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Four new Microsoft devices leak including one for Continuum codenamed 'Munchkin'

The site tonight is reporting on four new alleged Microsoft devices heading to market later this year. The code names for the devices include Valora, Munchkin, Murano and Livana and there is an accompanying graphic giving more details about the hardware.

According to and their sources, Valora is the next-gen of Treasure Tag. In fact, this device was recently seen passing through the FCC. Evidently it has a new feature on board called 'Motion Guard' likely to alert users when the tag is moved, as opposed to just being out of distance from the paired Windows Phone.

Ivanna / Livana appears to be an updated MD-12 wireless Bluetooth speaker and Murano seems to be an updated HD-10 screen-sharing and Miracast device.

Munchkin for Continuum

However, the biggest news is in regards to Munchkin. speculates that this may be for Windows 10 and indeed, Windows Central can confirm that this is part of the Continuum hardware needed to act as a PC. The device resembles and is similar to a docking station, including a selection of ports for USB peripherals and displays. The phone connects to the hub, which then outputs to a display with an optional keyboard and mouse. The result is your Windows Phone now acts like a full-fledged computer with Universal Windows Apps.

No price is set yet for Munchkin , which is likely to launch this fall alongside two new Microsoft flagship Lumias. At least we now know that Microsoft will have a bevy of hardware accessories to co-launch with Windows 10 Mobile in the coming months.


Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • "Munchkin", so cute.
  • Like a Russian name
  • That's not a Russian name
  • The origins of the word `munchkin` are not Russian, however its structure resembles Russian family name.
  • Hence the word "like", mr. Know it All. I'm really exctied to try out my future Windows Phone as a laptop replacement.. It would be awesome as hell to forget about tablets and laptops and just have this one (6+ inch) device to rule them all.  
  • One device to rule them all.
  • I think that might be their goal. I'm sure not in this iteration, but I can see it happening where people use their phones as thin clients at the office, get up, go on the road and then use their phone, as a phone, lol. all in one with great connectivity. Then add in that in the near future people can buy a phone and it'll be both their phone, and their portable computer.
  • The Wizard of Oz.
  • Munchkin IS better than Lollypop Kids.  Device needs Qi charger on the top.  Charge(um) while you Continuum.  
  • Munchikin sounds Russian to you but not Ivanna?
  • All of a sudden I have a craving for donuts.
  • Reminds me of the board game
  • Did just play yesterday Munchkin that I bought few days ago as a present :D
  • That is a cute name! I hope they keep it for its official name. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Look up Munchkin game.
  • Reminds me of Pokémon.
  • Yes... We all will be getting some Munchkins.... Hehehe...
  • Microsoft getting ready for the big launch.
  • But, will they market any of these accessory's outside of MS stores?
  • Man you need to stop this
  • While I do agree rod can get tiresome, he has a very valid point.
  • Seriously, stop whining about everything and acting like you know what is best for microsoft, it makes you look like an ignorant child.
  • Did he say anything wrong..?
  • Will these fail after two weeks like the original treasure tag?  Will they disconnect frequently and beep loudly during conference meetings? 
  • When they come out, check em yourselves.
  • These accessories are exactly what they need in wireless carriers shops to get sales people to push Windows phones. Selling accessories to earn commissions is a big reason they push iPhone and Android so much
  • Good thought @Coip.
  • *big lunch*
  • Very cool. Hoping these devices don't end up like the treasure tag.. You know, not available in the US until 6 months after its launched and only nowhere to be found but one carrier.
  • You mean like almost all MS devices outside the US? Like Band?
  • ...what? Devices outside the U.S. aren't typically (if ever) exclusive to a carrier, like the ICON on Verizon.
  • Like most Lumia devices
  • Canada, we don't get any of the Nokia accessories and we didn't get the 930 because Rogers the exclusive carrier of windows phone didn't want to pick up the 930, 1520, 1320 as a result we still have the 1020 as the high-end windows phone here.
  • Truth
  • Wow ... that's just ... I don't even know what to say ...
  • Really? Every Windows Phone I've ever owned came from TELUS (Even my Windows Mobile 6.5 device), and right now I'm using the 830. For what I use it for the L830 (IMO) is a higher end device than the 1020 baring maybe the camera, but I really don't take a lot of photos anyway. Rogers was the Windows Phone 8.x launch partner, not the exclusive provider. Come to think of it the 830 is available at Bell and Rogers too, and Rogers even sells it for a $100 less then TELUS. I get that paying full price for an unlocked phone is not an option for some people, but if you want a newer phone than the 1020, just buy the one you want from the US (Or wherever), and activate it in Canada. TELUS will even knock $20/mo off your bill when you BYOD.
  • Is there any actual difference between 930 and the Icon?
  • delete.
  • No, they are just not available, period.
  • My sources tell me they will be exclusive to the Mars One community first.
  • And I saw Daniel's conversation with someone that I don't remember on Twitter stating that this docking for Continium will be so expensive! Way to go Microsoft.
  • I don't recall saying "so expensive" just not like a $20 part that can be tossed in for free with a new phone.
  • Put this together with the fact that Continuum will be probably the only major selling point for Windows 10 in Mobile plus with the fact that almost no one want to buy a Windows Phone today. They will want to spend some money with a phone that doesn't has the trending apps and yet has to buy one accessory, that is expensive, to take advantage of the only interesting thing that this phone has?
  • Loaded question, not answering, sorry.
  • Sounded more like a rant in disguise of a question.
  • this is not gonig to help microsoft ... it might be fun to have continuum feature ... but people will not care after couple of months
  • I agree. Honestly the only ratio for this device for me is to allow continuum for middle range phones. High end mustn't need it, as a proper USB port should do the work bind with enough power. Otherwise it looses the selling point. And if this is my humble hope I fear it wont be like this is not a.matter of money. 20 or 50,if you need continuum you don't have problem with that. It is a matter of carrying around something more
  • *loses It hasn't lost its selling point if you consider other use scenarios.  I would use it as a secondary computer with a monitor and keyboard that stays on my desk.  I'd also not have a problem carrying that since I'd have to carry around a cable, regardless. 
  • Real selling point of Windows 10 mobile will be a universal ecosystem with your PC / tablet. The success of it will depend on how easy the android and ios porting really is.
  • While they may market it as such (possibly) continuum for phones will not be a killer feature. No one currently uses their phones this way and I highly doubt Microsoft will be the first to usher in this new way of using our phones as PC's. Just like flat design MS will do it first but no one will care because no one uses a WP. 
  • It will be a massive feature for enterprise users.
  • IT admin here - I'll be testing continuum heavily with my own device. My company is 1/6 windows phone users already, and I already have a plan for a phased approach to eliminating laptops(and iphones) in my enterprise environment. Just cause you don't think it will succeed doesn't mean you know what you're talking about.
  • "only major selling point", lol, no. The only reason not to buy WP is certain apps you might want, but that's not an issue for every one. I see so many people outside the techie crowd that pretty much install facebook and thats about it. W10 could have some effect on that app situation as well, depending on how easy converting iOS and Android apps ends up being in reality.
  • They can't sell it for 20$ if the manufacturing and all other costs add up to 20$ or more..i hope you understand what I am trying to say..
  • But it can't be much more than $39 either, with both Android and Windows ecosystems having standalone devices for $99. It's an opportunity for carriers to bundle the hub with the phone, but if they don't, that could seriously hurt the adoption of Continuum (then again, while a cool feature, it's not one most people would use anyway). Interesting times ahead.
  • Doesn't ​
  • I'd expect it to cost around $50-100. The Lenovo laptop docks that my company uses cost about $150-200. So not too bad. I'll still grab one when I buy my Lumia flagship in the fall. :)
  • I find it funny people are worried about the price of an unreleased product. I will get it too if I can use an xbox one controller with it. 
  • Shouldn't have mentioned it. Now he'll be more wary of people spying on him on twitter. Seems to me that Continuum is going to cost in the range of or upwards of $49.99 based on what you have said and Daniel's replies.
    What does Munchkins mean anyway?
  • Munchkins are the little people in the wizard of oz
  • It's a reference to how your wallet will feel after paying for it.
  • Who cares how much it costs? Buy things you can't afford. It's the American Way.
  • Desperately waiting for flagship mobile....get us something good MS....
  • What I would like to see - in addition to the forthcoming Talkman & Cityman flagships - are successors to the Lumia 1020 & 1520. Until this time, I plan to upgrade from my 1520 to the Cityman with its 5.7-inch QHD screen, 3GB RAM, 32GB storage, and 3300 mAh battery.
  • You know that Cityman IS a 1520 successor, right?
  • Not a worthy one, dropping 3" is un accpetable as a replacement for the 1520.
  • You mean 0.3". That's not even a major drop-off. I guess there's no 930 successor because it was a 5" phone and Talkman is supposed to be 5.2". That, and the 92x line hasn't gotten any true successor yet because the 920/925/928 trio had 4.5" displays.
  • if thee sole purpose for those phones was to infact be a specific sized screen then yes, the 1520's whole point was to be huge, so considering what the phone is, yes, it is a downgrade to its specific spec.
  • Well, that's not happening on the U.S. At least, that's what this site has claimed. We're supposed to get the lesser device, which carries the 808, rather than a true flagship.
  • Keith, you're claiming that both the Talkman and Cityman devices will NOT be Windows 10 Mobile flagship devices because they will contain the snapdragon 808 microprocessor instead of the 810 microprocessor? By the way, what evidence has Microsoft published that the Cityman is intended to be the successor flagship to the Lumia 1520? This is an unfounded claim that appears to be the result of speculation in tech website forums.
  • Nope, you missed both of my statements. The Cityman is to carry the SD 810, the Talkman carries the 808. This site, Daniel himself, stated that his trustworthy sources claim the 810-packing Cityman to not be a device U.S. carriers will pick up. The other aspect, what makes it a 1520 successor, is that it's the device with a large display of a similar class (5.7"), which has been verified, again by this site. It's not the 6.0" display of the 1520, but it's the closest thing we've got. On top of that, it's got a 20-MP camera and a 3300 mAh battery, in-line with what we'd expect from a 1520 successor. The only reason it might not be truly called a successor to the 1520 is that most expect it to be calles something in the vein of the 940 XL, like how the 1320 was essentially replaced by the 640 XL, rather than a 1330. You can call it unfounded, but it's basic logic tied into what this site's verified with reputable sources on the matter.
  • The 810 will either overheat or be massively throttled, anyway. Just look at the new Sony Z3+ reviews. This new "revision" didn't change much at all... Camera closing instantly after updating a few apps or a few minutes of video recording on a cold device. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So is this based on things you know can only be attributed to the chip, as opposed to potential software issues? Just like to see proof of your claim before I accept it as anything beyond typical WP fanboy defense of inferior hardware.
  • Keith, thank you for the explanation. I didn't realize the Cityman would not be released in the United States markets. This is very disappointing. I'll just have to wait for AT&T to release Windows 10 Mobile for my Lumia 1520 and wait further until 2016 for a true WP10 flagship device.
  • I believe Daniel said the 940XL has not yet been picked up by a major American carrier.  That is a far cry from not being released in the U.S.
  • Literally every phone that has the 810... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yes, phones running the v2.0 810. However, we've not gotten word of this with v2.1 hardware, as little of it is out. All we've seen of a POSSIBLE v2.1 heating issue is an alleged leak of early hardware that warns of overheating withiin one stock application, meaning it could be a software problem or an overly touchy heat sensor (due to issues with v2.0). Whatever the cause, Sony stated that it's an issue that will be resolved, and we haven't seen other OEMs run in fear from the chip, in the meantime (the OnePlus 2 is carrying the v2.1 SoC). So, if you want to use old hardware using an older version of the chip as a defense for the future, enjoy. I'll wait to see how the chip we're actually discussing performs before I make a decision on it.
  • Awesome. Now I'd like to know about your known information about the Lumia 940 ^_-
  • It's code-named the HoloPhone.
  • Who is in charge of Names at Microsoft?
  • See the part about 'codenames'? That means these names are used internally and are not consumer facing or marketing labels.
  • Codenames are supposed to be cool not cute. At least that's what I've heard.
  • You heard wrong. Also, I'm sure you are joking because that is a crazy dumb thing to believe, lol
  • As someone that works for a company that uses a LOT of codenames, I can tell you that they are rarely intended to be cute or cool. The purpose is usually to be somewhat reflective of the project, without giving any details away. Calling hardware "Munchkin" most liekly reflects that it will be effective, but compact hardware. At least, this is how it would work in my company. Sometimes, however, the purpose is not easily detected. I can't think of anything off the top of my head for Murana, but that doesn't mean the name is not reflective of the project.
  • A lot of MS codenames are based on mountain names or locations, not related to the project.
  • Longhorn, the code name for Vista, was named after the steak restaurant. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You mean you work for the CIA?
  • Murano is a city in Italy noted for glass making.
  • Some choose them, randomly.
  • Much ado about nothing.
  • These are just internal codenames. They aren't meant to be super appealing to end-consumers, as it will almost certainly change prior to being released. Just as Proejct Spartan was the codename for Microsoft Edge, and Threshhold was the codename for Windows 10. Cortana is one of the few codenames that was used as the official products name.
  • Like with the Sega Saturn!
  • The "Senior Principal Codename Operator". Obviously.
  • Codenames are not the issue. It's the really stupid ones they use for public release.
  • It was between Munchkin or Grunt, Oz beat Halo this time. At least Cortana isn't Dorothy.
  • "needed to connect to a PC" It doesn't connect to a PC; it IS the PC.
  • Thank you!
  • At first, I was bumbed at the concept of having to carry around additional hardware. However, I'm a little ashamed to say that I felt this way. Because, in reality, it totally makes sense. You have to plug everything in somehow (monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.). That being said, I'm hoping it will be a smaller device; more like a dongle, rather than a hub. If the phone uses USB type C, than the dongle could in theory be similar to what Apple (and 3rd party vendors) are selling for the new Macbooks which only use a single USB type C.
  • Miracast, Bluetooth, WiFi, and an nfc tag on the wireless charger to tell the phone when to tie it all together.
    I want my continuum to be a completely wireless experience.
  • Roger that. If lots of proprietary accessories are required it will fail.
  • Is it just me or does Ivanna look ugly? Not 'ugly' ugly , but shouldnt-be-little-green's-successor type of ugly
  • Just great to see Microsoft is working on many areas of improving the windows 10 experience
  • Let me preorder it!
  • Kinda wanted ​ continuum to run without special accessories. But I guess the technology ain't yet that advanced ....
  • How would you plug a mouse, keyboard and display directly into your phone with one USB Type-C port?
  • I thought it could work using miracast. That's what they said at build nah?
  • Nope. The exact method by which Continuum works was not revealed by Microsoft, despite repeated inquiries. Also, Miracast would only work for the display, but not the mouse/keyboard.
  • Well, there are always bluetooth keyboards and mouses. They would work way better than a bunch of wires connected to a hub in my opinion.
  • In that case, get one of those tiny Logitech receivers that connect to multiple devices. No wires necessary.
  • That might be more convenient if you're mobile and are only occasionally hooking up using Miracast & BT.  The dock would be intended for a "work station", and it would be much faster to just pljg and play instead of waiting for 3 different devices to pair each time.
  • It revealed by MS, you can use Miracast and keyboard via Bluetooth. The phone screen can be used for touchpad.
  • I think it may be for supporting usb for the screen too. As nice as miracast is there is still lag and in some situations will be not ideal.    
  • Daniel - there are three continuum 'design' hardware configurations outlined in the Build talk here: Starting at 14:10. Miracast is specifically mentioned. "Wired dock" said to offer best experience for Continnum especially for productivity apps use case paired with mouse and keyboard. "Pure wireless" shown but example use case is 'video' apps or similar. The continuum for phones concept is incredible but mostly ignored by tech press.
  • Bluetooth to the mouse and keyboard, use the type c for video out
  • And how do you plug in the phone to power it? You'll be dead in 2 minutes trying to power everything at once... Posted from the Nexus 6, Nexus 5, or Surface Pro 3
  • Wireless charger ;)
  • It could draw power from the display.
  • That is precisely how I understood it to work.
  • Can we just plug display using USB type C and navigate/type through phone's touch screen?
  • USB-OTG! Sheesh Daniel, are you that dense? First you get a Type C to USB adapter. Then you plug in a powered 4-port hub and then a USB to VGA connector. OR!!!!! You get a Munchkin.
  • At build they spoke of using Miracast for the display and Bluetooth for mouse and keyboard. I'm thinking this is a docking station option for those who want it. You know quicker setup. Otherwise this tech is cool but not revolutionary.
  • So... to use Munchkin we use our current Lumias? Or... will new phones be necessary with different innards?
  • 100% need new, high-end hardware.
  • Munchkin is new hardware. You mean new phones?
  • So is something like Munchkin needed e.g. If one wants to work on a hotel room tv using Continuum? Or can Continuum even be used I this way?
  • If the TV has a simple display input, then I don't see why not.
  • Ok thanks. But - do you know if an accessory like Munchkin needed in such a scenario or a simple cable will do?
  • A TV/monitor only has video/audio inputs so you still need KB/mouse signal input capability hence this device which acts as a USB dock for all inputs to interface with the phone.
  • Ok... I had thought the keyboard at least would connect to the phone and would not need to connect for the screen itself.
  • There are loads of Smart TVs with USB input nowadays.
  • Bluetooth+Miracast?
  • With a flagship like a quad core, 4 gig of ram and some killer video, your phone really could be a computer.
  • Yeah, a pretty weak one.
  • Sure, but there's a massive difference between a mobile SoC and a desktop CPU. Massive. Cores and speed tell you very little, actually. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • accessories are stupid. I don't want to buy a stupid dock