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Microsoft will allow Android apps to be quickly compiled for Windows 10

During today's Build 2015 keynote address, Microsoft confirmed that it has set up a way to allow apps made for Android in Java and C++ to be quickly complied for Windows 10.

Those apps will take advantage of existing Android code but developers will also be able to use the Windows platform tools to create new Universal apps. This should save developers both time and money by allowing the bulk of their code to be reused.

Apps can still use Windows APIs such as location, and they can run in a Windows Security container to allow for a trustworthy experience. Apps navigation will be integrated with Windows navigation model so they'll feel just like any other apps when you're using them. Even Live tiles and integration with Microsoft services can be used with these recompiled Android apps.

It's not about running Android apps on Windows. It's about making it easier for current developers on other platforms to bring their wares to Windows.

Stay tuned as we will have more news from the Build 2015 keynote throughout the day.

  • The "Resuming…" screen when the Choice app was closed on the 1520 was painful to watch… I really hope Android apps won't take over and that developers will find Windows 10 attractive enough to make native apps.
  • Sooooo happy!!!
    That's the way forward Microsoft !!!
    Best news of the day!
  • "Apps can still use Windows APIs such as location, and they can run in a Windows Security container to allow for a trustworthy experience."
    Most important sentence/feature in this article/OS... Somebody finally secured Android!
  • That why hamburger style will start here so don't complain later
  • And just like that❗❗
    WP, PC, Xbox... The most popular platform in less than 3 years from now..
    In two years the W10 store could have over 2 million apps... SMDH in a good way.. Lol. This is amazing❗
  • I hardly see why this would make WP any more popular. It didn't help BlackBerry. If anything, it's an admission of failure of WP.   It may definitely bury ChromeOS though. But apart from that I don't think it will make any difference on mobile.   Oh and we have to see how Google will respond to this. I wouldn't be surprised to see them announce at Google I/O that they made some changes to actually kill the tools Microsoft developed to put Android apps on WP. I wouldn't be surprised AT ALL.
  • Because blackberry was already dead, windows isn't dead.
  • Windows isn't. But WP is as "dead" as BlackBerry.
  • But but people would stop complaining about app gap! And for once try to be optimistic!
  • Answer me this: if design-wise WP10 is getting closer to Android, if on WP10 you'll be running Android-designed apps (which means you'll even likely see Material Design on WP), WHY would you buy a WP10 device. What does a Windows phone 10 device offer you that you can't get on Android?   (and please, if abstain from the "lagdroid" and alike comments. Those are as apt as judging Windows today through Vista. Answer honestly.).
  • The reason I came to WP was because of its unique appearance(and also because of Nokia). But WP is still not a copy paste lookalike of Android. And look at candy crush ( though I don't play it) are people complaining about it because it has been ported from iOS.
  • I got a Lumia 535 and love it. I agree with you that it's a different look, a more elegant look and done in better taste than all other operating systems. iOS and Android look cheesy, dated by comparison. WP8.1 lacks Java, a mic within the keyboard and a full functionality of top-notch apps like Whatsapp but we're getting there. Disclosure: I used an iPhone 3 and hTC Desire prior to migrating to WP
  • Because Android is basically "IOS with widgets" and neither of those mobile operating systems can touch the live tile interface.
  • Android is not "IOS with widgets" tf....
  • If the person has windows 10 on their computer or laptop said person can start something on the phone and finish the job on their computer which I don't think can be done on Android, at least the average user doesn't know how to. With MS bringing this to Windows phone it can be done by even an average user.
  • Well for starters, Windows phones as a whole are less expensive than Android devices. That being said, some of the other positives are actually the closed and more controlled OS. Andorid does in fact suffer from fragmentation issues which does stability issues. You may have or may not have sufferred any issues on your phone(s) but your anecdotal evidence is not proof of the issues that many many Andorid phones suffer from when it comes to lag and crashing. THis is a matter of opinion, but I think, as a whole, build quality is better. Yes the flagships of Android are great, Samsung especially, but I have not been a fan of LG's quality, and there are a ton of cheapies that just feel like they would break in my hand. I have held most WP devices in my hand and do not feel the same. There are also some features that are very important to me in the WP platform that keep me away from both iOS and Android, mainly the implementation of it's handsfree functionality. I have had both an Android an iPhone and a WP connected to my car, the WP allows me to control the phone with voice controls far easier than the others. (with the exception of reading and dictating e-mails) I also find that integration with my Xbox is smoother than with android devices, again not important for everyone, but it's still something that the WP offers better than Android. The map integration, while I don't use it very often, also is more up to date (at least in my area) Google still doens't know my address exists and the house was built 6 years ago. So there are some things that put WP on top of Android as a base OS. Simple UI changes (which weren't pioneered by Android) aren't there to copy Android and try to make the phone look like Android because Android didn't do it first. 
  • @DJCBS, Better integration with all my other devices for starters.  To reverse your question, if WP and Android were basically the same in regards to OS and apps, why would I buy Android?  - I have Windows on my desktop, laptop, and at work.  - I use Office at home and at work.  - I own an Xbox One.  There are a LOT of people out there that share one or more of those situations.  - Is Chrome OS a real alternative to Windows?  Not for most people, especially people require computer use for their career. - Is Google Docs better than MS Office?  Not for most people, especially people require computer use for their career. - Does Android have a game console?  Nope. So if all other things were equal, why would I choose Android over WP and then have to work harder to make it integrate with my other technology?
  • Allow me to address somethings:   - Microsoft services are actually better on Android. I know it as I use them all. And no honest person that has used WP and Microsoft services on Android will say otherwise. Is that a WP fault in itself? No, it's more of Microsoft's fault. But that's how it is.   - I too have Windows on PC & tablet. I too use Office at home and for work. I too own an Xbox. None of that has any influence on the phone. There's not a single thing I can say "well, I have to pick up one of my old WP devices to do this because this Android doesn't do it" within the Microsoft ecosystem. Because when I moved to Android, I was able to easily keep the entire Microsoft ecosystem intact.   - ChromeOS isn't an alternative to anything. That much is known. Neither is Google Docs. Yet, since I've been only talking about WP, Microsoft Office is also available on Android (and iOS). - Actually Google does have a gaming device that allows you to play your Google Play games on a TV. So, technically, they do have a gaming console. Of course, it's not as popular as the Xbox. Not even close. And let's assume Sony won't eventually replace the PlayStation OS with Android. They're definitely heading towards that already.   So my question remains: why would one pick up a WP over an Android device now? When you had a unique design on WP, with unique experiences and tools, there was a reason to pick up one (besides Nokia). But now and as we head forward, there's less and less reasons.   (Also, let's not forget that being able to recompile Android apps to put them in the Windows Store doesn't mean you'll automatically have Google Play on W10. Which means developers will have to WILLINGLY take the time to recompile their apps for WP. And you can't really force developers into doing anything. Snapchat, for example. I highly doubt it will be available on WP even with these tools.)
  • Did you watch the keynote?
    What continuum on phones is bringing to the table is enough to entice people to the platform. Yes, as much as i am a fan, it's time to announce the death of WP. but Its also time to celebrate the birth of Windows 10 (for mobile), through methods you may not approve of, deliver on every expectation and promise we've come to desire anyway.
  • Yeah, this is something new... The first platform that does something different❗
    First to run Android/iOS/Windows apps & first to run a full version of PC, and act as a PC...
    This has to be recognized❗
  • +630
  • - well there is the OUYA consolce that lets you play Andriod games  :)   but yeah agree otherwise 
  • Ouya use a forked Android (without Google Apps, -services and -play store), so ofcourse it runs Android games! 
  • The simple answer is I don't like or trust google and will go out I my way to avoid using Google as much as possible. That having been said, it sounds like they are doing the same thing for iOS apps. If they are making it easier to port apps from both systems, why is everyone convinced WP 10 becoming Android? I do think the two things will go fast to close the app gap. I'll also point out it does not signed like you will be able to run any Android app in WP. The developer will still have to develop an app for the platform, they seem to just be giving developers a way to use their existing code instead of having to start all over. Makes a hell of a lot of sense to me.
  • It's about personal preference, and the hardware that it is on. Some may prefer the Live Tile OS over the icon one since its more customizeable to where you want apps to be shown. Also some Lumia devices have much better cameras than some Android ones. It's just a matter of preference. It also just means that Microsoft has to find another reason to convince people why Windows Phones are the better choice though they'll have the same apps as Android.
  • Answer:  Because these are not Android apps or iOS apps working on a Windows Phone, they are Android and iOS apps RECODED FOR Windows 10.  And they will not only work on an iPad or iPhone or Android Phone or Tablet, they will work on ALL my Windows 10 devices, Desktop, Laptop, Convertable, Tablet, Phablet, Phone, Xbox, Hololens, etc.  Why would I want an Android phone that I'm limited to using the Android app on only my tablet or phone?  ThInk about it.  What this does is allow app developers to simply take the apps they developed for Android or iOS, and with a few minor adjustments, port them to Windows 10.  Also, with Windows 10 increasing its market share (for all Win 10 devices = numbers could be in the BILLIONS), why wouldn't a developer use this capability to add his app to a market share like that.  They would be STUPID to pass that up!  I think this is exciting news for the Windows platform!  Truely NO MORE APP GAP!!
  • Yes! Exactly! I think Microsoft should rent a stadium and bring down Steve Ballmer on the stage. Windows Phone developers can join him in the audience. Ballmer: "Developers, developers, DEVELOPERS! Android Developers, become Windows Phone DEVELOPERS! DEVELOPERS, DEVELOPERS, DEVELOPERS!" ... Or something like that.
  • @NOLA - I think its good for platform but if all my favorite apps are android and I want that S6 instead of the Lumia it just makes it easier for me to have the S6 and expect the same experience on my Windows PC doubt this will make ppl come to Windows Phone...however this will keep a lot of users from leaving...its SAFE...
  • You just can't run full version of pc apps on android or ios ..did you saw d keynote fully with windows your windows phone device can work like a real pc with just a help of hdmi cable!!!
  • Can Android run iOS apps? Think about that.
  • Universal apps, integration with Pc-Xbox, better cameras... And believe me, android does lag.
  • What did it EVER offer that Android doesn't, aside from its unique home screen and pivot UX?  App wise, the answer is NOTHING.
  • 1st of all, windows phn is NOT dead in any shape or form. 2nd, the reason my entire family switched to windows phns were: A) We do NOT want to be spied on by Google on our Android devices, by those so call FREE software they offer that is ANYTHING but free. B) our Nokia 1520 and 1020 is still by far better than MANY Android and iJUNK phns out there to date. C) Our windows phns offer many dedicated apps that we love and enjoy with GREAT Cameras that you still can NOT find on ANY phns out there. D) we will support Microsoft till we are alive, due to the fact that they help many charities and foundations to find cure, unlike CrApple that ONLY helps Gay organization and NOTHING else, or Google that does not give a crap about people's privacy, as long as they can sell you privet info for CA$H $$$$$................ 3rd, the more Media iSHEEP hype CrApple extremely overrated GAY iJUNK the more we will go towards Windows/Microsoft. the more we hear Google is doing its evil things(like EVIL CrApple), the more we will use and buy Microsoft prods. We will NOT support CrApple or Google. 4th, Windows 10 is an amazing OS and will just get better and better as time goes on, along with Cortana. Any decision MS makes regarding its apps, or anything else, we will 100% support.       
  • Besides ported Android apps I can think of at least two other reasons:
    This Oh and this
  • full integration with Windows PC, dammit!
  • Because at the low price range WPs are always a better choice. And I mean low, so please don't try to mention Motorola to me, which is just one phone anyway. Security is better, that's also a plus. I want a phone that can't be hacked, that rules out Android and iOS right there.
  • How's this for a reason? The Google business model sucks, they try to pass themselves off as a tech company when all they really are is a glorified ad agency. Don't believe me, then why was 86% of their revenue last year from ads? On top of that, an unkown, they don't break it out, amount from selling users data.
  • Q: "What does a Windows phone 10 device offer you that you can't get on Android?" A: Mobile Xbox gaming.
  • Ummm, you can now use it as your PC❗
  • WP will be an natural extension of win10. If you are a win10 user for pc or tablet or anything. It makes A LOT of sense to use wp since your investment in apps, services etc will be free on wp (provided those are universal apps, services etc)
  • WP will be a natural extension of win10. If you are a win10 user for pc or tablet or anything. It makes A LOT of sense to use wp since your investment in apps, services etc will be free on wp (provided those are universal apps, services etc). So, why should you think a wp user should switch to andoid
  • Price Privacy Updates for your device (lower fragmentation) Integration with your MS services I personally dont find the need to pay the "extra" for an iPhone when WP works for me, and I hate most Androids with a passion. I am ROMing a Samsung Note 4 and Sumsung Galazy S4 I have at the moment as Samsung put cr*p all over their devices and its a mess. So plenty of reasons. The only reason WP is a put to many is the weird tiles, with weird transparency that looks "alien" when people just want a full screen background with rows of icons (fixed with Win 10) and APPS Its really that simple. Whether this strategy works or not remains to be seen, but its not a negative thing to do. Chicken and egg for MS, this is what they have to try now - as their Univeral only approach wasn't working.
  • Continuum?
  • @DJCBS: plugging a phone into a docking/monitor&keyboard and let continuum transform it to almost a PC, having all those Android apps running in a secured sandbox, having your applications and data (aka experience) roam seamlessly across devices, easy integration with HoloLens apps, ability to integrate well into the corporate/business world. Time will tell if will work as advertised, but you cant argue with their vision. Stay tuned, nothing stays the same forever, never know how the industry will be in 5 years
  • Exactly❗ Something has to give... Windows will eventually have more than IOS, and Android combined...
  • Congrats on winning the dumb comment award. Wp is much better off then blackberry and that should be obvious to anyone.
  • Really? Because last time I checked, BlackBerry had stabelized their market share (even though it's at 0.4% now) but WP dropped from 3.3% to 2.7%. Which means WP's path is going down, instead of up. Are you still sure WP is that different from BlackBerry? BB was once a big OS. But the point here is: the mobile market has pretty much settled this already. There are only two viable platforms. Android and iOS. Much like the PC market established there's only two platforms with viability - Windows and OSX. On the mobile market, WP is like the Linux in PCs. They have a very residual existence and live on the enthusiasm of a minority. Do you expect Microsoft to sustain a niche OS for much longer?
  • Except there aren't over 1 Billion Linux pc's being bought and sold or even in use. Windows 10 is a game changer and will bring along with it new terms and methods that have never existed before. And that's without even scratching the surface of porting win32 apps which is the largest app base in the world. Also what BB did was totally diferent. BB can use native APK files while on WIndows they have to be ported over programatically. That is a much better solution that eliminates the biggest hurdle for WP apps, resources. Everytime a company decidess not to make a WP app they do it because the cost to have programmers waste 2 months to 1-2 years on an app didn't justify the benefit for such a small base. But when you can port your already created and successfull Android/iOS app to Windows in under 1 month and target 1 Billion devices. The decision to support WIndows becomes that much clearer. Again this is a new catagory/arena/area that no other company has been in before so none of the Mac OSX/PC and Android/BB and Android/iOS and other comparisons work.
  • @DJCBS - with today's announcements, you really need to stop evaluating at it solely as a mobile OS. Yes, your arguments during wp8.1 were pretty good many times and as a keen wp enthusiast even I will admit that wp in its current avatar is dead. Continuum has rendered the concept of standalone mobile OS and its apps totally obsolete.
  • Well this seems short sighted of you: before iOS, the mobile market was settled also: RIM, Pocket PC, Symbian, PalmOS. So there's that.
  • DJCBS - You're facts hold good for the current scenario across the Windows landscape. Yes, MS apps are unfortunately better on competing platforms but that's only for the current iteration. Once Windows 10 becomes mainstream, most of the facts about other platforms having more or better services will be redundant as Microsoft is courting developers of all kinds to leverage existing skills and develop for Windows in Windows. And Windows 10 shares the same API calls with all of its SKUs so yeah, if one goes by what was demoed in the keynote, the future does look bright. For once, I have a feeling that this will not be a hogwash like how previous released claimed to be.
  • No, it isn't. 
  • WP is not "dead". It just started growing
  • Your example is off. BlackBerry attempted to allow android apps to be directly purchased and run. This allows developers to quickly and easily recompile their code so that it will run on WP with a few tweaks. If you had read and understood what the article is saying, it's far from an admission of guilt, it's more like taking away excuses for developers.
  • I understood what it does. It gives developers more work than BlackBerry did actually. Developers will have to recompile their code (even if the tools given do it for them). Why would a developer bother to do so? And why would anyone use an Android/iOS designed app on a WP...if they can just use it on the "real" Android/iOS devices. What does WP offer the user that Android/iOS doesn't. That's the question. Which remains unasnwered. I understand Microsoft is trying to put WP closer to Android. It's the best way for people to accept it more easily. But WHY would anyone pick up an Android-lookalike if they can choose from the far greater offer of true Android-devices.   (Note that I'm only talking about WP since the beggining. I can see the added value of these tools when it comes to the PC and even tablets. But not for Microsoft's phones).
  • The question is, what does Android offer mkre than Windows?
  • Well, apart from all the Google services (and the vast Play Store), true customization, more settings, freedom to do whatever you want with the OS. Basically if offers you all that Windows ON A PC offers you (but not WP because "reasons"). Oh it also offers you a bunch of different hardware for you to chose from from a bunch of different OEMs. Again much like Windows ON PCs.
  • It also offers you viruses and trojans, and unreliable experience and a slower experience. And even with all the customization in the world it always looks much worse than WP.
  • 1 - Google is now also approving the apps on the Google Play Store. Just like Microsoft and Apple. 2 - Don't repeat the bullcr*p you hear. Do yourself a favour and spend some time reading these articles:
  • Die.
  • Wow you win the award for the worst comment yet
  • You have not used an android. Viruses are not at all common. Maybe a cheapo chinese phone will be unreliable, but my Moto G is fine. And looks are a matter of opinion.
  • How about continuum, that can turn your WP into a PC. How about MS Edge the most advanced universal browser, how about universal Office apps. How about ID@Xbox, the universal Xbox developer program. I've been with this platform since 2008. Windows Mobile. If you don't like the Universal vision MS has because you are soooooo butt hurt over Nokia. Boo fucking hoo. You sir can literally go to hell!!!!!!!!!
  • You have a point in regards to WP, but since these tools create universal apps your point falls short.  While a developer may not take the time to recompile their code from Android/iOS to WP, they may very well take the time to recompile their code to a universal app that targets Windows desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, IoT devices, and Xbox One.  Actually, those devices combined probably vastly outnumber iOS devices.
  • Well, in the keynote Terry Myerson stated something like 1 billion devices running W10 compared to 100 million devices running Android. As a developer I know which one I would rather target ;-)
  • Notice what he actually said. He said "100 million running KITKAT". KitKat is Android 4.4. There are versions of Android before that and after that. It's like saying "10 million Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1" devices. Android itself is on over 1 billion devices. And they want to TRY and get 1 billion devices on W10. That's the goal, not the reality, obviously. It requires people to actually willingly update their PCs from Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 to W10.
  • Hey Man don't be fool as you are always.. Do you want to know why developer will bother to recompile their code? Because they are not just targeting all those 70 Million Windows Phones there, they are targeting Billions of Desktop PC / Laptops / Phones all over world.. Who doesn't want to have that much user Share..
  • "And why would anyone use an Android/iOS designed app on a WP...if they can just use it on the "real" Android/iOS devices."   Because Billion devices. Microsoft have made it such that the developers have the incentive of reaching out to another billion devices anyway. So they will have to recompile for that anyway. And with the universal app strategy, it is very likely the app will be published to the phone store as well.
  • Actually the BB Android porting wasn't as cut and dry than they led everyone to believe.  I had 3 Android games I tried to port to BB and none of them worked right.  It took a lot more fussing than u think.  Not many Android games made the move.  BB tried to fix their VM and did make some improvements, but by then BB had fallen into the < 1% marketshare and still demanded a $100 developer license.  The devs just didn't bother after that.   People still seem to think that BB's offered universal Android support with no issues.  That definitely wasn't the case.   I'm hoping the Win10 method will be less painful.
  • The "reason" is that instead of the cost of ground up developing an app for WP in C# and XAML for eg, they can just re-use most of what they already have. PLUS unlike Blackberry, access all the native phone features, and the native store. For mininal dev effort (presuming it is minimal) you get a way better experience than Blackberry, where banking apps won't run for example. I answered above, plenty of reasons. The same reasons why i have a WP as my primary, even though I've had all the other phones and can have any  phone I want. I chose WP, its simply the highest quality, most reliable and most integrated with the services I use. As I am sure it will be for many other people. That is why.    
  • Dude, we won't be running .apk's on WP. What they meant is that we will be able to use the same code. It's not android. Take a chill.
  • See my answers above for further clarification ;)   (PS - I'm pretty chill...I have absolutely no problems with much that my daily driver IS an Android device lol)
  • Didn't you just notice.? People don't give a damn. As long as the apps are there. They don't care if it is a port. Only techies will know. As long as it works smoothly and runs efficiently. It is a win. So quit your whining.. Because clearly.. Android is going to be loosing some market share with this on the table.
  • lol you keep believing that
  • Candy Crush was a port this whole time.  Nobody was the wiser.  What makes you think other games will be different?
  • I like Satya's comment at the beginning.  People will move from having to use windows to wanting to use windows to loving to use windows.  For the vast majority of people, they still "have" to in some form or fashion.  The biggest component to making any of this work is going to be MS's marketing.  All of this info we're hearing today is for us geeks...and penetrating the masses to want or love their product is not something MS has mastered. Skip forward 6-12 months.  Let's say literally every app someone could want is on Win10 for phone, the local mobile carrier's sales kids have decided not to be Apple or Google fanboys/girls.  Now, what is going to be the reason someone chooses an iphone, an android or a win10 phone?  Most people are going to pick what they already have been using and you can just dismiss this group.  But there will be a small number looking for a change or maybe for their first smartphone.  Now say it with, marketing, marketing.  Furthermore, if you get someone to win10, you keep them through great marketing, not giving them a reason to leave and services tied to the platform.  MS has done none of these 3 to date.
  • Ah, c'mon chaps. Show some optimism. You're all killing me.
  • This may make it easier for app porting but what is compelling devs to actually bother? Candy crush had been operating for a while now. That's proof the kit works - now there has to be a conscious decision to port - companies like snap chat may not. Then this is for naught. This isn't about optimism or pessimism but objective fact. This initiative makes it easy to port but companies have a choice. Those banks chose not to waste time and money on WP. Same with snap chat. Or Facebook. Or instagram. Or whomever.
  • Yeah it really doesn't make much of a difference when developers already don't want to bring their apps to WP, like those banks that removed their apps, it may be easier to port now but they were already here without porting and then left, its the same thing as before "Developers Choice"
  • But it is different investment to continually support platform -specific code (that itself usually takes anywhere between 1-6 months to write), that one that is ported over in under a week. But, once again depends on how well this works (will Android-like background services be supported for example?). I do get the point of lack of differentiation on Windows though (although that phone+display+keyboard was kind of cool).
  • "This initiative makes it easy to port but companies have a choice" So how exactly is this up for discussion as a potential problem?  Why is it even being DEBATED? Having more incentive to port apps is better than less incentive.  If nobody takes advantage of the tools, then we're in the same situation as before, so nothing changes.  No news to report. If people take advantage of it, the end user gets more app choice.  It's either a win, or nothing happens.  As far as the end user is concerned, there is no 'lose'.  
  • Compelling because 1 billion potential Windows customers vs. 40 million WP potential customers
  • Will have to see how well it works once I get my hands on it, but I prefer (the potential in) this approach to straight up running apks; allows for native integration, like replacing some of Google Play -services with Windows ones.
  • Oh please go away. I was dubious about Android apps for Windows, but the announcements made here today are just amazing. All these announcements will make Windows tablets, desktops and phones the most feature rich and app heavy option for everyone. Have you heard people complaining about having Candy Crush on their phones? Nobody had any idea it was an iOS port. Opportunities like that to get new games and apps onto Windows are immense. Take your negativity to the Android forums, because these announcements by MS will be making lots of people switch from Android to Windows.
  • "people switch from Android to Windows." I dont think so, you cant take youre paid apps, books, movies, mags, music, gaming services, G-apps, wear, Chromecast to WP...
  • But you can re-login to the WP port using the same credentials as on Android and get all your paid stuff back.
  • Hummmmm. Where has this been confirmed❓
  • That will certainly be possible and should be the case for most apps as it'll be running of virtually the same code, but it will be up to the developer to ensure it happens. There will be some apps that may store things locally or have device specific code to prevent piracy. On the whole though I expect to see your settings and content on most ports as most devs store things in the cloud.
  • Based on what I just saw, Microsoft is basically allowing users to bring in their android projects in bulk and compile them in visual studio to create a W10 binary that would run in a protected memory space. It is NOT just running an android app in windows. My guess is that they are only allowing developers to bring in their code. Blackberry was a very different beast which required users to sideload things....something most users are not capable of doing. This announcement ofrom Microsoft takes away that ghastly tech mumbo jumble that a user may have to deal with just so they can have a few apps. What is more is that Blackberry did not really update the compatibility with newer apps, while Microsoft has shown the dedication and has the resources to put behind such dedication. As far as admission of failure, I think that is pretty evident overall in the body language of Microsoft as a whole. The declaration of the above feature would make it no more apparent than their continuous references to IOS and android throughout the keynote. Microsoft is moving on, they are learning from their mistakes and they are boldly admitting it while announcing a solution at the same time. I am not sure what else can be expected of them. As for Google's response, the worst they can do is add/change their APIs, in which case, microsoft can still release an update for Visual Studio which will allow for the calls to Google's API into calls to Microsoft API. Personally, I am just sad there were no Windows Phone hardware announcements at all. I hope they are yet to come over the duration of the coming week.
  • Android is open I highly doubt it
  • But Google framework, services and apps aren't...
  • We'll just have to wait and see... Right❓
  • I wouldn't bother with these wc/wp fan boys. They'll take anything MS gives them up the a**! I'm sure the real smartphone users were the culprit of some great features found on wp8.1 like notification centre.
  • Its huge, this makes Windows Phone and WIndows 10 the most popular platform of all, since big devs like Facebook which fix hundreds of security issues every month only have to code once for Android or iOS and by using MS tools they can port it to WP without writing one line of .NET code, this is going to change WP and Windows 10 touch apps future forever.
  • @DJCBS Can't we just appreciate what Microsoft is doing for its little mobile user base? They could have easily abandoned WP because its not profitable but they are not. They are making it possible to add apps to the Store in every way imaginable! Universal Apps, Web apps, Android/iOS ported apps! And did you notice the thing about 'porting' and 'recompilation' of the Android/iOS apps? They will be Windows apps, available via the Windows Store. So that is a huge difference compared to BlackBerry's approach. Also, these apps will be tailored to run on W10. It wont be a raw APK running on Android Runtime. Also, what else do you expect them to do other than accept defeat? Just imagine if they market this app-porting capabilty well, people will be drawn to it because they'll 'potentially' have apps from all OSes on their phones.
  • I hope this will boost Win10 phones sales and growth of the platform. 
  • It should❗ But, marketing is still critical.
  • This!. Its not the first time MS has made some great announcements but it will be last time if they dont market the shit outta this. People need to know that they are investing in a great platform and not just a tool which will get their work done. They need to educate both devs and masses alike. Launch products all over the world instead of banking on senseless telemetry data and have competing price points like how erstwhile Nokia D&S had. Creating a good platform is one thing. Ensuring that users make the most out of it is totally a different ball game.
  • I'm definitely on the "pro this move" side. The number 1 issue that people have always had with WP is the app gap. Of course this doesn't mean that every iOS and Android app will be coming to the platform. Of course some companies will snub us. However, with the extremely low barrier to entry being put into place, many developers will just go, "This may not be the core of our monetization strategy, but with the low cost of entry we could certainly pad our bottom line with WP."
  • Android users won't jump ship after reading this. There's no reason for them to leave Android and come to Windows Phone.
    However, for the Windows Phone fans, this is a pretty good news.
  • Studies said Android users are not as loyal as IOS ones, so they might in the future, presuming everything turns up right
  • Not all of them. But most Android users will have atleast one desktop/laptop PC running Windows which will in the most likelihood be upgraded to Windows 10. So having seen these announcements they might at least want to try a companion Windows device like say a phone, for some Continuum goodness :)
  • Now we can have much more apps ...BUT they'll still need to update them. And I don't think developers 'll be willing to update windows apps.
  • SMDH? Suck my dick hard?
  • STFU. Shut the f-ck up.
  • Great news
  • And iOS - I was very pleasantly surprised when he revealed it's how Candy Crush was brought to Windows Phone.
  • Yes. iOS was the surprise of the decade... Wow❗
  • True that! I think its about time that I re-install that damn game... Just to check on how well it works, once again. XD
  • Haha... Me too.
  • Really happy that there wont be any stupid Google play store in WP!
  • Me too!
  • Now can hang on little longer till we see what Nokia has up its sleeve in 2016. 
  • they have other plans than phones, dude
  • I wonder is this means W10 apps now support OpenGL ES.
  • I think they said that they do.
  • I dont know much about this but once they import the code into VS, DirectX runtimes will be automatically added before its repackaged as an appx
  • So they are using ANGLE or similar?
  • True, but still needing more details: Objective C compiler is one thing, but IOS API mapping? Manual or "subsystem" as for Android? Maybe upcoming session
  • This is great
  • I really think making it easier for developers to create WP versions of their Android apps is the better option than to let WP run Android apps. That's something to learn from the fall of BlackBerry.
  • Yeah, I'm so pleased to read this.
  • +1020
  • I agree. Best way forward
  • And just like I predicted yesterday lol ... People crying about VMs loool
    EDIT:  Mentioned this months ago :S
  • great move..way to go MS :-)