Yellow Nokia Lumia 830 shows up on eBay, reveals what could have been

Evidently Windows Phone fans were close to getting the Nokia Lumia 830 with an optional yellow back cover. A recent sale on eBay revealed the "one of a kind" cover that was reportedly made for market testing before the phone's general release.

The phone was purchased by @hasasimo who sold the phone but kept the Qi-enabled back cover. He shared with us two other photos, revealing just how awesome that phone looks in yellow.

Yellow Nokia Lumia 830

Nokia famously switched from yellow and cyan to orange and green for their 2014 color schemes citing market research for the change. Colors, like fashion, change every season in popularity and evidently cyan and yellow were on the way out. Interestingly, cyan is making a comeback though, as Microsoft has been releasing numerous new phones in the iconic color, including the Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL.

It is probably too late for Microsoft to make and release the back cover in yellow for the Lumia 830. Currently, users can pick the covers up in white, black, orange, or green.

One thing is for certain @hasasimo is one lucky Lumia owner! Would you want a yellow cover for the Lumia 830 and should Microsoft bring back that seminal color?

See more pictures of this yellow version of the Lumia 830 here in our forums!

Source: eBay (opens in new tab), @hasasimo

Daniel Rubino

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  • Nice
  • Hey Daniel, wish to sell your black-gold 930..? Shipping is on me.
  • Would love it myself.
  • This reminds me yellow 920
  • More yellow! I love the yellow of my 1520, and would love to have more yellow Windows phones :D
  • Yellow! Yellow! Yeeeeeet!
  • Agreed. I get so many compliments on my yellow 1520.3. Except for a tiny little crack on the front top left corner, it shines like it did a year ago.
  • Yes... Yellow should be signature to Lumia devices... They should always come in yellow, and red...
    Personally, red is my favorite.
  • I have one yellow 1320 and one yello 720. Both look amazing.:D
  • Every color choice should be there. Different folks, different preferences.
  • Yellow back with black metal would look boss!
  • Yes I would love it with my black metal one  :)  
  • Yellow ! Yellow! Yeeeet!
  • Exactly, I'm using the green colour panrl with gunmetal black body.
  • You beat me to the post =)
  • Black and yellow, black and yellow!
  • I love my black metal with green cover. Makes the color really pop out!
  • It looks like Taxi
  • You Just read my mind!
  • I hated Nokia for their stupid "seasonal" colour choice. They should've sticked to the proven colours (cyan, yellow, red) for all models.
    The orange is so f*ugly and though the green colour has some kind of powerful vibrance to it, it is the colour of the enemy, so I would never choose that.
  • Black and white! Royal colours
  • you're wrong says my Orange Lumia 930
  • +930 Orange.
  • i like it! Also makes it much easier to find the phone :) (orange 930)
  • I pity the fool who doesn't like orange! I pity the fool!!!
  • I'm not a fan of orange at all but the orange they use is really pretty, but I love anything neon
  • I emjoy my Orange 830.
  • My orange 730 also disagrees with you, it's just a matter of personal preference.
  • Agreed. Orange and green are nice (Halloween!) but not when they're the only color options.
  • Orange!!! Orange!!! Orange !!!
  • No way! The orange totally hot.
  • WC's obvious logic.. Any bad decisions for Lumia is done by Nokia and the revert back good decisions is done by Microsoft. Even though Elope is still the head(Before and Now).. *Sigh*
  • ha ha, so true..people forget so easily what was Nokia to them a few years ago..
  • If you think green is the color of the enemy, all there more reason to appropriate it, taking it away from them. Unassociate it from their identity. Windows phones look good in green. I sometimes wish it were a darker forest green though. On a side note, I want a royal purple colored phone. My favorite color.
  • Every time I think about yellow for some time, or read something about it, I smell bananas.
  • Don't tell the minions. They love bananas.
  • Yellow on silver !
  • Lumia 1520 in yellow here... Amazing color.....yeah!
  • Cyan NEEDS to be on the next flagship 41MP device, I swear.
  • Agreed. My first phone was Cyan L800 I fell in love with that color and design. My second is grey L925 and my third will be white I think. I always liked the glossy white but maybe I will go for cyan again. Who knows
  • I love yellow!!
  • Orange one is best!!
  • Is there such a high demand for Orange? I'd like to see something like Asha purple. Blue, Red, Yellow and Green should always be covered.  
  • I wanted orange the first moment they announced it on the 930!
  • OMG i just googled (sorry bing) asha purple and omg yes please.
  • wow how nice
  • That yellow on black metal is sexy!
  • Yellow is So much better than orange.
    Same goes for cyan > green.
  • @mnnD:
    Thank you.
    I never understood what orange had going for some people, because I always think it looks dirty (and not the good kind of Christina Aguilera-dirrrty!).
  • Not everybody cares what you think.. It's about personal preference.. You don't need to spread your hate about the orange to prove how good the yellow looks.. Orange 730 for the win..
  • What is your problem
  • didnt replied to u, but still for the answer to ur question: 'the same as yours'..
  • Would be nice with black edition :)
  • Just spray paint a cover :/
  • Easier said than done
  • If you start with a white one and use some decent model paint it should turn out ok.
  • Anyone know where I can find an orange cover sold that is sold in the US?  I haven't been able to find one anywhere, not even at my local MS store.  
  • Try Amazon, I'm sure you can get it there
  • Yeah, I've tried Amazon a bunch of times and have never been able to find one.  Just looked again and they still don't have it. 
  • I have orange and green covers but I will buy an yellow or a blue, or both, for sure!!
  • Where did you get those covers from.. I'm trying to find them from over 2 months now.
  • I found a store on the internet that sells them here in Brazil.
  • Damn.. Do they ship international by chance? I reaaly need that green one! And how much did you buy it for?
  • Impossível! Não tem tampas Traseiras na cor azul ou amarela a venda no Brasil!
  • A red cover with the back frame would be rad. Or a purple and silver frame to match my surface.
  • Maybe we can 3D print our own custom covers? Anyone looked into this?
  • This is phone that made me like yellow on a phone ;)
  • Custom frames, plates ?? What about that :)
  • a person could paint a cover..
  • Yes, but not the same as colored plastic.
  • Sorry to bother, but is there any way I could buy the back panel for Lumia 830? I have the black one with qi. If I search online on shopping sites, I get no options for original back panels for my phone.
    P.s. I live in India. So I it possible that they are not available here?
  • Is there a reason 3rd party cover makes don't bring back covers for the Lumia's to the market? Which is a pity as I see so many kiosks or other small shops in malls selling back covers. Some I really love, but mostly it's only for the iPhone or Galaxy. If choice of color is indeed a fashion thing, I want to change every year to stay cool.....
  • Market share I guess.
  • Looks so nice. I wish they sell those covers on their Website so I could turn my white Lumia to a black one (and combining it with that silver frame) ^^
  • I'd buy a yellow back cover for my 830. Even a cyan one if they started selling them.
  • Yellow is hot.... I'd like to add a qi charged the back cover to my Icon.
  • Microsoft Lumia needs to add Gold champagne and white gold as well
  • I would love a cyan Lumia 830 backplate...
  • But I understand. They needed to brand the x30 in another way, and green and orange are really cool as well.
  • Love the yellow. Wanted my 920 in yellow or red, but got black.
  • I wanted mine in cyan, but it wasn't available in Chile so i got Yellow :( Five seconds later and i couldn't be happier about it :3 it is SO gorgeous, the most perfect looking phone ever...
  • Cyan has been my favorite color on phone since Nokia N9 :) Hopefully they're gonna keep it in their color scheme.
  • Me too. Cyan back on 830 would be awesome. Coming from cyan 720
  • Me too. Cyan back on 830 would be awesome. Coming from cyan 720
  • Remembrances of the mythical red 928. That's a phone I really would have liked to have had....
  • Agree!
  • wow I love that phone
  • Why didn't they just sell the replacement shells like the 520 I brought a yellow shell for mines . I shouldn't be surprised by this though but this is the reason I didn't get the 620. I couldn't find the purple shell anywhere you had to get the phone on that other carrier at&t owns to get purple. It seems they will never smarten up about things like this . I also had to get a black 1520 because it was a choice between a red phone or 32gbs though i don't regret it I miss having a colorful phone. Cyan yellow red is a must then green purple orange!
  • Wow that looks great! Seriously where can I get one for my new 830??? And how come the MS store doesn't sell these back covers? It would be great if they sold all the colors and we didn't have to go to eBay to buy a white or orange one!
  • Have all the colors, Me and my wife only use the white and black between us. The Microsoft store had them laying in back and just gave them to us. Pretty sweet deal.
  • Nope! Red please.
  • Double post.
  • Miss the good old days of a couple years ago when they used to offer just about every colour choice of the Rainbow, and then some. Now we're lucky if we get two actual colours, and black and white.  
  • Miss the good old days of a couple years ago when they used to offer just about every colour choice of the Rainbow, and then some (like with the 620 and 820) Now we're lucky if we get two actual colours, and black and white.  
  • Looks like a highlighter
  • Red needs to make a comeback also ...
  • Bring it back!!!. I have a yellow shell Lumia 635 #awesome #cool
  • Still wouldn't have made it anything more than an overpriced, pseudo-budget phone.
  • Yellow is the best!
  • Yellow back cover looks great. It's the black body Lumia 830 that looks awful. Luckily the UK version can be had in silver instead of black body. The 820 was probably the best handset when it came to interchangeable back covers, There were about 7 different colours.
  • 820 is the king of backcovers.
  • I get a weird optical illusion if I put the image above my eyes in my periphery, the phone seems to get fatter.  
  • Microsoft needs to bring back yellow. Looks beautiful.
  • Lumia was all about colour in 2012 and 2013 now they are going in the same direction lf others just basic plain colours and black and white
  • They should stick to the 4 colors in the windows Xbox, Skype cyan and blue, Lumia yellow and surface red. For that matter the band, surface and phones should have matching options. Like my sp3 red keyboard, red Lumia 1520, and maybe a red Xbox....
  • I did say maybe but it does seem faster.
  • I really think every Lumia should be available in yellow. It's kinda THE color of Lumia and I wouldn't want my phone in any other color no matter the season.
  • This isn't news. When the phone  leaked it was in yellow
  • This is Jamaica, now we have Ireland. Personally I'm for the latter :)
  • hell yeah!
  • I would love to buy the yellow back. If it is available for sale separately.
  • Looks better. Unfortunately it's still an underpowered and overpriced device.
  • Got to say, the yellow isn't blowing me away.  Just got a 830 and it came with the basic black Nokia back. I like it.  If I could choose another color, I think 'Nokia Blue' would look great. 
  • I'm still bummed that I missed the$200 special for the 830 on Microsoft store the other day...
  • The yellow is catchy but i always choose black. I seem to get tired of other colors really fast.
  • Red would look more good than yellow.. :/
  • Just got my 830 today to replace my 920. I got the green charge cover and when I opened the box a back cover was included. Gahh!!!!! I Like the orange too, but my jeep is orange. Thought it would be orange overkill. Couldn't put the 920 simm in the 830. Will go to At&t to get a new one. Would love the yellow cover.
  • I will take a yellow Lumia over orange and green any day. I will really miss the yellow cover when I replace my aging 520
  • It couldn't be that expensive to stock a wide variety of colors. Give us fluorescent yellow, cyan, and Hugger Orange (the official red-orange color that small block Chevy engines were painted during the muscle car glory days of the '60s). Hell, they should make zebra and leopard print covers for the ladies. They would make the 830 truly stand out in the shops and I suspect the phones would sell like hotcakes. Imagine if a lady also had a choice of designer print backs, like Louis Vuitton.
  • I want one!!!
  • I love yellow. Matter of fact , my 1520, 620 and that feature phone 110 are all yellow. I'm the only one who have yellow phones in the office. So it's easier to spot my phones.
  • Yeah, bring back yellow.
  • I wish they had yellow for the 930
  • My 1020 yellow looks gorgeous
  • Really love the translucent yellow of my old 620
  • Yellow yellow dirty fellow! :)
  • I'd been searching one for my lumia520 bt still I haven't got one
  • CYAN! The original Lumia 700 in cyan (and N9 for that matter) is still the best looking Windows Phone so far.
  • Need one!!!
  • While yellow looks great, MS should look at combo coloured phones. Like havīng two distinct solid colors as a combo on a device.   Also, rust colour anyone ?
  • Accessories should be widely available, including in uk retail.... Colours should have a ride range to suit all & overall this will help RSP's hit there accessorie in store targets.... And strengthen & increase MSFT marketshare
  • The yellow looks nice, but it reminds me too much of the Lumia 1020, which is a bad thing when you think of the cancelled McClaren.  The round camera bump on the Lumia 830 is as disingenuous as calling it an affordable "flagship".  It trades on the industrial design of the Lumia 1020 witrhout having anything special about it.
  • This is a great shell cover to have but I still hoping that they could unveil and release the newest WP flagship phone
  • 830 is flimsy build. Too thin backs come off way too easily. Rest of build looks and feels CHEAP Non-starter for more solidly built first gen (Nokia) owners. M$ may need someone to give them a clue.