Microsoft is in talks with Sony about cross-play between Xbox One and PS4

When it comes to cross-platform multiplayer between Xbox One and other consoles, Sony has proven to be a bit of a stick in the mud. For example, when Microsoft announced the "Better Together" update for Minecraft, which lets Minecraft players play together across Windows 10, Xbox One, iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch, Sony chose to not allow cross-play on PlayStation 4.

Sony's reluctance has also extended to other games, like Rocket League and ARK: Survival Evolved. It turns out, however, that Microsoft is talking with Sony about bringing PlayStation 4 on board for cross-play for Minecraft. In an interview with GameReactor (via OnMSFT), Xbox marketing head Aaron Greenberg confirmed the talks, stating:

We're talking to Sony [about crossplay], we do partner with them on Minecraft and of course we would like to enable them to be part of that; one community, to unite gamers. So we're talking to them and we're hopeful that they'll be supportive of it.

That's far from saying Sony is on board, but the fact that talks are continuing is a good sign. And who knows: allowing cross-play for Minecraft could eventually lead to enabling it for other titles that support it as well. That would only be good for the gaming community as a whole.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • SCREW the PS4.  How about you focus on getting full keyboard/mouse support on the Xbox One and get full cross-playe going between Xbox and PC?  THAT'S what you need to do, Microsoft, instead of wasting time with PS4.
  • What a surprise. Scuba is wrong, again.
  • Agreed 
  • Well the last time I checked Scuba talked about how badly the 950 was and how terrible Windows Mobile 10 was compared to the other iterations of Windows OS's.  And guess what.  The 950 is dead.  And Windows Mobile 10 is practically dead.  I think he was on the money on those two fronts.  :)
  • I really hope that if and when they bring K/M support to the Xbox One, they also bring out a sensible option that is comparable and easy to use on the sofa. These lapboards are OK from the likes of Roccat and Corsair, but they're far from ideal, or affordability. Something for around $70 that has a few keys and mouse equivalent accuracy. Full on mouse and keyboard support will just segregate the player base, divide people. Even if they had exclusive lobbies, what if you want or only have a controller, yet your buddy is a determined to use K/M? Support for K/M is something I hope they keep mentioning periodically but never implement.
  • Dude you are truly an idiot. First off, Microsoft isn't resposible for making crossplay happen on all games. They are only responsible for making it happen on the games they devlop/publish (HINT: that doesn't have any bearing on what features happen on the console itself) This is a marketing person (also doesn't work on adding features to the Xbox) trying to get Sony to work with devlopers of games (Still not people that work on Xbox features) to allow cross play.
  • The Xbox isn't a PC, so what's the benefit of a keyboard and mouse? Get a gaming PC.
  • As much as "Xbox isn't a gaming pc" I would love KB and M support.
    With the architecture of the console, allowing full KB and M could allow lots of developers to port games from libraries such as the Steam library to the Windows store with the knowledge that the market includes all the console owners.
    I bought the Xbox One original as I couldn't afford a full gaming pc due to its future updates but knew I could game with friends at "1080p" even until this day on that console.
    However, we love watching YouTube videos of games like Garry's Mod and PC only games that are cheap in the Steam store.
    Now my Surface Pro 2 isn't capable of running Garry's Mod, but a Xbox One with a ported PC based game like GMod or RPGs would be awesome and save me lots of money!
  • The only problem work supporting kb&m is that devs who wish to implement it will also have to support game pad input as the vast majority of users will not use a kb&m on the console.
  •  Also forgot to mention, kb&m input is supported in the latest Minecraft beta on Xbox one.
  • That's good to know, I was unaware of any KB/M support on XB1.
  • Could they not have a KB/M only section, bridging the gap between PC and Console. Obviously leading onto cross-play capabilities.
    Almost like how Android TV has "gamepad only" sections.
    Just to allow a much bigger library in the Windows Store?
  • Scuba I see what you are saying but this is for Microsoft cross play games that are on sony consoles and there are not to many of them the one I think of is Minecraft. For me I think sony Microsoft and Nintendo all adapting to cross play is a great move and something that could benifit alot of developers esp the lower selling games as no matter what console you own you will be able to play people on any consoles so for example split/second which only sold about 500k last gen would of had 500k petential online players rather than. 250k on each console so to speak or cod which sells around 20 to 30 million copies would have a bigger player count. For me Ide take that over kb and mouse support.
  • Yesterday confirmed in Mixer streaming that the build beta for Minecraft (ported from Win10 UWP) that will release today or tomorrow on Xbox-One, include keyboard + mouse support.
  • Hell is about to freeze over.
  • Cross-play between Xbox/PS4 makes more sense than Xbox/PC, at least from a consumer perspective.
  • Sadly, all they can do is impliment it Xbox/PC though because no one (except for the devs of games themselvs) can control it. I would absolutely love Xbox/PS4 crossplay, I think Sony is being stupid here. People have already made their choice of console, no one (other than the few that have a lot of money to burn) is going to go out and buy another console just to play a game or 2 with friends after they already made their console choice. They will however very likely buy a new game with cross play support if their friends have it on another console. 
  • If cross-play existed on XB/PC it would be much better IMO.
    It would surely convince me that it's worth splashing out more money on a decent gaming pc, selling my XB1 if I know I can still play games with my friends who own an XB1 (the only reason I have that console, and funds for a gtx 1080, is all my gaming friends own it).
  • While I don't disagree with you, there are a lot more consoles than PC gamers. It would bring more people together if XB/PS could play nice. Also cross play with PC/XB exists already just with limited games.
  • Yeh, I understand the console numbers are massive in comparison to pc.
    One of the toughest things to do was jump ship from my PS3 to XB1.
    I still sigh when I go to friends and they have PS4 so we can't play simple games like FIFA.
    However, I have engrossed myself in Xbox Live since moving and built a new friends list but have been craving a gaming PC for ages.
    If I could move without losing the social aspect of gaming (as I know no one in my friends who pc games as the aren't tech savvy) then I'd fork out the money on the pc and enjoy all benefits of console and full PC.
    Guess the console cross play would be great, but personally, I want a PC haha
  • I don't blam you one bit for wanting it stronger on PC. I want that too. My fiance and I are gamers and would love more games to easier play together (though I'm hoping haveing an X1 and X1X in the house does the trick) I have an ok gaming PC, I'm due for a GPU upgrade but the rest should suffice for a few more years, so if more crossplay happened with PC we could be playing together now. That being said, I do feel the PC exclusives are well worth having a Console and a PC. I grew up on Consoles so going 100% probably won't ever happen for me, but there's just some that can never be had on a console.
  • It looks like your current set up is what I am aiming to have - X1 (maybe keep) X1X, gaming pc with GTX 10 series and just got my HDR 4K TV (yet to find the fiancé though :/...)
    I only game occasionally with friends and spend lots of time on my "PC" (Surface Pro 2).I'm into video encoding so a gaming pc seems like the investment to cover everything, but like I said, losing the social gaming is a hindrance.
  • The gaming pc does end up being a multiple investment. I work from home twice a week, play around with Photoshop, and am working on a game. I'm ready for a 10 series, currently have 2 older AMD in crossfire but I wanna get VR ready and formally build a home office.
  • Yeh, the PC covers most bases. I work from home on 3 weekdays and do editing so the PC would vastly improve that.
    Yet a 1080 costs more than the X1X, let alone the other components, and means no gaming with friends.
    Though would run any emulator flawlessly so could invite them over for nostalgia.
  • That's my goal after the office is done. A little sitting area (small couch) with a coffee table that has a built-in emulator machine.
  • I disagree. For the gamer it only matters that the game is on the system of their choice. It would beeasier for a UWP game to be added to PC and to cross-play working since the code is practically identical.
  • Why would Sony work with Microsoft? They're the king of the current generation, so the benefit would be for the Xbox. It would be nice to be able to play with my friends on Xbox while I use my PS4, but I don't see a benefit big enough for Sony to work with them.
  • I'd honestly like to see someones numbers on this. I'd like to assume Sony and MS have done some but I doubt they'd ever share. I don't think many people are going to buy an Xbox or PS4 to play a game or 2 with friends of they already own one of the 2. So I don't think cross play would hurt Sony. I can see it helping both though. Imagine how many people would buy a game on Xbox if they had friends that invested in, say for instance, Ark. Or if I owned Minecraft and all my PS4 buddies wanted to play with me. I have no proof of it, just my humble opinion.
  • because Sony is for the gamers (/sarcasm)  and uniting gamers across platforms is what a company that claims to put gamers first should do.
  • One game comes to mind that was cross play between all three was Defiance. I think the only reason that it was possible was that the company was using their own servers which allowed cross play between the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. But still it was cross play.
  • Cross-play would be fantastic and if I were a developer I would definitely push for it.
    I'm sure if games like BF1, COD or FIFA had cross-play, many more people would buy it just so they can play with any of their friends.
    I think PS exclusives don't exactly "sell" the console, yet buying any future title and playing with all friends regardless of console would certainly boost sales for both MS and Sony.
  • This would be a fantastic development for both gaming communities.  I'm not fond of exclusives and exclusives would continue to be a problem. But, at least for most users, being able to play with your friends and family inspite of their platform choice is a great nod of appreciation and commitment to letting the customer make their own choices.
  • Sony doesn't have much to gain with crossplay, so I won't hold my breath.  
  • Everyone needs to calm down and have a beer.
  • of course theres a benefit, i think it will create more game purchases. for example i know ppl on PS4 playing Madden and i have Xbox 1, if Madden was cross platform then i would love to play against them. more importantly since im in another state its more of a reason, im sure there are plenty of other reasons. the benefit would be on both ends and both Sony and MS need to come together for their consumers