Four new Microsoft devices leak including one for Continuum codenamed 'Munchkin'

The site tonight is reporting on four new alleged Microsoft devices heading to market later this year. The code names for the devices include Valora, Munchkin, Murano and Livana and there is an accompanying graphic giving more details about the hardware.

According to and their sources, Valora is the next-gen of Treasure Tag. In fact, this device was recently seen passing through the FCC. Evidently it has a new feature on board called 'Motion Guard' likely to alert users when the tag is moved, as opposed to just being out of distance from the paired Windows Phone.

Ivanna / Livana appears to be an updated MD-12 wireless Bluetooth speaker and Murano seems to be an updated HD-10 screen-sharing and Miracast device.

Munchkin for Continuum

However, the biggest news is in regards to Munchkin. speculates that this may be for Windows 10 and indeed, Windows Central can confirm that this is part of the Continuum hardware needed to act as a PC. The device resembles and is similar to a docking station, including a selection of ports for USB peripherals and displays. The phone connects to the hub, which then outputs to a display with an optional keyboard and mouse. The result is your Windows Phone now acts like a full-fledged computer with Universal Windows Apps.

No price is set yet for Munchkin , which is likely to launch this fall alongside two new Microsoft flagship Lumias. At least we now know that Microsoft will have a bevy of hardware accessories to co-launch with Windows 10 Mobile in the coming months.


Daniel Rubino

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