Yellow Nokia Lumia 830

Evidently Windows Phone fans were close to getting the Nokia Lumia 830 with an optional yellow back cover. A recent sale on eBay revealed the "one of a kind" cover that was reportedly made for market testing before the phone's general release.

The phone was purchased by @hasasimo who sold the phone but kept the Qi-enabled back cover. He shared with us two other photos, revealing just how awesome that phone looks in yellow.

Yellow Nokia Lumia 830

Nokia famously switched from yellow and cyan to orange and green for their 2014 color schemes citing market research for the change. Colors, like fashion, change every season in popularity and evidently cyan and yellow were on the way out. Interestingly, cyan is making a comeback though, as Microsoft has been releasing numerous new phones in the iconic color, including the Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL.

Yellow Nokia Lumia 830

It is probably too late for Microsoft to make and release the back cover in yellow for the Lumia 830. Currently, users can pick the covers up in white, black, orange, or green.

One thing is for certain @hasasimo is one lucky Lumia owner! Would you want a yellow cover for the Lumia 830 and should Microsoft bring back that seminal color?

See more pictures of this yellow version of the Lumia 830 here in our forums!

Source: eBay, @hasasimo

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