It is Friday evening here in the US, so it is time for another episode of #AskDanWindows. This is our new web show where I field interesting questions submitted by you folks on Twitter.

This week, I am tackling numerous topics, including Band 2 availability, the promise of Project Astoria and carrier support for Windows Phone. Let's get to it!

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#AskDanWindows Episode 3

  • Will Microsoft Band 2 be available in other countries? - @DMaskerboy
  • Do you think MS Mobile is abandoning super­high Megapixel devices like Lumia 1020? - @TheSchmed
  • Do you think there is anything in the rumor that next phones will include a retina scanner? - @mikehole
  • What do you think about #ProjectAstoria and do you think Snapchat will give it a try? - @CasperSvensrud
  • Why doesn't Microsoft release the same phones to all carriers? They would get much bigger customer base & more $$$ - @nambiguazu

Thanks to everyone who submitted a question even if I did not have time to answer! Do you have a question for me? Ask it on Twitter using the hashtag #AskDanWindows and maybe we'll pick yours for our next episode!

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