Microsoft snags Google Cloud executive to lead GitHub's product team

Github (Image credit: GitHub)

Three months after completing its acquisition of GitHub, Microsoft has hired on the new leader for the code repository's Product Team. Shanku Niyogi, who previously held positions at Microsoft and most recently worked as Google Cloud Platform's director of product management, today joined GitHub as head of its Product Team (via VentureBeat).

"I joined GitHub because I believe in the promise of its unique mission: to connect people and code across barriers of all shapes and sizes," Niyogi said in a blog post on his arrival. "I believe in the power of people joining together, forming a team, and solving a problem."

Prior to joining Google in December 2017, he spent nearly 20 years at Microsoft. Niyogi's background includes working on developer products such as Visual Studio Code, TypeScript, .NET, Kubernetes, and more.

"In 2018, our community grew by over 8 million users, and over 40 percent in the number of repositories," Niyogi said. "This growth brings new challenges: making GitHub an inclusive and productive place for every kind of developer; helping the software world work with each other safely and securely; helping open source projects find sustainability and success; and continuing to build on the ease of use, speed, and reliability that earned GitHub its place in the community."

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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