Microsoft on Windows Phone 'We've massively retrenched' but still focusing on core flagships for fans

Microsoft's predicament in the mobile space for 2015 is no mystery. For years now, in fact, many have been saying Windows Phone is dead and calling for Microsoft just to give up (or even 'go Android'). The problem here is that Windows 10 and its Windows everywhere story relies heavily on having a mobile chapter. What good are Universal Windows Apps if you chop off one of the octopus's legs?

Another unsurprising move is that Microsoft is releasing two new flagships phones this fall for their core audience. Codenamed Cityman and Talkman these phones have the public name of Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL.

In a recent Q&A with Chris Capossela, the Chief Marketing Officer at Microsoft, some details, and a more clearly articulated position was put forth for Windows 10 Mobile. The news here is more about their intentions and commitment rather than any bombastic proclamations. In fact, the sober reality of Microsoft's challenges are fully realized.

On Windows 10 consumer flagships

Capossela was a speaker at the Citi Global Tech Conference in New York this past week, and the full transcript of his question, and answer session has been posted. In regards to mobile, here is what he had to say. Walter Pritchard asks Capossela about their plans for phone, pulling no punches:

"... I think there's still an investor question out there on the phone form factor, where you to some degree retrenched from the market, to some degree left the door open to go back into that market. And I'm wondering if you were to fast-forward three to five years from now, we have you guys on stage, what is your -- what is Microsoft's footprint look like in the phone market? Again, let's call them the standard phone, not a hybrid, not just -- just a plain old phone…what is the Microsoft role in that market three to five years from now?"

Capossela responds:

"Yeah, we've definitely retrenched. I wouldn't say we've modestly, we've massively retrenched. And I think that's appropriate for where we are. For us in the next couple of years we're really going to focus on building phones that obviously showcase Windows 10, but we're going to try to build phones for two audiences."

Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella (Image credit: Windows Central)

Capossela, to his credit, doesn't even say they have pulled back a little, but a lot. These comments reflect the observations of many users of Windows Phone, who have seen a drying up of hardware and less visible approach. However, Capossela goes on to repeat and more clearly articulate what Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in his famous letter to employees:

"We're going to build phones for our Windows fans. If you love Windows 10, if you love your Windows 10 tablet, or Surface, or laptop, we want to have a beautiful phone for you, something you'd be incredibly proud of that's going to have the same experience across your devices, the same apps will run on the phone as run on your Windows 10 laptop or tablet. And it's going to feel incredibly natural. And we really think the Windows fans really want a wonderful Windows Phone that will be a premium flagship phone."

These phones are obviously the yet-unannounced Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. The important point here is that Microsoft recognizes that it is their core audience driving (and sustaining) Windows Phone today. Microsoft's goal is to keep those users happy by giving them a phone that they can be "proud of". Certainly, that is a tall order to fill and how people react to these devices – expected to be announced in October, with an early November release – remains to be seen.

On Windows 10 Mobile for enterprise - Hints of a 'Surface phone'?

It is just not the enthusiast crowd, however, that Microsoft proclaims interest. The other leg for mobile is about their usual bread and butter: enterprise. Capossela turns his attention to this side of their strategy:

"We're also going to build phones for businesses. We know business customers want a very, very secure phone that's incredibly good at calendar management, at e-mail, at productivity, and Skype for Business, et cetera. And so we think those two segments are segments we can focus on and build a much, much better solution and much better business than we have today."

I have reported a few times that an Intel-Microsoft phone collaboration has been in the works now for some time (my sources say from last October). This device is reportedly a metal phone, due in a May 2016 timeframe, and is supposed to feature a next-gen Intel processor. Indeed, the Surface brand has been tossed around as a potential naming scheme, although it remains unclear if this will occur.

Since this enterprise-focused phone is not a consumer flagship, it reasonable to assume the specs will be very good, but not out-of-the-ballpark expensive. Microsoft would likely to make a premium device for companies that can be bought en masse at a reasonable cost. BlackBerry is switching to Android with their Venice slider and still in the game with their recent acquisition of Good Technology. Microsoft is releasing a phone with Continuum and an Intel processor – possibly to run Win32 apps – and it could be a strategic hit.

Microsoft's mobile plans in four years

Capossela ends his remarks about mobile talking about the future:

"Four years from now, it's too hard to predict. I think we have too much to do in front of us right now to get back in the game with the two audiences that we think we can serve incredibly well. And then we'll see how things evolve. Then we'll take it kind of one step at a time. But obviously we want to be in the phone space. We're excited about the phones we're delivering this holiday for those customer segments, but we're just going to have to work and make them huge fans, and see what comes next."

His remarks are sobering. Microsoft is taking a step by step approach in trying to nail these two segments first. If they are successful, they can think of moving on to other categories e.g. niche phones like extreme photography.

The important take away from his comments is Microsoft's restated commitment to mobile. As mentioned earlier, mobile is key to Windows 10, and they cannot just surrender to the satisfaction of critics. However, the second half of that statement is whether Microsoft can deliver on their promise.

All eyes are on October.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Going to give them one last chance!, HD7 ok
    Lumia 710 good
    Huawei W1 good
    Lumia 1020 amazing Waiting............
    (windows 10 app explosion also)
  • Lumia 920 - Brilliant design and rock solid phone. Lumia 930 - Brilliant design and rock solid phone. Lumia 950 - no curved glass, looks like every Samsung phone. Flat screen dropped in a bit of plastic that looks exactly like the $99 phones already available. Sorry, Microsoft is being honest here, so sm I. I love the Surface Pro 3 design, I love the Lumia 920 and 930 designs....I want more of this. Personal taste I know.
  • I personally think 950 and XL look more like surface than those renderings show. I took the rendering and got rid of the odd shadowing and it looks sharp. Paste it into paint, eyedrop the middle and paste it on the edges. It really looks nice.
  • Did you just suggest that we photoshop the phone just so you can prove your point, that the 950 looks like a Surface? You could photoshop any phone and make it look like the Surface. wtf?
  • No, that is not what I am saying at all. What I am saying is that the odd shadowing on the rendering implies that the back is curved like a 5/6 series device (cheap). The side profile of the renderings do not show a curved device. So what I did was simply remove the shadowing to see what it would like without the shadowing. That's all.
  • I don't think he realizes it is an unofficial rendering and not the actual phone.
  • The side does show the curve.
  • To me, it shows a slight taper at the top and bottom and maybe the sides, but not a rounding that the back shots imply. Edit: Cleaned up my mess of a comment. sorry.
  • +1
  • If you did that, why would't you link to where you posted them?
  • On mobile, sorry.
  • perhaps when you aren't on mobile you might consider posting the link because i am having trouble imagining what you are getting at.
  • I would rather not to be honest with you. I am not a professional by any means and the tone of the comments in here would leave me wide open and I'm just not in the mood. I really just wanted to state that I think the renderings of the back and sides are not consistent with each other and if you take out the odd shading on the back, which would then give it flatness, it could be a nice looking handset.
  • Get out of where near the surface looks like it could have been a micromax or cheap Chinese shit (no offense)
  • Post it
  • I don't find those are odd shaddowing of some sort, they're 3D renders so they're accurate as the 3D modeler intended (If it accurately follows the spec dimensions). They're not fully flat slab devices, 950 and 950 XL got a slight taper back or let's say flattish pillow-shaped back similar to Lumia 800. So they're far from Surface design which are completely flat and sharp-edges device. This 950 and 950 XL is more like trying to be Surface but wanting to make it look like Lumia, and unfortunately it didn't all come along very well, the theme is a bit confused. It doesn't follow Surface design and it doesn't follow Fabula design either (Nokia design language since N9 and Lumia 800). Actually I tried to imagine what if the back is completely or almost flat, and I imagine that to be even worse. Rember we have the camera hump at the back and giving it completly flat back makes the humps more pronounced and looks-off from the rest of the phone. The smooth humps doesn't play well with completely flat back, so the current tapered back is much better actually. What really the problem here is how the overall design doesn't comes along together, every element of it seems like an aftertought that just have been slapped together. Example personally I find the speaker design totally horrible the way they look in there. That dotted speaker design makes look like a cheap phone toy at the back rather than making it beautiful minimalistic back. It ruins the looks overall. If they just use the same speaker design of 640 XL and 930 at the back, it will look way better at least the way I see it. The thick chrome camera ring on 950 also looks gaudy. Though that aesthetic is supposed to enhance the looks, but the way they implement it there its really looks off and the end-result is opposite. Its like a unknown generic ODM trying hard to look cool but not. This is like having beautiful spoke wheel but it doesn't mean it will look good on every car. Its only looks great alone but there are alot of times it will look gaudy, unnatural or ugly on certain cars. Lastly the placement of Microsoft logo is really of center at the back vertically. Its a bit on the top rather than dead center of the device. I want to add that having a noticable thick (thick in comparison to other flagships, even from previous Lumia) makes the front of the devices looks like a mid-range at a glance. Though the front isn't look bad, but the bezels though a small thing, plays a big part making the device looks more modern overall.
  • My WP's have been the HD7 - Lumia 800, 920, 930. I wanted the 1020 due to the 41mp camera but got the 920 instead due to the camera bump on the 1020. I do use my phone a lot on a flat surface so camera bumps are an immediate no go. I know it's an option to have a case, but that defeats the object of designing a great looking phone. Shame really as the blue render colour would go so well with my cyan SP3 keyboard and Nokia cyan headphones. I think that blue with the silver keys is an awesome striking look. But the bump, general design and on screen keys just don't entice me away from my beautiful (and still very fast) 930. I do hope for the platform that Microsoft has done their research and these phones sell really well. As for now, I'm keeping my 930 and looking forward to W10 RTM.
  • Can ye share your
  • I love that it has flat glass. I can finally get a tempered screen protector that fits. And I like the replaceable case... so I don't need a big external case to keep it nice. And easily replaceable battery. To me, everything you note as a negative is a very big positive.
  • Exactly, it´s posible to change a broken case and a used batttery, perfect. And these phones are very nice. And the 930 is very sensitive because of the alu frame, just a little drp and it´s finished, like all other metal case phones. I already change one frame - it´s a half phone on cost, because it´s frame and monitor in one.    
  • why would you use a tempered screen protector... just buy the business phone then because every single flagship now doesn't have a removable cover... half the old Nokia's didn't... Why? because you can make them thinner with a better design. Design being a major factor in flagship phones, metal is and always will be associated with high end products. curved glass screens are just accepted as more comfortable and easier to use so its a donkey decision not to do it as every other flagship does. Some people will right off the phone on that alone... And as a side note i know what the 2tomtom is on about... Nokia somehow made the the 800,920,720,1020 look premium with just plastic. But these? not so much, they look like 640s with a silver ring oooooooo.... the good lines are gone, curved glass gone. whats with the god damn speaker on the back? it was established as the worst place for speakers about 6 years ago... From the front with the roundy edges it looks like some generic phone out of china, flat bottom and top just looks cheap. HTC, Samsung, LG, all have nice lines top and bottom, iPhone 5 and Sony Z series get away with flatness because that is the design. Monoliths... that is why the iPhone 6 was "such a boring design", 3 of the only plusses was curved glass and its thin and its still aluminium... 3 things you loose with these 950 designs = cheap looking
  • Haha, you make me not want it. Seriously, your assessment on the speaker location and the 950s no integrate wireless charging could make me not care if it doesn't land on Verizon.
  • I agree. These phones look cheap. Nokia at least made plastic look good Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Microsoft has decided to start out of the gate with Windows Mobile 10 with Nokia leftovers??? Really Microsoft? Where is your Surface group? Microsoft Research? It's like you have no idea who you're competing with.
  • @NIST I agree with you on this. SMH at Microsoft. I'll forgive them if they come out with a good looking beast ala Surface Phone. This 1520 will be staying with me longer.
  • What screen protector do you use?  Because all of the other ones I've used would cause my fingers to drag rather than glide easily.
  • You have to get a glass one. The plastic/rubber ones are no good. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Use nilkin tempered glass...
  • This^^^ uncurved is good
  • It looks nothing like any Samsung phone. Let's not exaggerate.
  • So it's not about the looks?
  • Microsoft, Sony, Apple et al. spend $millions on design, because it's important to gain sales. They take design seriously as does their customers. Now, give me the best and most attractive designed phone with low specs and it's of no interest to me. What these companies realise is consumers want both. Happens this design does not appeal to me. My Lumia 930 is still going strong and with W10 installed next month, it will do everything I need, with a great design and wireless charging. Why would I buy a phone I don't like to replace my 930?
  • I'm pretty sure Apple realizes that consumers want looks, not specs. They make attractive looking overpriced phones with pathetic specs because most consumers don't know/care about specs, their fans defend whatever specs Apple puts in their iPhones, and therefore Apple saves money and makes more profit. I think iPhones look nice, but the lack of specs with a high price makes me hate it, and the fact that it has iOS. If I had to choose, I would take higher specs with a less attractive design. It's not about what's on the outside, but what's on the inside that counts, right?
  • Well said. I can't imagine switching from WP, as I am an all-Windows home and office, and have been for a long time. I likely won't upgrade from my L930 at this point, even though I do like the design, prefer functional / industrial over flashy shiny aluminum. I'm more interested in specs and think the 950 is a good offering, but I'll wait for USB OTG and digital audio out, something dreadfully missing in WP for years. However, although a staunch supporter of MS products and software, I reserve the right to complain when I think they mess up. As customers, we all have that right. Regardless of the fanboys, writers and moderators that quickly fire back with "it's only a preview", " you can rollback", "then switch", etc. At the end of this iteration of W10M and 950, MS still is a long way off. I'm hopeful for the long-term, but MS should improve it's PR and messages. While some haters will always be around, I believe that the poor communication from MS is the cause of the negative forum posts.
  • Sorry to tell you, but you are kind of wrong. If you talk about design. Lumia design is somewhere between 100 to times better then any iphone that came to market. It's all about ecosystem, smothness and apps. While i hate apple cause of allot of good founded reasons these people who invest in this ugly devices loves them. But for sure not cause of it*s designs.
  • It is crazy to say that any Lumia was better designed than the iPhone. They aren't even in the same league. Maybe more durable, but when you hold them both side by side, no one is going to choose the Lumia. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Until reach up to hit the power button and you drop it. Whoops. Or you buy a black one and touch it. Or when you try to get decent signal and block the only non-metal blocked part of the antenna. Or the fact that Apple had to get Foxconn to whip their workers just a little more to meet those design tolerances. Know why the iPhone 4 series broke so easily, and the 5 breaks only a little bit less easier? Because Apple doesn't take in account any sort of structural integrity. They just shove as much crap into as small of a space as possible and damn the consequences. Design isn't just about look and feel. It's about an intellegent use of appropriate materials. It's about designing the outside of the phone for an optimal user experience. Practical and yet beautiful. Nokia did that better than any other company through simple design decisions. That subtle way that the glass folds into the polycarbonate body? That actually creates a stronger arch structure which allows the glass to absorb a little of the stress imparted from the body. They used polycarbonate because it dissaptes heat better than aluminum, is stronger, doesn't block antenna signal, and allows for features like wireless charging (HTC and Apple can never do that with their current designs btw). But, they used polycarbonate beautifully, by making it feel substantial and expensive, even on their glossy plastics. They even rounded the corners along the sides of most of their devices (think 920, 925, 730) so the edges don't dig into your palm.    
  • That is very unsubstantiated claim. Smooth design attracts the eyes, for sure. Specs - they are nothing if not streamlined with platform. Apple saves money on hardware as they can. Their IOS simply works excellent on hardware which would be mediocre of Android. It is undeniable advantage of Apple to be completely integrated hardware with software and then ecosystem. Pricing - that is another story. Apple decided long time ago in 90s as it is exclusive brand and consumers are to pay more. That was strategy of home iMacs and the same follows rest of products. Pricing repels me. Though thinking what I can get as product as whole, maybe worthy.
  • @william spoken like a clueless WP fanboy. look at benchmarks on iPhones. the run just as fast as those 810 CPUs with 3GB ram and reguardless of specs, they run just as smooth as any phone on the market because iOS is highly optimized for the hardware. And the hardware is machined aluminium, curved glass, and high quality, custom parts.  google or bing surface pro 3 vs ipad air 2 benchmarks. yes, the surface was barely/slightly faster all across the board, but not by much. Now with the new A9X being twice as fast, that means the new iPad pro stomps the crap out of the surface pro 3 in every category and will likely be as fast as the surface pro 4. And, they didn't have to wait for intel to release something to get that speed. They made the CPU themselves.  The REASON no one cares about specs when it comes to apple, isn't because they don't care, it's because they know it will run smooth and fast no matter what so they just don't worry about it.   
  • Damn, you know you're a true Apple fanboy when you say the iPad pro is better than the Surface Pro 3. The iPad Pro is literally worse than the Surface Pro 3 in every way, both hardware and software. All you Apple people talk about is benchmarks. You do know that benchmarks are mostly BS, right? Yeah, I'm pretty sure that an Intel Atom chip from the Surface 3 can run iOS 9 very smoothly, because it's a joke of an OS compared to full Windows 10. It's like laughing at me for not being able to lift a 100 lb weight, while you're only lifting 10lbs. Haven't you heard that HTC and Samsung rigged their benchmark scores by altering the performances during the tests? That's why I take all benchmarks with a grain of salt. They give some sort of idea of the performance, but in the end they really don't mean anything. I mean, almost all flagship Android devices kill the iPhones in multi-core benchmarks. Does that mean they're way faster? Not necessarily, since the iPhones only have two cores. It's just not noticeable in real life because iOS is "optimized." I like to consider it as lifting lighter weights. I would be very suprised if the iPhone lagged while navigating the home screen, considering everything is pretty static, unlike Android's widgets and Windows Phones' live tiles. Besides, the older iPhones will lag when new versions of iOS are released. Why? Because the specs are so pathetic that they're far from "future-proof" as Apple liked to claim in their release of the 5s with a 64-bit processor. No smartphone in 2014 with 1GB of RAM can be considered "future-proof." That's just some BS Apple likes to say, as usual. Apparently you always take their word for it when they say stuff like "2X faster, desktop class, 90% faster GPU" and some other BS. What the hell do they mean when they claim "desktop class?" They didn't bother to explain. I'm not even sure what you're doing on this website. I don't go to iMore or whatever other Apple website you go to, and rant about how overpriced Apple products are. Unless you're a troll who enjoys getting killed by the readers on this site.
  • Nokia also
  • Nokia also 
  • The Lumia 950 doesn't look like anything Samsung has ever made. You're not being honest you're being delusional.
  • Have you handled the real thing or it's only your observation of the leaked render?
    If it's the latter, then your comment is pretty much worthless
  • Yup, 950&950XL look like lumia 640 for 120€
  • +640
    +galaxy s6
    Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No your not the spec of the 950 and 950xl are even better than iphone6s
  • So? people want both... you think reviewers are going to just ignore the fact it looks like a cheap phone? they already gave Nokia stick for their very well designed plastic phone because they were plastic... a badly designed plastic phone? lol they'll have a field day... No one buys ugly phones... and the general populus wont buy an ugly phone with an OS they never heard of regardless of the fact it might have an i7 in it...
  • MOAR specs doesn't = better... 
  • Does anyone know what ""I.W.B.I.W.I.S.I."" means❔❔❔❔❔❔
  • Enlighten us.....what does it mean?
  • I will believe it when I see it.... Lol.
  • I Will Buy If Windows Is Still Incredible?
  • Close.
  • You forgot to add the 950 also has a camera hanging out it ass!
  • Curved glass imho I bad... Makes cases and screen protectors work worse... I prefer the design of my 1320 to my 1520. 1320 is a LOT better with its wallet case than the 1520... The design of the 1320 is far more solid (the polycarbonate case of my 1520 is disintegrating, but the 1320 just needed a $ .99 replacement...
  • Hope Samsung delivers a phone with windows 10 Mobile!
  • I haven't seen enough of the new phones to judge them. Who knows if those are even final designs.
  • I dont know how much the iris scanner has impacted design. Meaning its got to be high res and work at a lot of angles so is curved glass an impediment to this? If there is good reasons to go flat then I dont care...  
  • Those phones look cheap and ugly... None of the features are impressive.. Better to withdraw them... They need not do magic... Just let them give a basic feature like Bluetooth.... They can't.... And can they make the OS faster.... They can't.... Can they bring apps developers to fill the gap.. They can't... All that they are doing is neglecting phone division.. They are busy selling their mobile shops and manufacturing factories... They are busy building PC version of OS... We want good specs and good looking phones.. These phones look cheaper than Samsung phones without any apps and features... Who will buy a phone because it has a big screen... MS phones will be dead in few years of they do the same as they have done with wp7
  • I mean Bluetooth folder
  • Who says they can't do Bluetooth?! And how about you wait until the phones actually release instead of harping on digital mock ups?
  • ** ^^ Troll comment alert ^^ **
  • This or that phone model is less of a problem, the real problem is that need more OEMs to join the game, and that this project to easily port apps from other OS to Windows will actually attract many developers!
  • All of your points are very good. But i Must side with with the design outlook. And yes the design seems pretty rudiment to me - as of now. I LOVE the modern design that the 930 is and i Might buy that (I own a 920). Only if it had Glance which it does not. Which was some of the things which sets WP apart from the rest. Moreover i cant see to find a good deal here in the US for it; for the 930 that is.
  • Well ..Go for 1520 ... Its not that difficult to handle...
  • Hi Amir, I had a red 920 which I really did love. The design and colour is awesome. I upgraded to the 930 (Icon) and was immediately impressed with the design, larger screen and speed increase (yes, its faster) so can fully recommend it. I will be keeping mine for now and as it still whizzes along on 8.1 there are no issues. Once W10 is at RTM I will rejoin the Insiders Programme and install it. Can't wait for that :) I think there is a year or two at least until I need to upgrade due to the efficient OS we are on. Whatever you choose to buy I'm sure you will be happy if you are WP fan. Best wishes :)
  • I agree. No Glance is a deal breaker for me. I would put Glance in my top 5 essential features, among calling, texting, apps, and internet.
  • So it sounds like they're abandoning the low-end then.  Maybe they're leaving that to the OEMs.
  • IIRC, Nadella stated earlier this year they were consolidating their phone offerings to: 1)flagships 2) business 3) affordable
  • Nadella stated earlier this year they were consolidating their phone offerings to: 1)flagships 2) business 3) affordable
      What actually constitutes a "business" phone?  My employer is using iPhones.  They seem to work quite well in a business environment.  What will a Windows Phone "business" edition bring that the iPhone doesn't?  Or to keep it in the family, how will a "business" phone be different from a Windows "flagship" phone?   Should we simply replace the world "business" with "medium spec" phone?   Or will there be some sort of business integration feature?  Will my phone join a Windows Active Directory based domain?    
  • they probably mean a crap looking big battery version of the flagship phones....
  • Then business phone here I am
  • Never cared how a $150+ phone looks like when all I care about is the safety of my investment and the time between charges. I got a Lumia 521 with an extended zerolemon battery that is a) ugly as sin, b) heavy as a brick but c) lasts a week between charges and d) doesn't slip out of my hands like untextired polycarbonate tends to do do... Win. Wish I had that option for my wife's 830, my 1320 or my 1520...
  • No Microsoft have already thought about it and they will make w10 home mobile & w10 pro or the enterprise mobile(tm) (r) then the ultimate mobile or the server edition mobile
  • Just imagine, running Active Directory and SQL Server 2015 on your smartphone, serving a whole company
  • Perhaps Saimaa and Saana are mid-range, if they don't cancel them that is.
  • There hasn't been a device that topples the 1020, as far as I'm concerned, and the 950 and XL don't impress me. Still waiting for the true successor.
  • I assume you mean in the Windows Phone ecosystem because the 1020 wasn't even competitive when it was released except for the camera and even that was quickly surpasses by the iPhones and Galaxy. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'll gladly be replacing my Icon with the 950xl......They went so wrong though...... Instead of wasting billions of dollars buying Nokia, they should have incentivized their PC oem's and gotten Windows Mobile on the flagship devices. They could have made concessions with the retail partners, and made incentives for sales of windows phones. Instead, we are stuck waiting on them to create their own devices. At a minimum, they should have a team of developers working with W10 mobile ROM on other flagship devices. My problem with this whole thing, is that a Galaxy Note 5 running Windows 10 would be the absolutely perfect device for me. I hate Android, too many years of frustration to go back........ I just hope they right the ship, instead of completely giving up.
  • 1020 is king.
  • Yes definately waiting and wondering if that windows 10 app explosion will happen. Its not just the app explosion its the missing features. For example the afl (australian football) app has no radio function to listen to games and is a really important missing feature since official radio rights for afl in australia dictate that radio broadcast of game on phones is only available through an official afl app. The sbs on demand windows phone app which is a catch up site for tv shows that air on a tv station in australia restricts the tv shows / movies available on their windows phone app as compared to their website or ipad app. These are australian specific examples but there are others I could mention in regards to missing features. I'd also like to see more king games available. I like the fact in king games there is an obvious way to back up progress without facebook for a non facebook user. Games need to do better at indicating how progress is backed up and if there are options besides facebook. It would be territble to play a game and something happens and progress is lost. So generally if a game doesn't offer an obvious way to back up without facebook then avoid it. No i don't use the back up feature built into windows phone 8.1 because I don't want everything backed up like passwords. I would like the ability to choose what apps are backed up. Not an ipad user but have seen that the icloud back up feature offers an option to back up specific apps and thats really missing on windows phones.
  • just waiting for nokia to get back into phones. I'll go where they take me next year.. my 2 year old 1520 is still a flagship today.. thats what nokia is abot. MS has no clue on the visionary side
  • Nokia will jump straight to android and will likely never give WP another thought until it pulls a +5% market share.  Don't wait for a Nokia WP. you'll be waiting a very very long time. 
  • Me too.  One more cycle before I give up and go back to the iPhone.   If the iPhone 7 comes out next year with even more features, more services, to make my life easier, AND all we have with WP is a finished WP10 operating system
  • So much for the promised successor to the Lumia 1020. It's nowhere in sight, never mentioned anymore, and the 950's don't qualify. With the iPhones camera sources now win sight of the L950, next year could be there year the iPhone camera surpasses WinPhone. Unbelievable!
  • Will never be a 1020 successor...been telling folks for a year.... Not till the mp's are competitively the same in all phones
  • That surface phone sounds awesome
  • Depends on your needs. If you're expecting a top notch camera and 4K that likely won't happen as it's not a priority for enterprise customers.
  • With a 'phone' you'll never be able to make 'awesome' pictures. You need a way larger lens, body,sensor for that. A low end 200$ Camera produces better pictures than the best 800$ phone can! Most people are quite happy with a descent 5M camera, as long as it's performing descent. 'Everyone' however does want his apps to work smoothly. so i think there will be a descent market for these phones!
  • All I'm saying, is most people will expect a top notch camera by phone standards, which will likely not happen. Nobody is talking about standalone cameras. With regard to apps....what apps? We've been talking about apps forever and so far not alot to show for except the usual coming soon
  • Eh first of all Microsoft aquired the Pureview tech, if they want to, they could make the team design a camera unit specifically for the Surface. Also, if you really think that "business" people don't need a great camera, you are severely mistaken.  Don't picture business people as being those who sit infront of a desk and spending their days counting dollars.
  • Enterprises make decisions on cost. If a bank or an insurance company or the investment arm of a pension plan are buying phones do they really care about the camera? What would be the need for a top notch preview unit?
  • Also I never said anything about preview. The argument is very simple, enterprise are more cost conscious and would likely not have a need for a unit with the best camera
  • I agree. A Phone with the surface branding and intel inside witht he same build quality as the Surface tablet ... Haleluia! Take my money!
  • I hate how they haven't done this already
  • How did this post and the comment below have negative votes? This statement says my exact thoughts. Surface phone with the same build quality? I don't even need to see it to buy it. And I figure that they haven't done this already because they wanted to make sure they nailed the Surface first and with it being such a wild success with the SP3 just being a killer device, I feel like they are doing this right now.
  • I think most people want brands, and would be happier for a phone with a great OS such as Windows 10 Mobile BUT on a branded phone such as LG G series, or Samsung Galaxy or even Sony Xperia, cause the brand perception of Lumia is pretty bad...
  • HTC and Samsung have tried this. It didn't work. They haven't tried it since. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Samsung didn't advertise it enough+ they called it ATIV S and not Galaxy which for many people makes difference, people are much more used and appealed to the Galaxy brand.
  • Lets leave surface phone for 2016 flagship.
  • No, Galaxy S6 Edge plus- with Windows 10 on it!
  • actually I'm getting pretty bored with my s6 edge, the screen was nice in the beginning because of its design. but reality kicks in after a few weeks and you start to get annoyed that there is always glare on the screen.
  • there is glare on every GLASS screen in the world. 
  • I really don't see why. You'll never be able to approach the level of performance of even a low cost Atom X5/7 tablet and being reliant on finding a screen to connect to limits where it can be used. And with the new breed of 8" tablets with said better Atom chips and stylus input it makes more sense to have that as your portable office than a smaller screened phone.
  • I always find it interesting what people expect from an Intel powered phone. Being able to run x86 apps so slowly that it makes them unusable? Also being a business centric device, it wont be flagship type device.
    Do people want it so it can have a sticker on back saying, Intel inside?
  • this ^
  • >Do people want it so it can have a sticker on back saying, Intel inside?
    Uh, yes. For me anyway.
  • If tegra 3 can run Windows (RT), then a modern Intel chip, which is close to SD8XX in processing power, should easily be able to run Windows and desktop applications (the Win32 API is more efficient than the Universal App -platform anyways), just depends on the application whether or not you can run it well, as it is with desktop and laptops. That said, MS would likely require the Win32 applications to be wrapped as "Universal" and distributed through the store, which would cut the usefulness, especially for non-enterprise use. P.S. even WinRT apps can be x86
  • I think it is great we are being acknowledged as a segment. Surface phone ftw! Did they mention the budget segment too? Cus I think the 640 nails it hands down.
  • Ah, October. Why do I always have this romantic feeling about it?
  • Because its my bday? :>
  • Count me in! XD
  • Same!
  • Because of trick or treat lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • because halo 5, lumia 950, hololense maybe, surface pro 4 to much sexy that month  
  • Lol ^
  • I love the smell of Lumias in early October! Or was it napalm? Whatever...
  • cause weather becomes better!
  • this is microsoft and WP were talking about, they may announce in OCT, you'll see it late November at the earliest. 
  • Very insightful article, thanks.
  • Yup, cleared many of my doubts I had for ages.
  • Luckily there are loads of willfully ignorant trolls to keep the FUD up. Interestingly they seem to have become more vocal since the comedy fest of Apple announcements few days ago
  • Lol!
  • Mad respect for this guy for keeping it honest.
  • Mad respect for how transparent the whole company has been lately.
  • They got no choice, cause for them. The cats out of the bag. Everyone knows they're situation. No point hiding.
  • Like that's usually stopped any one/company
  • I would like to catch at least one cat.
  • You talking about the ninja cat?
  • +1
  • Mmm. It's strangely reassuring. The feeling I got was that if you're the core audience of WinPho, the phones they're announcing soon for release this year are the phones they intend for us. Before this article I was considering waiting for a potential 1020 successor, but I think the fact of the matter is that if you care about Windows on phones, then you really ought to get the 950/950XL and NOT wait.
  • I think the surface phone would be expensive like surface pro?
  • Yes and no. Do enterprise users need a 20 MP camera? Likely not. QHD display? Also probably not necessary. There are areas where they can cut back to keep costs down while also making a high-end device.
  • Yea, a 8mp or 10mp mid range camera with a 1080p screen but a next-Gen Intel chip for continuum would still be high-end
  • I am still hoping that a flagship after the "Surface" phone will combine all that. I would love to see total productivity and industrial design combined with all the best technology has to offer, including camera and screen.
    For that to happen though, I believe Microsoft needs to establish their two target segments well beforehand.
  • You would think thats what is being done for the Holiday 2016 phone
  • So if this were to be aimed at enterprise, does that mean a regular Joe schmoe like me couldn't pick one up? Cause if I can, I'm skipping this year's flagships and holding on to my 920 a little bit longer.
  • Way to early to speculate, but even enterprise devices like BlackBerry are still sold to consumers. Hard to imagine they'd cut regular people out. It's just those phones may have some differentiating qualities. Kind of like Windows 10 Home vs Windows 10 Pro/Windows 10 for Enterprise.
  • Wouldn't there be a Surface phone to compete with iPhones or the Samsung flagships? Only for enterprises would make it boring in my opinion.
  • That would be the job of the 959
  • I would think if a Surface Phone is made primarily for the enterprise market, it won't have a number of the key features we cosumers really want as Daniel mentioned. Personally, I think with MS "flagship" phones, it's going to continue to be a matter of them being an "overall solid performer" and not the awesome flagship phones many of us want unless they make a very expensive phone that they expect hope will compete with whatever the creme de la creme iPhone is at the time. For some time now I've just had this feeling as some parents do seeing/hoping their kids to be far better than they really are or will be just because they love them so much.
  • Apple phones are not expensive to make.  Take for example the iPhone 6 cost between $200 and $247 to make.  They only charge a hefty amount because they know some (many) people will pay for it.  Apple is making $400+ profit on each phone.  They are nothing special to me. Yes, I have used an iPhone 5 and now 6 because of work.  And for the life of me I don't see it.  There is nothing special about these phones.  So the notion that Microsoft needs to make an "Expensive" phone to me is a myth.  They just need to make a solid phone, with a solid design, and somehow infiltrate these carrier stores in the states and get people to recommend WP devices. 
    The carrier stores (in the US) is where it all ends and begins when selling to the masses.  If those workers don't recommend WP devices they will always sell a low amount of phones.  I say have a limited promotion buy one get one and see how that works. 
  • I wasn't saying MS had to set prices high on their hardware, but they do and always have. It's quality, but it's expensive. It's all about perceived value. How has MS in any way indicated that they would sell a true flagship phone for $400-$500? They know that there is a very small market for Windows flagship phones and that market is willing to pay top dollar for them...not unlike Apple with their customers...only a hell of a lot more of them!
  • I hear you.  I would be willing to pay $400 - $600 for a solid WP device.  Microsoft has made some great devices, but they haven't followed up with with a new iteration for example the Lumia 1020.  Why didn't they follow-up with a newer version?  And certainly keeping a solid phone on one carrier in the states doesn't help either.  (Exclusives)
    People (some) never seem to equate sales in the states with carrier stores.  It's nothing new.  Ask a rep for a recommendation and they are quick to point you in the direction of an Android or iPhone.  Even if you want a budget phone they'll most likely recommend an Android. 
  • I fault MS for not incentivizing store salespeople to sell Windows phones. Money towards point of sale would have been much better spent than those lame TV commericials and print ads they always make. I think I've only seen less than a handful of Windows phones no matter what carrier store I went to. MS could easily afford the best ad agencies in the known universe and it's like they are obliged to use someone's relative who is in the business....been like that for decades now.
  • if Microsoft had an store  in Chile and other countries like Apple and Samsung has    the people would watch that in there is   an brand supporting  their products , but as is not an physical store, and really is not focused worldwide then    would not really capture any fan, i own an Ipod classic and    when  failed    went to an physical apple store  to get it diagnosed and  changed by an new unit,  in my country Microsoft shown not care about their customers  if had an  store   where could get the surface , windows phone  directly from MSFT  then in there would be sucessfully, do not expect  the operators does the ads, more than Movistar doing  the ads but is nobody else doing it , the strategy is super simple,  marketing strategy in places where you  do not care p´lus physical stores and   can ensure that microsoft instead of get their marketplace shrinked would gain marketplace.   the very funny thing is that   all the companies  complains by the high  piracy in   those   latinoamerican countries, but if there is not an store to get  an app that i want  or get  legally an MP3 of an singer that like  then how they wants reduce piracy without good  retail channels or electronic stores, Microsoft have not     music and video   store in my country, no idea why , but neither mixradio service are here, so is really funny that companies also complains about piracy but not doing efforts to makes their product avalaible to everyone,    Am not really sure if Astoria proyect would  save to W10M    , can do the best things but if an developer have not interest, even if have the best tool to   convert their code  to MSFT  or windows universal apps compatible   app , would not port their apps if there is not interest  
  • Nice point you make here, about companies complaining about piracy on one hand, while on the other, not investing enough for their proprietory products to reach consumers easily and in a timely fashion. -------------- On a related note, I remember I was in India when windows phone 7 came out. It was great as a smartphone, with bonus features like Facebook integration and what not. So I bought myself a Samsung Windows Phone with amoled display. What a delight! Then I moved to NZ and bought a lumia. Windows phone 8, then 8.1 rolled out, and with those came Cortana... to the US! It was nowhere available in NZ, and still isn't! After about an year on that phone, I got enticed by what other platforms were offering and opted to buy an android phone, with Google now voice integration. Its been good so far! Today I look at everything microsoft is promising, and wonder how long will they really take to deliver all that, in all corners of the world. I love windows phone, love the look of Lumias, and already crave for some of their features like Hello, Continuum, Universal apps, Maps features, Cortana etc. However if Microsoft continues on its US-first and everywhere-else-never attitude, it will keep lagging behind. Features like Google Now also weren't available everywhere to begin with, but they did launch at most places not long after the US. And even though those features weren't complete, they evolved over time. Most people aren't looking for fully feature complete products that just work. We are looking for products that are humble in their beginnings, and grow as we do ourselves. With a journey as isolated as that of Windows Mobile, I'm afraid it will stay, and then distinguish in isolation. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • A newer 1020 with a larger screen would have been perfect.
  • They said u there will be also flagship and affordable devices. Not million device a year like in 2012-2013 but there will be some. Hope developers will also join the party and port some apps to Windows too
  • Most don't need those high end cameras but I for one am glad to have a good camera as an IT professional needing data center and equipment photos.
  • "extreme photography" that's all I care about. Daniel, is that just a guess or something you've heard?
  • I also think that some people are still waiting for a true sequel to the 1020.
    The real question here for everyone is the market size of this "some".
  • I think the successor to the 1020 is going to come from Android or Apple first unfortunately.
  • Sounds like a Lumia 850 or 750 to me..
  • Bottom line is this Daniel; Microsoft is boasting about hybrids serving as both a laptop and a tablet eliminating the need for multiple devices yet when it comes to cell phones they want us to purchase two devices: One business and one personal. Why can't I get one device for dual purpose? As I mentioned in another post, business are giving employees stipens in an effort to save funds letting them use their personal phones for business/personal use.
  • Of course you can. It's just segmentation.
  • No. That's not the case. They are two distinct audiences.
  • Hi ! I want to know that lumia 830 & 730 sucessor 850 and 750 see the green light I mean are we going to see them or not ? Got lumia 520 waiting for 750 can Microsoft released them ? Please help   
  • AFAIK 'Lumia 850' is up for december.
  • They should have a higher "pro" version then. I really want the design of surface to be coupled with high end specs for a "Flagship of flagships" device that I and other enthusiasts would use.
  • Are you willing to pay $700? Even if so, not many will relatively speaking.
  • So then the Surface phone will be enterprise only? Or just focused for the enterprise? That would be another mistake IMO as anyone can but a surface tablet and it's top notch. I don't want to buy a phone that has caveats. Why is this so hard for MS to understand?
  • The new Intel SoC that Microsoft is expected to use for the Surface Phone 
    is only availble next year. So MS starts with what they have now 
    and that is off-the-shelf ARM stuff.  Once the Surface Phone is available on an Intel basis 
    Microsoft has a good point to market this to enterprises.  The Intel SoC also allegedly will come with several new on-board security features 
    that caters to the CIOs of this world - this fills the special business part of the equation.  Consumers of course will be able to buy those Surface phones 
    but they'll likely not be able to fully take advantage of the build-in business security features 
    (or may not appreciate / not need those respectively are not prepared to pay for those).   
  • Yes it's intolerable how they aren't contacting you to make a phone tailored to your specific preferences!
  • Do enterprise customers need a 20 MP camera? Yes, not every enterprise is the same, needs differ and if you want your products to land on as many hands as possible, your tech better be good.
    QHD Display? Well, the SP3 has one. They could have gone FHD but they didn't. Why? because better tech increases the likelyhood of selling your device to more people, its that simple.
    Enterprises play it safe, they want something that is cutting edge and future proof.
    Also, enterprises can choose from a plethora of different phones on the Market, iPhones, Galaxys, LG Gx, Sonys, etc. why would they choose a phone with mediocre specs at the same pricerange over these established devices/brands? Just because its Microsoft? Lol.
  • Enterprise likes reasonable phones that they can buy for cheap in bulk. Every dollar more is a huge cost to them.
  • Ah that explains why german companies like the Deutsche Telekom, buy iPhones and Galaxy Ss for their employees. Because they are so damn cheap! Yeah right.
  • Those iPhones and galaxies gave Intel chips in them that would be able to run win32? You are assuming the chip will cost as much as the arm based ones
  • Lmao. Do you really think everyone is carrying a big monitor, a keyboard, a miracast-receiver and a mouse with them just in order to use Win32 Apps with the help of Continuum? Stop dreaming, give me Laptop or Tablet with a matured AppStore and I'll do the work without needing to rely on any of those things. Continuum is a great Feature thats for sure, but it is not the answer to everything.
  • I did not say win32 is needed. The conversation started with a surface phone with an Intel chip capable of win32. That chip would be significantly more expensive than arm chips. So comparing such a phone to iPhone and galaxies in price would not work. Try to understand what someone is saying before you start condescending
  • Totally agree. Instead of spending so much to buy Nokia they better had paid money to Samsung to develop and sell more Windows devices, with Microsoft's quality in OS and Samsung's high prenetration in world markets and good brand name and marketing
  • Microsoft's quality in the OS? I would really want to see that, as for now quality is totally missing from everything related to windows 10: os,apps,UX,experience.
  • Thanks for the article Dan. I'm tired of seeing that same pic that makes the two phones look oddly the same size. (A bit of work in Photoshop later...) How about something that is to scale:
  • That link isn't working for me, but yes i want to see the same, and ideally put a current phone next to it like the 930 etc so we can see the size better.
  • Yeah, the link failed. Try this one:
  • Are you wrong, some enterprises like insurances companies and others needs an great camera to do their work, also 4K display would be good since would have more display space and better reading sharpness on texts and running continuum, for future the high ends would have 4k and more of 20mpx camera because technologies and standards are becoming not extra an need like happened with Bluetooth or phone cameras
  • Surface has been branded so far under an expensive circle. If they happen to reduce few features and launch it under the medium budget circle, then please no surface name on it.
  • Long live windows phones...#proudwindowsphoneowner
  • Yeah, Windows phone is here to stay. I can't imagine Win32 apps running on phones. Think about it, there'll be a storm all over phone industry!
  • I don't think this will really be true. Six years ago, this would have been the dream. But now both iOS and Android ecosystems are showing there isn't any need for these legacy programs in a phone environment. Don't get me wring, I too thought it would be sweet. But now, I just don't see why I would use a legacy application built for mouse and keyboard on a phone. It just doesn't make sense. And I think if MS had brought out continuum six years ago, I would have been really excited for it. Now? I have a monitor and keyboard that sit in my home office that I haven't plugged into in about four years. it's just not how I compute anymore. The days of desktops at home, for most people that don't work at home exclusively, are past.
  • Yeh cheez meray azeez!! Lol It means i so agree with you. Proud WP owner here too. Fighting off criticism on a daily bases for not having SnapChat from my friends lol.
  • Sarcasm Amir???
  • But sometimes frustrate me that can't get the official apps and should bear third parties Apps, with ads and sometimes are the only alternative to the non existent app, also suppose that when you upgrade an phone you add features, not quit features but we since Windows 8.0 have lost many features, like the hubs or Facebook perfect integration or social hub
  • Windows phones are all but dead already.
  • Same same. Wait for our phones. Wait for universal apps. Wait for continuum. WP is not windows phones, it's Wait Phones.
  • Lol, true.
  • That's was dirty!!
  • Perfection takes time. ;)
  • Wait for it.... Phone tm hahah good joke man
  • I have been waiting too. However during my wait I have the 1020 that never stops turning heads or picture quality. Then the 930, drop like a rock many times, the hardware is perfect and I like the thick brick. Then I have a 1520, the 'oh shit that phone is sweet, I want one'. Problem is....where do I get it, when I mention eBay with no warranty do you think people continue to listen? No.
  • Waiting is less of a problem, but i wonder, this project Astoria and bridge to port from Android and iOS will work at all? If not, then Windows 10 Mobile is really dead.
  • Daniel so the November release is confirmed? It won't be announced and released at the same time? Also any clue in global availability at this point? Do you think folks outside US would have to wait past November? Thanks
  • Early November. Phones are almost never announced and released at the same time. Even Apple cannot do that. However, a few weeks between announcing and general availability is doable.
  • Thanks. I'm guessing timing on global availability would be pure speculation at this point?
  • Yeah, there will likely be a staggered launch as carriers have their own plans. At least for those on AT&T, plan on early November.
  • Here around 50% of smartphones are bought not from carriers but online and they have showrooms everywhere. The issue will be launching here as well, as the sellers will add their percent as well if the phone is not officially launched.
    The carriers on the other hand just want to sell a phone along with the contract and neither has anything against MSFT.
  • Where is 'here'?  
  • Guess it will be like the 930 on ATT and never get released, giving consumers another reason to pounce Windows phone
  • I have heard that there is event on October 10 to launch next windows phones? Not?
  • People say things, doesn't make it true. I have heard 10/10 before as well but I have also seen nothing conclusive to back it up. Physically, the phones won't be in people's hands until November. I am quite certain of that.
  • 10/10 is a catchy date to match the OS number but it does depend on how fast they finish it
  • Well, my Birthday is 11/12 and so far was always able to at least order my phone around that day. I'd expect Microsoft to consider my birthday this year as well :)
  • 10/10 would be cool for Win 10 announcements but it is a Saturday. Nothing like this happens on a weekend.
  • I'm guessing that's when pre-orders will start.
  • I hope that there won't be massive delays. Yes, it is true that nothing can be announced and be available immediately; however, the new devices cannot be "coming soon" for weeks or months, like they did with the 640 and 640XL. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Don't worry of delays! worry of developers who simply refuse to join the Windows ecosystem party!
  • Daniel, has there been any change on the blue colour option being only for prototypes and not for retail? It just feels like something too easy and obvious not to have as an option, especially for a polycarbonate Lumia flagship that has traditionally been colourful :/
  • @Daniel Rubino, any truth to the rumors that not only do the 950/XL look better then the renders but they are actually lower cost than high end phones and are actually the devices being pushed to the commercial space. Since it was let out that there will be devices for both consumers and business, we have actually not even seen the consumer ones this whole time.
  • Interesting theory!! ^ Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I think this is the biggest problem for Windows. They "partner" with companies like at&t which are suppose to help in sells but they only hinder it. Please release these phones unlock from day one (of course carrier lock for plans but also unlock). I have gone several times to a Microsoft store only to be told I can only buy a lower end phone unlock instead of the phone I wanted
  • I think Microsoft should do what Motorola did with the Moto X Pure Edition, and sell unlocked devices directly via their own Microsoft Store (physical store and online) and through other stores such as Best Buy and Amazon. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Selling unlocked flagship phones would be extremely good for the consumer and at first look for MS as well. Would be awesome of we could then take the phone to a carrier like Cricket..I have directed several friends there with them getting either the 635 or 640 and the Cricket people have given great customer service
  • @fiveaces01. The 950 and 950xl have universal gsm radios.
  • I think MS doesn't know anything about making or selling phones. Windows 10 Mobile is not exciting as we seem to preach as fan boys. Same old annoying resuming/loading screen and yet we are waiting for a Lumia 950/950XL built on this platform. I have had a few friends/colleagues asked me what my 930 can do better than their Samsung/iPhone devices other than its 20MP camera, it's just a phone without any distinct feature. Ordinary task like attaching a file into my mail is even a big deal, camera sometimes won't work, phone sometimes won't charge, thousands of bugs in WP8.1 not to mention W10 mobile and MS is supposed to be the biggest player in the software industry!
  • "Thousands of bugs in WP 8.1"? What are you smoking...
  • Probably their own FUD... Lol
  • I will stick with Windows. It isn't always easy, but I really believe they are onto something. Chances are it will take time to slowly grow what they see as their major two segments, but I believe they can do it. Bring the new phones and let me once again go out there and show people what productivity means. And if those comments are any indication on the enterprise phone coming next year, the road might be paved for Microsoft to conquer this segment. One platform across all devices in an enterprise simply has too many benefits to miss out on it.
  • They're putting their hope to OEMs, their partners. Now that MS doesn't have that huge line of Lumias.
  • That maybe true but that strategy will only work when the OS is made smooth and polished with exciting features that we have been clamoring for. Of what use is a high end device packed with the latest hardware without a smooth, bug free OS?!
  • Name several of the "thousand bugs on WP 8.1". Your own words, not mine. Don't think about changing your other comment, taken a screenshot :P.
  • I'm sure you know that was an exaggeration:
    1) camera often crashes or refuses to start
    2) Home button sometimes refuses to work and phone restarts
    3) Some live tiles would not launch the app (this happens more with Twitter, WhatsApp and 6tag-my fav apps)
    4) Phone backup does not complete and displays an error
    5) Resume/loading bug when app is kept at background
    6) Delayed notifications (not sure if this is more of app problem or the OS)
    7) Phone charging indicator keeps flashing after charger is disconnected (this happens most time phone is plugged in and would not charge, instead battery percentage would be decreasing)
    8) Since the last patch update released on 8.1, soft reset doesn't work on my phone. When you switch off or try to soft reset phone, it doesn't start again. I'd have to wait for several hours trying to power on the device until it starts (already sent this as feedback to MS and logged the issue on MS community forum)
    And don't even say I'm an Android or iOs fan boy, I have lured almost every member of my family, friends and colleagues to WP but the OS just refuses to mature. I use a Lumia 930 and don't expect a high end phone to be misbehaving like this.
  • I'm pretty sure you have a faulty device man, something must have happened to it, maybe damaged processor or something. The only problem I've had was the random restart approx. once a month. And this is on an old Lumia 920. I would get it checked out.
  • I really wish them good luck. Obviously looks is one part of it but the Os & Hardware combination is what will matter the most not just to users, but critics around the world to give them the right push.
    And we know that goes double for MS. Unfortunately things haven't changed that much with their reputation and how consumers avoid by instinct MS products even if they are the best on offer for their needs.
    Sad but true.. Specially for those sad iPhone owning reviewers that just can't be assed learning such a simple Os and trashing it all the time.
    You see new iPhones and Galaxy phones compared to anything and not a single WP device mentioned. When it comes to photos it makes me mad. Kinda x.x
  • I'm going to get the 950 XL and definitely the "metal phone" next year. Who wants my 930?!!! Well.... not now.
  • To bad these acurate, sobering and introspective comments came 3 years to late.
  • Since at&t doesn't stock L830's anymore can I replace it with a L950 or L950XL?
  • no
  • A metal surface phone with Intel and the possibility of running Win32 in continuum mode?!?! SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY
  • So far a possibility with a possibility of running x32. That's a big possibility sandwich!
  • Mmmmm, possibility sandwich. 
  • Lol!
  • But what about your precious HTC? Lol.
  • What about it?
  • Thought you were firmly with HTC and waiting for the next HTC android hand me down
  • Like any sane adult I have a favorite brand. I've owned every phone OEM except for Sony and don't mind trying new brands. You'll understand once you grow up and mature out of fanboyism.
  • I have tried many brands including HTC. The windows phone 8x was my first windows phone before I discovered how much better Lumia was. I also preferred HTC when I was an idiot who used android. Along with Samsung, LG, Sony and the first four nexus phones as well. I'm not a fan boy. I am just someone who doesn't settle for less which is what Samsung and HTC have given me when I had the best of the best of Lumia
  • I have news for you kid, you're a fanboy. You use fanboy language and comment on articles and reply to other comments unnecessarily to discredit others' praise of non Lumia related things. See, if you were around when only HTC was making Windows Mobile hardware, you'd understand why many of us, who have also been on XDA for a while, are HTC loyalist who also appreciate Samsung, LG and even Palm (because HTC was their ODM). I still have my HTC Startrek because it's one of the best smart flip phones ever. That was after I had already had HTC PDAs going back to the Wizard. So no. People who prefer HTC aren't idiots because you don't know their connection to the name. Same with Samsung because the BlackJack is still talked about in certain tech circles (and TouchWiz started on WinMo). Like I said, soon you'll mature out of being a fanboy and start understanding how or why certain people prefer certain things.
  • I do wonder if it makes sense, apparently, fragmenting your offering (in the tiny slice of the market you currently globally have) to one set of phones that, are " very, very secure phone that's incredibly good at calendar management, at e-mail, at productivity, and Skype for Business, et cetera." and OTHER phones that are, presumably, less good at those?  I do (well sort of as I am a noob on tech) get that to run Win32 apps they need an Intel processor, but shouldn't all the other stuff work equally well and securely on ALL W10M phones? Btw, he at least explicitly did not mention value category phones. Let's hope that was not intentional. Well, we'll see what it all means. :)
  • Other OEMs will take care of the"value category phones" you talking about. Besides, the first segment of the 2 segments he mentioned will have 3 categories, low end (value phones), the mid-range and the flagships. That's under the Windows fans segment and the other segment is the Enterprise.
  • Well first of all Nadella talked about 3 categories - value, fan/highend and business. Second, whether other oems can cover the value category remains to be seen.
  • I hope MS knows the enterprise phone will be as good at mail, calendar, skype and productivity as the apps make it. And by doing so all other phones will be good at mail, calendar, skype and productivity
  • Exactly. Which begs the question what exactly is supposed to differentiate the business segment phones from the rest? Better security? That is software, no? Why not have great security on all phones?
  • Microsoft is going to change the name of the "smartphone" to Pocket PC, and only the Surface Phone can be called as one.
  • Ah, the good old pocket pc days, lol.
  • could call it the "Pocket Rocket"
  • What something like this? (scroll to the 1minuteish mark)
  • Windows phone for life, nothing comes close RFO.
  • Except objectively speaking many things do at this point not only come close but surpass it sadly.
  • iPhone:
    No 2K/4K screen.
    No SD card.
    No wireless charging.
    No double tap to wake.
    Not waterproof/dustproof.
    Etc. Android:
    No Live Tiles.
    No Universal Apps for PC/Tablet/Phone and Games Consol.
    Over complicated OS.
    Fragmented OS. Just depends on what you want. Windows 10 is secure and efficient and has the long term benefit of one OS across all the devices.
  • Agreed depends on what you want. I want a stable OS without resuming, a good browser, a mail and calendar apps similar to what MS is offering on the other platforms, a Skype app that runs well, and critical mass for the OS so the apps we do have are not neglected and apps we don't have arrive to the platform. I like wireless charging, but I can live without it. Same for doubletap. My 920 has no sd card no 2k/4k and its not waterproof or dustproof. Come to think of it which WP currently has all of that? Which phone has universal apps that run on phone, desktop, consol? These are all things that have been promised but not yet delivered. I'm a fan, but if we are going to compare lets compare objectivly
  • A friend who loves his Apple phone bought an Xbox and considered WP to link with the Xbox and get W10/Cortana on both. But, he bought the iPhone 6 because hr still has access to the Xbox app. He can also stream Xbox to his TV downstairs and to his PC. We even streamed a game to my SP3 to see how it played. This is currently not possible with iOS/OSX or Android. And once W10 is on the Xbox and WP, then Cortana integration for Reminders and enabled apps will be across the board. Yes, there is more to be done on Universal Apps but this will happen. My point with the different functions on phones is that no one phone does everything so it comes down to personal needs and choice of OS. Now, if the Sony Z5 was running W10 and had the Xbox app, that would probably be a winner for me.
  • My point is, none of this has yet been executed successfully yet. And we seem to be a situation where MS is seriously lacking on the execution front. Also since we are speculating, given MS focus on best services on all devices it may be possible that ios may get a much better Xbox experience eventually.
    Hell they have a better outlook, calendar and Skype apps than we do now
  • 2tomtom have you tried streaming a SP3 to another via the TV app lol. Streamed the ps3 via the xbox to my laptop and played on it, whilst sitting outside my room. Bluetooth doesn't have that much range, pity lol. My cousin was like what the hell! Both of us were playing streetfighter iv with no noticeable lag. Sound worked fine too. My tv was being used to watch a movie via another laptop through hdmi (I have a two hdmi switch setup). My niece is addicted to Frozen lol... That's all she watches.
  • Not tried that, but it sounds fun lol. A friend did connect his Vita from a coffee shop, via WiFi, to his PS3 at home and played a game. I'm assuming the SP3 can do this too? I have used the SP3 to send videos to a large screen TV but your suggestions above means I will have to have a play..... This interconnectivity is going to be more and more popular and with W10 running on all these devices on the Windows ecosystem, access to Office, apps, messaging and Mail/Calendar and Cortana will be awesome.
  • I have tried Apple and Android and dislike both. Apple currently, so people claim, have better Office experience, but that was needed as the previous version was not as good as Windows. When W10 across all devices and IoT hits and the updated Office 2016 is released this year, the Windows experience will be better. For me Windows is simply the best option all round. It's like comparing the iPad Pro to the Surface Pro 3, no competition.
  • I hope they get it done. I prefer wm but I need them to get it done and end the constant reset cycle
  • With you on ending the constant reset cycle..... one month its an Xbox app, next month it's a Bing or MSN app etc. Same with the OS and Nokia camera, too much change in function and name.   Perhaps W10 will stop the waste of resources on these unnecessary changes. Like you, hoping they get it done.
  • +950
  • Real universal apps benefits are a long time away.
  • Windows 10 will be on phones and the Xbox this year. Once this occurs then, for example, Cortana will be on the PC, Tablet, Laptop, Phone and Xbox. Any Reminders or apps like Money and News will be available, in sync, across ALL these devices. Same for Calendar, Office, Mail etc.
  • I already can get calendar, email, messages, reminders, web pages synced between phone and computer on other platforms. Do I really need all of those on my Xbox? Do you see yourself sitting in your living room reading and responding to emails on your tv via Xbox? You provided other neat features for Xbox integration before, but mail and calendar I doubt would be necessary. Beside your phone will be on the couch next to you anyway. Imagine you playing NHL 2017 with you buddy and all of a sudden Cortana goes its time to leave for your colonoscopy Master Chief ;P
  • Android has widgets which are basically interactive live tiles that are actually useful. Android also has universal apps and has for years now. Nothing Windows Phone does is unique. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Wont be going for the 950 brothers. Will wait for the OS to stabilise in a few months, like WP8.1, with a future phone (something like the Metal, Intel powered one next May). It's sad to say but I have a feeling that the Cityman and Talkman are not the flagships we've been looking for. Hope it isn't so!
  • What about them makes them not the flagships we've been looking for? The only thing we have so far is the looks in those renders and their hardware. We still have to see how they work and how well the OS makes them look and work
  • Somehow this puts me in a difficult position. I can't wait for a flagship, but if I buy a 950, will I be disappointed when a surface phone comes out?
  • I'm in the same boat, my 920 is on its last breath. I'm also a little concerned on the state of the OS at this point and the app supply. If these phones will cost alot on contract I'm not sure I'm planning to risk it at this point. Might jump to IOS for a couple of years and wait for MS to get it done finally
  • Understandable. The problem with that though is that, if many users are doing that, there won't be anything left for Microsoft to get done. I'd say, go for the devices this fall if you don't have the real need to use it as business device. And even if, I'd guess it will be able to handle it.
  • Go for the device that suits your needs today, don't rely on promises.
  • Definately. 
  • They definitely know that we are all waiting patiently. I'm still hanging on tightly to my Lumia 1520.
  • I'm getting a Microsoft Lumia 950XL and I will love it and use it until I eventually get the Surface phone (the only other phone that would arouse me more than a beloved Lumia) since there is no Nokia phones anymore, the Surface phone is my new craving.
  • I will not update my 1520 with 950:s. I will wait for surface phone too in 2016
  • I'd love to see them bring back the slide out keyboard like on the old AT&T tilt phone. I loved that phone. With the newer Technology I'm sure they could make a thinner version of that phone. Having the real keyboard was great for work.
  • I wore out the letters on the real keys on my HTC TouchPro2 (slide out real keyboard with a tilting screen) because I did so much work on that phone. Email, Word, and Excel. Great phone, great memories.
  • Flagships are okish.. Hope they bring more UI changes and features in w10m.. Waiting for that aero glass action centre.. :P
  • Great to have communication and honesty. Fans are far more willing to be patient when they don't feel like they're being jerked around by trite ambiguous catch-phrases (though we like using them ourselves: "seems faster") and corporate pandering. We understand the need for secrets, and right timing, and investor relations; but what he did today was tell it like it is and offer legitimate hope, and that's all a fanboy needs to stay enthusiastic.
  • @ArtForm I agree with everything you say. Honesty gains fans, even if we need to wait some time. Oh, seems faster/coming soon © lol
  • One word - Marketing. Market your products well and watch the numbers go up. Its not just placing a couple of ads on primetime TV and expect people to buy. They need to target the psyche and ensure that WP is a very personal device compared to the others. If marketing was done well, a lot of those beautiful apps that are now being retired could have been saved given that one of the reasons being offered for discontinuation was low adoption. How will there be adoption when marketing is poor?
  • Agreed. I think one way would be to focus marketing entirely around Windows 10 and simply showcase different devices, including phones in ads. At the end, it is about the experience and if they cam somehow market that well and position the hardware simply as the most logical vehicle for that experience, maybe people will stop looking at Microsoft phones with suspicion.
  • Agree, are they waiting for loyal "mouth to mouth" marketing
  • This concept of enterprise phone is so outdated. Last few place I have worked people bring in their own phone. They should be ashamed saying 'Phone for enterprise' in the era of consumerisation of IT. And how on earth does serving 3% of market entice anyone into making app for WP? I have had WP from day 1. But more and more it looks like iPhone is in my future.
  • I disagree. I work for a company with 300k employees and we provide phones for employees. It is a matter of enforcing security and policy on those devices. BYOD is fine in principle, but users aren't happily having corporate policy enforced on their private devices.
  • Yeah, people getting tired of waiting for flagships, and when renders appear finally after 1,5 year they're looks like.....535. Hoping renders not are true.
  • The flickering display on my 1520 is driving me nuts! I'm planning to go for lumia 640xl, just that i would have preferred if it supported cdma as on of the dual sims. I'll then wait patiently for the surface phone. 950 may not be for me.
  • The 950 & 950XL don't really look like anything special, certainly not worth giving up a 41mp camera of my 1020 away for. I hope Microsoft continues Nokia's photography legacy, even though they destroyed pretty much all they got from them, and that we might see a new camera phone flagship.
  • Good cameras, yes. But I for one will welcome an age where the camera isn't the focus or the 'reason' to buy a Lumia. There are great cameras everywhere, Samsung, Apple, LG to name a few. How about let's see why Windows 10 Mobile is awesome and people would want to use it?
  • ^this
  • Agreed.
  • Yeah others have decent cameras, but none that beat the 1020 even today, [e.g. show me a smartphone camera that can take a pic that can be printed in good detail for a wallpaper for a whole wall in your house, yes I actually did that with one holiday pic of a great landscape] the point is MS bought the tech from Nokia so why not continue with a successor to the 1020.  
  • ^This. My 1020 is so old and I still get oohs and aaahs on my pics vs their terrible iphone pics. It's not even close. The fact is photography & mobile are highly synonymous these days with popular apps like instagram, Snapchat, etc. The a phone's camera IS important
  • The iPhone 5S has a better camera than the 1020 and that phone is also years old. Megapixel do not make a camera good. The 1020 isn't even in the top 10 anymore! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • ..but microsoft are moving way to slowly in a business where rapid annoncements and innovations are broadly copied in a tempo microsoft not holding. They may be innovative but others moving much faster....or they dont care
  • Lets wait and see what the future brings. For now my 1520 and 8.1 will last me until the May phone is released. By that time windows 10 should be better than 8.1. A good time to upgrade my phone then.
  • OK, I know they think this is the best method but, they are clearly wrong. If your Apple, or Google, you coudl pull this crap and still survive, esp Apple go 18 months with out a phone release. WIndows Phone, not so sure. When your holding less than 3.5% of the global marketplace, apps are falling off and there is a lot of sadness of WP owners, this is one of the WORST things you can do. WP market share is dropping, the rumor on the steet is WP is dead and this kind of rumor travels fast, and as users we are clearly seeing devs seeing this, apps are disapearing from the marketplace and current users are starting to move to iOS or Android (not everyone but, there is a lot of discussion on this in the fourms) . By delaying phone releases by this long, they are just putting another nail in the cofin for Windows Phone. I know Microsoft has the best business minds in the world working for them, no question but, I just can not understand this logic. I love WIndows Phone but, it's really made me think of my investment in a WIndows Phone for a dynamic phone marketplace (apps, hardware, watches, etc)
  • It's funny how there is some kind of distorted perception when it comes to apps. Yes, there are apps disappearing but there have also been several appearing and being updates lately. It's not the best situation but it's not all doom and gloom either.
  • What apps are disappearing? I haven't heard any big names pull their apps (and it was only 2 or 3 of them) in months. This sounds pretty hyperbolic tbh.
  • I have to agree and add is really been much more then 18 months since a flagship for the general population has been released... The 1020 and 1520 were great phones but they for camera lovers and super size phone people... I would argue that the last flagship for average consumer in the states was the 920...​I'm still using mine(with an LG phone) and so are many others if they haven't got tried of waiting and bought a android flagship or the iPhone...​It was a giant mistake for Microsoft to not release a flagship in the longest time.
  • I'm sticking around with windows, it's going to be interesting, it's going to be new, windows 10 it's going to be awesome.
  • In Diwali.. For sure.. India will see a new Flagship...
  • I am really glad that this has been said. It helps to give some insight but I also hope it all goes as planned
  • Wow, I guess I didn't realize BB bought Good. Did they buy from Motorola/Google or from Motorola/Lenovo? How did I miss that? I must be slacking. Need to go look it up.
  • They really need to stop with the naming scheme using numbers and XL...
  • I've been in since day one, and continue to be in. I will be upgrading my 925 to the 950XL and go from there. I enjoy windows 10 on my desktop, laptop, and running the preview on my 635. I like it, and while things are different with 10 phone that I wish were better, like people hub, (and the circles, don't like the circles) it seems like unified apps and sharing across devices, even down to wifi profiles, is working well and really dig it. I think it's a little painful right now, but imo it would be silly to jump out now, right on the brink of the vision from so long ago (well, just about 5 years ago anyway).
  • I want Windows 10 Mobile to succeed badly. I've had WP since it was released in 2010 and I can't go elsewhere; I've tried Android and iPhone for a few months but I always go back to Windows Phone. I currently have a Lumia 830 and I love it but I am tempted to get an iPhone almost every day; why don't I do it? Because I know I'll want to go back to WP, as always. The day the app gap disappears will be a happy one for me.
  • Yawn
  • Get some sleep!
  • LOL Dan , that is funny, thanks.
  • Or a Redbull.
  • Daniel, what I didn't understand here is one thing. This interview was all about Microsoft mobile phones not Windows Phone (or Windows 10 Mobile). This was kind of clarified by Satya Nadella that there are going to be fewer MS phones, but what about other OEMs? Aren't they going to better the OS in such a manner (and also the marketing) that more OEMs come up and make phones. Similar to the hybrid laptop category, where lots of OEMs followed the path of Surface? I thought that should have been the third priority along with the above two.
  • As always, OEMs can do whatever they want to do with Windows 10 Mobile. We're already seeing some commit. But Nadella also said if the OEMs don't step up, they will to fill the void.
  • Daniel, Since you have suggested Verizon will not be getting the 950 phones, have you heard anything about Verizon getting a flagship level phone from another mfg like HTC, Samsung, LGZ etc.? I have been elgible for an upgrade since last November and would like to use that upgrade to get something by the end of the year, even if I have it to get a non windows phone and I sell it.
  • Yeah, good question. No idea but I would think they may opt to go that route. After all, they did get that weird LG Lancet phone and some unique Samsung devices in the past.
  • It will be a sad time ideed if Verizon dosen't get the new MS phones.  I may be forced to change carriers.  My Icon is the best phone I've ever owned.  Will never go Apple and got sick of Android.
  • Nice article Dan. I like the honesty and realistic responses put forward. I for one am really looking forward to October. I recently glimpsed the 640 in real life and if the 950/XL look anything like that device ill be happy because that device looked pretty good imho. My only wish is that Ms get them into hands soon after announcement(which I expect them to as all manufacturing is in their hands), my 1020 needs to rest, I've put it through a lot.
  • Does Windows 10 on the desktop really need universal apps? The lack of them so far doesn't seem to have hindered its adoption so I wouldn't put that forward as an argument in favor of having a mobile component.
  • It defeats the purposes of their app model, which they invested a lot of time in making. And yes, Universal apps are for Xbox, IoT/Band, HoloLens, desktop, and mobile (tablets and phones). You need all of those things to really sell the idea to developers.
  • Future seems bleak.
  • I'm REALLY waiting for the new flagships , like I know they are beasts in specs , but the design :(
    I hope that they are different in the hand rather than what we saw in the renders , and that talkman camera dimple , oh god looks horrible , please be awesome or else im going to get the upcoming iPhone 7
  • It may be to little too late. In the US will no new Verizon phones on the horizon they cannot reach nearly half the market. Cannot even get them to consider a Windows phone when they don't exist. This is a devastatingly bad position to be in. My Icon is banged up and in need of a replacement. Now what do I do? How can I push Windows phone in my Enterprise environment with no phones available?
  • I can't wait to see how the new flagships look if even a MS official said they are excited about them. Though I wish there was a medium end phone as well, with a 6xx series SD chipset or something similar for the customer segment and leave the lower end to OEMs. Some people either do not afford a flagship or they a raised to spend their money wisely and don't want to spend 700$+ on a flagship. Right now I like my 735 with the f1.9 camera but I kinda want the one from the 830 with better sensor and chipset.
    I'm not used to Android since my first smartphone was the 520, so I really want windows phone to succeed and become better
  • There is always the option to buy a Lumia 930 from Amazon or whoever online. The price continues to drop and this phone is awesome. I'm guessing the price may drop more once the 950 is announced? Just an idea :)
  • Basically what they're saying is, they know they fucked up in the mobile space and it's too late for them to gain on Apple or Android, so instead they'll just focus on enthusiast and enterprise phones. They are also ok with you moving to Android or Apple now that most of their core consumer services are available on those platforms. So unless you absolutely love WP there's no reason for you to stick around
  • Honestly, that isn't such a bad thing.
  • This! Well put!
  • It's never too late. If Nokia could make some market for Windows Phone then why can't Microsoft continue and make it grow.
  • What market? That 2-3% mostly made up of cheap low-end phones? After five years that's the most they've been able to accomplish. It's clear devs and more importantly the average consumer does not care about WP. Honestly the best thing Microsoft can do at this time is to drop their fruitless low-end market dominance ambitions and just focus on creating cutting edge beautiful phones for their core fans as a 'thank you' for their loyalty and keeping the platform afloat all these years
  • Because lets face it, the only thing still keeping the WP platform alive is the hardcore loyal Microsoft fans. The average Joe does not know or does not care about WP and will certainly not leave their iPhones
  • You're are missing the point here. Market share is important because that's how you get the developers on board. There'll be no use of creating "cutting edge beautiful phones" when it won't have the apps demanded by their "core fans". I mean, it's like owning a Ferrari but no aviation fuel due to unavailability.
  • They have to stop the loss before they can make it grow.  
  • Starting to see a glimmer of light...
  • BTW still rocking the 920 as well. I won't go Google and hate hate hate the iOS interface way too boring.
    Come on Microsoft give us some real phones.
  • IOS is really nice and modern looking, the best out of them all.... it just has one downfall and that's the icons, it clashes with all the other updates they've done to the UI, just looks so old, they need to freshen it up urgently.
  • Not gonna do much good if they can't get on Verizon again, at least in the US anyway, for business or personal use.
  • Isn't att and t-mobile enough?
  • They've never done much on Verizon, anyway. AT&T is the only one that has really done anything for them.
  • Didn't they have a couple flagships on Verizon last year and they both flopped? Why would Verizon bother this year? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lumia 1020 and 1520 were the only 2 phones that had some USP and packed some punch. With their launch I hoped the Nokia (not MS) something to offer and most probably go head to head with the competition (Samsung/Apple). Unfortunately (in my opinion) Nokia or MS never launched a true successor of these 2 phones till date. MS I am waiting for you to respond.
  • So many have abandoned the 950 series already... I don't see why...i don't know what they feel like in hand and I have always loved my polycarbonate body. I'm excited for these devices and the innovation that they bring with them.
  • You have a Polycarbonate body?
  • I see what you did there... Well played...
  • Well thanks for clairfying the surface phone is geared more towards enterprise, I found it confusing to have another flagship announced 6-7 months after 950/xl. I am more optimistic for the 950xl now, win 10 mobile has to really work well when its available.
  • How likely is that October 10th "launch" or "event" Dan?? I understand launch and release isn't the same thing but at least an announcement would be a great Moral lifter
  • If there's an event on 10/10, I expect an announcement only. I also expect devices to be on sale in early November. I wrote about why last October. (Of course, I also wrote that I couldn't imagine that Microsoft would let so much time go by without launching a new flagship, so there's that, too. ;)
  • and those of us on Verizon will have to wait till next year for a new phone? I'm over getting excited about new MS phones coming out - seems they will go straight to ATT.
  • From what I see, from WM6 to WP7/7.5/8/8.1 and W10M and from Windows 8/RT to Windows 10, it has only been with Windows 10 and W10 mobile that Microsoft has taken their position as a platform developer seriously. Up until then, they had been jack of all trades, foots stuck everywhere, but master of none. Half baked Office apps, Half baked core entertainment apps, half baked core OS features, half baked development capabilities, and they hoped that the world will flock over to them because they are Microsoft. Such arrogance. Well the world has changed with stiff competition from everywhere. And you can see the change in their stance now, the humility they are showing with Windows 10 development and distribution which is a good thing I guess. I never had any doubts about mobile platform space being important for Microsoft despite what the critics say. Because platform is an important factor in pushing your services like office to the market. If they lose their hold on platform, they will lose their position as chief productivity developer in consumer as much as enterprise world. And no cross platform apps will save them from that. To their credit, they truly are giving their best with Windows 10, with universal and cross platform more feature rich office apps, Cortana, critically acclaimed and well received windows 10 on desktops and bridging projects like Islandwood, Astoria, Centennial and Westminster for developers, more APIs, connectivity options and a better notification center and Edge browser for modern cloud computing, I can think of only a few other things that they could do. And that is, they have done a pretty good job with enterprise oriented platform development from where we stand. But in order to win over the market, Microsoft will have to reinvent itself in consumer market. There is only one thing that I agree with Tom Warren ever said, and that is enterprise friendly doesn't make for a good advertisement. It makes gadget something of a necessity to people rather than an obsession or love for technology. Consumers love flashy hardware. But even more so, they love flashy software. As such, Microsoft needs to improve on Groove Music and Movies&TV apps, the current versions are at best suited for US market only where everything digital is legally bought and protected via DRM policies. They need to make them suited for consumers of the rest of the world and as such need support for more containers and codecs, for video, audio and subtitles. Better meta data editing capabilities. Better indexing capabilities for finding locally stored content. They are spread on right step with gaming, but they need to support more gaming APIs to match that of android and iOS so that they could be easily ported on to Windows platforms. They need to bring Microsoft Edge support on par with Safari and Chrome. They need better background download and torrent download support. They need better camera and photo viewing and editing core apps. They need better media consumption apps in terms of sound and video quality. Then finally, hardware needs to be flashy too. Front facing stereo speakers with dedicated branding support, high quality speakers and headphones/amplifiers output. Great quality front and rear camera hardware. Flashy fit and finish of phone external. Flexibility like battery removable, micro SD changing shells, Qi, PSA, NFC, Miracast, USB OTG, Infrare, Bluetooth, Wifi direct, other connectivity support, high end SoCs with high grade CPU/GPU performance and RAM, and high bandwidth storage, RAMs and lastly but not the least high resolution AMOLED displays with accurate colour reproduction and viewing angles and range from low brightness to high brightness with sunlight readability enhancements and also a great battery life. Ofcourse, hardware capabilities are most OEMs jobs but it is at least Microsfts job to help OEMs get there by giving them a Stella platform to work with. But that is the kind of Competition that Microsft has to survive.
  • Man! Your response was a blog.
  • Surface Phone should be named the next flagship series, Lumia stays for middle and low range phones, Windows 10 Mobile is a new start for Microsoft!
  • I feel they are under utilizing what they gained from Nokia a little. I hope that Nokia feel is not completely lost, nor that daring to try and lead instead of following. Something designed like the N7/N8 would be fabulous with Windows Mobile
  • E7?
  • Daniel, I think I remember reading on here that there would be a smart cover accompanying the 950 XL. Is this your understanding and if yes, can we expect it to be available with the phones on day one?
  • A lot of people bitching about the new flagships... These are renders, they are not official shots of the phones. The leaked photos we do have don't show the entire phone. Frankly, I'm still waiting to see the actual phones. I like polycarbonate in the shell, means I don't have to use a case (my 920 and 1020 have been naked). The downgrade from 41MP to 20MP is fine in terms of IQ, and will mean a lot faster camera. The remaining questions are Continuum (along with Miracast stability, which I use in class for presentations) and W10M stability at launch. The current Insider build has some annoying issues, but some of that may be due to the older hardware of my 1020. I'll be getting a 950XL at launch to go with all my other W10 devices. Oh, and to start the flame war, good riddance to the death of Aero.
  • Looks like I'll suck it up and replace my 1520 with a 950XL until the Surface phone drops. I'm pretty confident it will blow the 950 away from both a hardware perspective and esthetics.
  • I read the whole article with a tension similar to someone sitting far away from his family and all of a sudden he got a telegram from them. C'mon Microsoft just give your best try! Lets not disappoint those people who patiently waited for all these years!!
  • seems from your article that even windows people aren't very confident about their strategy, by how Caposella has tried to avoid his direct answer bout his vision of four years from now...
  • That's how I read it. Basically "we've got a couple new things coming out, we think they're cool, but after that we'll just see what happens."
  • I still think the WP UI is the best out there, however I'm just so tired with everything else. My 930 will carry me for the next year but I'm thinking it's unlikely I'll be purchasing a WM device in 2016. At pretty much every step it looks like they've botched the strategy and the last 18 months has seen MS do nothing more than kill all momentum/hype. That sentiment is pretty much echoed even at enthusiast sites like this one and that's pretty telling. It'll be a miracle if MS turn this ship around, one I hope for but the last few years of failed deliver has taught me to be sceptical. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Rather embarrasingly I'm on fool count 3 just now!
  • This article + Capossela's comments are right on time. Sobering yet encouraging.
  • Encouraging? He basically said they done with Windows Phone but they will still release a couple flagships regardless. That doesn't sound encouraging at all. It sounds like the future of Windows Phone is murky at beast. They will probably put minimal effort into it going forward. It is probably time to get out as there are so many good phones available these days. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Shit im up a creek me and the wife need a new window phone (mainly her) and I don't think I can convince her to wait till mid Nov since im the one wanting a windows phone while she wants to get a new Samsung #&*%
  • If she wants a new Samsung then let her get one. They're just phones dude, no reason to impose your will on your wife Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Just because you've chosen to suffer, doesn't mean you should resign your wife to the same fate.
  • I feel ya man. My wife went over to iPhone two weeks ago after breaking her 1020. She loves it.
  • I do hope for a great business phone release that has a decent camera as being in the insurance / construction restoration industry it is impetrative for a good camera and one that can run programs that the insurance industry requires to do estimates. Almost all now only are using and have apps for IPhone which I hate to use and find very inconvenient , I believe this could be a big plus for Microsoft!
  • I'm really concerned because the 950/XL just aren't doing it for many of us.
  • I think that's quite funny, since we really have nothing but some specs, a few blurry pictures and some unconfirmed renders to go by.
  • These two phones from photo is too terrible.
  • I think WP users are dying breed. No one will move from Apple or Google. Slowly people are going to the Google eco system due to lack of stop support. I found myself wishing I had a bank app on my phone today... I hate to say it but I too am considering the switch.
  • Go for it, its not as though you miss out by going with the best current option.  There is no barrier to entry.  If eventually Microsoft puts out a good phone there won't be any advantages that a Lumia owner will have over Galaxy or iPhone owner if they decided to switch.
  • He also said that he's cut the marketing budget for Windows Phone and it shows! In fact, Microsoft never fully deployed an all-in promotional campaign for its mobile plateform.
  • I really do love hearing that Microsoft is catering to the fans of Windows Phone. However, with recent news, it appears that VZW customers may be left in the dark with the new flagships in November and potential Surface Phone next year. What about us? Please someone correct me if I'm wrong. I wish to continue using Windows Phone (10) but only if Microsoft manufactures the hardware.
  • Really like the new phones. With 3gb ram, 6 core processors and 21 mp cameras, with quick charge batteries and memory expansion the new iphone is already underpowered in comparison. And the s6 doesnt stand a tech chance against them. So well done Microsoft. I like the direction. Also entrigued to see a surface phone with rediculous power. cant wait. Windows 10 is becoming massive.
  • They will never draw in new customers with a phone priced the same as an iPhone or Galaxy. Face it, these new phones need to to undercut the competition or they again will EOL in 6 months like every other flagship. You don't survive, let alone profit by catering to your fans. What is the reason for that mentality. It I stupid! Steal away market share by low balling the others. Make it a no brainer for people that want an upgrade to buy your product. You can't tout the one experience across all devices if you can't get anyone to buy the devices!
  • Not that I completely agree with you, but on pricing, even worse thing is that I expect them to drop the price quite shortly after availability, like within 4 months.
  • Microsoft still sounds stupid! Companies in an effort to save money are giving employees stipens to use their personal cell phones for business and personal use. Ask yourselves these questions: How many of us carry two phones and how many if we do enjoy it? This is the same foolish stance OEM's take with computers; having a consumer line and a business line where the business units are ugly and the consumer units such as dells XPS desktops are beautiful. Costumers and corporate people are one in the same, so just make and sell beautiful computers from the start. This is one area where Apple excels..... All of their hardware is beautiful and they don't have a separatist attitude. All phones should be secure and beautiful whether it's consumer or business facing. Here in this forum, we're always talking about how Android is buggy and hackable, and here's Microsoft touting how the enterprise phone will be secure; from that's statement, what does that mean for the general consumers phone since they're trying then as two different groups of people? I don't know about your guys, but I have a work and personal phone, but use my personal for both because I get tired of having to carry two phones!
  • Spot on. I wonder who these msft chaps are talking to. Their Intel seems off...
  • Two audiences: business and flagships fans, very good. But do they realise that none of these categories even make up half of the devices sold in most countries. For that, they need mass market devices, which are usually low end and mid segment phones. Now from what we have heard, they will also focus on lower end but a substantial user base of mid end devices is being left out (people like me). Now some people may say that I can buy a non MS device, byt Why should I bother even buying a device that receives no loge from the oem post release?
    For that I'd have no choice but to rather go to oems like asus zenphone or xiaomi that make incredible devices in the budget.
  • flagships will likely continue on as next year's mid-tier, much like Apple does it
  • If they price the 950/xl around £300-350 that's about right for mid range looking devices sharing sources with the Moto x style. These are clearly not the top end, and I personally don't feel msft is ready with that offering. This is just to stop the bleeding took next year, when a surface phone drops. It's a shame - MSFT really is always "coming soon". They need to bring it and show competing sw and hw. Compromising is unacceptable, especially their competitors can produce beautiful, fully featured and ecosystem laden devices. MSFT pulled back for too long and now they need to for everyone to catch up. If those city/talkman renders are true (and they're just ruinous for now, nothing concrete) then MSFT really need to get their collective heads sorted. They're not going to convert entrenched users with that. Oh well, mid 2016 can't come soon enough as msft mobile sales are going to get scalped. And this kind of dithering is no good for prospective buyers as only fans are going to buy now and then buy a proper flagship next year. They're simply are not enough of them. Well we'll see...
  • Well, I hate to say it but I've jumped ship. My first smartphone 4 years was a windows HTC Trophy and I loved it. 2 yrs later at reup time, I went with a 928. Loved it even more. But with all the rumblings, and overall lack of serious progression in the app market all these years, I decided to look at the competition. I bought a Galaxy S6 Edge+ and WOW. Besides the obvious awesome hardware, it was all the apps that I finally realized I was missing out on. Sure, the main ones were there on WP as well, but its the little things: banking apps, mint bills, wall street journal, zino, slickdeals, HBO, Amzon video, foscam...etc. All of those little things really made it where I hardly have to use my actual laptop anymore whereas with WP, not so much. The live tiles I miss, but besides that, nothing.
  • If I never heard the word "apps" again, it would make me deleriously happy. Most people I know cram a bunch of apps on their phones when they first get them and then they never use most of them. I manage quite well without all of those. It was only a short time ago that we lived life just fine without a smrt phone period. Now we act like life is coming to an end because there isn't an app for our phone.
  • This guy just gave you a concrete list of apps he DOES use... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Hey I've seen at least one launcher on android that emulates the metro tile layout. Don't know if live tiles work as haven't tried, but maybe you can check it out. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Daniel, regarding the"surface phone" and its specs, are you saying the phone may have lower specs than the 950? Is marketing the only reason why it won't be considered a "consumer flagship?"
  • Probably it's gonna be an Intel based phone. They'd cleanup the business market with a phone utilizing a Continuum and capable of running win32 apps. Can you imagine having a fully fledged PC packed into a mobile device size suitable of making calls taking pictures and running all your desktop apps with ease? Awesome
  • Microsoft has DESTROYED NOKIA mobile division. This excludes the limitations and inability of Microsoft to run both HARDWARE and SOFTWARE business. Has anyone ever wondered as why they never release SURFACE tablets outside USA? Because they want other OEMs to make Windows tablets. May be this is the reason why they are downsizing their mobile division and may be this is the reason WHY THEY CAN NEVER BEAT APPLE.
  • Surface is so definitely being sold outside of US. Get your facts straight first and then make your weird assumptions.
  • Yeah, they can never beat Apple's multiple decades long reputation as desktop rejects.  The company saved by Microsoft in efforts to avoid antitrust litigation.  Fantastic analysis you've provided here.
  • The phones look fine to me, I just wish the 950 had a less crappy looking camera ring.
  • Yeah, I'm going to make my mind up about an unreleased phone by looking at a rendering and a blurry picture. 
  • Another day another "just wait". Ordered an iPhone 6S Plus. If Cityman turns out to be awesome, I'll sell the iPhone and come back. In the meantime, I'm sick of waiting. I've been on Windows Phone since my HTC Trophy. I have waited and waited and waited and waited on various things. Most notably apps and mobile payments, neither of which have materialized. Apps I wont blame MS for, but everything else is squarely on them .
  • I don't feel happy...we don't need a good phone for some people,another good phone for others....we need the BEST phone.
    If they create the BEST phone everyone will love it.
  • Give me Surface phone and I'll love you forever
  • I would love to see a phone late next year that combines the best of consumer and business in one device and offers dual SIM, so there doesn't need to be a decision between the two. Slap in your personal AND business SIM and you are good to go.
  • Most people are prejudging things... I didn't like 920 either at first... But once I saw it in real fell in love with it..... So judge once you see it
  • i'm already kind of tired of this, what about the band 2? will it be ugly as fu** too? I don't really care for this outrage of today, as long as they continue to develop the OS I'm good, one day I wish I can buy a w10 mobile pro rom and flash it on whatever phone I like, if ms keeps making awesome lumias that's a huge plus too :P
  • Hmm no real mention of value or affordable phone segment. Guess it will once again be Windows phones available for the rich. Guess you high-end types that love exclusion will be practically orgasmic.
  • For the last two years, pretty much every Lumia was in that category. Don't quite get your problem...
  • My problem sir is that it appears in future Microsoft is abandoning their commitment to that segment. So if i want a Windows phone ill either be paying a huge price upfront for a premium model or ill be forced into going back on contract. I guess after my 640 craps ill be back on android. That SUCKS.
  • Or you could see what OEMs are doing. After all, Microsoft is pulling back from that segment to open it up to them.
  • Surface Phone has to become THE flagship phone.  The 950 twins look disgusting and cheap. 
  • A phone/ phablet that can run Win32 applications, I'd buy that.
  • Daniel any word on a Lumia 1020 successor?
  • I trust AT&T. Soon they'll roll out the updates for my Samsung Focus and HTC Titan.
  • Microsoft has DESTROYED NOKIA mobile division. This exposes the inability of Microsoft to run both HARDWARE and SOFTWARE business. Has anyone ever wondered as why they never release SURFACE tablets outside USA? Because they want other OEMs to make Windows tablets. May be this is the reason why they are downsizing their mobile division and may be this is the reason WHY THEY CAN NEVER BEAT APPLE.
  • The repetition of your comment still doesn't make it true. Surface tablets ARE being sold outside the US.
  • They have a sniff too much a white powder...
  • Windows phone needs more features for high end phones like split screen multitasking like windows 10 desktop, stylus holder built into phone. What's the point in a 8 core processor/ 4gb ram if you can only do the things the Lumia 925 is able to do. Microsoft says they're making phone for current fans but they've introduced no killer features that can attract new fans AKA market share
  • To me it looks like they are throwing in the towel in consumers' segment and want to try their luck with the businesses.
  • When iPhone introduced finger scanning log-in, it was considered a major feature. Why wouldn't something like windows hello wouldn't be a major feature then? Why is split screen a major feature and continuum using two screens is not?... Just examples :)
  • I am throughly enjoying 1020, 930 and 1520... Exisisting apps on store may not have full features but I never felt lack of apps... I see lots of potnetial in wp10... but I really dont want to buy a low end phone...
  • We will never bow down to no one
  • So you'll bow to everyone?
  • Lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • .
  • I'm gonna give Microsoft yet another chance. Still holding on the dream of synergy across multiple form factors. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The cloud has already solved that issue. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  •     Good old Microsoft... everything is always just around the corner. I'll give them until the release of the 950's. After the 940's I think the 950 will only be received that much better. And the apps... I want to see universal apps. So MS... the timing is ripe. Especially after the lackluster Apple offerings. If you aren't on the upswing by June/July of 2016... adios.
  • I'm fine with my 930 (10512 preview build), but the 950 XL has to be under £350 SIM-free to tempt me.
  • Why can't people just wait for the official release and then comment how they look? We hardly got any real-images, these renders are only to give an idea Just sit-back, realx and wait for the release, then check them out in store or video-reviews!
  • Because we're tired if waiting and tired of seeing nothing. Look at the past year's Windows phones vs iPhone 6 and the Galaxy Edge.
    We got nothing but words.
  • Everything in them is great except the design tbh, looks like a low end Lumia, "premium" phones needs to look and feel premium
  • Being an Android user and love my S6, former WP fan...if Microsoft were to offer Android with Microsoft baseline and models more entrenched with windows 10, as well as rub Android apps id be 100% onboard. There's no reason why Microsoft cant build windows ontop of Android as a mobile platform. I really hope they go that route, a lot more people will consider a windows phone mixed with Android. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nokia flagship was better camera phone with carl zeiss optics and XENON flash (best taken photo on sunset, all led flash does not light enough :( )...
    Now better of Nokia 1020 camera flagship still no :( :( :(
    Still waiting new flagship or... going to other manufacturers :(
  • Hay what's that phone on the main pic
  • Another day another "just wait". Ordered an iPhone 6S Plus. If Cityman turns out to be awesome, I'll sell the iPhone and come back. In the meantime, I'm sick of waiting. I've been on Windows Phone since my HTC Trophy. I have waited and waited and waited and waited on various things. Most notably apps and mobile payments, neither of which have materialized. Apps I wont blame MS for, but everything else is squarely on them.
  • Later. Now you can join imore cental
  • "we want to have a beautiful phone for you".... If he means the 950's then that's just a huge letdown.
  • Great that they're focussing on fans. Just remember a lot of those fans - such as myself - are ex Nokia customers and expect a good camera. Doesn't have to be cutting edge but does need to be on a par with the best of the rest, i.e LG G4
  • Other than weight, to me , Lumia 920 is the best designed phone yet from Nokia ! I love this plastic than any kind of metal. MSFT should learn from it and improve up on.
  • Same here bro, and i Like the weight it tells me i have something in my pocket. I wanna have a 930, but i cant seem to find a good deal for it in the US.
  • I'm confused about this section onwards...
    On Windows 10 Mobile for enterprise - Hints of a 'Surface phone'? <SNIP> Since this enterprise-focused phone is not a consumer flagship, it reasonable to assume the specs will be very good, but not out-of-the-ballpark expensive.
    So now you do think the SurfacePhone won't necessarily be a high-end consumer "&" business device (ala SurfacePro series); But rather a few notches down spec (& price) wise, compared to their more consumer geared series of top-end phones? (i.e. not so much 950[XL] but devices arriving after the SurfacePhone)
  • Yah, for me too, I would rather have them the other way around. The Surface should be the highest most innovative phone and the Lumia can be mid to low.
  • "If you love Windows 10, if you love your Windows 10 tablet, or Surface, or laptop, we want to have a beautiful phone for you, something you'd be incredibly proud of that's going to have the same experience across your devices, the same apps will run on the phone as run on your Windows 10 laptop or tablet."   I know I'm starting to sound like a broken records but heck, Microsoft insists in their delusion. I really like my Windows PC. And my Surface. But I do NOT want a Windows Phone. I really like my Android. And you know why? Because unlike what they call a Windows phone, my Android IS a Windows phone in the sense that it gives me the freedom that Windows gives me on my PC. Freedom that Windows Phone doesn't give. Also I DON'T want the same experience on a PC and a phone. I thought that was made abundanly clear to Microsoft by the massive flop that was Windows 8 and Metro UI. What I do on my PC is NOT what I do on my phone. On my phone I want to have a proper mobile experience and on my PC I want a proper PC experience. NO the apps I run on my PC are not the apps I run on my phone. Starting with the very very simply fact that I DON'T run apps on my PC. I run Win32 programms. And on my phone I run a bunch of apps that are NOT meant for PC/laptop use. "Universal" apps is a romantic concept but one that makes very little sense to extend beyond a PC/tablet concept. Mobile is NOT desktop and the experiences users want from both aren't meant to be the same. That's why, I believe, Android won. Because Android did what Microsoft was expected to do and couldn't. It brought the power and freedom of a Windows PC into mobile without trying to emulate it. That's why I also think Windows Phone will be gone in 4 years because 2.5% of mobile users aren't enough to justify Microsoft wasting money on it. And since Windows is now a service and the focus is on Microsoft's software offerings, a move to Android will only make sense for Microsoft. Things like the possible partnership with Cyanogen to integrate software like Cortana into Android phones is the path forward to Microsoft as far as I see it. Heck, Microsoft can even call an Android ROM with backed in Cortana and Microsoft services "Windows". And it will be more a real Windows phone than Windows Phone.
  • There are plenty of apps that can work across devices, and the Universal -concept is good for those, but certainly not all apps. Microsoft's best hope is to have the iOS and Android Bridges ready so that developers may bring mobile-specific -versions of their apps through those.
  • yep. nailed it right down! That is the truth buth many won't see it. A mobile device should have a mobile experience, not a shrinked down, badly designed desktop OS!! 
  • Really not happy with the cheap look of this high end phone. They should've copied the 930's modern look. I love looking at that phone. These, on the other hand, look like the old Nokia phones bus drivers in Pakistan have for like 2000rs. Lol Once fallen, will break or disassemble. Unlike the heavy strong phones such as the 920. Or even 930 per say.
  • New era begins.!!!
  • The 930 design was excellent as well as the lower spec 830 they should of just stuck with that.... but lets see what the new phones look like in the flesh first without casting too much judgement
  • Number one change: Universal wireless radio.  Unlocked phones eliminate carriers from restricting what Windows phones they offer for sale. Plus, users could jump carriers at will.
  • I've been big NOKIA fan my whole life just because of the excellent quality built and that always something extra that Nokia phones had and that others just couldn't start to imagine like "always one step ahead in Mpx count, integrated GPS receiver, free maps, TV tuner, FM transmitter, HDMI port, ecc..."   ... I own like 15 different models, came to WP just because of the OS change. I fear that MS has totally destroyed the "Nokia" quality and hi-tech features that Nokia once had. My current daily driver is Nokia Lumia 1020 which I think it's still a great phone but it's starting to get a bit old now. If MS doesn't come out with a successor or somewhat near successor, I fear that I'll have to jump ship soon to something else even though it kills me to say that lol... Hopefully Nokia in a few years will decide to renter the phone sector once again.    
  • 1 - Microsoft has no plans to release a successor to the Nokia 1020. It's a niche phone and doesn't fit with Microsoft's new focus. Only if by some miracle Windows Phone suddenly became a success and started getting a considerable amount of marketshare (namely 2 digits marketshare) would a successor to the Nokia 1020 happen from Microsoft.   2 - Nokia will be back this time next year. So your wait won't be that long. As for exactly what sort of smartphones will Nokia design, it's too soon to tell ;)
  • Let's hope for the best then.....
  • Wow you seem to know a lot about MS's & Nokia's plans & apparently you're psychic too.
  • And you apparently can't read. Or listen. I really hope it's comfortable there, under that rock where you live.
  • Actually you are living under the Rock.
  • Blah blah blah... You don't work for Microsoft, blah blah
  • Nokia has clearly stated their intent on returning, although the extend of it is still unknown and could very well be "far east -only" as it's been with their tablet. DR has said multiple times that MS don't currently have a 1020 successor in the works, and the comments from MS indicate that as well, although there is still a slim chance that one is being worked on.
  • That's cool.
  • Whatever happens, Microsoft can't get out of Windows Phones any more, 
    too much is on stake for their business as a whole.  Microsoft do not need to satisfy the fashion / hipsters crowd: 
    Microsoft have to satisfy the professional users 
    Microsoft needs to service those users
    who use Windows 10 for whatever they need it for 
    and just who want a good, "sober", partical, sturdy, capable smartphone
    that helps them to get their business (whatever that may be) done: 
    No need for advanced 3D holographic gaming or gold&diamond bells and whistles.  Microsoft "just" needs to provide a good, reliable smartphone which just simply does what it says it does.  And it would not hurt if Microsoft fully integrated a (Wi-Fi) SIP-service right into Windows Phone, 
    supporting several SIP-accounts concurrently. Customers wouldn't mind I gather.   
  • Delivering this holiday - so Christmas then?
  • Hopeless handsets, we re not happy with these design ie 950&950xl.
  • I saw THREE audiences: Flagship, business and low. Almost every Microsoft/Nokia phone out there is a low cost phone. Are they going to lose that market?
  • All I want is my 1020 successor.
  • I think Microsoft is Microsoft, and are not at all interested in the specialty camera imaging that Nokia was developing. Microsoft phones will have cameras competitive with other companies, but the 1020 "successor" will only come from something Nokia brings to market down the road. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • 1º: Remove Windows Phone 8.0 interface with 3 buttons at below(Android copy)! Windows's user experience was made at last 20 years with four elements: Start button; Taskbar; Desktop and Information's Central. So, we need bring this four elements to Phone.
    2º: Remove Back button and Search botton on Phones. Just the Windows Capacitive Button on Scrren, the Start Button. One Touch = Start Menu; Press and hold = Cortana - Search; Double tap = Start Screen and Double tap again = close session, torn off screen. Swip from the top = Central of Information. Swipe from below = Taskbar. Swipe from left = previous App. Swipe from right = next App.
    3º: Back botton will put on Tittle Bar at Left Corner, for all Softwares. See Twitter App for Windows 10.
    4º: Remove Hamburguer Menu and Etc Menu. Windows Classic experience was made with Bars, so Title Bar And Command Bar (with picture and subtitle to explain theses).
    5º: With this New Interface, an App made for Windows will be a Software for Windows, all these will be Universal, because now just exist One Interface Model to build Apps and will use Pixel Effective Tecnology to scale.
    6º: Discontinuous win32 and XBox platform! Yes, now all softwares and games will be made for Windows, and all will be executable at all devices: computers, tablets, phones, holografics and etc.
    7º: Keyboard and mouse support for all devices, include XBox One. Now, no one is "console" or "PC" gamer. All will be Windows Gamers!
    8º: Joystick support for all devices. Yes, all games could be played on Phones.
    9º: Cross buy payment! Apps and games bayed on Store could be installed in all devices.
    10º: Unified Windows Experience and bring all Windows Classic Programs to Windows Store!
    11º: Open .NET and C#, support Monocroos, Cocos2d-x and Cocos2d-XNA. Now, developers can easily port their code from others platforms.
    12º: Include Clang and suport Swift and Objective-C languages on Microsoft Visual Studio when Apple Open theirs. Yes, all softwares could be build native to both enviroments, Windows and Macintosh (iOS and macOS).
    13º: Don't suport Java language! This will force them use HTML5 standart to build web applications.
    14º: Smile... Microsoft is back on the field!
  • Just tell us what we are looking at with the Surface phone. I'll wait if it is pretty much a better phone. I dont feel like dumping money into the 950XL and finding out it pales compared to the Surface Phone.
  • They're just not building the phone I want that Nokia used to... the camera flagship like the 808. I also need one handed use like the 808 gives or other phones such as the Z5c or the iPhone 6.    I just don't want these 5 inch+ phones and all the smaller phones will be budget devices, so Windows Phone is a no no for me.
  • Sad times for me. I buy Lumia devices primarily for two reasons: 1. A focus on imaging excellence. Pushing boundaries and leading the competition. 2. Unique hardware design - colourful, attractive and practical. Rumours, leaks and common sense suggest that these things are no longer the focus for the Lumia line. MS are all about convergence and productivity and while I don't doubt the hardware will be nice and the camera very good, I'm not seeing the things that used to genuinely excite me about high end Lumia announcements. Still, I accept that they feel this is best for their business, I just don't feel like the platform is compelling enough [for me] to relgate the device to a blank canvass on which to promote the software. However, I will stick around and see what gets announced before completely giving up. I hope to be proven wrong, but I don't expect it.
  • 1º: Remove Windows Phone 8.0 interface with 3 buttons at below(Android copy)! Windows's user experience was made at last 20 years with four elements: Start button; Taskbar; Desktop and Information's Central. So, we need bring this four elements to Phone.
    2º: Remove Back button and Search botton on Phones. Just the Windows Capacitive Button on Scrren, the Start Button. One Touch = Start Menu; Press and hold = Cortana - Search; Double tap = Start Screen and Double tap again = close session, torn off screen. Swip from the top = Central of Information. Swipe from below = Taskbar. Swipe from left = previous App. Swipe from right = next App.
    3º: Back botton will put on Tittle Bar at Left Corner, for all Softwares. See Twitter App for Windows 10.
    4º: Remove Hamburguer Menu and Etc Menu. Windows Classic experience was made with Bars, so Title Bar And Command Bar (with picture and subtitle to explain theses).
    5º: With this New Interface, an App made for Windows will be a Software for Windows, all these will be Universal, because now just exist One Interface Model to build Apps and will use Pixel Effective Tecnology to scale.
    6º: Discontinuous win32 and XBox platform! Yes, now all softwares and games will be made for Windows, and all will be executable at all devices: computers, tablets, phones, holografics and etc.
    7º: Keyboard and mouse support for all devices, include XBox One. Now, no one is "console" or "PC" gamer. All will be Windows Gamers!
    8º: Joystick support for all devices. Yes, all games could be played on Phones.
    9º: Cross buy payment! Apps and games buyed on Store could be installed in all devices.
    10º: Unified Windows Experience and bring all Windows Classic Programs to Windows Store! Phone and Tablet will be exactly the same experience.
    11º: Open .NET and C#, support Monocroos, Cocos2d-x and Cocos2d-XNA. Now, developers can easily port their code from others platforms.
    12º: Include Clang and suport Swift and Objective-C languages on Microsoft Visual Studio when Apple Open theirs.
    13º: Don't suport Java language! This will force them use HTML5 standart to build web applications.
    14º: Smile... Microsoft is back on the field!
  • I was enjoying this article right up to: "If you love WIndows 10... we want to have a beautiful phone for you, something you'd be incredibly proud of...", but then you show this butt-ugly stepchild from the Nokia/Microsoft divorce; not pretty enough to be Lumia and nearly all utilitarian like Microsoft.  Please kill the 950s and move to Panos Panoy's phone.  Or this statement from Microsoft is just simply not true.
  • 1º: Remove Windows Phone 8.0 interface with 3 buttons at below(Android copy)! Windows's user experience was made at last 20 years with four elements: Start button; Taskbar; Desktop and Information's Central. So, we need bring this four elements to Phone.
    2º: Remove Back button and Search botton on Phones. Just the Windows Capacitive Button on Scrren, the Start Button. One Touch = Start Menu; Press and hold = Cortana - Search; Double tap = Start Screen and Double tap again = close session, torn off screen. Swip from the top = Central of Information. Swipe from below = Taskbar. Swipe from left = previous App. Swipe from right = next App.
    3º: Back botton will put on Tittle Bar at Left Corner, for all Softwares. See Twitter App for Windows 10.
    4º: Remove Hamburguer Menu and Etc Menu. Windows Classic experience was made with Bars, so Title Bar And Command Bar (with picture and subtitle to explain theses).
    5º: With this New Interface, an App made for Windows will be a Software for Windows, all these will be Universal, because now just exist One Interface Model to build Apps and will use Pixel Effective Tecnology to scale.
    6º: Discontinuous win32 and XBox platform! Yes, now all softwares and games will be made for Windows, and all will be executable at all devices: computers, tablets, phones, holografics and etc.
    7º: Keyboard and mouse support for all devices, include XBox One. Now, no one is "console" or "PC" gamer. All will be Windows Gamers!
    8º: Joystick support for all devices. Yes, all games could be played on Phones.
    9º: Cross buy payment! Apps and games buyed on Store could be installed in all devices.
    10º: Unified Windows Experience and bring all Windows Classic Programs to Windows Store! Phone and Tablet will be exactly the same experience.
    11º: Open .NET and C#, support Monocroos, Cocos2d-x and Cocos2d-XNA. Now, developers can easily port their code from others platforms.
    12º: Include Clang and suport Swift and Objective-C languages on Microsoft Visual Studio when Apple Open theirs.
    13º: Don't suport Java language! This will force them use HTML5 standart to build web applications.
    14º: Smile... Microsoft is back on the field!
  • 1º: Remove Windows Phone 8.0 interface with 3 buttons at below(Android copy)! Windows's user experience was made at last 20 years with four elements: Start button; Taskbar; Desktop and Information's Central. So, we need bring this four elements to Phone.
    2º: Remove Back button and Search botton on Phones. Just the Windows Capacitive Button on Scrren, the Start Button. One Touch = Start Menu; Press and hold = Cortana - Search; Double tap = Start Screen and Double tap again = close session, torn off screen. Swip from the top = Central of Information. Swipe from below = Taskbar. Swipe from left = previous App. Swipe from right = next App.
    3º: Back botton will put on Tittle Bar at Left Corner, for all Softwares. See Twitter App for Windows 10.
    4º: Remove Hamburguer Menu and Etc Menu. Windows Classic experience was made with Bars, so Title Bar And Command Bar (with picture and subtitle to explain theses).
    5º: With this New Interface, an App made for Windows will be a Software for Windows, all these will be Universal, because now just exist One Interface Model to build Apps and will use Pixel Effective Tecnology to scale.
    6º: Discontinuous win32 and XBox platform! Yes, now all softwares and games will be made for Windows, and all will be executable at all devices: computers, tablets, phones, holografics and etc.
    7º: Keyboard and mouse support for all devices, include XBox One. Now, no one is "console" or "PC" gamer. All will be Windows Gamers!
    8º: Joystick support for all devices. Yes, all games could be played on Phones.
    9º: Cross buy payment! Apps and games buyed on Store could be installed in all devices.
    10º: Unified Windows Experience and bring all Windows Classic Programs to Windows Store! Phones and Tablets will be exactly the same experience. Lumia will be a mini Surface, include design and touch experience.
    11º: Open .NET and C#, support Monocroos, Cocos2d-x and Cocos2d-XNA. Now, developers can easily port their code from others platforms.
    12º: Include Clang and suport Swift and Objective-C languages on Microsoft Visual Studio when Apple Open theirs.
    13º: Don't suport Java language! This will force them use HTML5 standart to build web applications.
    14º: Smile... Microsoft is back on the field!
  • You call this ugly phones a flagship
  • I think they really need to provide some clarity about forthcoming phones. They know what their manufacturing is going to create over the next two years, and I think it would be wise to tell us now roughly what all of those phones are - at least a general sense. For instance, I've owned 920 and 930. I want a 950/XL. However, I would be extremely disappointed if I buy one, and then a phone comes out in May which turns out to be significantly superior to the 950s. In short, I want to know for sure which phones are true flagships and when they're arriving, so that I don't jump in in November and then get burned for my support.
  • Bless you Dan Rubino.
  • They need to desperately do what they did with the surface and go after the high end market. Leave the low end to the other players and take on the high end to showcase windows in all of its glory on the phone. Then and only then can they build their next billion dollar business and take on iPhone instead of worrying so much about android
  • MS waiting on Windows 10 has killed all momentum
  • 2 segments? I thought they were 3 segments! Behaving like a chicken without a head......
  • It's value, flagship, business. Either three, or in another sense two (consumer vs business).
  • Just looking for a 1020 replacement/upgrade...and the 950 line isn't it... c'mon MS...
  • I also have a 1020,what are you looking for exactly
  • Well, by business phone maybe they mean Outlook and Office, Cortana and Windows services - oh, wait. . .
  • Thanks Daniel. Again, i go back to what powers mobile, taking pictures, social , and a GODAMN MUSIC APP THAT WORKS AND HAS ACTUAL FEATURES!! This is what i find so infuriating about MS, they have a fantastic music application(which has been copied by everyone, just like the surface is now) that they just threw away for what we have now. Its the reason i got into windows phone 5 years ago because of the Zune software. You wanna make your fans happy MS? Take Zunes software, make it a universal app rename it to groove and hit ENTER, NOT CTR ALT DEL. Oh and another thing, buy snapchat and squareup.      
  • All well and fine I still can't get past the "exclusive" thing. Reason why the galaxy and iPhones do so well is that they are not exclusive like I said before from the start of WP7 right up to WP10 every device I wanted was exclusive. So we settled for a device that we really didn't care for, but it ran windows this time around there is much to pick from. Really there are some very nice high end devices out right now even if it means using another OS I'm not going to settle for something less this time around our 5 phone family plan will most likely move on as the XL will be yrs exclusive.
  • This is the best, most upbeat, optimistic windows phone article I've read in a long time. Sure, it's nice to hear Satya Nadella committing to a mobile strategy, but it's even better to hear it in plain English from the guy who ultimately has to market and sell these new devices. Can't wait for next months new devices to launch :)
  • 925, 830 and 930 were amazing phones, looking very premium and great build quality. I'm not so sure about the 950 range and I think many in the windows phone community may wait for something better. They really screwed up from all the pics we have seen. Nothing premium looking compared to the 925, 930 and 830. I think I will hold off with my 930 till they get their head out their ass and make something the community want. They must have let go too many Nokia employees for this to have happened.
  • Windows 10 phones look interesting and I think they are going to be good..but for my 2 cents I will be holding on to my 1020 for as long as I can, just for the camera as I use it for work..hopefully a replacement will be coming in the future with windows on it...would hate to replace it with an android but if there's a camera phone with RAW my work will replace I think and make me go to android
  • No mention of what MSFT is doing to bridge the app chasm. Don't care if I'm proud of the hardware if I can't have many basic apps available on other platforms. Have been hoping for MSFT to deliver since w7 and Trophy.
  • Microsoft did enough,developers gotta do their part
  • Sorry....Windows 10 is not enough. Everything else is still talk. Has been for quite a long time now.
  • I think W10 mobile is going to be fantastic and the flagships look awesome...still don't know if WP will make it in the long run's hoping...
  • I think that the "Two audiences" thing is a bit of a false construct. There are PLENTY of corporate types wandering around with the exact same iPhones that high schoolers are brandishing or the same Galaxy Sx's as the IT geeks have. I think there is a lot of power in the seamless experience bit. I hope they realize, though, that hardware specs capture new customers and "the experience" retains them. Win Mob has a lot of capturing to do.
  • No one noticed lack of budget option being mentioned? Just enthusiast and enterprise. It's like Microsoft saying "no more great cheap phones like the 520 or 630".
  • I am a fan, count me in!
  • So, Microsoft is abandoning their strategy of dominating the low-end smartphone space? Or am I missing something here?
  • Still waiting for leaks of the 850.
  • And you would know for sure Lumia 840/850 would have old Snapdragon 615 chip rather than new powerful Snapdragon 620 or even Snapdragon 618 Processor processor. Snapdragon 620 processor is coming with Samsung galaxy A9.
    The heating issues, Mediocre graphics is a problem of Snapdragon 615 Processors.
  • Still waiting for leaks of the 850.
  • Excited to see what Microsoft is gonna offer but I'm temporarily switching for the year because of Groove issues. Best of luck. PS that Surface Phone has me drooling. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • @2tomtom:
    To say the pictures of Lumia 950 and 950 XL look uninspired is generous, to say the least.
    The prototype that can be seen in the picture in the article looks leagues better. It has the style of Lumia 800-1520, sans the curved glass sides, but that's still stylish enough!
  • Yay, I can't wait for the 950, their 2nd flasgship phone since the first one, the 920, which came out 3 years ago...
  • What about the mobile payment, they mentioned it before, but now, no one talk about it.
  • I honestly just want Windows Phone to load apps and content as fast as Android or IOS. I don't see why that's hard for Microsoft to do. they've been working with computers and phones longer than both of them but we still get "loading..." And etc. I'm... Upset :/ Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Can't wait ;)
  • Microsoft has to do something befre Nokia reappears in market. Most of them are still Nokia fans . Microsoft doesn't have fans moreover in phones because other than the OS for mobile their contributions in mobile manufacturing is not yet good..
  • Well, not only a drying up of hardware, but a visible drying up of the effort they seem to have been putting into the platform as a whole this past year or two. Meanwhile they can't seem to buddy up to the opposition with updated Apps fast enough. Hard to care about a platform when the company that owns it hardly seems to care themselves.
  • What will be great is when they actually debut they look nothing like these Renders and make apple and android fan boys drool.
  • I think they'd be better off cancelling those phones in the pic, and releasing a surface brand phone next year. Lumia is a bad name any ways
  • If they would make a rugged waterproof smartphone and sell it for $100 or less they would have a massive hit but all the phones they make crack... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Oneplus One
  • I really don't see the need for me getting a windows phone, I can use Bing, onedrive, and office on my android phone. So why should I switch?
    I get to use google services, Microsoft services, and soon apple services Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Oneplus One
  • I'm with you Microsoft. I believe in you.
  • Must have 6+ FHD inches, finger print reader and be able to play HearthStone.
  • Microsoft has been in need of a wow factor for quite sometime but now they are in need of a that's-fucking-insane factor.
  • I want an Intel processor phone, but still want it to be flagship style. Hmm....
  • I don't like the recent leaked photos. Please changed the design but it's too late. If this was started to manufactured.
  • Still don't know. If anything that says this is the last straw for hardware in the phone arena. If they don't make it, they'll still be there, just not as hardware but as service. This was said before a little less bluntly by Nadella. With these types of statements and with how strong their support is for competitor platforms, lead me to change my mobile device recently. I've been using Windows Phone since the Lumia 900, upgraded to a Lumina 920, have recommended WP to many others, but after several resets in their focus, enough is enough. I think the best Microsoft experience will be on iOS from now on. Their mindset is so strong, and their ecosystem is perhaps the most solid. Being a key developer for these types of markets are probably the most fruitful, and it pays to remain active for them. I mean look on the iPhone you get all their mobile office apps free, you get sway, you get the latest Skype, etch. WP? You have to wait for Windows 10, and even then, if the desktop/tablet OS indicates anything, these apps are broken while on iOS they remain pretty darn good. Been using a 920 since launch, waited for the next Windows Phone to upgrade to, and finally found it in the iPhone since it has more Microsoft Mobile apps than Microsoft's own platform.
  • I think MS no longer wants to increase it's current mobile marketshare. MS I believe would be happy just maintaining it's current share of the market.
  • Good camera may be niche for some but at the moment it seems that new 'flagships' will have lesser camera than L1520, when hardware and software both are considered.
  • Yea i loved windows phone once.. i bought when it ran 7, then bought a new one running windows 8, the n upgraded to windows 8.1... Then just waited long enough for 10, was caught between cyan and denim... kept waiting, saw every OS growing... waited... read the news, the articles, watched the videos, the events, the leaks........... then came to know... win10mobile is transforming to be more like win7mobile..... Dumped it bought nexus! I'm not waiting anymore for the 3rd world OS to get drowned and me getting drowning with it! Microsoft is dumb and boring when it comes to development of phone... though windows 10 on desktop is cool! And here i mean is only cool not great! Cause it lacks much! Especially for the outside US users!! Posted while running with the ninja cat
  • I wonder if those premium fan phones even be available outside US since they seem to be such a niche product.
  • I had to register just to make this comment as what other posters have said annoys me...
    What planet are you all on saying "the 950 looks cheap and nasty, screw MSFT I'm going to apple etc etc" Has it not occurred to anyone these are images made by someone with a computer, not actually of the real device???
  • I haven't read all the comments simply because I don't have the time, so maybe someone has already said this. The 950/950XL will have a 20 Mpixel camera, lots of RAM, 32 gigs of built in memory, MicroSD slot, removable battery, good processor, and many other quality features. But because the phone doesn't look pretty (at least the "renderings" don't), some of you people won't buy it? The same people that complain about the fancy, overpriced, underpowered iPhone? I guess I don't get it. I have the 1020. It's got a big ugly bump on the back to accommodate the 41 Mpixel camera. I don't care that it isn't an attractive phone because it has features that are important to me. I like the specs of the 950XL. The fact that the camera has a lower Mpixel is okay because the other features make it worthwhile. So what if it's not a fancy shiny phone like the iPhone. What it does is more important to me than the fashion statement it might make. If it looks like the published renders, it's good enough for me. If it's a nicer looking phone, then that's just icing on the cake. I find it ridiculous that some of you people will jump ship because these phones are not pretty.
  • So we should move to android or iOS??? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'm curious to see what Microsoft thinks the difference is between a great "consumer phone" and a great "enterprise phone."  I think such a distinction suggests a fundamental misunderstanding of the market.  Most enterprises have moved or are moving to a BYOD environment because people are willing and wanting to buy their own choice of phone and then use it for work, which saves the business the cost of buying everyone a phone.  There are some industries in which security does not permit BYOD, but that's becoming the exception rather than the rule.  Exchange software today allows enterprises to impose security restrictions that work well with just about any phone out there. I think MS would do better to forget about such a distinction and focus on building a phone that is great for consumers and for productivity, because that's how "enterprise" employees work today.  To me, that would mean a phone that has a stylus with Surface-like capability, as well as an amazing camera.  Perhaps Cityman will be that phone.  Or maybe the Surface phone. I will say this:  I love my Icon.  It's a great phone with an amazing camera.  The Cityman/Talkman have some better specs, but at some point it's overkill.  If I upgrade, I'll look at Cityman or Surface Phone.  But there's going to have to be a reason for me to upgrade, and so far, I haven't seen one.  But I'll watch the announcement carefully.
  • So I was talking to.. someone.. I mentioned the leaked renders of ctiyman and talkman and they laughed. They then implied that since microsoft aquired nokia they worked hard to stem any potential leaks internally and externally for varying reasons including employee redundencies. They went on to suggest there were a couple of renders leaked internally as red herrings to locate any potential leakers and used a tight number of images, to trace the leaks easier... I'm now unconvinced these so called official looking renders are entirely the real deal. They could be, but I dunno anymore.
  • I think it had to happen when you see how the Lumia 1020 or other flagships weren't a success. Microsoft cares about profit not losses.
  • Surface phone, galaxy, iphone. These should be the top phones in the game.
  • Daniel quotes Capossela as saying, "We're excited about the phones we're delivering this holiday for those customer segments... (the two audiences he kept referencing: Windows phone fans and business)." Doesn't this statement seem to indicate we're going to see more than just the 950s this holiday season?
  • Great approach. We need high class phone with long lasting battery. This will keep core user in windows eco system!
  • Implement MIRRORLINK!!! PLEASE!!! Phones WILL SELL!!!
    To get what I needed RIGHT NOW, I had to buy a refurb last year's HTC One M8 and IT WORKS!!!
    Try to KEEP UP! What good is next year's OS if it doesn't support last year's hot stuff??
    If I could confirm the Nokia X2 had MIRRORLINK, I would buy one.
    If the Lumia 640 had it, I would have bought one.
  • i understand what he is saying and im not leaving Windows until they stop. once again i understand what he is saying but until they show up to the dance in their absolute best dressed more ppl may leave,  hes not really saying much. im basically saying seeing believing for a lot of ppl wether it be consumers looking to switch to Windows or already windows fans/users getting tired, peronsally im here till the wheels fall off
  • Jury is out until October, so anything said before an official press release by Microsoft is heresay. But I have been looking for a device that has removeable/swappable battery & SD cards, is easy on the battery, can do LTE all over the place as I travel, and has a decent app ecosystem. I only use Slack, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, Telegram, Instagram, Feedly, Reddit and Pocket on a daily basis; And I've slowly started using MS OneCloud for my productivity needs since I can connect my NAS to it.  The thing that would pain me most is not having any access to Google Maps except through the web browser, but I have really strong suspicions that Google will reverse their decision and start making apps for the Win10 ecosystem, since now it's also targeting PCs as well.   
  • There´s nothing attractive on the new Lumias - they look, like many here wrote before, like the cheaper Lumia models 640 and so on. If i will buy an premium phone, not only the specs are interesting. I would like to have an outstanding design and premium material. 930 was something that satisfies these wishes. But not these two models... no curved glass on the front or another eye-catcher, no metal anywhere, the cameras are boring designed (old lumia 1020 design, the other one inspired by many china phones).Microsoft wants to say good bye to the mass of users, maybe they are offended, that the little innovations over the years since WP7, maybe since windows mobile not resulted in high sales success. As a windows mobile phone user since 1999 im disappointed to see, that there are so less efforts to build really beautiful phones. Many design offers are posted in the web, where we can see excellent styles for phones, which would be distinctive and premium. or this extremely good looking concept Many designers have made good offers...but nothing good enough for they will go back in the windows mobile times with making phones for business and little target groups.  
  • ...sorry - double post....
  • Dear MS, I wish you a nice period of keeping playing with your users,and thank you very much for giving me all the reasons to order the new iPhone 6s.    
  • Can they just stop with the plastics on flagships pls...
  • I really dislike the new phone designs. Im goin to see what they look and feel like in person, but if they don't do it for me I'll be switching back to iOS. Been giving MS second chances since Lumia 920 days.
  • Still waiting a phone with an awesome design like the 925, hands down the best looking windows phone ever. For what I can see from the insider preview nowadays, the mobile os look promising. We will see what happens in the next months.
  • Nokia 1520 still the best device in the globe.
  • Wow - I guess Daniel Rubino's editorial on Windows Mobile didn't reach out and touch someone (or slap them upside the head with a lemon-rind wrapped around a golden brick)...everything on this post is nothing but SPECUALTION - and for the slow-group, that means 'imaginary' in so many words.  The truth is, NO ONE knows what the 950/950XL really is going to be when and even IF it gets released (never thought of that did ya?  What if this whole 950/950XL postulation just gets dumped?  Ahhh...suck wouldn't it?). Reality Check:  If it looks like a standard or common 'plain old phone' - who cares?  The obvious pre-judgement on the device 'looking cheap' is based on a photograph that NO ONE KNWOS FOR 100% CERTAIN IS REAL OR NOT.  For all we know it is Vapor Magnesium like the Surface...with Gorilla glass 3 or 4 (whatever the new one is).  The bottom line is, it's what's under the hood and what is running ON the phone that matters.  We know Microsoft is taking their time to be sure Windows 10 Mobile is great.  So if they get those parts perfect - who cares if the body is plain jane?  As long as it is solid, reliable, and does everything it was promised to deliver, you have nothing to complain about.  What do you guys want the phone to do???  Make an omelete, make your toast, brew your coffee, and check your wife / girlfriend's ovulation cycle so you know when the right time is to conceive a child?!?!?!  Show patience - Microsoft is trying to make a massive turn-around from a very bad series of mistakes.  Give them a chance, and just hang in there.  These disucssions are becoming extremely counter-productive.  
  • This design cursed around in the last days and it seems, that these two devices would be released as we can see. So it´s natural, that not all are enthusiastic, maybe this would happen every new design. But here is the problem: This is not NEW, it´s the design of MS Lumias after the Nokia era. I´m happy for you, that you are pleased to get them in this way. But you have to live with the critic of very many users, who expect more for a premium price than a plastic body and a loveless outfit. Maybe the software will be good (at this time it is not in many categories in my mind, optical and technical), but i want more and i´m willing to pay more for premium material. Massive turn-arounds have been in the times of WP7, WP8 and 8.1, now with windows 10 has nothing to do with the design of the device. But you don´t want to get the technic of a ferrari in a body of a hyundai, if you have to pay the price of the ferrari. Thats a question of personal claims and style.
  • what about to    leverage to the competence,  is  even not acceptable   to us hear  that certain features  are not supported to the legacy model  series 20 of lumia like HDR when  the samer phone   can takes    with  smartcam an burst of pictures then is a joke that they tell us that HDR is not supported to the legacy models or even   rapid startup of lumia camera, that means that some  software is not really into deep integrated with thye system also     i find that  have not done anything spectacular MSFT  in those  years, more than Nokia did, now   MSFT is stuck and thinks that the Windows 10 MOBILE is   the big savior of the platform but what about if are stuck with the same devices and have nnot even coverage to other countries , in Chile get an Lumia  is  rather  impossible unless  you have to get it imported or by third parties that would bring an country variant but warranty  is just 3 months and not    real MSFT support, just i have today got an Sony Xperia M2 aqua because got sick of microsoft not doing nothing  about  WInodws Phone but the IOS, Android  apps  of msft gets more updates that even  the WP ones  also my phone  the Lumia 820 that have  was losing   camera sharpness and  was having  some incidents. of anyway will not even miss microsoft apps since   even Cortana will be on Android so  i would not miss anything, unfortunatelly    WP  is not an new OS and is unaceptable that      now  4 years later still having not apps and the gap of apps  is larger  and would get deepen by windows 10 mobile also ,  will come back to windows phone when   MSFT  start to  be serious and not play with us   saying that we are fans so   that mean that can  play with us   sending  even unfinished  OS and we would accept it, because as fans we are blind, i know that Android is gruyere cheese but at least have   the apps that i need and not third parties ones  will still using my Lumia   as  camera and    my  secondary  phone .
  • Did they fix the app drawer in Windows 10 to not look like the one in the picture? That is worst part of Windows Phone. Look at all the wasted space, it is so tedious trying to find apps. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Which phone is that!
  • Having fewer phones is a smart strategy. It's confusing to the consumers when there are too many choices. 3 would be fine. High end regular size, high end large size and cheap mid tier phone.
  • They need to build on the L640s as low in phones for now on, and these new flagship phones to be announced should be surfaces. The surface phone, then 2, 3, and so on for the future.
  • I'm here to the bitter end if necessary. I'll go to cans on a string before I switch to apple or google.
  • This is literally my last try with MS, my contract ends in May next year, if MS have an incomplete OS for mobile with anything short of killer hardware, then I'm afraid I'm out. Waited far too long.
  • Massively retrenched as in burying their heads in the sand.
  • "...a phone with Continuum and an Intel processor – possibly to run Win32 apps..."   It would be absurdely awesome.  
  • The removable cover on the new models makes a lot of sense if you recall how Microsoft is integrating 3d printing into W10.  If they make a series of 3d templates available that anyone can modify and print, that would be the most "personal" feature available on any mobile phone.
  • Yea it's going down , a new line of devices for Windows 10 mobile. Moving Away from the Nokia faction will prove successful , which is a must.
  • Windows 10 is awesome on my 640 and I'm ready for the new Premium Windows 10 mobile device to get in hand.
  • Photography was one of the best selling points! No one used to the Nokia camera quality will ever be happy with a phone that takes crappy photos, even if it is a wp. They should focus on this! besides a good design, which the leaked two devices DO NOT have!
  • As long as there is a Windows mobile OS I'll be using a Windows phone. Don't care if apps are missing, if the latest hardware is out of reach, or its only MS that in the game. I've decided to stick until the very end. May that end never arrive. I actually don't think MS will ever give up on this.
  • If what the article stated is correct and Surface phone is indeed not very pricey, it would make it an obvious choice for me. As of now, I was planning to give 950/950XL a miss anyway. I have bought 640XL recently and even though 950XL will be an upgrade, I don't mind the gap a lot. If Surface phone has a metal body,  (the then) Latest intel processor, good quliaty camera (which I am almost sure of) then it will be a no brainer for me. 
  • we'll wait for it, microsoft. still excited for WP10 though. so i ain't shifting platforms too soon. :)
  • Microsoft has made some nice phones, maybe even great, but their efforts in the mobile space have been tone deaf and compromising. Windows Phone users have been asking for the same things for a long time and they have yet to deliver any of them in the same phone. They can't possibly deelivere on every request but I will list what I feel are what people are expecting: The Best Camera Phone Having the best camera on a phone is no longer just a convenience, it is a requirement. A cameras megapixel size is far less relevant than whether or not the resulting picture is better than what Apple or Samsung are doing. Irrespective of the app ecosystem, the camera is basically a Kingmaker. You can literally have the best overall hardware and if your camera sucks you'll be an also ran (reference HTC). If Microsoft doesn't put forth the effort to have the best camera on a phone, it is already written. Enthusiasts want victors not contenders. Front Facing Stereo Speakers/Powerful Audio This, I think, is probably the easiest design decision a phone manufacturer can make. I have never seen a review where the reviewer said they wished the speakers were on the back or bottom of the phone. Instant props. No company looking to enter the market should be thinking of putting speakers anywhere else on the phone.  Also, make sure the phone has powerful audio drivers. A phone is an audio/visual and tactile experience. This is not the area to skimp on. If Microsoft wants us to be proud of their flagship, we need a victory here too. Fast Wired/Wireless Charging Built In People will really want to use a device they are proud of. The easier it is to keep charged, the better. Nobody wants to deal with hard to find accessories. Just build it into the phone. Fun and Games (The Promise of the Premise) Blake Snyder wrote a book caled "Save the Cat". It is a good book if you are into writing. How does it relate here? In the 3 act story structure, the Promise of the Premise happens in the beginning of Act 2. Essentially, it is the part of the movie that everybody is waiting for. Most of the images we see in the trailers for movies are taken from this point in the film. if you went to go see Batman, you want to see Batman in the Batmobile. You want to see his cape fan out into the silhouette of a bat as he drops from a roof under a moonlit sky. If you don't see these things, you will be left wondering if you just saw a Batman movie. So why are we using Windows phones? Because we are loyal? If that is the Windows story, Microsofts Act 2, they may as well quit. Apple has proven time and time again that the Apple story is Apps. When people think of the iPhone, they already know they will find quality apps. Google's story is services. Half of the top 10 apps by use are Google Apps (YouTube/Google Search/Google Play/Google Maps/Gmail). On top of that Google is also about customization and building the experience an individual wants. Does any such story exist for Microsoft? What is it people envision that they will be doing when they pick up a Windows Phone? The first thing people will probably imagine is something to do with Office. The problem there is that Microsoft just got off an Apple stage assuring people that if they choose to go Apple, Office will still be available. Office isn't positioned to be Microsofts exclusive story.  Microsoft basically beta tested Windows Phone on music enthusiasts. But really. Please don't attempt to make Groove in it's current form your story MS. Besides, while Groove really should be improved, nobody is going to choose Windows Phone because of it at this point. Universal Apps? Maybe. The problem is that you can't really sell that as a story as long as the majority of Windows Phones in the wild can't take advantage of concepts like Continuum. But at least it's a start.  Basically, I listed this last because it's the hardest thing to do even though it is the most necessary. Microsoft needs to figure out how to tell the Windows story, so that as soon as a person picks up a Windows Phone, Act 2 begins.  
  • This is all well and good, but of all the groups at Microsoft I trust, their marketing group is the very last source I would rely on useful information.
  • Trying to figure out why I received the email for this article today when it is 7 months old, although I was wondering what Microsoft is doing with Mobile these days.
  • Hahahahahaha.... Retrenching.... them a phone that they can be "proud of"... LMAO