One for Windows

Cases are always an optional accessory on phones, but the Dot View case for the HTC One M8 for Windows is much more than just protection. The case is interactive, showing owners useful information like the time, current temperature and the current conditions. The case is 'dot view' because of the mesh screen gives users a dot-matrix picture of that info.

On the new Windows Phone version, Microsoft and HTC added something unique to the equation: Cortana integration. Although all Windows Phone 8.1 devices in the US get Cortana, the HTC One (M8) for Windows goes a step further by adding a feature to the Dot View case. Users simply swipe down on the case when the phone is in standby, and Cortana comes to life.

The Cortana integration comes with unique animation, including a larger Cortana 'orb' that looks better through the Dot View case. Cortana answers any question thrown at her, and she remains on screen until you open the cover to reveal the detailed results (alternatively, you can just hit the power button to turn Cortana back off).

Overall, it is a neat twist for the HTC One for Windows, and it is certainly a distinctive selling point. Although cases are not for everyone, when you tie in the functionality of the Dot View case, it is very hard to resist. You can also see why double-tap to wake is important to the Dot View case.

Did our above demo of the Dot View case change your mind about getting the Dot View accessory? Let us know below.

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Cortana on the dot view case! #beautiful !!!
  • The morons at the verge said there is no Cortana or weather integration in the WP version. What a bunch of biased people who just don't know enough! They went out of their way to recommend the Android version
  • Link this article in their article
  • Doesn't surprise me one bit. The Verge is not the place to get accurate windows phone news or news in general.
  • Yup true! Wpcentral all the way!
  • I had to stop following them on Twitter as their anti Microsoft opinions were making me grumpy. I'm a big fan of Xbox and Windows Phone and even when they couldn't avoid praising either, their editorial always included a negative tone.
  • Aren't they owned by The Onion?
  • No.
  • Sounds like the IT idiots bowing down to the developers who produce crap for my company out of San Fran... we're migrating from Office 365 (which itself has not been fully implemented after a year in progress) to Google Enterprise because they can't callorbate using Microsoft products. As in, it is impossible to do so.  By collaborate they mean use Google Hangouts. Sigh.  Thanks Dipok you ignoramus!
  • Sounds like politics and someone internally having Google bias. Things you should let them know: * You don't have a direct support relationship with Google. Its via a reseller (with MS, its direct) * You don't have a direct billing relationship. You do with MS. * You cannot opt out of Googles scanning of your emails, just like a consumer (when I last checked) * Goggle cannot gaurantee where your data resides, some might be sharded in China for example. * Google don't do folders in email, they do labels. (This will freak out Outlook users) And as for collaboration, Lync / SharePoint / Yammer all work perfectly for Collaboration, in fact MS had co-op editing of docs before Google. As I say, you've clearly got some Google loving numpty running the show. I feel bad for you :)
  • lync of O365 works fantastic, dir sync to sync AD accounts to everything from the local AD domains.. it's a fantastic solution, We have impletemented and are implementing it for alot of clients. Google can't compete. MS costs a bit more per user for the full suite, but you get a much better product.
  • The problem is, if someone is looking into Windows Phone and sees the article from the Verge, they might think it's a dumbed down version of the OS with half the features and end up going with Android.
  • Noi one but your own fault from reading the verge. I stopped reading that troll blog site years ago when they were through around windows 8 and when tablets. They are as bad as the guys in the forums, that is probably why they're popular they appeal to an adolescent hipster crowd.
  • Forum member here
  • They should be imprisoned! Lol
  • Would you be able to link that article? I'm interested to read it...
  • Use so you can read the piece without giving them any "google juice" to improve their standings.
  • Did you see that "Buying guide" they had? It goes out of its way to recommend the Android version... Basically even if you say you don't use Google but use MS services, it says to buy Android if you're not a Verizon or AT&T customer, as if you can't just switch providers...
  • Do you want the greatest and latest apps? No... (obviously they will tell me Android)
    Do you use Google services? No (not lying)
    Do you use Microsoft services? Uhhh yeah!
    Are you with Verizon? No (I'm not)
    Are you with at&t? Yes (I am)
    Do you want another color other than grey? Yes (I was curious) Answer: Get the Android version! WTF?! Wait what?! Fuck off verge!
  • I think you guys are over reacting. That buyers guide was tongue in cheek. They gave the M8 a good review on the whole. Tom Warren used to run a Windows site and now does their Windows coverage, so they aren't too bad on things WP, even some of the comments are quite favorable at times, a few WP fans there. It does have an Apple bias, but less do than some sites and now that idiot Joshua has left it is bearable and while it's still far from perfect i don't know many sites that do a better job of covering the scene as a whole. WPcentral is obviously better but it is just focused on the Windows world.
  • Doesn't really matter what you pick. It's going to suggest android the first chance or gets. Call it what you want but most of the verge's reviews push the consumer towards Android.
  • Jesus... is it really? I donot go there anymore, but... WTF..
  • Ha! The Verge is scum.
  • Everyone just flood the shit out of them on twitter. Unethical, biased, hack-journalists.
  • What's their twitter page?
  • Yes, the verge is a terrible place to get any tech news. They are compromised of mostly ex-Engadget  writers.  They are very pro AppIe even if some do use Android phones they are very Apple centric.  I still have problems with some parts of Engadget but it's far better now than it was before all the people moved onto the verge.
  • The Verge has become a political propaganda website :))
  • I stopped reading the verge when they reviewed the google pixel higher than the surface pro. They seem incapable of unbiased reports.
  • Well, to be fair there isn't as many features in the WP version
  • Looks good!
  • That's really cool. I kind of want the HTC One now ha
  • Who doesnt?! Waiting for its arrival on Europe! :)
  • In Middle East...!
  • Yeah middle east but i bet it cost high
  • Oh come on, you guys got all the oil! Just swap a barrel or two. /s
  • LMAO at Peg Leg, you made my day
  • Hahahhaha lollllll
  • I don't. Too gimmicky. The dot view is ultimately limiting and provides minimal potential functionality. The phones aesthetics are average in my mind. I prefer the look of the Icon and similar phones. Also, no Qi.
  • This. The review showing the faults of the hinge design ruined it for me.
  • Qi is more of a gimmick than anything id rather use a nice sturdy dock/cradle(which they have for the Android version)
  • I find it rather convenient. Check out the TYLT Vu cradle charger.
  • So what we just learned here is one man's gimmick is another man's necessity.
  • Mine works about half the time. Don't know whether the problem is the Tylt, this crappy cover I have to use on the phone, or Qi itself. (Really miss landscape mode in the WPcentral app. Without it I make more typos)
  • I have no problems with my charger. I have a case in mine as well. It needs to be within 5mm I believe, so maybe your case is too thick?
  • Wireless charging a gimmick? Clearly you've never used it. Since going to wireless charging, I don't have to worry about that tiny connector ever going bad. The convenience of just laying the phone on the charging pad is amazing. To each their own I guess. Sorry for the tangent.
  • Wireless charging is not gimmicky. However for the HTC One M8 I might have to sacrifice my wireless charging stations.
  • Use the Qi charger every day at work and at home... no extra fiddling, just drop the phone on the pad. Definately no gimmick
  • Cortana is just a gimmick too. I'd prefer an option to uninstall it and just have my search back.
  • Turn off location services and your search will default to Bing. Not really a solution for you but it's a workaround. BTW - I'm loving Miss Cortana.
  • Can't uninstall, but you can turn off. In Settings> Applications, Cortana is at the top of the list, and the first option in her control panel is On/Off. You have to reboot the phone (power cycle, not hard reset) to effect the change, but off is off.
  • Lovely. Thanks. No more Yay! and nonsense like that.
  • Not I
  • I'm getting it on AT&T, if I don't win the giveaway from you guys, HINT HINT. Lol :P
  • Pffft if you win. I don't want to go to Verizon but when they force the device on me when I win I'll be pretty happy! :D
  • When I win! ;)
  • I never win crap.
  • It comes unlocked, so you wouldn't have to switch when you win. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Sam, you probably have it already? :P
  • No. Just Daniel
  • Are you planning on getting it Sam?
  • Ordered one for an employee at work but thinking about swapping the numbers and keeping it, giving him my icon..... Well see when it arrives tomorrow : )
  • I would not swap them because if the crappy camera on the htc (yes it is crappy compared to pretty much any flagship phone out there) and the lack of wireless charging. The micro sd is great though :)  I have the best of both worlds on my 1520.
  • HTC stepping up their game!
  • Oh.. Puh-Leeese...
  • Neato
  • Butters!
  • Burrito.
  • The only thing that made this phone interesting so far.
  • You gotta be kidding me.
    Or you're a Lumia fanboy, no offence.
  • No I'm not, but having haac mics, a great camera and an Apical display spoiled me. Didn't name all, but those three things makes my experience great using a Nokia phone. If HTC had those three things, I'd be incline to buy. Even Samsung is going for an Apical display because its superior to there offering.
  • What else really makes it interesting other than barely being more powerful than the icon? It's a block of metal that has the same exact operating system on it as the Icon. And I'm by no means an Nokia fanboy. I get the phone that appeals to me at the moment. I had an 8X when it came out and a year later I got the Icon.
  • it comes down to a tradeoff of great camera, nokia specific apps and a good track record of support in exchange for, more comfortable deisgn, expandable storage, great speakers and a killer screen (similar in specs, but if you look at both in person, the m8 has a gorgeous screen)   so camera/support vs speakers/storage   they're both great phones, and instead of bashing either one of them, why not be happy that the userbase now has more choice. WP without 3rd party OEM's will end up like nintendo. no one wants to develop software for their crummy wii u besides nintendo and they are going to hurt in the long term for that.
  • You do realize that it was due to low hardware support? But with S801 and 2GB Ram, impossible!
    I am ready to give it a shot
  • You're joking, right? Please tell me you are, unless you are a Lumia extremist. Posted from my 920.
  • I'm not an "extremist", far from it. My first windows phone was a HD7 and I still love my old 8x. HTC does make great phones, but for my tastes, this falls behind my 1520.
  • I was just about to say the same thing actually haha. This is literally the coolest feature that actually wowed me so far.
  • I don't get the fuss about this feature. Seems to do very little that Glance doesn't already do better, and Glance looks much nicer. Plus it supports standard lockscreen notifications. I guess if you must have a cover over your screen this is a good alternative... but I don't want that so... I also don't really see any other killer features. I like the speakers. And SDCard. Good quality ffc. But I strongly prefer Lumia design, cameras, colors, and software. I'm glad this appeals to people though... I'm happy for anything that makes people consider Windows Phone!
  • The reason for me liking this was simple. Ability to activate Cortana without powering on the phone through gesture. That, plus the ability to see Cortana through the case is neat.
  • I like Cortana, but it's not something I use constantly or need instant access to.  I can certainly see it as an advantage here, but for me personally it's very slight, and I doubt I would really use it much.  Appearance-wise, I really don't understand the appeal of these big blocky graphics... I guess it's retro?  Minecraft-like?  I would much rather look at the clean Glance graphics.   Like I said, I'm perfectly happy that there are people that are going ga ga for this... even though I don't understand it at all.  But if it gets us some WP sales, I'm all for it.  As long as HTC supports the phone this time.   The big reason I commented here is all the "you must be a Lumia extremist" type comments.  I think it's worth pointing out that there are actually very few real improvements here that I can see, and a lot of negatives in comparison to high end Lumias.  I don't know why some people here are of the attitude that if you don't think this phone is the second coming you must be some kind of Lumia shill.
  • And yet you are commenting on an article that has everything to do with a phone you do not like. It comes across like a kid that sees people liking other toys better than his own toy and has to rain on the parade. Sorry, but Glance and this cover both come down to personal preference. YOU DON'T HAVE TO UNDERSTAND IT. We can't all like the same things. We do not live in a linear society.  Believe it or not, there are people that actually like the freshness of this phone. It is not the usual WP rehash that we have been fed for years. Is it for everyone? NOPE. Is it for you? Clearly not. A more mature thing would be to read the article. Realize it is not for you. Move on. However, when there is excitement about a toy that is not your favorite toy, moving on is easier said than done.    
  • I never said I had to understand it... I said I don't understand it, but am happy it is out for those who do like it. As for commenting on an article on a phone I "don't like", there is a large difference between not being interested in purchasing a phone and not being interested in the phone or what people are saying about it.  I am actually quite curious if there is something I am missing with this phone... with this amount of gushing I would expect it to be clearly superior, but in my eyes it is not even equal to the phones we already have in most ways. Given the level of offense indicated by your post and all the childish caps lock going on, it seems much more plausible that you are the one upset that someone else does not like the "new toy" that you like.  As I have said more than once, I AM excited that people are at least excited about buying WP.  I would like nothing better than for this phone to be a massive hit.  I don't see why that would happen, but I would be very happy about it! So please look in the mirror and stop getting so upset.  You are imprinting your own fears and insecurities upon me.  I am not upset.  Neither should you be.  There are probably 100 positive comments for each negative in these articles... is your love of this phone so insecure that you can't withstand any dissenters?
  • Wrong again. I have zero interest in geting this phone. I own and love my Lumia 1520. I am just sick and tired of commenters that feel the need to disparage any phone that strays away from what they are accustomed to.  Are there things I do not like about this phone? Absolutely. Am I at a loss for words as to why anyone would prefer it to my Lumia 1520? Absolutely not. Different people have different needs. I respect that.  And in spite of your chiding me about my use of "childish caps lock", you felt good typing "AM" didn't you? Admit it, it does help to get the point across :)
  • I don't even understand what argument you think you're trying to make.  You say "Different people have different needs. I respect that."  How is that any different than what I have said repeatedly? Discussing differing features of phones and why one feature seems better for my needs than another is not "disparaging" anything.  I haven't said "this phone sucks" or "people who want this are stupid" or anything along those lines.  I grow weary of trying to counter arguments that have no sense behind them.  Please simply re-read my previous posts.  If you still feel the need to take this up, I think that you are expeiencing some sort of reading comprehension issue, or are reading someone else's posts.  Or perhaps you are just an internet troll who amuses himself by acting like an idiot. Either way, I won't be wasting my time atempting to explain to you futher that I fully support anyone who wants to buy this phone, or how I am happy that there are phones out there that appeal to people with different tastes than mine.  I have plenty of inanimate objects nearby that I could attempt to communicate with that have far better comprehension than you do.
  • This. I would use Cortana a hell of a lot more if I didn't have to open up the phone to use it, then push a button, if I'm doing that I may as well type in what I need to.
  • From your lock screen you can hold your search button and Cortana will launch without unlocking the phone.
  • Poddie you literally just posted my comment for me... LoL yea the flip open screen cover cases is so annoying and unwieldy, and no offence but that dot matrix array and the cover as a whole looks BUTT ugly to me (just my personal opinion) If I would get this phone I would choose a cover that takes as little as possible away from that gorgeous fully metallic design and would just slap a screen protector on, glance is way superior and more beautiful for this type of functionality, and now that Cortana can be accessed directly from lock there is really nothing to this cover but novelty to me, oh and dit I mention it looks BUTT ugly LOL, but hey, its new, its fresh and its unique so the sheeple will flock! :)
  • Yup. 1.  butt ugly case 2.  glance gives same functionality but in a really nice way
  • IF you are going to use a case, this makes it much more convenient. I don't get how people fail to understand this. 
  • Never mind the awesome BoomSound speakers and expandable memory. The bashing of this phone is just classic "my phone is better than yours" banter. We need choices people. We can't survive with Lumias scattered all over the place with not a single one being available for all three major US carriers. Relax.
  • Couldn't agree more! Now its Samsung, Sony and LG's turn to step up to the plate!
  • Pretty cool. But don't you need a case for the case now? You don't want to damage it!
  • Depends on the user. I traded in my last three years of phones. Icon, ATIV SE, HTC One M7, 928... All mint condition. It's rather shocking the way most people will mistreat a piece of $600 electronics.
  • As much as I want the HTC One, their poor history of updates and support puts me off...
  • Yeah... But this cover is pretty dope!
  • The best phone ever made with the worest support ever have , means nokia will be better even 520 Please do not forget that HTC W8 owners have now a peace of c**  
  • I have said this many times, but I've always gotten timely update with my HTC Windows Phones. The two exceptions are 7.8 and the Trophy and 8.1 update 1 DP on my 8X, which is coming. I have even received many updates before my Lumia counterparts. And it had been a lot than the Lumia 810 experience.
  • You also forget those updates were windows phone 8 only. Nothing that added or increased any functionality with their phones.
  • Wasn't allowed. Shocked MS let this dot view shit fly, they're finally getting lax on all the restrictions.
  • I agree with you about the lack of support. After only using Nexus and Lumia phones for the last 2 yrs, it would be hard to lose all the current support I receive.
  • The 8x was the first to receive windows 8 gdr 1, 2, and 3 iirc
  • Yup
  • That looks awesome. Quick question on how durable that door cover is? Is it flexible? Can it be bent over the back? Also if you don't have dot view case does time and weather still show up as sort of a "glance screen"?
  • Very flexible. Only the rear half is hard plastic.
  • But don't you need to apply a lot of pressure to do that? And isn't it especially hard to take pictures with this case on?
  • it wasn't that bad when i had my android m8 with the dot view case. you end up holding it like you would a paperback book with one hand.   albeit i don't take a ton of pictures, but the hundred or so that i took before i got rid of the phone, the case wasn't really an issue
  • Hey Daniel, I have heard about issue with dust/dirt being trapped in the holes and it being hard to clean coz clearly i don't think its through and through hole. Is that going to be a huge issue? What do you think of particality after say few months on extensive use? Any idea? Also, the info displayed on the screen is standard? Can it be customized to display anything other than time/weather?
  • That is true. There a thin layer of plastic in the hole and can collect over time. A toothbrush and warm water/soap will cure that. Also air can. Little more maintenance with this case Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • If you have this case, could you answer my other question about it?
  • It's only harder by having to make the flap stay open which can be done with your pinky. It won't hang open like traditional flaps. It's very sturdy and "springy" for lack of words . Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Many said this is a very stiff flap. Wouldn't it just be better to put a zagg shield on the whole phone?
  • I like the case. It gives the phone personality Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Doesn't it ruin it's usability? People like pocketnow showed a demo with it, and showed how it was a pain to take pictures with the case on and flap open, and annoying to use the phone with the flap open, as the person had to use unusual pressure.
  • It is awkward. That is very true. Knowing what I know, I'd still buy it over again Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • that's not the main marketing for this case, it's primarily for the unique and fun dot view functionality, the protection is almost secondary, but it is quite good for protecting against moderate damage
  • Never said anything about protection, I mentioned comfort.
  • So you want to add a zagg shield to increase comfort?
  • Well the zagg invisible shield just puts their thick screen protector on all parts of the phone, so it keeps the same shape and form factor of the m8, while with a case, it changes it.
  • Agreed. Everyone is talking about how nice the screen is. Why mask it with this light-bright imitation?
    To me, if the screen is really that nice, flaunt it. Don't hide it.
  • I was wondering the same thing, as when you have a call, flipping it over to the back.. is it comfortable to hold like that? I'd like to see some pics with it folded back.
  • I heard you can have a phone call with the flap covered, as there are holes to talk through.
  • if it works like the android case, then you can answer and decline calls through the cover as well as talk with it closed
  • Ooh, consider my interest extra piqued. That's pretty dang awesome!
  • So much wow. Really hope for a good ads campaign and this thing should be available worldwide
  • Ohhh this will open up a whole lot more possibilities only if other OEM will follow HTC lead.
  • Yeah, I think it's pretty awesome that Microsoft is prepared to customise Cortana down to the OEM level. Obviously they shouldn't customise the in-OS version, but the fact that they can enhance such an integral experience so that it takes advantage of the OEM-specific features is awesome.
  • Other OEM has no reason not to follow except if they don't want to.
  • Be even more awesome when Cortana comes away from being exclusive to US
  • Wanna hear Cortana speak French even of I cant understand it
  • Except it's out in the UK, China, and coming to other regions soon such as India (can't remember if they released the alpha yet). It's limited but not exclusive.
  • How do text and email notifications look if they show up at all? Does it display just the message symbol or text preview? 
  • Message icon, or a miss call icon; no actual text preview
  • Perfect! Thanks. Now to just wait for it to show up tomorrow!
  • I heard the dot view case makes it so it's hard to take a picture, and you can't really fold the case to make it flat with the phone. Can you test this for us Daniel?
  • I had and returned the Dot View cover on my Android M8. It was very aggravating, flipping it back and forth all day. Guess I wasn't the target consumer for the case. And taking photos was highly irritating with the flappy cover...
  • Why I'm not getting it. Flap cover is just impractical.
  • Thanks. I'm thinking of just getting a zagg protector for the whole phone, including the sides. That way, the phone still looks sexy, and is protected from scratches.
  • thats true.. its a pain in the butt to take pictures with cover on... I have M8.. i used the case onl for 2 days... :/
  • Thanks
  • I have noticed that over time I use Cortana less and less and less. It is good concept, but in many cases it I still feels like beta version of something. In the beginning of DP Cortana was my most visited feature, is the least one. Never know what response would be, some useful info, or some web page result. Why can I get back results for Arsenal, but not Real Madrid or Napoli...beyond my understanding. Plus, even when I'm using it, I would rather prefer to type my question, in this case first, there is no "voice" response (this way, it is first quiet, and second not embarrassing, in case question wasn't understood correctly). So, having this in mind, this type of cover wouldn't help much in my case, but I'm sure people who uses Cortana "as designed" would find it useful.
  • She's invaluable when riding the Harley
  • when Cortana supports to show results for Italian Serie A, then I'm gonna use it way more often than now... Forza