Microsoft teams up with Autodesk to help create 3D engineering models via HoloLens

Microsoft and Autodesk will be working together to help develop software for Microsoft's HoloLens augmented reality technology. Autodesk's solution is called Autodesk Fusion 360, and it will be created as a way to help product designers and engineers create better devices.

Beyond just giving designers a way to create concepts via a 3D model that can be viewed via the HoloLens, Autodesk says it wants to offer new ways to view such objects for both designers and customers:

"We explored ways to make work areas have infinite space by using walls and open areas overlaid with holographic objects. We explored how users could collaborate together by looking at the same holographic model and being able to walk around it and discuss various aspects of the design as if it were really sitting on their table. We explored the possibilities of creating and editing directly from a holographic model, as well as pitching a final design to an executive team or a customer."

There's no word yet on when Autodesk Fusion 360 will be released, nor how much it will cost. Microsoft is scheduled to offer developer kits for HoloLens in the first quarter of 2016 for the price of $3,000.

Source: Microsoft, Autodesk

John Callaham
  • Do you think maybe they could team up with Adobe and have Adobe go back to releasing MSI inatller/update packages for us network admins that have to make sure their security-challenged FlashPlayer software is updated every 3 weeks on dozens to hundreds of computers?  Jeesh. At what point can we tell this non-security friendly, non-buisness friendly, prima donna of a software campany to take a hike? MS should be partnering with another party that might acxtually appreciate the opprotunity to grow into an energing market.
  • Why would they support a dieing standard
  • But Microsoft fired some people so HoloLens is doomed. Doomed I say!
  • John it's Autodesk not Adobe, you got it wrong so many times. I was complaining about it, like how Adobe and Microsoft team up but then they use Autodesk Fusion 360 (strangely you wrote it right but you wrote everything else wrong)   but I wasn't saying any lie, at least Autodesk is usually showing Windows on stage and even if products like Flame aren't on Windows, it's not a software I care much about. you see Microsoft products on stage on Adobe events, giving SP3 to people. testing Surface Book the same day after it was announced and you still see always tutorials and videos with an apple computer. Anyway it's not a Secret Adobe sucks at 3d, photoshop sucks and after effects doesn't have 3d like fusion or Nuke or something that is layer based like Hitfilm that would be more comparable to After effects. so it's nice they are teaming up with Autodesk for this, so their 3d software could be more integrated and better on WIndows, like they shown on Maya with continum where it would adapt the UI... hope that still happens. Because I was remembering the video where Adobe showed amazing things with Windows and then you see one year later and there was not even Lightroom universal app anyway. not even continuum support for any of their products. Anyway hope you fix this article!
  • Someone that knows about Hitfilm
  • Yeah and HF4 looks like a nice release. I like more using nodes though, Fusion which is now free thanks to BMD is an amazing product, but looks like HitFilm can be a nice product for AE artists who are used to Layer based software and want easier presets and things like that. Because compositing on AE is horrible, especially if you are used to flexible nodes, so at least HitFilm feels like nicer on that, But I like how they support 3d, they even support Alembic which is nice to have, while AE keeps being the "king" but not making any progress in many fields, that's why I said Adobe sucks at 3D. It's nice FXHome feels like they are being more aggresive pushing Hitfilm, they still offer the plugins, but sometimes the "smaller" guys move faster than the big ones.
  • I'm amazed one more time ... :)  
  • Back to the future!!!
  • The idea of walking with an project model with another partners at the same time seems too futuristic. Future has came too fast.
  • At different physical locations!
  • If this technology (and product) accomplish what they promise in a reasonable time-frame, it'd be hell'ova achivement. Really looking forward to this! :D
  • FOV should be improved in their next versions of Hololens
  • It will
  • Wow this is cool. I tested fusion 360 when it was called project falcon, in preview. It's been like 2 years now though. It was really good when I used it. Not sure what it's like now but I expect nothing less beautiful than the preview from Autodesk
  • My Dream coming true.. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android