Microsoft uses Bing to help commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Microsoft is observing Martin Luther King Jr. Day with the help of Bing. The company is using a number of Bing tools, including search and maps, in order to commemorate the late civil rights leader.

The Bing homepage today features an image of Atlanta, Georgia's "Homage to King" sculpture, with more information and links on the page. Meanwhile, over on the Bing Blogs, you can go on a virtual tour of several important landmark from King's life thanks to Bing Maps. Maps has also highlighted a number of parade and March routes from around the country, making it easier to find any close to you.

Finally, audio and video from a number of King's speeches have been collected under Bing video search. You can also find more details on other civil rights leaders, and important moments in the civil rights movement.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab), Bing Blogs

  • Very kind and respectable of MS to do this.
  • Greatness!
  • Very greatful for this man and the people during this time, had it not been for them I wouldn't have my family that I have today :) 
  • True dat. I still wished he were alive today. He was truly inspirational... the way he led without instigating violence towards anyone.
  • "without instigating violence" is so important...
  • Yea just got and retweeted from MSFT news, cool deal. Ps.... MS is short for Microsoft store
  • Bing FTW <3
  • stupidly keep thinking my phone screen is cracked for a split second every time I turn it on lol
  • I saw the Bing video thing and thought that was a very nice tribute. King is an inspiration.
  • Microsoft should make bing available in all the countries where google exists and compete with google in those countries, instead of focussing only US. It will be great to see localized bing for every country. At least bing should be localized in each country where google is localized.
  • At least the government admitted in 1999 to killing him and he can now rest in peace. Wish the trial with William Pepper had made the home screen instead. Far too few people know that they US govt admitted to killing him.
  • Too few people know it because it never happened.  The government admitted no such thing.  Please stop spreading your conspiracy theories as fact.
  • Stop lying. William Pepper sued the US governemr on behalf of the King family. He charged the Govt with Conspiracy in the death of King and won! It was in 1999.
  • Still in denial?
  • There was even an HBO special on the trail!!! Why is it so hard to believe that the US Govt wanted him dead and actually killed him? Facts dont lie.
  • @krayziehustler All of you tin foil hat wearing nut bag conspiracy theorists are the same.  None of you seem to understand the difference between facts and opinions.  You use words like "fact", "proof", "admitted", but those words don't mean what you think they do.  You call people "liers" if they don't agree with your unproven opinion.  You link to out of context information and conspiracy websites as "proof" that you are correct.   You perform all kinds of mental gymnastics to make yourself believe in illogical or ridiculously complicated theories while ignoring the simplest and most easily verified explaination.  I honestly think that most hard core conspiracy theorist's brains are wired with high levels of fear/paranoia that is either undiagnosed or just below clinical levels. For the sake of curiosity, I went ahead and watched your "proof" video.  That isn't even a real trial!  It is a "mock trial" created for TV and it coincides with books that Pepper was selling.  Basically, it is drama/fiction like Matlock or Law and Order.  Here is some background on the video you linked to... "Pepper publicized his position in books and represented James Earl Ray in a televised mock trial in an attempt to get Ray the trial that he never had. Ray was found "not guilty" in the mock trial, though actually convicted of King's assassination." William Pepper is a well known conspiracy theorist that has made a living selling books and suing the government to get attention.  He has also sued the government for the JFK assasination, 9/11 conspiracy, and several other conspiracy theories.  As far as the wrongful death suit in 1999, that was a civil suit not a criminal suit.  It really proves nothing and the government wasn't even involed in the case (as a defendant or a plaintif).  It was a relative of MLK vs. Loyd Jowers.  Loyd Jowers claimed that he was involved in a plot to kill MLK, but he also just happened to be trying to sell a book at the time.  In other words, the writer of the book was the defendant and he was testifying against himself.  His own sister later admitted that he fabricated the story so he could sell it to a publishing company and pay for back income taxes.  Also, Jower's star witness (who was also testifying against Jower) later confessed that the story was made up to help sell Jower's books.  The jury found Jower guilty (he confessed against himself so he was literally asking them to), but they only awarded the MLK family $100 in damages (for a supposed assasination!).  Based on that verdict, I think it's fair to say that the jury really didn't consider the case to be of a serious nature.  They were basically bringing the case to an end with no real damages awarded.  Unfortunately, in rendering the verdict that way they basically gave Jower exactly what he wanted which is "proof" of a conspiracy.  It's hilarious that you think this case is proof that "the government admitted in 1999 to killing [MLK]" when the government wasn't even on trial and the case was considered to be an abuse of the legal system to promote a book.
  •  That mock trial you speak on happened in 1993 and was on HBO on April 4 1993. The video i posted is from the civil suit in 1999. Nice try though. (My mistake was that HBO only covered this one and not the 1999 one. ) The govt denied their motion for a criminal trial and all they were allowed to do was a civli suit. The US govt also denied the King family the use of an independant investigator into his death. That video is the quickets recap of all this. I post the actual court transcript from the actual trial and it is there for you to read and make up your own mind. Or does reading about the dirty dealings of your govt make you uncomfortable and that is why you bluff at all this? You can run all you want but all the information you need is easily found. Even if you take out Jowers there was over 70 witnesses who testified in court to what they saw and what went on that day. Pepper also showed up with over 4000 pages of documents many of which were declassified FBI/CIA memo's to court. Now given all this evidence there is no way you can have integrity in saying that he us govt had no role in it. The court found Llyod Jowers guilty and that "governmental agenices were parites to this conspiracy". I don't know what else you would need to refute this verdict. Better yet instead of calling people tin foil hat wearers, did you bother to look at the evidence presentd? Did you read the actual court documents?  
  • I have no problem reading about the "dirty dealings" of the government.  I have no problem believing that the NSA spies on it's own citizens, tortures people (in one case to death) that turn out to be inocent, and I'm well aware of all the CIA operations to overthrough other governments that we didn't like (only to have someone much worse take control later).  Those are credible, have real evidence, and were in many cases verified (decades later) by the government.  This is none of those things. Citing the number of pages of evidence or the number of people testifying is completely meaningless.  I can submit a million blank pages of paper as "evidence" in a trial and name all kinds of people as witnesses.  However, the contents of that paper wouldn't prove anything even though it is considered official "evidence" in that trial and many or most of the witnesses may never actually be called to actually testify or show up in court.  What did the documents and witnesses even say?  Apparently nothing very informative because all you seem to know is the number of pages and no useful details. You also skipped over the fact that many of those witnesses (including his own sister and "star witness") later admitted that the story was bogus and that the jury only awarded damages of $100 for a wrongful death trial regarding the assasination of one of the most famous people of the last century.  None of that really matters though.  You know how I know this conspiracy theory is BS before I even started to research it?  Common sense.  Do you honestly think that if any of these accusations were even somewhat credible or actually proven that this wouldn't have been front page news at some point?  Don't you find it odd that when you type these topics into Bing/Google all you get is some random blogs and conspiracy websites?  Don't you think that some credible news source such as the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, NBC, or ABC would have picked up on this?  Hell, I would even settle for Fox News, but there is nothing.  They all report on the NSA scandle and plenty of other topics that are embarrasing to the government.  Why would they be afraid to report on something that happened many decades ago and doesn't involve anyone still active in government?  We have a holiday for MLK, but you think the government and the media are still out to get him in 2015?  Don't you think the NAACP would have picked up on this and run with it if it were at all credible?  Do you think our government is made up entirely of racists that would still want to hide something like this from the public?  Our President and our attorney general (along with plenty of other people in government) are black for god sakes!  Don't you think the President would have declassified this so the truth would be known? Like I said, you are doing all kinds of mental gymnastics to make yourself believe something that just doesn't add up. I wonder if 30 years from now people will be insisting that Ronald Reagan's shooting or Gabby Gifford's shooting was a government job even though the shooters were obvious mental cases and there were tons of witnesses in both events.
  • @krayziehustler According to Wikipedia, Pepper sued a man named Loyd Jowers, not "The Government", and Jowers apparently made everything up so he could sell the story; I suppose Wikipedia is in on the coverup too?
  • Actually the NY Times article is more legit. No cover up as by 1999 no one cared anymore and they never made a big deal about his findings and the final verdict. Look at the final verdict. The jury decided that he was guilty and that governmental agencies were involved. He showed docs and put govt people on the stand. You can read more if you like as the declassified docs are easily found. I will never understand how people can have all this information at their disposal and yet stay blind.
  • You say this because you saw it on the Internet?
  • No. I've read the actual law documents. The King Family hosts the document on their website. Heck they even have the closing statements in the trial On YouTube.
  • There was evidence presented at trail of government involvement although that evidence is based largely on statements from Jowers. No government agency admitted complicency nor did they ever testify at the trail.  Any speculation is purely that of the King family. Not saying the governemt wasnt involved, but they never explicitely admitted to any involvment.
  • Not really there was actual evidence presented in the trial not just statements from Jowers. I know it's a very long read but the transcription of the court trial i linked tells all you need to know.
  • PROOF.
  • I'm going to trust Snopes before I trust you:  
  • I hope you read it for yourself. Jowers was the person they sued and won because you can't out the actual govt on trial. It was a civil case because that's all they were allowed to do and they chose the $100 as a sign that this suit wasn't financially motivated. That is why even snopes says its mostly false. My mistake was saying the govt, it was Jowers who was found guilty and the govt found as a conspirator in his death. But again I implore you to read the trail for yourself. Most of the declassified documents are free to read online. What you will find will surprise you. You will learn many new things if you read for yourself instead of a vastly simplified snopes site.
  • Also FYI that snope article is refuting a meme on the internet which makes some false accusations particularly about the media. Which is false because Fox, NY Times and other media outlets covered the trial and the decision. On top of that, you can read the FBI docs yourself. Only about 3-4000 have been made public. Heck you can even ask the FBI yourself to look at them. Then you have to look at American history and realize that under Hoover's COINTELPRO program MLK Jr. was under heavy FBI surveilance. King and his family were well aware of their activities. Heck just a month ago another FBI document was declassified, it was a letter from an FBI agent asking MLK Jr to commit suicide or be ruined. It was an actual threat. So call me a conspiracy theorist all you want. I know what I've seen first hand and what I've read from 1st hand sources and directly from the FBI.
  • Microsoft always does this on bing lol