Microsoft smartwatch teased with recent patent filing, looks super sleek

It’s no secret that Microsoft is working on a smartwatch of some kind. We’ve seen patents filed and have heard rumors for quite some time. Wearables and the Internet of Things is the future of technology and one Microsoft is intent on being a big part of. Today we’re looking at a patent granted to Microsoft for an "electronic band."

Last week we saw another patent granted to Microsoft that teased their upcoming smartwatch plans. That patent described a device with fitness-tracking features and a detachable body. That body could then be removed from the wrist band and attached to other accessories like a belt clip or lanyard. The body itself featured a touch panel where you could interact with to see different information displayed.

Microsoft Smartwatch

That patent included a dock where you could attach the body, presumably to charge or sync. Something we’ve seen other smartwatches like the Galaxy Gear or Qualcomm Toq do.

Microsoft Smartwatch

The filing discovered today shows off an electronic band that looks similar to previous patent images we’ve seen from Microsoft. Carl Ledbetter, the man behind the design at Xbox, is listed as one of the inventors.

Anyone looking forward to a smartwatch from Microsoft? The design in the patent images looks very sleek. Better than [Android Wear]( "Android Wear")? We'll see.

Source: USPTO, Google Patents Via: WMPU

Sam Sabri