Microsoft has once again topped Corporate Responsibility Magazine's (CRM) list of America's "best corporate citizens." As ranked by CRM (via Forbes), Microsoft came in at the number one spot for the second year in a row — just ahead of Intel and Hasbro, which took up second and third place, respectively.

Microsoft tops list of America's 'Best Corporate Citizens' of 2016

CRM compiles its rankings by grading companies across seven categories, which include:

  • Environment
  • Climate Change
  • Human Rights
  • Employee relations
  • Corporate governance
  • Financial performance
  • Philanthropy

Breaking things down, CRM ranked Microsoft number one in three of those categories (environment, human rights, philanthropy), and in the top 20 in two others (climate change, employee relations).

Aside from Intel and Hasbro, Microsoft was followed up by other big names like Johnson & Johnson, Xerox, Lexmark and Campbell Soup Co.. For more, be sure to check out CRM's full rankings.