Extras + Info

Extras + Info for Lumia Windows Phones has once again been updated, but the same changelog exists and we can only spot small bumps in version numbers for system settings. Some of Microsoft's new Lumia system apps were inherited through its purchase of Nokia's mobile devices division and are updated regularly. The issue is with each release it's not always clear what each version brings to the table.

The store listing states that this version includes bug fixes, but we're aware that this note has been present through numerous updates. Looking at displayed version numbers for some of the backend systems on Lumia Windows Phones, we were able to spot where some of these improvements have been implemented.

Extras + Info Update

As one can see in the above image, the following received a minor bump:

  • Lumia First User Experience: >
  • Nokia Share: >
  • Rate us: >
  • SpamFilter: >

Download the update from the Windows Phone Store and let us know in the comments should you notice something we've overlooked.

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