Microsoft is making it easy to convert Chrome extensions for Edge

Microsoft has quietly slipped into the Windows Store a new tool for developers: the Microsoft Edge Extension Toolkit. It provides a quick way for developers to convert their Chrome extensions (opens in new tab) so they will work with the Edge browser.

Microsoft Edge now supports third-party extensions, thanks to the Window 10 Anniversary Update. Windowsblogitalia reports that it found the listing in the Windows Store:

This toolkit allows developers to convert a Chrome extension to run on Microsoft Edge in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (14393.10) edition. The tool creates the necessary JSON manifest entries and bridges the chrome. APIs to the browser.APIs supported on Microsoft Edge, polyfiling where necessary.

The toolkit allows developers to see all of the files and folders in its Chrome extension. They can see the changes that need to be made so it can work on Edge as well. The arrival of the tool — thus far unannounced — opens the gates to what could become a flood of Chrome extensions arriving for Edge.

  • It's raining extensions!!!
  • (smile)
  • let's hope so. :)
  • I hope so already...
  • And converters!
  • Like it was raining apps for W10M?
  • cool!
  • Nadella is playing game very technically with brain....
  • Yeah! Proud of him
  • It seems like msft is taking it all serious, routing all the directions leaving no more choices.
  • Great tools and should launch it earlier and save my days
  • Firebug please
  • The sooner they get extensions on mobile, the more compelling W10M will be.
  • yep
  • Do other Mobile browsers offer extension support? I've never looked into this, so I really don't know. Not trying to be an @$$.
  • Yeah me too wonder about that actually. Let me know if you had any info plz
  • Samsung has content blocking plugins in their browser too. So does opera and some other browsers. Only chrome mobile doesn't so far.
  • Just Firefox, on Android
  • iOS has content blocker which enables developers to make ad blocking apps for Safari.
  • I think Dolphin on Android has extensions too.
  • Yes. Firefox, Dolphin, AdBlock Browser, Ghostery Browser, RSBrowser, Safari, etc just to name a few! Windows is a place where its severely lacking #TeamLumia 950 XL
  • opera mini in windows phone has built in ad blocker
  • bring them! I'm on the verge of moving over to Edge but it's still in need of polish a some crucial functionality.  One thing I really really liked as I was testing it, is a tab in the Developer tools that reads "Changes" - this is just such a smart addition. I am always poking around my websites-in-development and tweaking css in Chrome's developer tools, but I have to copy over each change I make in a text document somewhere else so that, when I move to a new DOM element I don't lose track of all the little edits I make. With edge, I can do a huge run through a dozen elements and update colors and sizing and such and then just click on my 'changes' and copy the whole bunch to integrate with the site's actual css file.  Very smart! 
  • Wonderful... but... Unless they release Edge for macOS, iOS and Android, they're just blowin' in the wind...    
  • Why? Windows 10 has some 300 million users.
  • Why do you think?
  • That's not an argument. Please make one.
  • No argument here... just facts -- feel free to present an argument (if you can)...
  • MacOS usage is low as hell viewing the whole PC market. iOS also isn't that high (although higher than MacOS usage), so the only platform is android. But Edge should remain Windows first at least :D
  • Discussion is reagarding Edge cross-platform compatibility, no OS market shares.  Thanks though for stopping by ;-)
  • But why would MS take the effort to make Edge available for a platform that only a few people use? :D (I'm talking about MacOS :P )
  • Like Windows Mobile, you mean?
  • Nope, because it's not a separate platform, it's part of the Windows 10 ecosystem, and basically Windows 10, just with a phone UI. That's the whole point of UWP ;) So nice try, but not good enough :D
  • By "discussion" you mean where you stated an opinion as fact and refused to put in the effort to elaborate why you believe what you believe, even when asked directly to explain?
  • Possibly what he meant (I can't say for certain), but it would be nice to have one browser for all my devices.  I used Edge on my desktop and Surface, but ever since getting a Nexus I have somewhat missed the interconnectivity betwene my phone and computers that I had back in the Windows 8.1/WP8.1 days.  Using Chrome on my phone, since it is there, makes it more probable that I could switch to Chrome as my daily browser in the future on my computer/Surface.  Having Edge also on my phone that I could sign into and effectively use as my mobile extension of my computers would make such a switch far less probable for me.
  • Exactly... ;-)
  • ********
    TL;DR version: I agree with the point that someone else (xPutNameHerex) made on your behalf. It would be amazing if Edge goes cross platform when its ready. But how the f*** did you get on that when the article is about converting extensions, and why couldn't you say it yourself?!
    ******** Full response: I appreciate xPutNameHerex responding on your behalf and explaining what you apparently meant, however... I still don't understand how the lack of Edge on other platforms has anything to do with the effectiveness or proliferation of extensions on Edge on Windows. I understood your initial statement to mean that you felt Microsoft making it easy to convert extensions is all well and good, but until Edge exists elsewhere other than Windows, those extensions mean nothing. Is that right? I use extensions on Firefox all the time. I do not use Firefox on my Windows phone or my Android phone. So are my extensions in Firefox also "just blowin in the wind"? I think they are just as useful as they've always been. I still use Firefox and Edge even if they aren't both on my mobile. Context is hugely important in conversation... It doesn't make any sense to me how you got to cross-platform sync, from browser extension conversions.
  • And then later some people here complaint why MS make app for competing OS, bla bla this, bla bla that.. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They don't complete when they make the app, they complain when other platforms are more frequently updated -- MS goes where the money is ;-)
  • ​Have to agree with this.  Tons of windows users so of course Edge isn't in danger.  But why wouldn't MS want the millions of android/ios users?  The vast majority of their other strategies embrace android/ios.  OneDrive, Office, onenote, skype, etc etc have apps on android/ios, which in some cases are arguably better on the non MS platforms.  I don't see MS playing Edge as an exclusive feature to entice users to buy windows, that just doesn't make sense based on their strategy, and most likely not many would switch.  If anything not having Edge on android/ios hurts the desktop market because consumers who want to sync bookmarks, tabs, passwords but have an android/ios phone cannot  use Edge.  These users are forced to use an alternative browser such as chrome which has a windows desktop and android/ios prescense just to sync.  I'm definitely a die hard windows user, I love my surface pro 4 and all my desktops at home and work.  But I use an android phone because certain things on it are necessary to run my business and I don't have the choice of using windows mobile.  But I always feel like a fool when I go to browse the internet on my android phone, yet cannot sync or access any of my bookmarks/tabs, etc.    
  • Why browse from a phone? Thats stupid. That thing is for calling and texting. You gonna let your business rely on a phone?
  • Dick S O-Rosary, You know perfectly well that people use smartphones for more than calling and texting :/ come on now
  • This response makes sense. It is well thought out and explained. benjimen, read this post and see how easy it is to explain yourself. I expect no less from you going forward.
  • so, u basically want this too to be availabel on other platforms like lot of apps of MS are availbel on those platforms !! 
    & mobility of expierence !!  if a android user see a website on win 10 in edge, he can see the same website (from history) on his android phone !!  its not always that u remember the website or know the complete link........
    if this is what u thought, then i can understand your point !! 
  • Double post
  • Totally irrelevant comment but has the windowscentral logo changed O.O it looks like the tilted windows logo has a shadow behind it? or it changed a while ago and I noticed it right now lol :P 
  • This seems like a great tool considering the current selection is rather thin.
  • Want to get rid of Hangouts at work place but no chance, everyone use Gmail id's to chat.... Without running Chrome in the background no chance Hangouts run on PC....
  • You can use hangouts from
  • You can use hangouts website in the browser Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You can use Hangouts, not only in the browser at the website provided above BUT when you're in Gmail on Browser as well! #TeamLumia 950 XL
  • That's Microsoft problem, they're doing things quietly! They need to turn the volume up and let both the tech world and consumers know what they're doing!
  • Now this could really help speed up the process of extensions. Now work on edge crashing and speed issues then it will help move me over from chrome
  • This is great!
  • How is this Microsoft vs. Google?
  • XKit for Edge when
  • Edge on Windows 10 1607 is Amazing
  • Lumia 950 now $298 direct from AT&T!
  • Oh, yea I saw that price cut. It's a sweet deal. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Are there any plans for us being able to run simple javascript extensions not from the Windows store?  There's really only one script I am truly interested in (a UI overlay for the chat room of a site I frequent, effectively) that I miss from Firefox/Chrome.  It's not going to end up on the Windows store (simply not worth for whomever made for the incredible niche auidence it is intended for, probably no more than a dozen or so people), but I would really like to use it in Edge now that extension support is here.
  • If you're talking about something like Greasemonkey, that's an absolute must for me.
  • There is an option to load an extension from disk, if that's what you mean.
  • Nice, now if only they'll fix the seriously frustrating bug of Edge randomly hanging when you try to copy text from its URL bar. Seems to happen across UWP apps at random times, including the Windows Central app. Any suggestions for a fix besides system reset?
  • I have a question,.. since Edge is a universal browser/app running on pc/mobile & HoloLens. is it possible to install extensions on the HoloLens? or do the devs need to make changes to make that happen?
  • That's a really interesting question. I'd also like to know the answer ;) But since Edge is a 2D app on HoloLens, I think it should ruin out of the box, if it's not disabled due to hardware limitations.
  • Great, nice thinking Edge Developers
  • I want to begin to use Edge as my regular browser but extension support is desperately required.  Besides I still don't have my Anniversary update and it's almost three days later ?
  • Really? Were you in a preview ring? Is there any step to take before getting the update in this rings? My friend just got his update and it showed up as "Feature update for Windows 10 version 1607". Have you seen anything like that?
  • No Feature Update for Windows10 version 1607 (6) days later from official release.
  • This is the beginning of Microsoft after onecore. Google and apple are about to be left standing.
  • I hope to see these come to Edge: Pushbullet, Bitly, Stylish, Copy All Urls, No more duplicated tabs, X-notifier.
  • thanks for the suggestions...
  • Good... Game changing soon... Hopefully...
  • Like W10M changed the game or better?
  • I used this today to convert a professor's Chrome extension. Took about 10 minutes to do. Works well. I suggest you find a chrome extension on Github and try it. Now that I have it converted I just am trying to figure out how to *publish* it and sideload it--any ideas?
  • Extensions were announced 2 years ago and now we have what.. 10 or less? (Useless and crappy ones)
  • Postman please. 
  • I'm waiting for this moment when I could publish my ported Chrome extension to the Store :) When Microsoft will release this tool?