Microsoft Translator can now handle multilingual group conversations in real time

Alongside a slew of AI-related announcements, Microsoft revealed that its Translator service can now handle multi-lingual group conversations in real time. Now Translator can help foster greater communication by enabling people to speak face-to-face with multiple languages, understanding one another as the conversation happens.

From Microsoft (opens in new tab):

Using the company's new intelligent language and speech recognition capability, Microsoft Translator can now simultaneously translate between groups speaking multiple languages in-person, in real-time, connecting people and overcoming barriers.

Right now, real-time translation is only available in 9 different spoken languages, but more than 50 are supported when typing. However, Microsoft boasts that in-person translation can support up to 100 different speakers in real time, which is pretty darn impressive. If you'd like to try out the feature, it should be available to test online at the Translator website (opens in new tab) as well as the various Translator mobile apps.

Thanks, Vasrias, for the tip!

Download Microsoft's Translator for Windows 10 PC and Mobile (opens in new tab)

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  • Oh boy, this is going to be really handy when I'm traveling!
  • Same here, but not able to use it. How to use it. Plz guide.
  • Go to the Windows Store and get the app is one way. Another is going to the Translator website, mentioned exactly like that in this article :)
  • Great!!
  • Thank god it is update because it away freeze mostly when using the camera
  • The voice translator is not working on my phone 950xl .
  • Yes not working for me also
  • Voice translation is not working for me on mobile nor desktop, where I do see this new option...
  • Not available ok phone yet
  • Wohoo! First time that I am mentioned in an article. :D
  • I can find this feature in the app on my PC but not on my Lumia 950.
  • What I need bad is this itegrated into WhatsApp for messaging!
  • Great! Ms finally did it.
  • When is this going to be implemented into the OS like android? Copy and pasting from various apps into translator is not ideal.
  • Thanks for the reply. But I have the app & not able to do two conversation at one go which the article suggests. Hating myself right now.
  • Downloaded the app update onto my 950. As a big user of the Translator app, which I find very good, I was looking forward to this. But hang on the W10Mobile app doesn't do the conversational translation!! I did the same on my wife's iPhone 6, lo and behold, there is conversational translations. Phew! I'm so happy for iPhone and, probably Android users!! How very disappointing of MSFT not to inculde a Windows phone capability. It really makes you wonder why you bother to support them.
  • How do you connect people in the windows phone translator app?
  • The version for Windows 10 Mobile updated yesterday to the same version,, but it DOES NOT support the group feature. Who knows if we'll ever get it.
  • Pretty amazing stuff