Microsoft 'Saana' Lumia un-cancelled and an old Lumia 830 prototype leaks

We live in a day of leaks often without context. Such is the case today when Windows Blog Italia posted a 'new' image of a Nokia device. The image, seen above, came out of China and was posted by Nokibar and it has all the hallmarks of something interesting. First off, it is not like any Lumia on the market today and it does 'prototype' all over it.

Of course, it also says 'Nokia' all over it and we now know these devices go under the Microsoft Mobile name instead, reflecting their division at the company.

Yellow Lumia 830 proto

Indeed, this is a new photo but of an old phone, namely the Lumia 830. In fact, it looks an awful lot like the 830 sans a few changes e.g. dual-led flash and, of course, dat yellow. In fact, we have seen a yellow Lumia 830 in the past, as once again another prototype (see above image). However, we have been able to confirm with a few sources that the top image is undeniably old.

So file it under interesting, but nothing to see here.

Saana un-canceled, Lumia 830 follow-up returns

In a related bit of information, we can now say that there will be a Lumia 830 successor. The codename of the device is 'Saana' and it is one of six device names that Microsoft was reportedly working on.

I reported last week that three out of the six were recently cancelled, likely reflecting those cutbacks Nadella had illustrated in his letter to employees. Those devices cancelled were Honjo, Saana, and Guilin.

In an interesting turn of events, I am now hearing that Saana's cancellation has been cancelled. Honjoa and Guilin were 5xx and 7xx series replacements and Saana is reportedly the Lumia 830 follow-up. It is not clear why Saana is getting a second lease on life, although obviously it has to do with Microsoft's shifting mobile strategy.

To recap, these are the devices we know Microsoft is working on:

Planned Lumia Windows Phones

  • Talkman (Lumia 950)
  • Cityman (Lumia 950 XL)
  • Saana (Lumia 850?)
  • Saimaa (Lumia 650?)
  • Unnamed Microsoft-Intel Project

From what I understand, four of those are Nokia-holdover projects that were already in the works. Having said that, I would not expect Saana or Saimaa until sometime next year, possibly in the first quarter. The only Lumias launching imminently will be Talkman and Cityman.

I am also now hearing that Cityman and Talkman will not be at IFA as we had originally reported. Instead, Microsoft is now looking to have its own event in New York City later in September or October. This event change makes sense as Microsoft can better control the message and also not have to worry about being outshined at a massive tech event like IFA. Plus, it may buy them a few extra weeks to prepare the hardware and software.

That Intel Windows Phone

Finally, there is one more device Microsoft is working on although information on it is so far scarce. I recently revealed that Microsoft has been working to make an Intel-powered Windows Phone for many months now. I hear from a few sources that this phone will be metal , runs Windows 10 and it is likely planned for sometime early next year, possibly Q2.

There are still many questions including specs and if can run full PC apps or just universal Store apps. Certainly these details will come forward in the coming months.

Will Microsoft make the leap in branding and call this a Surface phone? I do hear the idea is being kicked around and now that Surface guru Panos Panay is in charge of hardware engineering, anything is possible. Whatever this device turns out to be it could be very interesting.

Daniel Rubino

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