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Microsoft's Cityman and Talkman flagship Lumia phones and what you need to know

Over the last few weeks, rumors of Microsoft's upcoming flagship Windows Phones have been circulating the internet. Obviously many of these rumors contain half-truths or are just plain false. The referenced phones are codenamed Cityman and Talkman, and it is time to set the record straight on their specifications and features.

The first accurate reporting of Cityman and Talkman go back to April 17 when Blog Jack published exact information about the two devices.

Since then, I have been able to fill in the gaps and will complete most of the picture. To be clear, the information contained below is confirmed with multiple sources and I have the highest confidence in its accuracy. However, like all leaks, some of this should be treated with caution as plans can change.


Below are the main hardware attributes of both phones with some added details.

Talkman (Lumia 950)

  • Matte White or black polycarbonate body
  • 5.2 inch WQHD (1440x2560) OLED display
  • Snapdragon 808, 64-bit Hexa core
  • Iris scanner (infrared) for Windows Hello
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 32GB of internal storage with a microSD card slot
  • 20MP PureView rear camera
  • 5MP Wide-angle front facing camera
  • 3000 mAh removable battery
  • Qi wireless charging with flip cover
  • USB Type-C

Cityman (Lumia 950 XL)

  • Matte White or black polycarbonate body
  • 5.7 inch WQHD (1440x2560) OLED display
  • Snapdragon 810, 64-bit Octa core
  • Iris scanner (infrared) for Windows Hello
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 32GB of internal storage with a microSD card slot
  • 20MP PureView rear camera with triple LED flash
  • 1mm silver ring inside the circumference of the black camera pod
  • Aluminum side buttons
  • 5MP Wide-angle front facing camera
  • 3300 mAh removable battery
  • Qi wireless charging integrated
  • USB Type-C

Naming – Lumia 940 or Lumia 950?

Although both phones go by the internal codename Talkman and Cityman these obviously won't be their marketing names. Many have referred to these devices as the Lumia 940 and Lumia 940 XL, however, Microsoft is considering jumping a model number and calling them the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL.

I have been unable to confirm just yet if that this naming scheme is finalized, but considering Microsoft skipped Windows 9 to go to Windows 10, there is a precedent for such a move. It would also imply a greater break from the x40 lineup, which began a year ago.

The name change will be decided by September.

Lumia 950 XL cover and pen

Accessories – Pen and Smart Cover

The Lumia Cityman aka Lumia 940/950 XL will optionally have a Surface Pen and smart cover. These will not be sold with the device but as extras. The Surface Pen looks exactly the same as the current silver Surface pen available for the Surface Pro 3.

The smart cover is very reminiscent of the one that came with the ASUS ZenFone 2. It has a large circular see-through area for calls and notifications to be viewed and the pen can clip to it. The case comes in black, silver/white or brown.

The photo above is a recreation of what this case and pen will look like with a Windows 10 Mobile device.

Iris scanner for Windows Hello

Both phones will have an iris scanner to unlock the devices. This hardware is part of the Windows Hello feature in Windows 10, and the experience should result in less than one second to unlock the device.

However, we have heard, and I have said before that this feature may not work when the devices are first released. Instead, both phones will need a software update that may come a month or two after release.

Continuum and 'Munchkin'

Another optional accessory is codenamed Munchkin as we revealed a few weeks ago. It is a docking station with USB and display ports that can connect to these phones via USB Type-C. This accessory will let the phone use the Continuum feature to project onto a computer display with mouse and keyboard support.

Reported price for this accessory is $99.

Interesting side trivia: Continuum for the phone was codenamed Wizard-tinman, obviously it and Munchkin are references to the Wizard of Oz.

Mockup of Lumia 950 XL

Hands-on experience

The above render made by Windows Central for Cityman (Lumia 950 XL) is a combination of eye-witness reports, sketches, and internal Microsoft documentation.

Although I have personally seen internal documentation about both these phones, including images and specifications, I have also spoken to sources who have seen and examined Cityman aka Lumia 940/950 XL in person. Here are their thoughts:

  • Very thin (7-8mm) and light
  • Massive, removable battery that is the thinnest they have ever seen
  • "Sexy as hell."
  • Looks like a combination of the Verizon Lumia 928 and Lumia 830 (camera housing)
  • Completely square handset
  • The front glass covers the entire front, non-curved display
  • Volume up and down keys separated by power button
  • Dedicated camera button

Release Dates

We continue to believe that both phones will be presented to the public at the IFA conference in Berlin in early September. Actual sales of the phones will likely begin in the October/November time-frame. However, Talkman (the non-XL version) will likely go on sale first with the XL variant coming a few weeks later.

Update:: Windows Central now believes these devices will be announced either in late September or in October at a larger, Microsoft-only event. The release to market timeframe of late October or early November remains, however.

As I have previously revealed, both phones should contain universal GSM radios letting Microsoft directly sell these devices unlocked to consumers including in the US.

In terms of which carriers in the US will sell which phones, it is not entirely clear. We have reports suggesting AT&T will sell only Talkman aka Lumia 940/950. Verizon may be one of those carrier relationships that are ending with Microsoft due to it not being beneficial according to our sources (see Bloomberg 7/8/2015 for original, non-specific reference).

Honjo, Saana, and Guilin – Cancelled

On June 20th, Evan Blass aka Evleaks tweeted about numerous other Lumias in the works by Microsoft. Although details were scarce, their codenames were revealed as Guilin, Honjo, Saana, and Saimaa.

The codenames are accurate and were planned devices but not soon after three out of four of those were cancelled by Microsoft, specifically Honjo, Saana, and Guilin. The cut was likely related to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's announcement about their restructuring and refocus on Windows Phone hardware.

Earlier today, WMPoweruser reported on alleged specifications for the Lumia 850, 750 and 550. Although I cannot verify their authenticity of those specs, these are the now cancelled Honjo, Saana, and Guilin phones.

However, this leaves the Lumia device codenamed Saimaa still planned. Although exact specifications are not yet known for this device by us, it is a Lumia 6xx successor and part of the continued budget device lineup. Release for this phone is not yet finalized although it is considered an FY16 project.

Update: Following this story, Windows Central learned that Saana has been un-cancelled likely due to a shift in strategy. The phone is not expected until early 2016, however:

Microsoft 'Saana' Lumia un-cancelled and an old Lumia 830 prototype leaks


People who have seen the Cityman/950 XL phone have had nothing but positive things to say and came away impressed. Specifically, this Lumia does not weigh much at all and is very compact considering it is packing a 5.7-inch display. In other words, this phone continues to buck the traditional Lumia stereotype of being cumbersome and bulky.

Both phones are likely to ditch 'Microsoft' lettered branding on the back and instead use a chrome Windows flag akin to the Surface 3. Microsoft will still be written on the front of the phone above the display and below the earpiece.

In terms of hardware and design, both phones are meant to show off and highlight everything in Windows 10. They do not veer too far from current Lumia designs, but they do improve upon many of the shortcomings of previous releases. For instance, the inclusion of 32 GB of internal storage and a micro SD card is something many users have asked for in the past. Likewise, with the inclusion of a Surface pen for the larger, XL version.

At the very least, both phones should temper concerns that Microsoft cannot make impressive Lumia Windows Phones. Of course, like all releases, the devil is in the user experience and that remains to be seen.

Daniel Rubino
Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • I hope people are happy with the design and spec choices of these devices. I think Microsoft is onto a good thing here and they should spark some interest from non-Windows Phone users.
  • I know I am. Not enough Thin + Swappable Battery designs out there. I was already impressed with the 640 having commendable build and thinness without it having to sacrifice battery.
  • Except for not integrated Qi in 950. I don't want a flip cover for my phone.
  • I agree, but hopefully soneone will figure out how to "hack" the Qi coil inside the housing like they have with other models.  Having a removable back will definitely make that easier.
  • Honestly the new chipsets support quick charge 3.0. 
    My phone goes from 20% to 70% in about 20 minutes.
    That is way more convient then a slightly 'better then' trickle charge.  I loved being able to set my phone on a charging plate but it's hardly a deal breaker if I don't have to worry about charging my phone much at all.     
  • I want both! :)  
    Wireles is really handy on the nightstand, just drop the phone down and not have to fidget with any cable. For overnight charging, it doesnt matter how slow it is as long as its ready to go in the morning.
  • My experience and wants is the same. However, the switch to USB-C might make the cabled way not so bad since there's no "wrong way" to plug it in.
  • Exactly pallentx!
  • Both!!!
  • Yep, wireless is really nice, I also suspect that slower charging is good for the life of the battery too.
  • The quick charge would be great, and USB-C will alleviate the slight annoyance of making sure it's plugged in correctly.  Hopefully the OS will support quick charge.  The speed of wireless charging depends on how many coils are inside the device/charge plate.  With my 930 I either get the same or slightly faster charge using wireless than wired.  I do have a wireless charger at home and work, but I'll only have 1 USB-C cable.  So I'm all for the integrated wireless charging.
  • FYI, QI 2.0 is coming and it supports backward with support up to 15W of power. Btw, a QI back is good enough for me, please provide BOTH options of QI back and QI back flip cover.
  • Maybe so, but Glance is great as a Nightstand clock if you have A) an Amoled screen and B) a Nokia Qi Charging stand. Trickle charging overnight and ready by morning, and you don't have to plug it in anywhere at all, so speed doesnt matter.
  • None of these specs or images matter if they aren't coming out on Tmobile, (I need the wifi calling for 2 clients and one college I work one gets reception.)
  • Oh no, don't say glance. Thats one of those handy things I really would love to get back on a future phone, since I had to say goodbye to my Lumia 920 and Lumia 1020 (that Camera I'm missing the same way) wish back as well. I would even be willing to spend alot of additional money, if there were a way to to change the display into a glance-compatibe one. But this will most like not beeing possible at all.. My very Personal Flagship should have integrated QI, Glance and for minimum a 1020 Cam.
  • So much this; I used my 920 in the same way. Of course, the only thing that could have made it better is an Amoled screen (to reduce the brightness put off my by the LCD backlight at night), unfortunately the 930 had one but not the other. A new flagship with both of these, and integrated wireless charging would have me sold, no question. Throw in front facing speakers and you've got the ultimate mobile experience.  
  • Agreed. I only found the wireless charging beneficial on my old 920, when I was going to sleep. Other than that, I preferred wired connection. I am eager to see what these new phones will look like in person and how they perform. Although, having the Surface pen is nice, MS should make a smaller version of the pen and they probably will, which could be why they are selling it separately and not with the phone itself. The Surface 3 pen is a bit cumbersome to carry around with a phone, even if it clips to the flip cover. Coming from my 1520 the XL version will be a nice upgrade. I just hope ATT will sell both versions. It will sell more, if people have size options.  
  • What difference does it make whether AT&T carries it. You can buy it somewhere and it will work just fine on AT&T.  T-Mobile forced AT&T to offer no-contract plans and you get a lower price to boot.  The difference in price covers the cost of the phone which was built in to the two year plan - and forces you to buy from AT&T for a somewhat crippled phone loaded with bloatware designed to dig even more money out of you each month.  (FWIW, I save $45/month by supplying my own phones which more than makes up for the "savings" from AT&T's contract plan).   <TED>
  • And this is what I don't get... I have had At&t for years. My husband and I paid $120/mo when we were under contract. We are now out of contract and still paying $120/mo. If I renew my contract, instead of paying $600 for a device, I may only pay $200. But my plan is still going to cost $120... So idk how people are saying its cheaper to be off contract.
  • You need to call AT&T and switch to the new Mobile Share Value Plan, that discounts the smartphone line access fee. That is how you get a cheaper plan if you bring your own device. Since you have completed your contract, the devices are now yours, and you can get to that plan. Another benefit of the Share Value Plan is rollover data, so potentially you could get by with a smaller data plan.
  • For every month past your contract termination date, you've been getting hosed.  As soon as your contract period was over, you either should have renewed witha  new device (happy upgrade), or switched off the contract price onto a prepaid plan (because you own your phones now)--in which case, happy savings. For two lines, my wife and I were paying $145/month.  As soon as our contract was up, we went to a prepaid plan (same data amounts, etc.) and were paying $80 per month. Hope this helps!  Stay informed!
  • Well this post has got me way excited to buy a flagship 950 .!! Man.! Hope so design of 950 is also sexy as hell hopefully it will be the smaller version of 950XL.!! Daaaaaamnn pretty excited XD
  • Yep. Like with the Lumia 925. Always wondered why Nokia did not integrate the wireless charging: with mod it has always been working flawlessly. Like it was meant to be like that.
  • Ugh, I couldn't agree more. I guess I'll have to reserve judgment until I see and hold it, but flip cases generally are not all that protective for drops, and make left-handed use of the phone more difficult. I'd rather have the device be a little thicker and heavier, since I'm going to slap a thick case on it, anyway.
  • Stop dropping your phone :P
    Edit: LOL... Just read your screen name. That's hilarious!
  • "Iris scanner may not work when the devices are first released" - DEAL BREAKER ( I really hope they won't do this ) ... Other than that.. I'm okay with the specs and design.. I'm in for Talkman/950 .. SD810 !!!!= Bad reputation ( and I dont expect it with these devices.. I don't think 810 can handle Continuum, MS did talk about it and said continuum requires new hardware.. 810 is not New ... )
  • What is new then. That is available.
  • i'm pretty sure they meant new as in not current hardware. the newest SOC in any current windows phone is the 801 (iirc) in the htc m8
  • You just broke my heart :-/
  • U wot m8!?
  • They may have been refering to the phones themselves when talking about Continuum requiring new hardware
  • Or may be referring to the external dock aka Munchkin ... It's still a mystery.. And 810 is not something I'd like to have on a High-End smartphone ( I'm paying a good amount of money.. And I expects a decent spec.. if 810 with W10M has no heating issues.. Then I'll be okay with that.. But not those who are at least planing to switch from Android(if there is any) ... Android + 810 was horrible.. And those Android fans won't be convinced with 810 in the spec..)
  • What's wrong with the Snapdragon 810, Qualcomm's current top of the line SoC? The 820 is not even on the market yet, so the 810 is perfectly fine. And don't compare 810 on an Android to 810 on Windows Phone. It's not the same experience. Windows Phone is far more optimized than Android could ever hope to be. Also, consider that OnePlus has been working directly with Qualcomm to improve the 810 to prevent overheating (dubbed, but not marketed as, the 810 v2). They will be using the 810 in their upcoming OnePlus Two flagship device. Now, if you're thinking about the 801, which is currently in the One(M8) for Windows, then you would be forgiven for not wanting that in a new flagship phone, especially since it over a year and a half old and has already been replace by the 805 (available in the Nexus 6), the 808 (which absolutely shines in the LG G4), and the 810 (the powerhouse behind the new One(M9)).
  • Had MS had their recent phone epiphany earlier in the year, I think we would have had 820s in the devices. Much of the problem is the perception that people have of the 810. That horse leaves the stalls on the back foot and carrying heavy baggage. Even if the 820 offered no performance improvement, it should still have been the processor of choice. The concept of Windows being a better behaved os is less critical to the problem. My 920 may be great most of the time, but there are times when it can get hot, the 930 also has issues. Yet neither have a processor that has thermal issues. The 810, and that includes v2.0 and 2.1 are both known for issues. It id likely that I will still get the Cityman, but I can't pretend they have not missed a trick.
  • I believe the issue people are referring to with the Snapdragon 810 is the overheating issue that seems to be rampant in every phone using it. I don't have a phone with this chipset nor does anyone I know so I don't have firsthand knowledge.   These articles are just examples of the purported issue: Here and here  
  • The only issue I have heard people speak about in regard to the 810 is the purported heating issue. I don't have a phone with this chipset nor does anyone I know so I don't have firsthand knowledge. Android has always been less optimized than other phone OS so I at least still have hope that if there truly is an 810 in the new Windows flagships that we won't see any of these issues. It would be a huge mistep by Microsoft if the first flagship devices they put out were to be plagued by overheating.  
  • Win phone is more optimized than android...but what about windows 10 mobile?? Sure not for now
  • This is the latest version of the 810.  Version 3 I think.
  • How is no Iris Scanner at release a dealbreaker? Which phone are you going to buy that has that feature, then?
  • @Wyn6 I was thinking the same. Who cares if it requires an update to support it? As long as I know the device supports it, I'm getting it. For me, if it turns out that Verizon doesn't carry the device, I'll see that as a deal breaker between myself and Verizon. If anyone else feels the same, wait until Microsoft announces these devices and EMAIL (don't call) Verizon from their website and let them know. I'll go ahead and start a petition when I know it as a fact to make it easier. Stay tuned.
  • I'm switching to ATT if Verizon doesn't get the upcoming blackberry android slider phone. So I know the feel.
  • They really need to get AT&T to carry both phones. People say it doesn't matter but the masses buy their phone in the carrier's store in the US. If they want to make an impact, they need to be where the people are.    
  • All I can say is I want the 5.7" with pen, fuck the cover and move out of my fuckin way so I can play and let my poor, but beloved whore (that's her name, instead of Cortana) which is my 1520 take a break.
  • The Iris scanner can have the benefit of a mobile payment solution between banks and Microsoft's new phones. Also banks can build universal banking apps with Intel Sense on PC's. I'm sure the next big developers of banking apps for Microsoft 's new phones will be large banks of US, Europe and Asia.
  • Not on the 810 version 2 chipsets. They are not like the preproduction 810's that got the bad rap and Windows doesn't have the same kernel or memory leaks that are effecting it on the Android platform. The 808 is a very good chipset too and it can be just as fast if the os is tweaked for it. If they would add the ip69 rating for waterproofing, dust, and shock it would be the phone of the year with as good as the cameras are... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I would buy one right now if I could.  I wanted QI with Continuum, but I guess I'll have to wait...  Also, too bad about Verizon, but they were never onboard with Windows or Microsoft, so off they go.    
  • Verizon is the largest carrier in the U.S. Microsoft needs their phones on Verizon if they ever want Windows phone to take off. Rumors that these phones won't be on Verizon are very troublesome. People don't change carriers that often. Most people are embedded in complex family plans with 5-6 other people, all of who are on staggered contracts. Switching from Verizon to AT&T would be a nightmare and would cost families a lot of money. Few would make the switch. Microsoft needs to work this out. They need to be on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular.
  • If these phones are not on Verizon, or if Verizon treats them like they did the Icon, WP won't have a chance. Where have you read that they might not be coming to Verizon? EDIT: Oh, I went back and reread what Daniel wrote here about Verizon. I misunderstood it at first.
    Well damn, that would be a disaster. But IF they can get these phones into regular stores anyway, with AT&T and another carrier, maybe things will be alright. They absolutely HAVE to have them in prominent places like Best Buy, Costco and malls. No way around it.
  • "If Verizon treats them like they did the Icon" Verizon ditched the Icon because people weren't buying it. If it was a device that was doing well, it would still be for sale. 
  • It can hardly do well if only WP enthusiasts know of its existence.
  • If the 950\950 XL get very popular through crazy advertising from Microsoft, Verizon might ask Microsoft to make the device for them.
  • Verizon ditched the ICON because it wanted the M8 to be their Flagship WP device.  They successfully killed the ICON, sold few M8 devices, and eventually pulled the plug on all Lumia devices by December 2014.  On top of all of that BS, Verizon also held back the Cyan release and got around to releasing Denim 3 months late as well (thank goodness for the Insider Programs).  Microsoft and all of their Verizon customers ended up being burn victims in some form or fashion in 2014.    Then, just to reinforce their stupidity, Verizon released the 735 just a few weeks ago.  Announced for a January 2015 release, actually released 6 months later.  A WP 8.1 device just a few months before the release of W10M.  Hard to believe that THIS device was also not a success.  It's going out the door today for $25 with a contract.  What a joke.  And, of course, Microsoft and the WP market get the blame.   SELLING and RUNNING on a carrier are 2 different things.  I have no problem going to a Microsoft Store or ordering a phone from the Microsoft Store online and having it run on Verizon.  Remember that the Nadella's "new" Windows Phone will be much like the current Surface marketplace in terms of limited but quality inventory and multiple retail buying options.  I actually stopped buying Windows Phones (and iPhones for the wife and kids) from Verizon many years ago.  Verizon gets enough of my money and does a poor job of supporting what they sell.  The Microsoft Store and Apple offer hassle-free support and always have replacement inventory.  All we need the carrier for is the connection, VM and messaging.  As we have already seen with the Windows Phones, Verizon is not a very good retailer.
  • The phones can be bought unlocked, and will have universal GSM radios. So, if I'm understanding correctly, doesn't that mean the phones will work on Verizon's GSM-LTE network? Just wouldn't have backward compatibility with their older, slower, CDMA network.
  • The issue is that without being sold through Verizon, only current Windows phone fans will buy the devices on the network. Microsoft will have trouble gaining significant market share in the U.S. without the marketing and availability of their device through Verizon... the largest carrier in the U.S.
  • Agree, most people in the US -- most meaning almost all -- buy phones on contract directly from the service provider. People here have no concept of buying an unlocked phone outright. They want the contract because it makes it seem cheaper, even though ultimately it's more expensive.
  • I'm ignorant of how this works in the US but can't you just buy the phone unlocked and ask Verizon for a SIM only plan? The universal radio should support any network, right?
    Is the issue that in the states people are hung up on the idea of financing new phones through the carrier?
  • Some US networks like Verizon (and their MVNO "Boost") use CDMA-1xRTT/EVDO - it's a little bit of an oddball that most of the rest of the world dropped some time ago. I understand their 4G services are LTE, but I'm guessing by the comments here that lack of 3G support would be an issue. I'm in New Zealand - Telecom (now Spark) dropped CDMA a few years after Telstra (Australia) did - the lack of roaming and handset options became too much of a problem. The only remnant of AMPS/D-AMPS/CDMA we have left on Spark is the 850 Mhz band!
  • The issue isn't so much the radios... it's that Microsoft needs to win new customers. Releasing a new cutting edge phone, with a new mature OS is awesome. But when you can't reach the largest customer base in the U.S. with that new device, it's a major obstacle. The average American buys phones marketed through their carrier... Microsoft is not going to pick up many new customers if the only option is buying the phone unlocked.
  • I don't think it works like that. Verizon uses CDMA LTE, which needs to be programmed. The radio is universal GSM, not CDMA.
  • The issue is that without being sold through Verizon, only current Windows phone fans will buy the unlocked devices on the network. Microsoft will have trouble gaining significant market share in the U.S. without the marketing and availability of their device through Verizon... the largest carrier in the U.S.
  • That's exactly it. Buying phones on contract has historically been the only way to purchase. Carriers have only in recent years started offering plan discounts for phones purchased off contract. And carriers here tend to have carrier-specific phones (except for the iPhone and some higher end Androids). They think it helps differentiate them. But times have changed.
  • They can't force Verizon and Verizon was not really supportive.  
  • I just started this WP Uservoice. There needs to be a way that Microsoft hears our cries! https://windowsphone. uservoice. com/forums/101801-feature-suggestions/suggestions/8996260-cityman
  • People can buy the phone unlocked :)
  • Unlocked or Unbranded? There is a big difference....
  • If Verizon drops Windows Phone, I don't see how the platform can survive. Also, if all the major banks don't jump in soon with "Universal Apps" when Windows 10 comes out, this too will push the platform over the cliff. The bad news for Windows Phone never stops and it makes me really shake my head.
  • "can't see how the platform can survive"... Just so you know - There's a world outside the US. A bloody big one!
  • If Verizon drops Win Phone, it wouldn't make a massive difference at all. CDMA technology is outdated and not very popular apart from the US and few other countries. 90% plus smartphone buyers around the world buy their phones OFF contract, unlocked and free to use any sim they want. Basically , there is no 'subsidy' given by the carrier and customers pay the full amount upfront The real growth potential for Windows Phone is the emerging and developing markets where existing smartphone penetration is low but increasing at a rapid rate. These are markets which are actually growing in terms of size as opposed to a saturated US market where the only way to increase your market share significantly is to take it away from android/ios, which are entrenched through the contract/subsidy system. The North American market is going to be saturated very soon and we will see more manufacturers and service providers making an entry into markets like China and India. The platform is 'surviving' just fine at around 3.5% global share wich translates to millions o0f devices sold and eenough to make the business sustainable. Microsoft is playing smart and foucsing on markets which will give them a chance to grab a large piece of the pie. Their focus on lower end and budget handsets is a testament to Microsoft's priorities. To summarize, success or failure in the US market is inconsequential in teh grand scheme of things. Companies with genuine vision and foresight know where to put their money and Microsoft is doing exactly that.      
  • CMDA in its modern usage (Cell phones starting in the 1990s) is a significantly newer tech than GSM. GSM became prevalent in the 80s because it is consortium owned and cheaper to operate. CDMA is a superior technology that offers better call quality, higher capacity per tower, and more potential for growth. I don't know if you are old enough to remember but before 3G, GSM had a notorious "GSM buzz" that happened on all phones when put near a speaker too. Speaking of 3G, you do know that 3G GSM is actually a CDMA tech? Yup that's right! 3G on all carriers worldwide are built on WCDMA (some places call it UMTS to avoid the private shame of inferior networks). Now onto 4G. 4G LTE for GSM is an evolution of WCMDA/UMTS called HSPA+. Why do you think the world (starting with Europe) prefers GSM? Money. GSM is owned by a consortium and was cheaper at the time to impliment because Qualcomm effectively owns CDMA technologies. Yet in the end to expand functionality of the significantly inferior and security compromised GSM systems they had to us Qualcomm techs and evolutions of CDMA in the end (outside of WiMAX). US companies however had the foresight to scout the technology when switching from old analog systems to digital and went with the best available tech. Pretty ironic right? So what was that about CMDA being too old and inferior? Because you likely use it everyday unless your phone is attached to an external battery and carried over your shoulder.
  • LTE is not a descendant of CDMA. They are separate technologies.
  • the US isn't the centre of the world.... there'll be more market opportunities for a good WP flagship elsewhere..
  • Funny you should mention Universal App support from the banks... this is actually one of the major considerations for me in switching from Android. I'm willing to give up a lot of the apps I currently enjoy, but my banking and brokerage apps are pretty important... and currently their WP8 apps suck.
  • There are 6.7 billion people that live outside of the US. Windows Mobile may fail in the US due to incredibly incompetent carriers here, but there is plenty of room to be successful throughout the rest of the world. Windows Phone currently has pretty decent market share in a handful of European countries and continues to grow. The US is really the only mature market that it has failed to get traction. But again, that's because of the incompetence of US carriers. It has little to do with the Windows Phone platform itself.
  • Howdy Southern Neighbour! America ≠ World.  Verizon ≠ All Carriers Countries in the UK and Asia have a penetration of Windows Phone than the US (~3%).  The UK is ~8%. India ~6%   That being said - I am hoping you are going to stick with WP, because you are one of the smarter Americans! I think it will do well in the US. (btw, I share your pain with bank apps, My bank does not make an app for my Lumia 930 )  
  • Our family left sprint after 10 years when ATT released the 920 and then upgraded to 1520's
  • It's due to Vorizon's CDMA infrastructure. not GSM/LTE like the majority of Global Carriers (Japan and China also have CDMA Varient carriers too)  
  • I can buy one if they were available...damn it...
  • This one was an absolute kick in the gut. Desperately hope there's a Qi option without flip. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I may get the Google Ara if Qi doesn't come integrated. I've been on the fence for a while now but I figure that if there's a time to switch to Android, it's now. I've been with WP for many years. There are some advantages to W10 (e.g. remote messaging through my computer). I don't know. I'll see what the release brings.
  • Indeed /pray that Qi will be integrated in 950 as well. Can't really call it Qi charging if it's through a lame cover. Besides, the phone looks great and I don't want to cover it up.
  • I will be buying the XL, but the flip cover on the 950 will also allow for the pen to clip on nicely, which may add some additional benefit to those that normally go caseless (myself included).
  • Unfortunately, the pen is only announced for the XL, which doesn't need a flip cover. So that particular silver lining is not there.
  • Same.., want integrated Qi. I guess that means XL for me onry!!
  • If I have to put a cover on my phone, that's just a sign of bad industrial design. That's part of why I don't want an iPhone. Everyone I know with an iPhone uses a case to protect it. My Lumia Icon is tough as nails, and so was the 920 and 900 before it. I dropped a 45 lb plate on my 920 once, and it was fine. The last thing I want is some lame flip-cover on my phone, but I don't want an XL, either. I already have a Surface Pro 3 if I need a bigger screen.
  • Maybe we need a uservoice for this?
  • Yall do know that it's optional right?
  • Not if we don't want to lose Qi it isn't.
  • So true, my 920 has been dropped on concrete so many times and nary a scratch. My 1520 on the otherhand went through 3 broken screens ($200 a pop) with the last one falling to a wood floor from about 2' up...ridiculously delicate.  I'm back on my 3 year old 920 now and still works and looks almost as new as day I got it.
  • Me too, I don't like flip covers. I want my phone to be naked that I can really feel with my hand. :P Anyways that's the only big disappointment that 950 won't have integrated Qi Wireless charging, since I can't pick 950 XL since I find phablets to be too big for me already. I need a phone that I can easily grasp securely with one hand. I hope that they will able to manage to integrate it if possible. Its not like theyre realeasing next month.
    I'm still thrilled though!!! :D
  • Me too. I never liked flip covers on my phones.
  • Great for you. I'm not impressed at all. I see no reason for me to buy one of those phones. My Lumia 1520 is still eather as good as them, or better.   -Bigger resolution, yet smaller battery.
    -Still no USB-OTG (AFAIK).
    -Smaller than L1520.
    -Weird Power-button placement (dafuq?)
    -Camera still the same one as a few years back.
    -RAM and CPU improvements unimportant and unrequired.   All in all, we'll see how they'll do, but everything they offer is meh to me, and the things they SHOULD offer - they don't.
    I expected more, and I am let down, and now I feel bad. Why do I keep doing this to myself?
  • significantly more pixels on the screen, battery is only 100mAH less the difference will be negligible ( and thats if the battery tech hasnt been slightly improved here )  Yes, there is usb OTG, that's the whole point of type-c. yes slightly smaller than the 1520 ( the device will be smaller and easier to hold as well )  power button is exactly where it has been, this render is based on word of mouth and some quick sketches the power button placement will more than likely be on the middle side with a volume button top and bottom ( ergonomically it makes sense. ) the camera is not the same one as a few years back. The megapixels are the same, yeah, the least important part of the camera... what about the sensor, the f-stop...etc? Camera technologies have come a long way since the 1520 and the pictures that this camera output will kill those taken with the 1520. ram is important because of continuum and running your phone like a desktop. cpu improvement is important more so because of the GPU it brings with it for gaming.  what was it that you wanted?   
  • Go venumX! I agree with all your arguments.
  • Agree with you! I actually want it to have 4GB instead of just 3GB. It seems weird that the RAM capacity isn't multiplied by 2.
    Also I agree that RAM is very importan for Continuum, and for me having 4GB will take advantage of that plus it will be really high-spec among current Android flagships which mostly are 3GB. Making Lumia a head turner device, great for marketing. One thing is that I agree with Ma Rio about battery, I wished they just manage to make it at least same capacity as 1520. Even though may be looks negligible, but I guess Windows will benefit alot from it. Android on the other hand need siginificantly higher capacity since its generally bit more power hungry than Windows, iOS and maybe even Blackberry. Still excited what's coming though!  
  • The amount of addressable RAM is probably limited by the 32bit chip architecture, hence 3GB and not 4 or higher.
  • Both chips are 64-bit... Just saying...
  • The CPU spec says 64 bit
  • i agree with you. im just not sure about the negligible difference in battery. having advanced operating system, and improved hardware *might* demand more battery. so far, upon using w10mobile tech prev, i observe that the phone has been much busier than wp8.1. but i'm hoping after few more months of optimizing the os, the secretary gets used to her tasks hahahahaha
  • You don't know what kind of technology they will be using for these cameras such as sensor size and features. Just because it's 20mp doesn't mean it won't be even better than the already great sensors on the 1520/930. That would be lazy on their part if they did that after more than a year to improve on it and I don't believe their lazy. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You're not impressed with an iris scaner? These phones pull many wanted features together. Bigger (replaceable) battery, more RAM (absolutely makes a difference, what are you even talking about?), lots of hard and insertable storage, great cameras (megapixel powerhouses aren't a priority, get over it), and a slimmer design. You're obviously grumpy, and you purposely painted a grim picture, doesn't mean it's true.
  • "megapixel powerhouses aren't a priority"... My wife's 1020 takes MUCH better pictures than my 1520. MP (and xenon) do count if used properly! With the extra processing power and RAM they should be going for an updated version of the 1020 snapper instead...
  • I hope and may be they will release 1020 successor in spring. 950 and 950XL are for users who wanted flagship with all better specs. Hope that 1020 successor would be released in spring with snapdragon 820, 40 or more MP and 4GB ram, with 5 or 5.2 inch screen and better than or equal to L950 resolution.
  • Pen, continuum, and hello support are the exciting new features. If you don't care about any of the advancements, then hooray! You already have the best Lumia for you. That means you can save your money. What were you expecting or hoping? It all seems fine to me, except the 810 which apparently has issues.
  • You are absolutely clueless. These phones wipe the floor with a Lumia 1520, and I've been a very happy Lumia 1520 owner.   - Your first point is stupid. The iPhone 6 has a higher screen resolution and smaller battery, yet it still has great battery life. Judging battery life solely on the size of the battery is just wrong.   - Click the link. If that's not enough, here's another.   - Smaller than the Lumia 1520? Who cares? 5.7 inch screen is plenty big and close enough to the 1520 to not be an issue.   - You're just looking for things to whine about.   - How the hell would you even know this? There are tons of improvements that can be made in a camera. Judging something based on how many megapixels it has is idiotic.   - This may be your dumbest criticism of all and pretty much proves you're full of it. So a faster CPU and more RAM doesn't matter? Whatever you say chief. I'm sure you would be fine with the same specs as the 1520. The rest of us sane people want better performance.
  • Exactly. MP alone don't mean squat. Photos taken with my 735's 6.7 mp camera are way better than most Android phone in the same price range that I've looked into. This considering there are quite some above 10MP cameras.
  • The 720/730/735  6.7 mp xZeiss camera can kick the ass of even some 20 mp flagship phones. One reason I havent sold my old 720 even after purchasing 735 !!
  • The only thing I see the 1520 being better at is the larger screen, which I wish the XL had at the least.... But, everything else seems to be perfect. Probably going to be some of the best devices on the market....
    I bet the camera module is totally new, and it probably has to be to fit into a thinner device. I only hope these devices will still be offered in different colors... If they aren't then MS has just intervened way too much...
    Nevertheless, still sucks that we can't get a device at least 6"...... These are pretty exciting though.
  • Another issue... Why thinner? My 1520 is plenty thin already; no need to shave off more and risk cutting my hand, not to mention dropping the phone. The likes of the iPhone 6 are uncomfortably thin, and everyone I know who own pack it in some horrible cover.
  • I don't know... I have no issues at all with the current dimensions of the 1520.
  • Well.....make a better one then
  • just responding to the camera argument. Just because the mega pixels are the same doesn't mean that the camera would necessarily be the same. Just look at th iPhone. It's had 8mp camera for a few generations now yet it's doing pretty well for itself and the iPhone 6 has one of the best mobile cameras I have used.
  • Camera Technology is improving at a flourishing rate anyways, so I wouldn't be so quick to compare the megapixels by model year.
  • Also the fact that most Android flagships don't even get pass 13MP and its already gaining praise. So I think this same 20MP will have at least a better sensor and lenses. Also if the Camera startup and capturing is fast (with continuous focus), that would already great for most people. We're not talking 1020 here since its a different hell of a beast! (Still wishing for its successor though) :D
  • Eight cores and all... Meh. When can I replace my superphone 1020???
  • I really want 1020 successor too! Imagine 41MP with bit slimmer body but with same specs as 950XL but with at least 5 inch screen (not more than 5.5 inch). Maybe a 4GB of RAM. Lastly with a nice accessories like new Camera grip (with battery of course) and lens ring to attach. That would be awesome!!! :D 
  • Thank god they moved the power button!! That is the most annoying thing about Nokia phones.  Everytime I hand the phone to someone to take a picture of the group they hit the power button and turn the phone off. Thank you! Thank you! Microsoft.
  • Disagree. A power button between heavily used volume buttons is a recipe for constant annoyance. Power button in the middle of the phone is close to standard, and no one in their right mind would mistake a button in the middle of the phone to be a dedicated camera button, which is ALWAYS placed in the right hand corner.
  • I didn't know they put the power button between the volume buttons.  That does sound like a bad placement.  I am still glad it is not in the middle of the right side.  Bad for people not used to it and bad for car mounting brackets.
  • To be honest I was not even interested in both of these phones. I had to accept the fact the quality of the camera is not comparable to the Lumia 1020. But in terms of body design does not appeal to me at the moment. Maybe I should see the final product later. However I am not going to buy this phone, I will wait for another High End Lumia next year or the phone will be produced by Nokia later. I do not know why, but Cityman and Talkman really do not impress me. Microsoft must changed the design for the phone with more drastic but still interesting. They must take the Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge for example, extreme changes in design but very attractive. This is just my opinion only. Maybe you all have a different opinion. 
  • there is something called technological advancement, which is why newer phones have more pixels, smaller batteries, last longer, and its exactly why the 930 pumps out better photos than 1020 in many cases. In tech world, more is not always better, efficency is all that matters, which is why the camera quality in 5mp lumia 535 beats almost any 8 mp and some even 13 mp androids :)
  • Lumia 930 camera is able to defeat the camera Lumia 1020? You have to do the test? I have done a lot of camera tests. I worked as a graphic designer, and I always print a picture that I took in a huge scale, for advertising purposes. I always use a picture from the Lumia 1020 for produce banner high as two-storey building for my customer. Their use for advertising. They always praise the color accuracy and image quality, but now only LG G 4 can match the quality of existing camera on Lumia 1020. My customer very confident if i take pictures with Lumia 1020 if i don't bring my DSLR.   
  • We really need a Lumia 1020 successor.
  • I agree!  It is the phone I have been waiting for as well.
  • Me too, we need a successor of 1020. Microsoft make it happen!!!
  • Very clear statement ... " I can tell you that no "1030" or "1040" is currently planned. That was a Nokia thing to differentiate. Sorry! " From :Daniel Rubino Microsoft may release as few as six smartphones per year going forward | Windows Central
  • so Microsoft doesn't want to differentiate? what kind of nonsense is that. separate yourself from the pack. Until I hear it from Microsoft, I don't believe the successor is not coming
  • It's better then my ative so I'm game, no complaints here.
  • You mean the Ativ S? It's a very nice phone - the first one I've had where, after more than two years, I'm not itching to upgrade. It's just a pity Samsung don't support the thing - I've had to use Preview for Developers to get 8.1, and I understand it won't handle 10. I'm wating for the Windows 10 Lumias - I just hope there's one that's as nice - and as rugged - as my Ativ.
  • Hopefully something good comes from waiting this long. Looking back, I hope that Microsoft learns that only pursuing the low end by neglecting the high end had pretty negative effects on the ecosystem overall. Developers want to write apps for the phone sthey use, and when the best phone(s) is a) only available on a single carrier in the US and b) probably too big for the average person (1520), it doesn't even very well.
  • Let's also be honest here and agree that a majority of those screaming and shouting for flagship phones are really only doing so to get attention and/or have something to scream/shout about. Many of these ppl will not buy or can not afford such a phone, especially if Microsoft will go for the not subsidised 'sim free' market.
  • True as I can only afford to go through carrier(T-Mobile) paying only $20 something a month as opposed to the full price these flagships will debut at. So as always the future of me getting my hands on one of these this year hangs on Microsoft-carrier cooperation. And as a T-Mobile customer that is a scary thing to think about. But I could always save and get one a little later if this happens but I want it now. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I too am a loyal T mobile user and am hoping that they get these phones. If not, I'll save and buy them from Microsoft direct. Until then, happily rocking the 640.
  • Me too will get the phone from Microsoft directly and enjoying my 640 while I wait and save.
  • T-Mobile has been quite decent with supporting Lumias, and I wish I acted quick enough to get a 521 before brick and mortar forced us all to shop online while it takes months to scope a healthy stocked shelf for one (maybe too slow).
  • Just US people don't have option other than carrier subsidies to buy phone that not so burden? Eg installment by retailer or credit card installment. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I was wondering the same thing. On my Spark NZ plan I am contract-free, but can get phones on 24 months interest free. If I switch carries, I have to pay the balance, but while I'm with them I can pay the phone off. It's like a subsidy with a higher price, but far more honest and flexible. I just hope the new Lumias aren't Vodafone or 2Degrees exclusives.
  • Awesome analysis :D
  • I agree and disagree with you.  I was using my 920 for 2.5 years and decided to get a 930 from Ebay.  It seems like there are a lot of WP users that have a 920, 1020, or 1520 and want to upgrade.  I know I will as long at AT&T comes out with the 950 XL.  However, selling the phone direcctly at full price might turn some people off, but it does enable you to get the device even if your carrier doesn't want it.
  • But when you look at the model usage stats, the 930, 1020 and such are lumped into the tiny "other" category. Those models havent sold traditionally. I really think MS/Nokia were right to focus on low end where they were seeing growth, but I also think it was a mistake to completely neglect the flagship side.
  • Agreed on all points.  The appeal of the 1020 is a small but vocal minority.  I think the 930 barely sold because it wasn't sold in the US (not counting the Icon), and that is a market that is hungry for new hardware.  Verizon didn't care about the Icon despite it being a great device.  I'm on AT&T in the US and use a 930 I bought on EBay.  Not having LTE is annoying occasionally, but otherwise this device is amazing.  I can't wait to see what the next generation brings.
  • Yes, I am one of those 920 users just waiting to upgrade to the 940/950.  I've been using my 920 for 2.5 years and look forward to buying the phone outright rather than via a plan.  Ever since I went off contract 6 months ago, I've enjoyed the lowest monthly charges (half what I paid 3 years ago yet unlimited calls/text and 1GB of data) from AT&T.  And I'll buy the phone from my local Microsoft store since they have a better/less expensive warranty than AT&T.
  • I'm in the same boat! 920, 2.5yrs old, off contract - except I'm up in Canada. ;)  Lets hope the availability of these phones is wide, and at launch. At the very least, I hope MS sells it at their store. I really want a no compromise experience after waiting this long.
  • Cityman 940XL 950XL needs to be on AT&T in the U.S. We can do this!
  • Or they could be concerned that the platform has no visibility with the trillion low cost dross devices they released and were looking for a Halo device to increase its profile. Unless you interviewed them there's no way you can state what any proportion of commenters wanted or what their motivation was.
  • True, the XL model is going to be expensive as fuck, and must people here won't be able to buy one unsubsidized. 
  • It's not a subsidy, it is a finance and you can finance it on better terms elsewhere.  (The least expensive way is usually to take out a loan collateralized by your house.  It's a very low rate and it is tax deductable.)   <TED>
  • Can't afford? Everyone in the western world can afford a flagship phone if they really want it... I see those peeps standing around with posters on a stick sporting the newest Galaxy or iPhone around here, for crying out loud!
  • Honest you say...I can afford it mother fucker... Is that honest enough for you?
  • LOL
  • I guess it depends on your profession and circle of friends... I don't know anyone that doesn't have a flagship phone. :-/
  • The waiting was necessary though, would you have rather gotten a 940 in march and a 950 in September? Could you imagine the outrage!? It would be worse than the Lumia 900/920 backlash not to say it wouldn't run win10 but it wouldn't have these win10 hero features like hello, usb-c, etc.
  • Good roundup.....It will be interseting to watch the carrier stuff on these high end phones.  I can't see AT&T takeing a phone, and having MSFT selling an unlocked version.  Sadly many of these carrier deals they are forced to sign prohibit this for a certain amount of time.  I know Microsoft does not have the clout of HTC or Samsung, but it is a shame that MSFT can't follow their lead by putting phones on all carriers on day 1.  
  • They are not forced to sign anything. Einstein's definition of insanity: making your flagship phones exclusive to AT&T over and over again and expecting a different result.
  • So Microsoft is just cutting off Verizon for no reason by your logic? Of course they are forced to sign all kinds of contracts with the carriers.  Unlees you are Apple (and small extent Samsung), the carriers in the US have Microsoft over a barrell.  Do you not think Nokia wanted better exposure for the Lumia lineu?  Of course they did, the problem was Nokia had ended all US carrier relationship a decade earlier and this came back to bite them in the ass.  AT&T is not going to give a new Lumia real estate in their actual stores without it being an exclusive.  Microsoft will have to decide if they want to just sell unlocked phones to users, or be part of the carrier cartel.    
  • Hopefully it will only be a timed exclusive like other manufacturers have done in the past.
  • The main issue I think is because to be on Verizon, they need to do a totally seperate configuration, just for Verizon's CDMA network. And with the low acceptance of Lumia's it's not cost effective at this stage for Microsoft. MAYBE... IF... Verizon want the phone/s, they'll ask MS to make them a CMDA variant (and make they buy the complete run up front to cover costs)
  • I had a chuckle. Good one
  • Yeah, slim phones! That is indeed what I am talking about, Redmond giant! Can't wait!
  • Hope they are sturdy enough not to bend. A friend put his iphone on the table recently, and the amount of bend in it was shocking. Seemed like a cheap toy.
  • Yep! ;D
  • Seems really good. I'm pretty excited for these devices especially because my 920 is starting to show signs that it might hit the bucket. Only weird thing is that the volume up and down keys are seperated by the power key, seems really strange, but hey, the devices haven't even been announced yet, so it's prone to change. Thanks for summarizing it so nicely Daniel.
  • On my 920, I'm always pressing the wrong volume key. That maybe because of my case, but separation by the power key may stop this. We will see, so I think it may be a good idea.
  • you'd think after so long, you'd learn where the keys are?
  • I was thinking of that placement as a media player: << play/pause >> Where you use the middle button as whatever the middlebutton is supposed to be in context of different apps being active at the moment. At home screen it is, ofcourse, always a power button :) But I'm just guessing.. 
  • thanks bro . good that these old specs phone got cancelled . not necessary .    any news about true upgradation of Lumia 1520    or they cancelled lumia 1550 ( a true 6 inch phablet ) or may be it will be replaced by Surface phone or Lumia 950 XL ??   what's your thought ? 
  • Too early for whatever that intel powered surface phone would be; some site said maybe next year...
  • The 950XL is the successor to the 1520.
  • No... He is everything else, but not a successor of 1520... Still 1520 is on TOP!
  • The 1520 aint got shit on these phones, unless you're looking for a screen that taps itself. 
  • Cityman is the 1520 successor.
  • Correct, for all intents and purposes, Cityman is the 1520 successor. Much like how the 640 XL replaces the 1320.
  • The only thing that has me a bit irked would be the wireless charging on the smaller device enabled by a case? I really hope At&t carries the XL, but with the 830 update debacle I may just go at it unlocked and beholden to no carrier
  • The new carrier free update model MS is using for W10M means updates shouldn't be an issue.
  • Geez these things are gonna cost.
  • Yeah, my concern, particularly since I don't ever use contract lines, time to start saving asap! 150-200 usd per month should get me set to acquire it at launch hehehe :-)
  • Yes they are and I'd be happy to pay the full price without any carrier subsidy BS if they just agree to take my money.
  • It could be, but not to the extent that it going to cost an arm or a legs
  • The 810.... I think that is the only concern. Heating aside, it is tarnished in terms of reputation. The 820 would have grabbed way more goodwill. Still gagging to get one though.
  • Snapdragon 820 and the 950xl would be a no-brainer for me.   There will be those on the 1xxx end of things who will complain these are not successor to {feature exclusive} on my model.
  • The 810 issues are overblown and no 820 phones are even announced yet, how long do you want to wait?
  • @sporosarcina - but to be fair phones with 820 are expected to launch later this year. I know they've tweaked the 810, how much problems there are now I don't know.
  • Quite a few are said to launch November. And yes, I would have waited.
  • Even longer? I want the new phones asap. 808 or 810 (rev2.1) will do great.
  • My only concern is that they use a pentile Amoled. I am crossing my fingers for Microsoft not ruining anything in this device.
  • I think the resolution might be high enough to hide PenTile's checkering effect. My 1020 screen looks awful because of pentile but the 1080p pentile screens I've seen are actually okay. Of course, not pentile is always better.
  • That MS uses OLED Displays is my biggest issue. I agree with QHD resolution the pentile pixels should not be visible. But the other disadvantages of OLED vs IPS is what concerns me the most. That i can use my phone in full sunlight outside and in darkness without getting my eyes burned from the high brightness of the screen is more important to me, than a real black and better colors and less battery consumption. And the higher FPS does not hurt the IPS panels either!
  • OLEDS have been improving very well in all the areas where IPS was better. Just take a look at the Galaxy S6's screen, it is so damn gorgeous! It has better color accuracy than the 1520, and it is also brighter, and can get dimmer than IPS, not to mention the deep blacks you get with OLEDs. The thing is Microsoft/Nokia never used a good OLED screen on any of their devices, not even the 930's. Heck, Microsoft's IPS screens are of low quality as well. I am on my third screen replacement on my 1520, and the bright spots are starting to show again on my screen! I really, really hope Microsoft doesn't screw this up again.
  • I've had a Lumia 1520 since launch and have never had a problem with the screen.
  • It high resolutions pentile isn't a problem. At 720p it looks like ass. 
  • I've found the pentile on my Ativ S is perfectly fine (it's the same as the S3 - in fact the whole phone is basically a slightly squarer S3 that just happens to run Windows!).
  • Pentile Amoled screen is GREAT on a Lumia 735. So it will be great too on higher res screens. So no need for any concern.
  • Qualcom have had a year to fix those chips. Dont you thnik that they may have worked it out? They claimed thay had once before but no joy maybe now? Anyways who is to say that the chip is'nt beeing fried because of Android :-D  It would how ever be disasterous if these problems become real on Cityman!!! That will cost MS big time. On the otherhand they can't wait for the 820 chip either, we have already waited too long for a flagship device.
  • Volume buttons separated by a power button. Not sure about that one. Is that a back facing speaker in the mockup pic? At least the dedicated camera button is present.
  • Nokia used to put the voice button there
  • I really hope that the actual device won't look as near as that mockup image. It doesn't look sexy at all (maybe quite ugly).
    Though based on the comments of people who actually 'saw' the device, it seems very positive that it would look good. Volume + Power button is a bit weird though. It may work but its a risky design. Just like the LG G2 where it has volume and power button at the back. It got a mixed review about the placement.
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  • Sexy as hell! Hell yeah I want them!!
  • The design and Windows 10 will be a great formula for a flagship device, however, the biggest concern will be - will developers actually put effort into bringing their apps to the Windows 10 ecosystem?
  • iOS runtime for Windows 10 ensures maximum code reuse.  I don't see why the wouldn't investigate.
  • Part of me thinks Microsoft should give away several thousand of these to developers, to help win mind-share and encourage app development...
  • i read satya's interview recently n pretty much felt, he has a point.
    If win 10 is adopted widely (which most probably will happen) n upgraded from win 7, 8, 8.1 & xp. it will have lions share in market. (winows alone has 88% - 90%). a developer may be wont develop apps for win 10 phone as it has 2 -3% market share.
    but, a developer can't ignoe the market share win 10 will have nce its adopted widely.
    it does make sense
  • Maybe I missed it, but does the Talkman have a dedicated camera button? I see where the Cityman does.
  • I do not have 100% confirmation but seeing as they are PureView devices both most certainly should have a dedicated camera button. Nokia/MS always said camera button was dependent on being PureView or not and they have been consistent with that e.g. Lumia 830.
  • Thanks! Hopefully that is the case. I much prefer a dedicated camera button. That said, I've been waiting patiently for these devices. Christmas will be good this year... :)
  • Lol!!!
  • I really hope that they won't ever try to forget about it. Its now quite iconic that Lumias have that one from the sea of devices that don't have one.
  • Just for gamers: Snapdragon 808, it runs GTA SA on Max lag free :) QuadHD with low heating.
  • The choice of the 810 will give Microsoft nothing but headaches. But hey...They picked it even after every single other SD810-powered phone gave problems so they're asking for trouble... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Qualacom has the SD810 on sale hehehe
  • It's been confirmed in another WindowsCentral article that they use V2 of the 810, the one that has fixed all of the overheating issues in V1.
  • ALL the phones on the market already use the V2.1. So there's no solved version of it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No, they don't all use v2.1. Most use 2.0. Like from Sony. And yes 2.1 is the solved version, makes big difference. Go check out the comparison on Anandtech.
  • Qualcomm themselves confirmed that all the phones use the 2.1. So...I'll take their word instead if you don't mind ;)
  • Well actually testing showed Sony still using 2.0 ;) That is proove instead of taking someone's word. You sir, have been fooled ;)
  • Strange i have never had any problems with my Sony Xperia Z3 Compact or my sisters Xperia. They dont get hotter than my L1520 nor do they freez.
  • That's because the only Xperia phone using it is the Z3+/Z4. The Z3C you (and I) use has the SD801 ;)
  • I wished that issue is more related to Android. I hope.
  • Hell no. I'm not using a Sony phone. Tests on the internet showed Z3+ is still using 2.0. Perhaps the Z3+ that just came available with v2.1, but untill recently Sony still uses v2.0.  
  • Lowering the clocks minimizes the issue, but let's hope like hell Microsoft didn't go that route. 
  • Which one? I don't think it does.
  • My sources tell me it's going to have an exhaust fan.  So, no worries.
  • That would definitely be a selling point for me
  • It will sound like a GeForce FX. 
  • It screams Lumia then. XD
  • With the sound when racing? That would actually be cool :)
  • Might be, let's see. Definitely the right choice to not use it in the smaller device, the larger might have enough space for heat dissipation.
  • Microsoft is no Sony. You have the Xperia3 with 810 v2.0? I feel sorry for you. v2.1 is out and Sony should get you a swap.
  • Nill
  • I really hope the 940/950 XL is not limited to a single carrier. I don't want to pay full price one time and buy it unlocked just to use it on my preferred carrier. I want it be available on as many carriers as possible.I want to be able to pay monthly for it on T-Mobile. If MS goes with another exclusivity on this and I don't get what I want. I'll just have to switch to another phone/OS. So sick and tired of that nonsense.
  • That's what credit cards are for. Anything you don't want to pay full price immediately, you can pay monthly. :)
  • So now the already expensive phone is gonna cost me even more. Bad advice.
  • There is also the option of saving up :-) Or in my case get hit by a car on my MC and get the insurance hahah :-D Though I did break my back....Cityman here I come!
  • with the cheap prepaid plans these days, it's cheaper over the life of the phone to buy it outright. your phone is unlocked and can use it overseas too. if you ever travel that is. but if you can't afford a phone which costs well under $1000 then i'm guessing you don't go overseas.
  • "...both phones should contain universal GSM radios letting Microsoft directly sell these devices unlocked to consumers including in the US." Dude. Read first, then you can gripe.
  • Dude read my comment first, then gripe.
  • Maybe get a job? Cant comprehend why anyone would buy carrier locked phones in this day and age.....
  • Device subsidy = $$$ Can't comprehend why you wouldn't take advantage of that this day and age...???
  • The BYOD discounts on all their new plans make it cheaper to not get a device subsidized.
  • What subsidy are you talking about? You pay higher monthly fee to cover the so-called subsidy. I have switched to a no subsidy plan and am paying $70 less per month on 3 lines. That's a saving of $1680 for 2 years and is enough to buy 3 flagship phones.
  • majority of people rather pay $70/month for 2 years than to pay $500 (or less) once and $20/month for 2 year. mostly because they can't think far enough ahead or multiply anything by 24 months.
  • Your comment makes no sense. That's the only two reasons? If so you're just as bad at using your brain as they are.
  • I'd be happy/excited to see how this is possible on Verizon (which I require for coverage in my area). I also have 3 phones on a shared 6GB plan for $176/mo. Pre-paid is 60/mo each for 2.5GB (not shared). and that's without any taxes, etc so its more expensive AND doesn't provide a device subsidy. Believe me, I would jump to an plan that didn't involve a device subsidy in a heart beat if it made financial sense, but I don't see any way to do this with current Verizon plans. Apparently this discussion is specific to T-Mobile.
  • Well on T-Mobile I'll get wifi calling for one, and 2 all supported lte bands. You must not be on T-mobile hence your comment. Anymore dumb replies?
  • Right and those two things outweigh getting screwed over for updates does it?
  • Well having your phone actually work and be reliable comes first in my book, then updates. Plus MS will be bypassing carriers for future updates so that's not a problem.
  • Probably because in most cases people don't care about unlocked phones. You realize we are enthusiasts who know what unlocked phones mean. The average customer thinks unlocked means when you have a phone that is unlocked via the lock screen haha. They will balk at a $700 phone vs $199.
    Has nothing to do with having a job. It's just the way people are trained into believing
  • Can't comprehend it huh? Maybe shelling out half to a full month's rent out of pocket for a phone stretches some people's budget. The 'subsidies' aren't like they used to be. AT&T's NEXT option is essentially a no interest loan, and you pay the BYOD monthly rates for the plan. That's a better deal than the 10-20% interest you are going to get using a credit card. The only drawback is being locked into the carrier you were probably going to stay with any way.
  • Exactly. I've found that waiting a few months after release and getting a gently used phone at a discount price and keeping my out of contract plan pricing is awesome
  • Great write up Daniel! I am concerned about the "wireless charging with flip cover" comment... do we have to add a flip cover? Also, not happy to hear only black and white. Also not crazy about square... the corners on my 1520 are one of the things that make it uncomfortable. I am very happy to hear it will have a flat screen, so tempered glass screen protectors should not be a problem. Altogether, sounds pretty good to me... I want a 1020 follow up, but if I can't get that this will help. Wait a minute... I just saw they moved the power button??? Boo! Though I also see wireless charging is integrated with the XL model. Which AT&T won't carry. But we might be able to buy direct from Microsoft? So confusing.
  • Very surprised by the choice of using an iris scanner on this. I was expecting a fingerprint reader as those have been done on phones. But an iris scanner would certainly separate it from the rest of the field. I don't know of any phone doing that right now. I do love the inclusion of USB Type-C, integrated wireless charging, and dedicated hardware camera button (a must for me). Also, pen support? That's slick. It would be nice if I could use the pen for my Surface 3 and wouldn't be surprised to see that. But I'm not betting on it. Your description makes it sound like a slick device and if it comes together like I'm thinking, it will be a beautiful device. The only question that remains, as you mentioned, is carrier support. I'm hoping T-Mobile (US) jumps on board for Wi-Fi calling and their new text messaging system. If not, I'm really hoping for unlocked devices to be available at Microsoft Stores. 
  • This is why Lumia is the best. I'm sure hrc and Samsung won't be able to compete lol
  • LOL that's so cute, you thinking HTC and Samsung are even considering WP devices anymore... :P Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I think we get it. You love your Android...
  • Nah, he lost common sense defending his Android SD810 Xperia 3. With all his comments/remarks, DJCBS can't go flagship Windows phone anymore. His loss. LOL.
  • Uh...there's no such thing as an Xperia 3, let alone an SD810 Xperia 3. I guess one of us lost common sense, but it wasn't me, pal.
  • Pal? Anyway, Z3+ then, especially for you for not using common sense. How's the glass back doing? In the Netherlands Sony even got a court case about broken glass backs and not replacing them under warranty. NEVER a Sony for me. That's for sure. Regarding the specs: you can be d^mn sure the OEMs will take notice.    
  • If they want to keep their Android patent protection royalties down they'll schlep one phone each.
  • Microsoft can not use their Android patents to force OEMs to produce WP devices. It doesn't work like that. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Actually they can, by reducing the royalties that HTC and Samsung pay IF the release Windows Phones.
  • Yeah except that's...what's the word...illegal ;)
  • If the os doesn't lag, they are not interested, we know
  • That's cute you're an idiot haha. Idk about Samsung but I do know HTC is rumored to bring an HTC device to windows 10. Which is likely the m9. Samsung also said they would be willing to make devices if it wasn't for the lawsuit.
  • Micah, you change your name a lot. Not so much here, but at that other forum you post at, where you pretend that you have a forum of your own that you run. 
  • He hasn't found himself. That's why he's using an iPhone.
  • And why should they when everyone wants a Lumia?
  • They can call it anything they want. "Lumia" doesn't make phones; Microsoft does. I like how you treat Lumia like it's a company, even comparing it to HTC and Samsung. Bruh . . .
  • Samsung could. They already have the Note series so stylus support is already one of their strengths. Everything else is just a matter of assembling the right tech and with the S6 now supporting wireless charging AND having a good camera to boot, there's nothing in these phones they cant deliver.
  • Its funny, L920 had wireless charging in 2012 :-D
  • You can also turn it the other way around and say that there is nothing in the S6 note the other manufacturers can't deliver. At least there are couple of things that I want that the S6 cannot give me: the polycarbonate body and the Pureview 20MP camera. S6 note camera is good but is not good enough.
  • I'll tell you one thing Samsung does that most other manufacturers can't deliver...sell huge quantities of phones. They sell a shitload of Galaxy's and Note's, so obviously they're doing something right.
  • I'm excited anyways :D I am worried about the volume button placements tho :/ if they are seperated, that MIGHT make it awkward, depending on how large the space between them is
  • I think that button placement is gonna work real nice. I imagine the power button will be round and probably protrude slightly more than the volume buttons.
  • I imagined myself using it that way, and I think it would be perfect.
  • I will miss the collored portifollio.   And, so wireless charging will be optional in the Talkman??
  • This makes life easier as the S6 and S6 edge doesn't a removable battery or microsd card slot. If nothing changes from these specs, I know for certain I can get a huge amount of people jumping into windows phone with these phones. The true acid test would be - will they remain with it more than a month? Time will tell.
  •   The front glass covers the entire front, non-curved display     not with that one :( 2.5d coring gorrila glas ist the best look and feel. or do they talk about non-curved display like the galaxy s6 edge?  
  • I hate the 2.5D glass on the 1520 because no tempered glass screen protector would ever fit right. Love my One M8 as I can use a glass protector.
  • Thanks for the great write up Daniel!!!
  • Where is the link to "Nadella's Message" about Verizon ending business with Microsoft?  If this is the case, I'll definitely be heading back to AT&T.  SCREW BIG RED!!!
  • This! My jaw dropped when I read this. I won't be leaving Verizon though. They may not play nice with Microsoft but they have been the best carrier I have been on. So now I have no Windows Phone to upgrade to at Verizon and a Surface 2 that has been abandoned by Microsoft as well. Just wow!
  • Reconsider AT&T.  You may get a better priced plan than Verizon and you'll get better customer support, too!. All my friends with Verizon are amazed how little I pay for the same voice/text/data plan with AT&T
  • I'm really worried about how WP will fare without these on Verizon, but personally I am thrilled to be leaving Big Red. They have awesome service, but really screwed my and every other Icon owner. I'm just waiting for a good reason to drop them. AT&T was good enough for me when I had them before, they'll be OK now. And they have been very supportive of WP.
  • I just started this WP Uservoice. There needs to be a way that Microsoft hears our cries! https://windowsphone. uservoice. com/forums/101801-feature-suggestions/suggestions/8996260-cityman
  • Daniel you mention the glass cover the entire front with no curved display. I wonder if the glass itself I'd contoured like the "pillow-shaped" glass of the 928? That was one pleasing shaped phone
  • I wondered this as well, The 920, 1020, 928, (I think the 830 too) all have that nice curved wrap around glass. I hope they continue that - it really gives the phone a premium feel.
  • The 929/Icon has the same. It's a great feature and I hope and assume these phones will have it as well.
  • I was wondering that too. It feels really nice on my 8X
  • A pen!!!! So much happiness. I'm getting the 950 XL. Will it be the same as the surface 3 pen, so we can carry a single stylus for both devices if we want?
  • I think it will be, it would make sense.
  • I don't know if there'll be a queue but I'm DEFINITELY getting the Talkman on the day it goes on sale!
  • Cityman for me. Here's my blank cheque MS.
  • I'm really disappointed about Qi wireless charging non being integrated in the 950, but very excited about the rest.
    Just wondering: what the hell happened to color options? What's the point of a polycarbonate body if there are no color options?
  • Yeah.  Noticed that too.  The only thing that I didn't like.  Then he writes that the XL won't be available on AT&T, and no Windows phones on Verizon.  Would have to buy the XL unlocked from Microsoft directly, I guess.
  • Yeah, I was really hoping the comeback of cyan.  
  • Yeah, they should integrate Qi wireless chargin on the device. Its a flagship for the sake of it! I don't want and other people want to have flip cover just to get it. I hope they can figure that out before final design for manufacturing. I HOPE! About color option, maybe there is. Its just that the eyewitness didn't see them or not available on prototypes. I hope its still there. That's the iconic thing in Lumia, its colorful options!
    The only Devil here is SD810 if fall flagships from Android manufacturers come with SD820.
    Second, I would have loved dual front speakers configuration. Not too sure about power button separating volume button. Anyhoo, back to the great stuff.
    5.7" QHD OLED. CHECK.
  • I love the design and i had confident with MS and its design chops. Only issue i have is the speaker placement, speakers should be front firing otherwise hands/surface always muffles the output.  I'm also worried about Windows 10 for phones. especially with inconsistancies withing 1st party MS apps.  Also, feedback app is filled with old feedbacks and crys abt pivot UI. Imo, there is a need for better feedback or prioritization of some sort. Anyway Daniel, nice article and since i cant buy right now iwill sit and dream abt 950XL.. :D
  • It definitely makes me feel better about being all-in with microsoft devices.  My 920 is still a great phone 2.5 years later, but I'm ready for the 950 XL.  I hope that the rear speaker as good as the 1520 and not the 930.  I loved the 1520 speaker, but the 930 is a little lacking in quality.  I think the 920 might have it beat.
  • Daniel, can you elaborate on "Qi wireless charging with flip cover" for the Talkman?  Does that mean we are going to need some sort of accessory like the L1020 required?  
  • Yes
  • i love the 5inch screnn size and 5.2 sounds great but im so used to wirelesscharging built in now.  Thk god im not upgrading this time round gurrr.
  • Goodness. I can finally upgrade from my 920 to the 950.
  • Anything to share on camera sensor size? Are they the usual 1/3",  above-average 1/2.5" (1520) or super-big 2/3" (1020)?
  • Probably 1/2.5" Personally Id like them to exceed boundaries by putting 1/2" sensor and still keep it thin. Would not certainly be 2/3"(1/1.5" ala 1020) coz that will be too thick.
  • If we were to go by the renderer above (a big if), I'm guessing it's more like 1/2" because it seems the hump is more pronounced than the 1520 which has 1/2.5" sensor. 1/2" sensor would still be considered very big and probably trounce low light photo quality of iPhone 6 and many others which still has 1/3" sensor. We are talking 2x difference in sensor area. I personally was hoping for a 2/3" sensor like in the 1020. 1020 camera is still unbeaten and possibly the biggest tech trumph WP has had. That's the kind of stuff people pay extra money or jump platform for. I don't mind a little extra hump. Doesn't have to be 41Mp, 20Mp will do just fine for me. Faster processing and smaller file but still keeps low light advantage.
  • Very pleased!!! I can only hope vzw doesn't douche its windows customers over!!!!
  • Thank you for reporting on this Daniel. I was worried about MS's decision making for a second looking at the leaked specs of the 550, 750, and 850.  I think 950/950XL are shaping up to be absolutely great devices, but I'm just worried that they might release a 10-- series update a few months later! Either way, I'm already overdue for an upgrade and it seems like I'll have to leave Verizon to enjoy these flagships.
  • They're will be no 10 series update a few months later because the 950 series is the new flagship.
  • Mostly good with the design and specs.  However, your comments regarding the US carriers is not good for the success of the platform; "We have reports suggesting AT&T will sell only Talkman aka Lumia 940/950. Verizon is reportedly one of those carrier relationships that is ending with Microsoft due to it not being beneficial."  Microsoft needs Verizon to succeed in the US.  I am really hoping to see both phones launch on both carriers.  I am on Verizon now and am strongly considering switching to AT&T.  If Verizon is dropped, that will seal it for me.
  • Verizon isn't doing much now. So what would a loss of Verizon truly mean for us now
  • True, they are not doing much.  But not having them likely means never gaining any signficant market share.  This is why the Universal Apps Platform is so key.  Few developers are going to want to develop specifically for the phone.  OEMs could step in an release phones on Verizon, but I am doubting it.
  • they all need to suport microsoft phones including verison, they own it to the customers because of their terrible lack of suport to icon owners, time to make up verison.
  • No words if they'll support glance screen
  • If it's indeed OLED screens on both devices, this means that Glance will not be available on any of these devices, as on the Lumia 735 and 930, which is a huge shame.
  • i have the 830 and 930 and although i love the glance feature on the 830 i can honestly say id rather give it up and go oled anyday.  Now if they find a way to do both id be overjoyed.
  • Thank you for putting most of the speculation to rest. When you say "square", are you referring to squared corners, or will the device be square-shaped (similar to a Blackberry Passport)? Also, do you know if the perimeter of the phone have a hard-edge like the Icon, or will it be rounded like the 925 (my favorite Lumia design ever)? Thanks again.
  • so i am intrigued by the "1mm silver ring inside the circumference of the black camera pod" is this just an aesthetic thing, or does it have more meaning? and why mention it? credibility?
  • Not happy until we have confirmed successor to the 1020.
  • 2 flagships per year, so maybe we'll get a Lumia 1015 in late 2016 if we're lucky. I hope there is a 1015 XL. I love the 41 MP camera but I'm never buying a phone without pen support again.
  • 1 flag ship a year should be enoughy, lets not start confusing people and changeing a system that works. Lets not cheapen the term flagship like they tried with the 830.  they called that a midranged flagship.  I hope they stop that crap i have the 830 its a great mid ranged phone, i also have the lumia 930 that is their flagship phone.  The 1520 is awsome too but because its a phablet and a niche then no its not a flaghip. Great phone never the less.  Lets not start throwing the term fl;agshipo on every phone plse, it sucks.
  • What kind of material(s) will the phones be made of? Any color options?
  • It states answers to both of those questions in the article.
  • You expect him to read the article?...jeez.
  • We need orange and green backs or at lest 4 colour options 2 being bright  and a built in wireless charger on the 940 plse.
  • Glad I fixed my 1020 screen and never bought the asus zenphone 2.   Thats money to go towards 2 of these.  One question,  is the pen the same pen used for the surface 3?   I am buying 2 for my wife and I and it would be awesome if the pen works on both devices.
  • These devices sound great, I feel I may have to go with the XL but I need to feel it in hand first. Too bad they won't release same time, hopefully ATT does carry both. These devices and their accessories such as the smart cover are excellent. Is the "1mm silver ring inside the circumference of the black camera pod" just aesthetics? It was that worthy of a bullet point ? :)
  • Maybe the silver ring was worthy of a bullet point because it is a differentiating factor been the two phones.
  • Hey Daniel ! , do you know what are the colours that are coming with the phones?
  • The article says black and white only - at least at launch
  • - Matte :( I don't love it. I like my 920 gloss. Also like how the 920 curves in the hand, and I like how the 920 can stand on its top and bottom edges. It's only issue is the chunky weight. I missed the design on all other WPs I've used - How much length and width does the 5.7in add over the 5.2?
    - Is the Snapdragon 810 benefit over the 808 going to be all consumed with powering the bigger screen? Same question for the bigger battery - What flash does Talkman have? Silver ring in the camera pod, what's that for? - For Qi, what do you mean by flip cover? Like a replaceable back, or a case like the One M8? -
  • This is sounding very promising. Shame about the Verizon piece, but that's also expected.
  • I was expecting and hoping for more. Especially considering they had so much time to work on this. There is nothing incredibly mind blowing that sets it apart from Samsung or iPhone flagships, like a 41 megapixel camera or a 6 inch screen. How about a curved screen? How about 3D touch? IPhone 6s is rumored to have a front facing flash. Microsoft may have some catching up to do not long after these phones are even released..
  • Like apple with no iris scanning, removable battery, SD card, wireless charging has a lot of catching up to do?
  • What's this about Verizon and Microsoft ending their relationship?! This is the first I've heard of it. What message from Nadella are you talking about?
  • That peaked my interest as well. Hopefully this is true since Verizon has been a fucking cancer for WP ever since the beginning.
  • This would be terrible news if true. Windows Phone cannot achieve mainstream success if it's not on the largest carrier in the most profitable market in the world.
  • This is looking good!! Can't wait for IFA now! Although I'm not sure if I'm on board with the new volume button layout -- being separated by the power button; the new Microsoft branding on the back (akin to the new Surface lineup) is a welcome change. I've always felt that it was much better than Microsoft written over it -- it's just too big!
  • These design and specs are awesome! curious about the button placements, but who knows maybe it will be something that we all think is great and forget how we possibly could have had another way before. . . . I guess it will be time to try out t-mobile after all. . bye big red.
  • I'm stoked.  Thank you for your work to present this.
  • The only bummer is I have to decide whether to switch carriers if they are not going to Verizon.  Any info if it's just MS phones that won't be going to VZW?  Will the rumored HTC phone hit VZW?  Will Samsung make another Windows handset?  Will LG do something beyond the Lancet?  I'm getting near the point where I have to decide what to do.  If no W10 handsets are coming to VZW then my options would be AT&T or Android.  I figure if anyone has an idea of what other phones may be hitting it's you and the other guys on staff at Windows Central.  Should I be concerned about having no good Windows options on VZW?  My current handset is the One M8 for Windows.  Will the M9 be coming too?
  • I'd switch to att and get a Lumia. One this is likely way better than anything the m9 will bring and two Verizon is crap with windows phone support.
  • Only problem is it's AT&T.  AT&T is third best for coverage in the Tampa Bay area where I live.  Verizon is top dog in Florida as a whole and blows everyone away when you visit Disney or Universal in the Orlando area.  I lean towards sticking with Big Red.
  • How's T-Mobile work?
  • Yeah, I'm in Florida too, and switched from AT&T to Verizon for the Icon. No WP on Verizon means a switch to Android for me, unfortunately.
  • You can Sell a product, but you can't Sell perception. No full featured Instagram and FB, no snapchat, no google and no guaranteed high profile dev support. If you can't find a game like DeadSpace in the windows store, then there's a problem. Surely the product will sell but mostly to the fanbois here in windows central. Windows hello is cool but Apple is cooler. Hope you know what I mean. On launch day with full featured facebook and Instagram, watch this ripple through the tech world! Then you can start to say "Hello."
  • Dead Space? I think most of us will be just fine without dead space.
  • Using it as an example. I'm sure there are many more Top of the line games that can be found in the app store that can't be found in the windows store.
  • Not everyone needs FB, not snapchat, not goggle or certainly don't need games.  It is a PHONE, not an iToy.  It is designed to make life easier, not meant to waste your life playing games, reading what someone ate for dinner on FB and looking a pic of your friend drinking.  Really?  That is your life....via you phone?  You need to stay in your Appleworld.
  • You tell that to those who put $50billion in Apples pockets this quarter. Frankly MS have used productivity an Xbox as differentiator. Hasn't worked. When the apps come, consumers will come.
  • I specifically avoid Google, and see no value in Instagram, FB, or Snapchat. Social media has its place, but it is certainly not an integral component of my mobile experience. As far as games go - if there's no Xbox Live integration, they might as well not even publish it, as I would simply ignore it. The perception of Windows is a strong, stable, functional platform that is a welcome, refreshing juxtaposition to the iSheep of the world. I enjoy actual innovation, not the perception of innovation when all you really get is 2-3 year old features that are *new* to your Apple tunnel vision. Apparently you see previous gen tech to be "cool" - don't worry, you'll think think stuff is cool too, when you get it in 2017-2018.
  • Daniel, any word on the 810? Is MS getting the 'fixed' one that OnePlus say they're getting?  Are the 'overheating' (throttling) issues avoidable with Windows OS vs. Android?
  • I'm bummed with the limited color choices. I think that was a real differentiator and both Apple and some Android OEMs have adopted flavors of this kind of personalization.
  • I am 99% happy with them. I do have a small aprehension about the Snapdragon 810 going into the XL. I haven't been able to find anyhting that says Qualcomm has really fixed the issues with it. I've obviously never built a phone, but I wonder how difficult it would be to replace it with an 820 before they start full production (if they havent' already). Other than that, I will def be getting one. I think I will hold off on the pen, only because I am 99% positive I'll be getting a Surface, so I won't need 2 pens. Good write up though, I can't wait for them to release.
  • Sorry, but I'm not happy if these specs turn out to be true. If these specs are 100% true, then Microsoft has messed up AGAIN. My problems with the specs: - why the ODD side button placement? That makes it much more inconvenient to use the power and volume buttons. - why OLED screens? If both devices have QHD resolutions and OLED screens, that is going to be a DISASTER for battery life. For most productivity tasks like using Office or web browsing, OLED will be extremely power-hungry, especially in QHD resolution. I was REALLY hoping for LCD screens, as Microsoft's recent mid-range phones have ALL used LCD screens (640, 640XL, 830). - No Qi charging built-in for Talkman? - No triple-LED flash for Talkman? So those who opt for the smaller device, will be punished with a more inferior camera experience? These devices are supposed to be for Windows fans, devices that us fans should love. Many of us don't care about this obsession about thin devices. If anyone from Microsoft is reading this, or if not, Daniel, I emplore you to pass this message onto Microsoft: Make phones with ALL the RIGHT specs that us Windows fans want, and THEN worry about how thin the device is. That means power-efficient LCD displays across the range, qi-charging built-in on as many phones as possible, normal side button placement, dedicated camera buttons on more models, while maintaining the rest of the rumored specs. 32GB internal storage plus microSD slot is great. The Snapdragon CPU options are good enough. 3GB of RAM is great. If the LG G4 wasn't on Android and didn't have the weird back button placement, I would honestly buy that. That device is an example of all the specs many Windows fans would want. Great camera, great LCD screen, good internal storage plus microSD expansion. The only lacking things are a dedicated camera button and built-in qi charging.
  • As long as t-mobile gets the 940/950 I will be happy. Since I use Jump, not planning on shelling out $600 at once at MS Store.
  • I certainly know I am. I recently bought the 930, to replace my ATIV S, which has really impressed me. I would have to go with the 950XL though.
  • Did you say that Windows Phone flagships will not be available on Verizon's Networks - what Nadella speach are you referencing? That might be it for me then, I love my Icon, love Windows 10 mobile, but if i cant get it on Verizon, im SOL, not giving up my unlimited data.
  • I'm happy but slightly let down. Not anything serious but I would have liked a built in stylus. I'm not going to carry one around and I suspect most people won't either. Maybe next gen idk. Also unsure about the power button between the volume rocker but again, no big deal.
    However, I'm so glad I left Verizon. Honestly they suck.
  • Daniel, this is so unlike you. We rely on you to give us maximum information (which this article does) and links to other sources of related information. You've always cited sources (well, at least those willing to be named) and provided links. "Verizon is reportedly one of those carrier relationships that is ending with Microsoft due to it not being beneficial (see Nadella's message)." No link? Where can we find Nadella's message?
  • Nadella's message was back when he announced the restructuring and announced that they will withdraw from countries and carrier relations that do not provide any benefit...
  • But did he name Verizon specifically? I didn't recall seeing that in Nadella's announcement.
  • Dan, I would love to hear your personal opinion: I am SO tempted to get one of these at launch, however, comming from a 1020, I am not sure if my OCD would let me go from 41MP to 20MP regardless of what the advantages are with the newer CPUs. I don't know if I should wait for a 1020 succesor, or grab the 950.
  • Looks like we will be waiting an eternity for our 1020 successor buddy! I also want to wait but the 1020 is getting a bit long in the tooth these days and Microsoft seems to be in no hurry at all to release the 1030/1050..
  • I actually think my old 920 had better pics, especially under low light. The 1020 also doesn't include any of the advanced camera functionality that requires faster processors.
  • So 5%+ market share in the U.S. for Windows Phone by eoy?
  • About the only thing I'm dissapointed in so far is the flat, non curved screen choice, but it's definitely not a deal breaker, just love the edges of my 1020 screen!
  • Thanks Daniel, for setting the record straight. I am happy with the specs for thiese devices and really hope I can get an XL for ATT's network. Unfortunately, I have one little issue. Sorry to be that guy. Anyway NOKIA/MS started me on colored Lumias. Will be weird to not have color options.
  • Are you totally sure about the angular corners as rendered? That discomfort for the hand would steer me towards the LG G4, W10 edition of course, but USB-C could make me go 950XL again. The feel of the curvature of the G4 it's amazing compared to 640XL. Interesting months to come anyway...
  • Only black and white?? Booooooring :-(
  • Yea I hope they offer more colors, love the red, green, and cyan Lumias
  • I think Talkman and Cityman sound like great marketing names.  Can't wait to get one of these devices.
  • My company currently has 20 Verizon Lumia Icons so this is awful news. Verizon never did treat us well so I'm not surprised. It's going to be difficult to get them to switch to att but I will be pushing them to change for sure.
  • I am rather excited that these are on the horizon. The specs are appealing, although still only 32GB of storage? My 920 has that and has constantly been on the verge of full. Yes, the microSD card is welcome, but I'm not eager to have to immediately buy a memory card along with the phone. 64 or 128 GB would have been a negligible deference in manufacturing cost and significant difference in immediate value. Aside from this annoyance, I am eager to finally replace my 920. It has been a solid companion but when the Cityman/Talkman come around the 920 will be nearly 3 years old, it's time to retire it for a Cityman/L950 XL. A side note, while minor, I am still not keen on the XL monikers - just reminds me of Nintendo's infinite renaming of the DS for hardware refreshes... DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL, 3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS, New 3DS, New 3DS XL, etc. The XL moniker works, but it "feels" cheap, 'toy-like.' I would have also liked adiditonal color choices - my yellow 920 stands out, it would have been nice to continue that.
  • qualcomm 808 vs 810 you should do a showdown which one is better
  • They sound like they listened ans response quite well. I cannot wait for it... All the things that crippled the phones before to class them was just silly. Now 32GB minimum storage, plus expandable storage, integrated wireless charging, pureview camera, and so much more. This is flagship. I like the 3 tier / two size hardware lineup. No need to keep release devices throughout the year... One time launch for each teair a year. Let the other OEM make phones at other timeframes... Which I doubt they will do... Great job Microsoft... Great article Daniel.
  • Love your positive slant to the new Windows Phones. They look super. I am very disappointed about the news of no new phones on Verizon and no XL on AT&T. I have been a Verizon customer for many years. I stay with them for the same reason as I stay with Windows Phones; it just works. Now to face the fact that they still refuse to carry flag ship Windows devices is very unsettling.
  • Sorry if this was asked and answered already - 950/Talkman will have a "regular" dual led flash?
  • The killer features are the iris-cam for Windows Hello, and the Continuum ability.  Everything else sounds perfect too.  Very, very excited! for this new range of Premier Window Phones. 
  • If they really are ditching Verizon I will be at a crossroads.  I have no idea what I will do at that point, no cell service is as well run as VZ, but I have no interest in Android or iPhone.  I really hope that bit of information is untrue.  I was looking forward to these devices.
  • I was hoping the 940XL had rounded corners like the 640XL. That's what you first reported.
  • Hey Dan.... Thanks for the article.
    Felt so relieved to have some reliable info. You do listen to us;)
    Now just give us the exact release date and price tags- worldwide, and the Chery will shine on the icing... Cake's great !
  • What is that grille looking thing left of the camera module in the render? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • If I were an iPhone 6 or [insert current top line model] Android user what would spark my interest?
  • Honestly I love it, but if verizon is no longer a partner than im leaving them back or tmobile if they carry the phone
  • These phones do look hot. It's a tough choice to wait for the 950xl or switch to android. It's great hardware, but the app situation is dismal. No promises that the Win10 dev situation will change that.
  • I did the choice...wish app gap wasn't soo bad Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Only thing that I would probably gripe about would be the placement of the power button. Sandwiched between the volume up & down buttons seems odd. Other than that & maybe the lack of front facing speakers, Looks like a winner from a design & hardware aspect.
  • Phenomenal design and spec :) Thanks buddy. I hope everyone will like new designs.
  • I am very much so Daniel. The best part of these phns are, they are another Microsoft/Lumia......CrApple iJUNK killers AGAIN and AGAIN, (along with other brands of course) phns. Really nice to see these awesome flagship Windows phns. They look GREAT. I still like to see Surface PRO phns;-) with Titanium Body, with Kickstand, and built-in Stylus, with laser AND detachable keyboards, and.............................. However, I've heard that SAMSUNG NOTE 5, will be coming in Windows 10 and Android. If that comes true, i don't know, it will be very hard choice for me, as the specs on Note 5, is UNREAL, and AWESOME. I guess we have to just wait and see, how many Win10 flagship phns will be coming out soon.  Thank you for DETAIL news Daniel. As always we ALL really appreciate all you hard work, to keep us all informed, and up to date. YOU ROCK:-) 
  • >Matte White or black polycarbonate body<   That's the problem right there...  Apple, Samsung and HTC are making their flagships out of aluminium! How could Microsoft's plastic toys possibly compete against such premium builds? If the rumors are true then that's another fail for team Redmont...
  • I am planning on switching to Windows 10 Mobile from Android. Have been using Android for over 4 years now, but it starts to get boring. I'm using the Nexus 6 with a blazing fast Custom ROM and it blows every other phone out of the water, but still it doesn't feel great. I played a bit with the Lumia 930 and fell in love. Really hope Microsoft will also bring out phones which look like the 930. Also, Windows 10 Mobile looks fabulous and fresh. I follow every build now on YouTube and so, and it gets better and more beautiful, though I still think not everything looks even beautiful. Hopefully the 950 phones won't get too expensive.
  • Daniel, Is the design of the Lumia 950 same as that of the 950 XL? Already a little disappointed that the color options are limited compared to the previous Lumias. At least they could have kept the Orange and Blue versions.It really differentiated the Lumias from the others.  Also disappointed to see that the Curved glass is not being used on these flagships. I never had a doubt about the internal specifications. Lumias always had great cameras and the OS is smooth even on low-end hardware. So, there were no worries on this front. Can you also elaborate on the difference between the 3-led and dual led cameras? 
  • Great article Dan...
  • Yes Daniel, beautiful phones and nice specs. But probably it's not enough to get more people change from iOS and Android... So far we know that the lack of apps to Windows Phone compared to iOS and Android is a problem for many users. I know a lot of people who thinks Windows is interesting, but since they don't find all the official apps they are not willing to change. And that's the way it is i'm afraid.... People choose their phones from the  Lately i bought a new car, a Skoda to be spesific..... with something called Skoda Smartgate. So with this i can connect to the car with the Smartgate wifi, and see a lot of data from the car. For iOS and Android, there is a LOT of Smartgate apps, but for Windows Phone it's not even one single app. It's really no apps at all for Windows Phone... So here i am, i'm definetely not a fan for Android, but lately i came closer to the thought of change to Android. Not only becuause of apps to my car, but also because of other apps that i miss.
  • I am SO happy. Its everything that I wished for in a WP. That volume/pwr button configuration might be interesting though. Maybe they'll have different textured buttons or something.
  • I'm currently a Note 4 user, and I'm definitely interested in giving Windows another try. I tried Windows Phone 7 for a month and ended up going back to Android... But with Windows 10, the platform really seems to be maturing. Hopefully the app support improves as well. Shame they're loosing support at Verizon though, and that AT&T doesn't even plan to sell the top end model. I'll have to buy the unlocked version of the XL.
  • Yes, i am happy, this what i'm waiting for, i'll buy that Talkman because its screen smaller than Cityman, this will be a great buy for me, thanks Dan for this great News. Cheers!
  • Too big for me, what options for users who prefer 4.5" max?
  • Awesome article! Cant wait to get the 950xl on release day! Do you know if the buttons will be capacitive or on-screen? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No apps, no buy. I hate that, but I'm not going to carry two devices so Windows Phone gets cut. Maybe in 2 years when looking for a new device there will be an improvement.
  • For me, the only disappointment is not having a 6" successor for the 1520.  I don't really want to move to a smaller phone.
  • so Daniel there is no midrange lumia 30 series succusor ? I mean we can't see lumia 550. , 750 and 850  ????
  • Any word on LTE radios for the XL so I can have LTE on AT&T if they don't end up carrying it?
  • Daniel, is that glass screen really edge to edge like in the render? It would break right away if it fell on a corner.
  • I am definitely excited about leaving iOS for this but I hope that Windows 10 has a better experience than before. I also hope that the app selection picks up with the recent changes that Microsoft has made. Accessories are also thin typically. Please get more productivity apps like Bank of America, Capital One, TD, and other major shopping stores. Third party just isn't good enough.
  • Is there a way to collapse comment subthreads that I don't see?  Nothing against Daniel, I'd just like to see the next comment at a given level (top in this case.)
  • Dammit!!!! I picked the wrong time to switch. I honestly hope this is the kick in the pants WM needs to wake folks up.
  • Also, I do expect that they create better tools for Windows Phone developers and push forward Store apps development because one of the main problems with Windows Phone still is the lack of apps, mainly the apps from the big ones like Google. Microsoft is a huge company, why they don't make a good agreement with Google, Facebook and another big ones to develop AND UPDATE the apps. Just this small thing would bring a lot of users to Windows Phone since the OS is freaking stable and fast. But for now I just have the feeling that I have a awesome piece of hardware and software but with poor applications and nothing blazing new to experiment. That's one of the things that lead me to start developing WP apps. Best regards
  • The thing is not about people liking the design and specs, ofcourse we do, we loved the 930 and the 1520 but the pricing has been a big issue. With such pricing of the Lumia devices, no one wants to risk it, like people dont really mind buying the S6 or S6 Edge, they know what they are going to get from it, from WP, they know they wont get simple features available on other smaller devices.
    That is the issue. Design = im always a fan
  • Hi Dan, What happened to the Pen-Stylus support that you mention in this article for L950XL? Is there any chance of it coming in the future?   Pls. comment  
  • It's exciting
  • Still not sure about the choise to use the 810. Could sink them before they are out.
  • This will be several revisions into the 810 cycle
  • The 810 r2.0 is the one that was used in devices earlier and started the heating issue. R2.1 is what this will have, and it has certainly not solved the issue.
  • You can't compare 810 vs 820 820 completely destroyed the 810 810 is reference garbage.
  • They could have incorporated Windows Hello on the device powered by 820 with less expense than the Intel camera they're using.
  • In the broader market, I doubt that even 1 in 100 phone buyers passes on a phone because of the version of the Snapdragon processor in the phone.  The typical shopper probably uses some variety of (1) the aesthetics of the device, (2) the OS (i.e., are they wedded to iOS, android, windows phone soon to be mobile), (3) the behavior of the device upon testing in a store or when a friend/family member shows it (does it scroll smoothly, etc.), and (4) whatever collective set of recommendations they are working with (salesperson/friends/co-workers/family). Windows phone worked fine with even lower powered processors as far as observable behavior. As to the self-styled tech enthusiasts, if the presence of an 810 processor is what stops you from picking up one of these phones, they were going to find a reason to pass on these devices and criticize them.
  • True but if they bring home this phone with the 810 and start experiencing problems then if they don't know the reason they will never buy another windows phone.
  • in the broader market i agree - but we are talking flagship here and buyers of flagships of a phone system with very little market share absolutely do follow the tech headlines in my experience. quite frankly the first thing you come across when you google for performance reviews or infos on the 810 are a metric f*ton of warnings about its overheating problems. that can very well turn people away from buying one of those ... i know it does for me - at least until several tests confirm that the issue has been resolved and performance, heat and efficiency are under control.
  • 810 v 2.1 doesn't heat up And 820 won't go on devices before early 2016
  • Isn't the Xperia Z5 supposed to have the 820 and get released before the end of the year?
  • OnePlus Two is reported to have the latest version of 810 and benchmarks show it has greater performance than any other 810s so far. I too would have liked 820 more, but for the time 810 would do. Android flagships would cross over end of this year though. Most probably, even before the 950/XL duo has their iris scanners enabled.. :(
  • I don't think 810 would have any effect on the performance of windows phone but I don't know how a non windows phone user would feel about it anyway
  • More colors would be nice. Orange, yellow, cyan, red, etc.
  • Yup, although since the back covers come off, should be easy to add to the mix
  • Hi Daniel. Do you have any more info about the camera yet? I've heard rumors that it can shoot 4k video at 60fps. Also, did they keep the multiple microphone set up for surround sound recording? Thanks.
  • What If the "power" button was a play/pause button that, when pressed with a volume key, changes songs?
  • That would be nice!
  • Gapless playback not included! :)
  • Gapless playback has been promised for the Windows 10 music player app by year's end...
  • Surprised it's years end if that's the case, as I saw the API demoed at this year's build. (showing how to build own media app etc)
  • I assume you mean if it wasn't an actual power button because the power button + volume up combination is already designated for taking screen shots.
  • What's the "Qi charging with flip cover"?  Will Qi require the addition of the cover?  Hope it's not a tacky Galaxy-style flip cover that doesn't stay shut.
  • I wonder, too. I hope we're not talking 925 style with no qi unless you buy add-on case.
  • I'm curious too. Looking it up, I ran into some "flip" cases for the Galaxy and some iPhone ones. I don't really like the idea of a case like those. The fun of flipping a vertically opening case and pretending to be a detective at a crime scene will lose its luster pretty quickly. I'm glad Qi is still the route they're going as I still have the JBL Powerup and Nokia charging pads. Unfortunately, the connectors on my 1020's case broke so that squashes that functionality and doesn't make me a huge fan of the non-integrated approach.
  • A case that flips open and makes my phone look like a Star Trek communicator would be acceptable, but only if it answered a call when flipped. ;-)
  • I assume it will be the covers they sold for the 640 and 535. Doesn't seem too bad. 
  • Horrid.  Hope there's optional Qi without flip cover.
  • God Verizon better not shit the bed and not offer them...
  • According to the article, it looks like big red won't carry them. Hopefully these phones sell very well and Verizon is forced to change their tune.
  • Per the article, the speculation is that MS is ending their relationship with Verizon because it's not beneficial. Obviously not official, but it wouldn't shock me since their technology is different that T-Mobile and AT&T (and the rest of the world).
  • Not sprint... But who uses WP on sprint anyway?
    (to those 6 of you I apologize)
  • Apology accepted:)
  • The thing with Verizon, is they provide coverage in all the areas ATT doesn't.  This is important for people that travel a lot and always want to ensure they have coverage.  Even in the Seattle area, there are going to be Microsoft employees that can't get signal because of lacking ATT coverage where Verizon provides full LTE.   I often will take one of my Vettes instead of flying, and driving from Southern California to Northern or even Vegas to Reno is a waste of time with ATT.  In contrast Verizon has nearly 100% coverage all the way. This is a big difference, as I estimate ATT only covers 10% of the highways on these trips, and even then most of it is jus 3G+. Heck, even go to areas that show 'covered' on the ATT Map, like outside Eugene Oregon's airport.  You have coverage right at the airport usually, but get a mile or two north of the Airport, while still in the 'coverage map', and you have no data.   In the US, Verizon is NECESSARY for success, and if Microsoft is ending that relationship, they might as well just give up.  
  • Yea, this i horse$hit if MS cant get a phone on Verizon's networks.  At a minimum, maybe they can sell an unlocked version that works on their networks which we could just buy and connect.  I would buy my phone from MS store anyways, so hopefully its the case.
  • The company also will exit carrier relationships and countries where it hasn’t been successful, the person said, although it will continue to sell handsets in the U.S. because of the market’s size and significance.......Daniel misrepresented what Bloomberg said.... See above... No mention of Verizon
  • Idk, Avenger. I recently took my ATT 920 on a road trip up PCH (not the most frequently traveled 5 or 101). Had data and voice coverage everywhere except remote Northern Calif coast south of Crescent City. Visited mom in Harrisburg (15 minutes north of Eugene in BFE Oregon), ATT worked fine there too as well as all over Eugene. Verizon has never shown any passion for Windows phones. They were given the Icon (the only 930 available in the US) and judging from comments concerning the Cyan update, they couldn't be bothered. While they are supposedly transitioning from CDMA to GSM, they still have a policy that requires BYODs to be phones originally sold by Verizon (flashed with their CDMA code). Which means users can't pick up an unlocked phone on Amazon and use it with their Verizon service. So while Verizon may offer coverage in more remote areas than ATT, they are going to have to take a cue from Microsoft's playbook and start playing well with others.
  • Yeah Eugene area is not BFE Oregon. It's the second largest metropolitan area. Granted Harrisburg is a little drive away to what looks like "the country", a half hour out of Portland looks like that too. That's Oregon.
  • Eugene is cool, but mom lives 5 miles east of Harrisburg. BFE. I know about Oregon. Planning to move to metro Portland area at the end of the year and looking forward to a place where getting out of town doesn't take 3 hours...
  • This Verizon rumor is horrible news if true!  Vzw is the only signal with complete coverage where I live/work.  ATT - absolutely dead at work. TMo piggys on ATT here, so they're out as well.
  • They are going to get SO much shit from me if they don't offer these phones...
  • I say we plan a Deficate in your Verizon Store day.
  • I wouldn't mind if the volume button had a gesture that let you quick access the camera.
  • There's already a camera button
  • then never mind I got stuck in the past cycle hah. So excited didn't filter what I read/said.
  • According to the article, there is a dedicated camera button.
  • There is no need for that since there is a camera button. Lol
  • Based on the article it seems neither will be Verizon-compatible. Will they have CDMA radios, or is MS just writing VZW out of the picture?
  • I have heard Microsoft is no longer partnering with Verizon, but it remains to be seen.
  • This is nucking futs! There's no perfect carrier i guess. I may go back to flip phones.
  • I guess if Verizon won't carry them I'll be switching to another carrier. Piss off my wife but she will get over it :)
  • Let us know how that plays out, lawl.
  • If this is true I'll be dragging my wife and daughter over to AT&T kicking and screaming. 
  • wow talk about a disaster in my world, that's awful news
  • Daniel, do you know the Cityman's dimensions?
  • Best news all century!!! And to be honest, it wont make much difference seeing as how Verizon seemed to go out of their way not to sell WP handsets.
  • You are joke. Not having a Verizon compatible phone means loosing out on the biggest network. That means far less windows phones going out there than there already are.
  • You are right.  I will be switching, but iPhone and Android users on Verizon now won't switch carriers to get one of these phones.
  • I may not switch off Verizon.  I have a long term relationship with them and plenty of experience of getting a signal where others do not get them (like in the middle of Smoky Mountains National Park - no one else got 3G or 4G and I had two bars of LTE). Microsoft may not provide anything to Verizon, but that does not mean others will not.  My current phone if the One M8 for Windows,  There've been rumors that the M9 will launch for Windows when 10 gets released for Mobile, so there may be options.  I have heard in the past that LG was thinking of making the G4 available with Windows too, so that could go on VZW.  The G4 is the phone I have been looking at on Android, so I'd be fine if they announced it for Windows.
  • Cool story. Whats the point of being on the biggest network if they flat out refuse to sell you the phones in stores or retire their exclusive flagship 6 months after launching it? Whether Microsoft partners with them or not, the net result is the same, WP devices dont sell on Verizon. Sensible option is to ditch the network rather than have to fight them to sell the phones.
  • They didnt sell well cause we all know about their horrible customer service, and went out and bought the Icon from the MS store instead of the VZ stores, to you know, stick it to the man a bit..........well, thats biting us all in the a$$ now.
  • That would present a problem for me. I'm not moving 4 lines to another carrier especially since two of them are still under contract. But I'll wait and see what happens this fall.
  • I've been off contract and waiting since last November. My daughter gets off contract next month and my wife I thing in March or April 2016.  If Verizon doesnt offer the new Windows phones then I'll hold on to my 822 a bit longer until spring and we'll all make the switch together.
  • Well that sucks. I have been delaying my Verizon upgrade since last October waiting for a new for high end WP. I will wait to see what happens but if MS is going to stop having phones on Verizon I may have to go back to a Galaxy Note. Verizon is the only one with decent coverage where I live so as much as I would like to dump them that really isn't an option.  Also if AT&T isn't going to be selling the XL phone, is it even going to be available in the US? Seems like a big gap if your top premium phone isn't even available on the two largest carriers in the US. Not that the US is the only market for premium phones but I would assume it is the biggest.