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Microsoft: Windows Phone 8 will run all your old Windows Phone 7 apps

In response to circulating rumors regarding Windows Phone 8's lack of application backwards compatibility, Microsoft's Brandon Watson -- Director of Developer Experience -- confirmed today that the upcoming OS revision will run older Windows Phone 7 applications. Yep, that means Sally's Salon (opens in new tab) will port over just fine.

But from a technical perspective, how existing apps will work unmodified is fuzzy. For example, if the new resolution rumors pan out, should we expect some sort of zooming functionality akin to Apple's iPad (running iPhone applications)? And what about those awesome premium apps (e.g. Youtube, Tango, Navigon) with native hooks into the underlying OS? We presume everyone using native code is on Windows Phone for the long haul, but it's worth asking.

Anyway, stay tuned. We expect both Windows Phone "Tango" and "Apollo" to be detailed at Mobile World Congress next month. Rest assured we'll have feet -- at least Daniel Rubino's -- on the ground providing updates.

Source: WinSuperSite

  • Instagram incoming for wp8? Hopefully sooner :D
  • Hmm maybe they'll talk about those top 25 apps there going to be bring to windows phone at MWC ^_^ here's to hoping :P
  • Same! Wish I could go to Barca, but I went twice last year and mwc timings are terrible!
  • I can wait to for MWC. I wanna here some new OS news :-)
  • ^This.
  • Sweet! ;)
  • Will the updates come to the phone I have lumia 800 or do I have to buy new phone
  • No word on that yet according to Paul Thurrott.
  • the thread was about wp7 apps on windows 8 phones and the premise of the article was that wp8 will indeed be able to run all wp apps!  at present all phones are able to update to tango and apollo!  It should continue to be that way!
  • "at present all phones are able to update to tango and apollo!..." but WP8 comes after that and MS have not stated what the hardware reqs are for WP8. So while WP8 will be able to run current apps, the current hardware will probably NOT run WP8. Until we know officially I would assume that it won't rather than assume it will.
  • No, Apollo = WP8.
  • Blamer had said at that win 7 machines will be more than compatible with the upcoming win8. He also had said that "current" WP7.5 devices would be compatible with the upcoming WP8. I would think that perhaps that the new second gen devices would be compatible. otherwise it would have a major impact on sales currently and MS isn't going to do that now that they have a device maker as a partner.
  • Apollo and WP8 are the sane thing!
  • I stand corrected...
  • Do we have any word on Tango for first generation hardware?
  • I thought Tango was targeted at emmerging markets and Apollo was the next version for the rest of us...?
  • That could be changing.  Based on information that has been leaked, one could surmize that Microsoft is increasing the update of Tango to include more than simply additional languages and lower device specs for those "emerging markets."
  • My prediction (just a guess): Current Windows Phones will get a Tango 1 and Tango 2 update with many of the features in Windows Phone 8. Next gen Windows Phones (HD screens/Dual cores) will ship with Windows Phone 8  Apollo installed.   480p single-core 512MB RAM is standard for WP7 apps. 720p dual-core 1GB RAM becomes standard for WP8-required apps.  
    Most new apps will still run on all Windows Phones, but like iOS some of the new WP8 apps will say "requires WP8." This may include certain games that push the hardware beyond what current-gen Windows Phones are capable of.
  • Dazz there was an article yesterday talking about that.
  • I can't find such article/news ... can you link it to me ?
    I can't find anything speaking about Apollo on Lumia 800 ...
  • Yes sir
  • I hope this updates brings a landscape mode in the ui
  • I think you may have misinterpreted this. The way I read it is that every Windows 8 app built now will work on the next major Windows Phone release.
  • Yeah because that makes sense. Not. :)
  • It actually does. Take a look at a Metro app that's snapped to the side as a sidebar. What does it look like? A Windows Phone app. ;)
  • That's not the way I read it.  Current Windows Phone 7 apps can be ported to Windows Phone 8.  What would be required to do so, is yet TBD.
  • If they have to be ported, then I think that's a pretty major fail for Microsoft. They need to keep Windows Phone backwards compatible for several major iterations.
  • As long as I get WP8 on my Titan it's all fine :)
  • I think this should go without saying... Having two revisions a few years apart BOTH lacking backwards compatibility is something only apple would do.
  • What? What a crazy comment. All of Apple's devices are supported for 3 years from launch. Certain features might be omitted for older phones but the bulk of the update is there.
  • Nice. So now they won't have to start from scratch again...
  • Why on earth do people still listen to Eldar?
  • Seems a little soon to be talking about Windows Phone 8 ...?
  • Will the Arrive get Apollo update.
  • no
  • Wait, how do you know? One guy down below asked if his HD7 would get WP8 and the response was yes.
  • I really hope my HTC Titan can be upgraded to Windows 8:S!
  • So wp8 is like made up of something completely different?
  • Made up of something? Do you mean code? Or do you mean ones and zeros? Haha
  • Does all wp7 older device like mine (hd7) will get that wp8 update?
  • Yes
  • I am glad this is the case. Otherwise, I will be surprised.
  • I just checked out mobile-review, is this eldar guy the biggest WANKER on the planet or what ? 
  • It must be good system
  • Will be great to see wp8 on my Nokia lumia 710 (its awesome),mango still is missing lot of features like Bluetooth file transfer, and many more..
  • . . true :)