HTC One M8 for Windows borrows double-tap to wake feature from Nokia

When the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK leaked back in February, double-tap to wake was seen in the documentation, suggesting that Nokia's tech was being opened to all OEMs. Fast-forward to August and HTC's new One for Windows is the first non-Lumia Windows Phone to feature this useful technology.

Double-tap to wake came to Nokia Lumias in mid-2013. The optional tool lets users tap their display twice when it is off, letting people turn on their phones without using the power-button. Double-tap has always been a useful feature, especially if you only have one-hand available and you would like to use your phone.

For HTC, the feature goes by the name Motion Launch, and it is located under Settings. Users can enable or disable the feature, as technically this does consume minimal amounts of battery and some people may just not like it.

Motion Launch is not only beneficial for Lumia users considering switching, but it is also necessary for the interactive Dot View case (demo of it and its Cortana integration coming up shortly). Overall though, Motion Launch behaves just like the Nokia's version, making Lumia users feel right at home.

Will other Windows Phone manufacturers follow? We hope so. Watch our video demo above to see it all in action!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Pertamax gan
    Yuk gabung di group fb nokia lumia 520 indonesia
  • Ok.
  • LOL!
  • It's already in HTC 8x
  • Yeah, the G2 and G3 use it, too... Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • But it was first invented by Nokia with the Nokia n8.
  • I know but he said this is the first time they have did that
  • Haha..... An ad for 1st comment huh? *Maksudnya pertamax?
  • Im starting to become pretty interested in this phone.
  • Quite an attractive device, sorry my beloved 1520.
  • You gonna sell it? Just give it to me! :)
  • My 1020 might get replaced soon. It all depends what at&t brings to the table. $100 promo sounds reasonable.
  • To go from a 1020 to the HTC is just sinful. That camera downgrade will make you cry.
  • Nothing is set in stone.
  • Nothing is set in stone.
  • Depends, maybe he'll keep the 1020 just for travel / picture purposes.
  • I went to a Verizon store today to check out the M8 but it wasn't ready. They were installing demo software... I'll compare photos next time
  • Mine too.
  • I'm really interested in a side by side battery run down test between android and WP on the same hardware. WP has to win, it just has to, but by how much?????????
  • The Android M8 supports things like 'swipe down to unlock' too.. Looks like that didn't make it to the WP version.
  • Well it does support double tap to lock AND WAKE though
  • Really, does it? How do you know that? Did you already try it out? Would be a great new feature! :)
  • In a video in YouTube, phone arena did said that double tap to WAKE AND SLEEP IS PRESENT. Other than that, no more gestures I suppose.
    Edit: As Daniel said, their ain't double tap to lock... My bad
  • Yep, just read that. Would be a great addition though !
  • Shame. Double tap to lock would actually be useful. Double tap to wake with high touch sensitivity led to a lot of pocket dials for me. I had to turn it off.
  • X2!
  • At least our phones don't have an easy way to call the cops...
  • there doesn't appear to be any double tap to sleep.
  • On HTC One for Windows if you swipe down it opens cortana ;)
  • Only when you swipe on the DotView case and not directly on the screen.
  • Thats the charm of it mate
    The integeration
    What difference does it makes in pressing the search button on the lock screen to bring up cortana and swiping down on the screen to bring up cortana?
    Actually the latter would require more time too
  • I thought swipe down on android starts google now and on windows it starts Cortana.
  • Yep, sorry guys, just checked it by myself, when you activate motion launch you can activate voice dialling via swiping down when locked. BUT you can enable 'swipe up to unlock'. So same here. Looks like Windows Phone doesn't support this yet..
  • Nor does it need to. Plenty of other ways to unlock like double tap or power button lol
  • Of course it doesn't need to but it would be great to have an option.;)
  • It does have some cool ringer options beyond face down silent as well. Louder in pocket or lower tone when being moved Automatically answer when held up to your ear.. There are some other pluses and minuses.
  • HTC didn't borrow this feature. I'm guessing this is one of the few, VERY few customizable features that Microsoft allows manufacturers to implement -_-
  • I knew it and here WMPOWERUSER said that this feature will not come even though it was shown in various videos. Also double tap to Wake is there too I believe.
    Bring it international. I am waiting til November!
  • Double tap is nothing new to the M8, the android version has it plus swipe to unlock.
  • "Double tap is nothing new to the M8"
    Which is fine, but we're talking about the first OEM to have it besides Nokia for Windows Phone.
  • Daniel is there double tap to LOCK?
    I saw in a video saying its present. Can you confirm it?
  • No.
  • No doesn't seem to be an option, not that it was on android either with the M8.
  • but i theres an app called touch to lock, im using it its cool, saving my lock button haha
  • Hey Daniel, I'm assuming that the Windows version of the M8 has around 75% better battery life than its Android counterpart is not true?, since I haven't seen an article on WPC about it. (Yet?)
  • specs and estimated times are just one factor...
  • 75%?????   thats a huge number man..i doubt it.. i use M8 for android and i get 30 hours with heavy use... 
  • 30hours!!!!!!!!! Everywhere else heavy usage gave around 12 hours on Android. I have a M8 and it gets used alot. It will need to recharged at nicht after a das of usage.
  • So your assertion that they "borrowed" it from Nokia is actually wrong, since it exists on the Android version. You're welcome.
  • well the tech was introduced in Nokia N9, so Android phones with that feature borrowed that from Nokia
  • @explosive0 Double tap to wake was on the Lumia line in mid 2013, way before the HTC One for Android. And, as pointed out here, the N9 had it way before then. So no, your correction to my assertion is wrong. You're welcome.
  • Didn't know they can use such animation in windows phone OS referring to the tutorial UI.
  • How this phone didn't make Best Phone you can buy right now is beyond me. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Let's see... (1) We mentioned it (2) Being only on Verizon in the US, it's a bit disingenuous to suggest a phone that 2/3 of our audience does not have access too should be the 'best phone YOU can buy' (3) We had the phone for 24 hours, not exactly time to declare it a 'winner'
  • Well that narrows the options dramatically. Only the Icon/930 falls into all of your critera. And wasnt the 925 a carrier exclusive when you wrote the last article? 
  • Nokia gets a free pass around these parts.
  • False. What phone would you recommend? ATIV SE on Verizon? Huawei W2? HTC One on Verizon?
  • "And wasnt the 925 a carrier exclusive when you wrote the last article? "
    No. For one, in the US it is on AT&T and T-Mobile, so that is wrong. Two, 2/3 of our audience is NOT in the US, so talking carrier exclusives is a bit meaningless when we're writing for most of the world.
  • Because only people in the united states on Verizon can get it right now. Hard to make it the best when very few people can get their hands on it.
  • Hold on till this goes international ...holidays are sure ahead!!
  • True, but this is about the best NOW
  • If it had an OLED display I would agree if is the best phone out right now. But it doesn't so I can't.
  • I turned double-tap off on my Lumia 1520. If I've only got one hand free, using the phone is rarely an option.
  • Daniel, you forgot to mention in the video that you have to pick the phone up to actually use the feature. Its much different from the nokia devices in that if i have the phone sitting on my desk, i cant double tap to wake like i can on my lumia device.
  • I think its common sense that the feature will work even if the phone is on the desk.
    Daniel just picked it up beacuse he wanted to
  • The reason why I told daniel that he failed to mention it is because it doesn't work when on a flat surface. You have to have the device in your hand to double tap to wake.   In the settings it actually tells you "Pickup the phone in portrait orientation and double tap to wake".   Once again you CANNOT leave this on a desk and double tap to wake.
  • I guess that sucks than. :/
  • I would put two bricks under the rocking phone and double tap. Carry 3 phones, but using one!
  • Actually, you are wrong. I have the phone and you don't have to hold it to double tap to wake. It works perfectly fine on a desk. Don't declare absolutes if you don't have the device.
  • Mine wakes just fine on the desk with double tap.
  • How about the Glance feature? Is it available on any other phones (WP, Android, iOS) besides some Lumias? I've come to rely on that. It would be a high priority feature on my next phone.
  • It's in the dot view case
  • I see. That's disappointing because I never put on a case on my phones.
  • Yes, but if double tap can come to this HTC, why can't it--and Glance--come to other Windows Phone's like Samsung Ativ Odyssey and the like?
  • All possible legal issues aside, they might not have display memory, like the 930.
  • Considering that the power button is on top, this will be very useful, especially considering the size of this phone.  That's the one thing that is annoying about my wife's HTC 8X (and I guess all HTC phones); I like the ergonomics on my L920 with the power button on the side making it easier to reach while holding it in my hand.
  • Yup, I thought of that too as I don't like the power button placement. This feature certainly makes it easier to adjust.
  • I played around on this phone at Verizon today. Such a nice phone! I'm going to wait for best buy to sell it so I get $50 for free.
  • I was happy to see the inclusion on double tap to wake when I was going through the settings a few minutes ago but I have to say, also having a Nokia Icon, that the screen really is not very good. I know this is probably just a LCD vs OLED thing but the screen on the One uis much darked then the Icon with autobrightsness on, and when looking at two pictures side by side, especially one I took last evening of a sunset, there is no shadow detail on the One and the colors and whites arent near as bright. Whereas the Icon has sooo much more shadow detail and much much better looking results up in the lit clouds. Still going to test the sound and battery over a couple days but really not in love with the display when compared to my Icon.
  • The super OLED display is definitely one of the advantages that the Icon has over the One.
  • Nokia's ClearBlack dual-layer polarizer is mostly responsible for that.
  • That's not specific to oled but to cbd ( clear black display ). The oled panel on the icon/930 was a big disappointment for me. I prefer the LCD ips panel of the 920/1520.
    Colors are more natural . Display is also brighter.
  • Yet the Icon still does not have it... Here's hoping that Cyan does, in fact, open up double tap to wake.
  • Does it have a call+SMS filter like the Nokia and Samsungs do? If so then I'd definitely get this over the 830 if/when it arrives on T-mobile.
  • Yes of course it will have, because its a OS function.
  • n/t
  • I don't use double-tap to wake but it's cool that it's open to all now.
  • I wish writers would acknowledge the humble Nokia N9 a bit more when it comes to double-tap-to-wake. 2011. There, I said it. ;^)
  • He said first phone outside Lumia, being the only other WP phone... We're not talking about other OS Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I like the N9 and meego OS.. It was cool but i don't know why they discontinued that
  • Dan can you confirm if the option to press the volume button to turn camera on from sleep is present like in its Android variant? Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • That has been a WP OS feature for a while now. I coud not imagine it not having that feature.   However you don't press the volume button. You Press and hold the camera button and the phone awakes ready to take a pic.
  • You must not know what I'm talking about... Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • nimdock this phone does not have a camera button. Aitt was just asking if it had the same functionality as its android brother which allows for activating the camera when the screen is off via pressing volume down.  
  • Huh. No camera button. I see. Thanks for the helpful reply clarifying. :)   That kind of sucks, for me, for my preferred usage style, obviously others do like it. I am also not a big fan of on screen buttons.
  • Agreed. Nokia and WP made me love camera button. It's one reason why I like the Xperia Z2. Not sure I can bring myself to re buy the same phone again even though this runs WP. I did sell the Android but I think I will wait to see what new awaits for me to head back to WP. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Not a single person has mentioned it in any review or article, im going to say no its not.
  • That's a bummer cause that would make up greatly for the missing dedicated camera button. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • @aitt Sorry, as useful as that feature would be, no it is not present.
  • I was hoping it would be but guess it would have to be OS optional for that. I hope MS is watching and makes this an option for next GDR release or 9. This would be a great workaround for us who love the camera button. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Everyone else was doing it already so why not.
  • ahh, that green case is awesome! i hope they release a green one for us mere mortals without an xbox logo. i would snap that up in an instant, once the phone comes to att that is.   unless msft brings it to ifa i think i'll be picking this up to replace my 635 later this year. 
  • HTC One M8 for Windows , Made to be Envied.
  • Hey Daniel, Is it running or
  • 14141
  • Didn't know they can use such animation in windows phone OS referring to the tutorial UI.
  • The android version do that too, I think it's not nokia's exclusive
  • This is a feature that's becoming standard in all high end phones, thankfully. The Z2 has it and so does the LGs and the M8. And I THINK (not sure) it will be put on Android L. So basically only the iPhone will be left without this. Ahah!
  • This is awesome and I had no idea it had it. I love Double-tap to wake on my 920. Too bad the One does not have Glance.
  • I hope Glance screen will be available too
  • This feature is already there in 8x. Nokia copied it from HTC.
  • No! Check Nokia 6700 classic. I believe you will be surprise.
  • For me this is a must have feature in any future phone i will buy, this phone is looking so attractive now also! If it comes to the UK and at the right price, i will pick this up! I also think this feature should be something microsoft includes in the OS!
  • Double tap is not something new. I am enjoying this feature on my Nokia 6700 classic.
  • Does this phone have the 'HTC' accent colour, like the 8X/S?
  • I want double tap to wake on my surface. I do it by habit already and an what's disappointed when it didn't wake
  • Who cares they all copy each other. To be honest if I were ever to go back to wp, I'd buy this phone though. It is sharp. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • This has been a feature on Android since its release.
  • This has been a feature on Nokia devices even before android existed.
  • Good point
  • It was already there in the android version, but it sucks compared to the G3. And yes, I own both phones so I can compare. I wish HTC would release a RUU or something to port my droid version over that would be flippin amazing. Wouldn't doubt though if someone over at XDA gets it going.
  • Which came first the chicken or the egg...who the heck cares their both Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Bought the M8 Wp today, loving it.
  • Congrats. I went to Verizon store today just to check it. It's definitely a beauty. 
  • Sharing is caring and HTC and windows phone makes a sweet combination.
  • Looks great!
  • My L520's power button broke several months ago, luckily this handy feature saves my phone without me having to go to the repair shop :)
  • I have to say it's a very usefull function, but i definitly noticed that it uses a lot of batery power. A few times I didn't even make te day while that never happend again since i turned it off. ( Lumia 1020 )
  • Agreed! Very useful feature though. Maybe low power amoled screens will be a bon for this sort of tech, keep the battery going for longer. Either way this is cool, a great feature for the htc to have. I love Nokia Lumia devices but this has me convinced to try something else with wp...
  • This HTC is getting sweeter by the minute
  • Picked up my new HTC One Windows Phone last night and loving it! Didn't get the dot case yet because I also wanted to get a new bluetooth ear piece. I will get the dot case next payday. Love the double tap and the overall Windows 8.1 look and feel and capabilities. 
  • Hi Daniel. Can u tell me what are others things which I miss from nokia Lumia 920 if I move to HTC m8 plz? also what apps ??? Thanks
  • If HTC really want to make the uniqe windows phone they should't just put the same spec, same design to it. If you give M8 for Android and M8 for Windows to some of the Android Guy what would they choose? We are the WP lovers of course we will choose M8 for Windows. But it was't eyecatching for the Android or IPhone users. So they wont choose the WP version.
  • This is a really good phone. Sucks to not be able to have it on Sprint
  • Lumia 1520 double tap awake screen lock is not efficient than M8