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Specs revealed for two new Windows 10 flagship phones from Microsoft

A new article claims, via unnamed sources, to have the hardware specs and code names for two upcoming Lumia smartphones from Microsoft. The story says that both devices will use Windows 10 for phone and will launch later this fall.

The story comes from Unleash the Phones, and claims that both new Lumia smartphones will have 64-bit processors and a triple-LED flash for the rear camera. The report says one of the phones has the code name "Talkman". Here are its rumored specs:

  • 5.2 inch QHD display
  • Qualcomm-based 6 core processor
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 32GB of internal storage with a microSD card slot
  • 20MP rear camera
  • 5MP front facing camera,
  • 3000 mAh removable battery

The story says Microsoft is working on an even higher-end Lumia with the code name "Cityman". The report says its specs include:

  • 5.7 inch QHD display
  • Qualcomm-based eight core processor
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 32GB of internal storage with a microSD card slot
  • 20MP rear camera
  • 5MP front facing camera,
  • 3300 mAh removable battery

The story adds that both phones are scheduled for launch in the second half of 2015. In addition, the report claims that Windows 10 for phone devices will have a feature where users can take a phone call but answer it on their PC, and also send SMS text messages from their PC to other phones.

Keep in mind that this report does not come from an official Microsoft source on the record so take it with a grain of salt. We have personally been unable to verify this information and remain skeptical about all such rumors until the official word comes out.

We do know for certain that Microsoft will release the final version of Windows 10 for phones sometime after the "summer" launch of Windows 10 for PCs, but a specific date has yet to be revealed.

Source: Unleash the Phones

  • Finally. Wish this rumor is not wrong :)
  • Yep hope so .!! Also there is a midranger in rumours currently being taken as 830 successor -- "840" with improved camera front and back, better processor and a slightly improved design.....!!! Wish that's also true would surely buy it since cant extend my pocket too much to buy a high end ;)
  • Infact 830 is still a good phone as a fail driver..... build quality, camera, specs. Everything is fine
  • Everything is fine except the design. Lumia phones look bulky and childish with all those colors. The only well designed Lumias are: 630/635, 640/XL, 720, 800, 925 (bonus: 930 BlackGold).
  • You can still buy black or white versions bro. ... All the time.
  • Lol exactly. I use a white Lumia 1520 in a corporate environment. That's the nice thing with many colour have a choice.
  • Ya I've got the same one. Love it. You pry from my cold dead hands then I rise and haunt for eternity with irritating cold calls for tennis bracelets and cleaning supplies.  
  • I rock an orange charging case on my 830 even in business meetings.
  • So do I. I think Orange is perfect for business meetings. Get's you noticed anyway...
  • Nothing personal but the 830 IMO qualifies as one of the poorest designed Lumias, closer to the 700. FYI, I'm fully into the whole windows eco system (WP L635, Windows Insider on phone and PC, Onedrive, Office 365, Xbox Music, etc) but the fact is, Lumia phones are not appealing. I wish they had better designs. The whole color schemes were great on the original 800 and a few others.
  • There are plenty of color schemes. These phones are not for you and user's like you. They are for the 830 owners who do like or even love the design as i do.  I have a black lumia 830 and love it. In my opinion it is best phone and i do not like the 'fabulous' design personally. but the best part is we all have a choice that suits us. my choice is the lumia 830 and i will not switch from it unless windows makes a similar phone or better yet a next gen like 840 that respects the design and style of the 830 both in specs and asthetics.  The lumia has a 'smart' design and style to it. it looks almost like a quality older style calculator made in the early 90's or late 80's. Then mixed with a sleek flat screen tv shrunken down to the size of a phone. Also it is functionaly best crafted in it's asthetics with an aluminum frame and removable back cover allowing battery replacement and wireless chargeing. You don't get that with a 930.  But the primary features of the 830 are it's efficient capabilties. Yet it doesnt trade for necessary performance. The screen is larger than 930 and most other phones and more wide screen which showes it's sophistication. at the same point it is dimmer than most other phones but more efficient yet still providing quality high resoltion display with color sharpness fitting for it's birghtness.  the phone is basically barebones super capable mixed with efficiency and style. not like other lumia phones or even other brands, personally i would not use another phone with out a worthy replacement of the 830.  I like what i see with the the first specs listed above. though i wish they could make that 3 gb ram 4. I know an 830 predasessor is not supposed to be max performance that is left for higher end phones and im sure they will be seeing 8 gb ram soon (to actually utilize a 64 bit processor in some way as 4gb and less are not in anyway).  Also the 830 is known for it's superior storage capabilities. basically it can do everything just not as well as others do certain areas but it is a pretty general capable phone, so i think the new one should have more storage over 128 gb.  screen i think should keep same size and aspect ratio to respect teh 830's perfect size or if changed, only to make it more screen on the same phone dimensions. maybe increase resolution a tad to keep up with new phones, but keep it's efficient dimmer display cause i like it with double tap to wake and how it dispalys notifications and time whilst asleep.  hey cortana needs to be integrated, and to be honest if it werent for the lack of support for hey cortana. And provided microsoft completely disrespects the 830's design and style with the new phone, i would be perfeclty happy remaining on my 830 if it werent the lack of hey cortana.  well as you can see i'm a bit of a 830 fanboy but reason is responsible for it so...
  • I like white phones but then they get dirty fast. especially for me since Im always touching newspaper at work and the ink rubs off
  • You touch newspaper? Didn't think anyone did that anymore :D
  • No case on my white 635 for more than 6 months and still looks fine. Back cover is a bit scratched, but not noticeable.
  • Sure.
  • You can't have though build without bulky design. Look at iPhone 6 plus and it's bending issues.
    And man, 640/xl isn't childlish with all that colours and plastic cover but the cornerish 830 is childlish? You are really talking nonsense.
  • Yea, you can. Regular iPhone 6 is damn near perfect.
  • I'm seriously laughing at that.
  • Laugh on, it's sturdy, paper thin, feather light, thumb reaches every corner and does everything.
  • yeah, maybe perfect TOY for little kids, or iSHEEP that has been ""brainwashed"" to think its so good, with that stupid low battery mAh that runs out so freaking fast, ONLY 8 pix cam, ONLY 720p res screen(where everyone is using 1080p or Quad HD), limited NFC (where CrApple made fun of both the NFC and Bigscreen phns in front of thousands of people in many occasions, and now using both of them), NO back button, BENDS so freaking easy(check out #bendgate on twitter and see those who posting their bend iJUNK), NO 4k recording, NO wireless or rapid charging battery, NO microSD slot,.......................yeah its so good, NOOOOOOOOOT. iJUNK6 and 6+ are the most Overrated, junk there ever made, that is 4 YEARS BEHIND other brands technology.  
  • @apple-SUCKS:  When you resort to that kind of crap, then you pretty much conded that you've lost. 1.  Apple devices had Fast Charging since the iPhone 4.  They charge fast to 80% then take longer to charge the rest.  That's been there, for years now.  On something like an iPhone 6+ you don't need Fast Charging, becasue unlike a Galaxy S6 or other smaller-class smartphone the device lasts a day and then some, and then some.  iPhones have the best standby times in the industry.  iPhone 6+ can get 8+ hours of screen on time for people when a Windows or Andorid phone would crap out around 5-6 hours screen on time with similar Screen Resolution and Battery Sizes. 2.  No one cares about Storage Abusing 4K recording when hardly anyone or anyone they know has a 4K Television. 4K sounds great in theory, but in practice it's impractical.  I had a Note 3.  I never used the 4K recording, and the 4K recording on the Note 3 was better than any Windows Phone (Smooth 30FPS vs. 24 or some crap?). 3.  The iPhone 6+ has a 1080p Screen.  The 6 has a bit above 720p, and that's all it needs because people simply do not notice much difference once you go beyond those already absurd PPI densities. 4.  Apple doesn't need to use NFC to Transfer Files and other stuff.  AirDrop actually works exceptionally well.  Using NFC for Payments only also gets rid of other security concerns.  BTLE is supported and most smart home and fitness supplies that work wirelessly are literally designed to make sure they work first and formost with the iPhone flawlessly. 5.  Thier 8Mpix cameras are sill some of the best in class, despite others ratcheting up the resolution, nevermind there are battery concerns when you are using absurdly high image resolutions and taking a lot of pictures.  Also, performance is a concern as well.  I don't know of any flagship device on the market that can do 10FPS Burst Shots at 20MP - and certainly not at 41MP. 6.  SD Card Slot not needed.  Get a 64GB device.  128GB device for the people who never need that much, but act like they ever will :-P 7.  iOS has *never* had a back button and it was out before Android so I'm not sure why that's an issue.  Additionally, if you used Windows Phone 7.0 with its context sensitive Back Button you probably wouldn't even be happy witih the abomination Microsoft put into the OS after they ripped that one out. 8.  Wireless Charging on a Metal Phone.  You're cute.  I bet you failed Physics, too. Now let's get to the 4 years behind other brainds: 1.  Microsoft Launched their Platform using SoCs from 2009 in late 2010.  Every flagship through Mango used Snapdragon 2 SoCs, when competitors were already either using their own better, custom SoCs (Hummingbird, Exynos) or moving on to S3. 2.  iMessage was released in iOS 5.  We're going on iOS 9 and Microsoft still doens't have anything competitive with it (please do not say Skype). 3.  FaceTime came with iOS 4 and it's still leaps and bounds better than Skype for any 1:1 Audio or Video Calling.  Microsoft had to BUY SKYPE to compete in these spaces, because they couldn't do it themselves. 4.  iOS and OS X already have Cross-Device Call/FaceTime Handoff and SMS/MMS Relay.  That was last-year's news.  All of the Continuity and Hand-Off features, where if you open a Document on your phone you can, in one click, open that same document on your iMac/MacBook to the same place with all the progress saved...  That was last year's news. Maybe Microsoft is, in some cases, about 4 years behind Apple because they keep "reinventing the wheel" every damn year.  Every year there's a "Revamp" of the OS or some major components/runtimes.  First, here's Metro.  Then "Sorry, we were concentrating on moving to NT." Then, "Sorry, we have to rebrand and redesign every service." Then, "Sorry, we're redesigning the way applications are developed for Windows Phone, so you're even going to have worse apps from us than we publish on iOS and Android." Then, "Wait for Windows 10."  Windows users have gotten extremely proficient at "waiting;" many would agree. There's nothing wrong or overrated about either and iPhone, an Android Phone, a Blackberry Phone, or a Windows Phone.  They're all tools to get the job done.  The major benefits of a Windows Phone are... that it uses similar services to Desktop Windows, which is by far the most populous Desktop System.  The major benefits of an iPhone don't really kick in until you start using other Apple Devices.  Once you add one of either:  iPad, iPhone, iMac, MacBook, AppleTV; things change and it becomes incredibly hard for other devices to displace any of them because Apple has put in the work Microsoft has neglected to put in in making thier Systems work flawlessly together (without trying to shoehorn one into the other, by the way!). The most ironic thing about Apple's iOS 8 announcement wasn't what they announced, but that it's what us (back then) Windows Phone 7/7.1/7.5 users thought Microsoft was moving towards with Windows Phone.  We thought Microsoft would have gotten there in like... 2012, 13 at the latest.  But they still aren't there.  Irony was the word that came to mind.  And at that point I jumped on it not because of the hype or because of the value percieved by random internet afficonados, but because they actually came through and delivered what people like me were hoping Microsoft (and to a lesser extent, Google) would have.  I bought my iPhone 6+ and went to the Apple Store and got an iMac, and I doubt I'll ever look back.  My Dell Notebook will likely be replaced with a Macbook Air, because Microsoft still is busy redoing things instead of really refining them and offering a competitive all-around user experience (I got an Xbox One that I returned 12 hours later, I don't even want to get into the story behind that buggy PoS, Go Playstation?!). I still have my Android One M8.  I have choices and I have money.  I buy things becasue they allow me to get hte most out of what I do, not because they put the cutest words on the box or in the advertising.  Also, Apple has like 40% marketshare in the USA, so here that almost by default makes the iPhone a better choice given how well they build their services into the OS and the habit THEIR users have of ACTUALLY USING those services instead of fragmenting themselves across dozens if not hundreds of alternatives (every iPhone user I know uses iMessage and FaceTime, and iCloud, etc.  Almost no Android users I know use Hangouts and half of them don't even know what Google Drive is - but they use Viber, DropBox, Kik, and a thousand other alternatives [all available on iOS, of course, but if your social circle is iOS dominated you can eliminate all of those by getting an iPhone ;-) ]). P.S.  Just because everyone on the interstate is going at 100MPH doesn't mean you should as well. Sometimes it's better to cherry pick what makes the most sense instead of throwing in everything and the kitchen sink just so fanboys like you can rattle off a bunch of buzzwords for technology you most probably never use even occasionally (cause mose other people aren't tapping phones to share crap, or buying Wireless chargers, or recording 4K video on their smartphones either).  Hell, don't the Lumia phones post process their images down to like 5MP by default on those phones?
  •   wireless chargers? yes lots of people use them probably more than applepay. (the is good reasons that apple only state $ or transactions rather than users) 4k video ? yeah I use it but its a futures thing (whe 4k tvs being common) but I dont care .... all my old videos will not be low res .... 5MP ? yes thats for social sharing  and the fact that I have 20mp means that even if the iphone pic is close it will never be as good if I want a larger print. Having this stuff does not hurt... it does future proof the device so you may have a 2 yr old phone that has the same capacity as a iphone. But enjoy your phone I do ...
  • Well written @n8ter#AC
  • My Lumia 1020 is capable of taking burst shots at 34MP. And the image is only downsized to 5MP when you are going to send it in a text message. Also, I don't think you know what "NT" is. Windows has been based on the NT kernel since 1993. Also, being a user of the Windows 10 Technical preview for phones, I have noticed about every single week there is a new major app thats been ported over from IOS to windows phone. None have been buggy, and in fact, the plague inc app runs better on my Lumia 1020 than my Ipod Touch. The developer even put in a little extra effort to put in a live tile. Windows 10 is a game changer. But what is the point with responding to you, you are clearly a delusional Apple fanboi. 
  • I would not say apple sucks but it is not all that either. Apple limit themselves to well apple. I am not sure for example why they have something called bluetooth should it not be called appletooth? NFC is only NFC with apple pay or apple to apple, its absolutely pointless to use once again on a non apple device. Apple remind me of a personal computer you cannot make personal infact quite the opposite.  Oh and Air Drop is only for apple devices once again! The iCloud is a joke it has a mega capacity and cannot send high quality files across it as in memory sizd, it is limited not secure, you cant move photographs from an apple easily to anywhere else and the mail is slow very slow. The iMessage and Facetime are built in products that you have to switch off manually so as for all your apple friends using them then duh that is pretty obvious.  I use a Mac Pro and own a few apple devices etc and iMessage is defaulted to bring me messages on my Mac Pro from another persons apple device as it is iTunes connected. How ever you can use Windows messaging connectivity on non windows devices. Windows does not base itself on bling tech and does not try to be like appl bling, they are doing their own thing and doing it well.  You state about apple were doing things years ago, well I agree with much of that mainly because they modernised the concept of the smart phone and not many would disagree with that, but it does not mean they are the fore fathers of mobile tech. PDA's back in the early 2000s were running MSF windows and software applications, you also had symbian with products like Psion and Blackberry well before iphones etc already offering many services that are now much easier and user friendly. So I guess apple just copied and glossed it up better, something they do very well, but they cannot claim they did this first or innovated first, frankly they didnt. Apple are the genius of bling tech colourful screens disney itoy looking watches and over expensive everything and that appeals to a large audience.  There is no doubt apple are successul but does not make them any good and certainly they are not orignators except with the iPod something they can claim they invented. Patent wise apart from the Samsung war, they virtually stole everyhing from Blackberry on the mobile front and the software patents that go on with MSF are also legendary.  I own a Mac Pro (new model), Macbook Pro, iMac 27", iPad, iPod, iPhone (some where), Surface Pro 3, Lumia1520 & 920, Microsoft Band, Samsung S Tab 8.4", Samsung Note Edge, Gear S Watch, Blackberry Passport, Pebble Steel Smart Watch. You might ask why and simply put because I can. I find the windows devices to be the best and most flexible for using connectivity purposes as well as the Blackerry Passport which is such an underated handset in fact its an amazing device.  The point I am making is that windows phones provide a freedom that apple cant without it being only apple whereby I can use windows smart phones and be anywhere whether its on an apple computer or an android tablet or other and take Blackberry they have the Blend software which i think exceptional. Windows are doing good on their smart phjones and I really think they seriously uping their game to a whole new level.
  • You do realize that the iPhone 6 is arguably better than any current Windows Phone offering, right?? Wireless charging on a metal phone, dream on son, dream on!
  • "You can't have tough build withouth bulky designs" - I guess this would have made more sense if we were still in the Nokia N Series vs SonyEricsson era. And yes, the 640 looks childish with all the other colors except black or white.
  • Sony Ericcson had excellent design, very thin too .. C902? Nokia N Series were pretty chunky, and they never really adopted glass screens >.>  
  • My N8-00 and my Nokia Pureview 808 have glass screens. The N8-00 is old and slow, now. The 808 is just old. Chunky? You betcha! And rock solid.
  • TL;DR?  ;) Nokia N8 and 808 were post Sony Ericcson vs Nokia era.  I still use my 808 as a daily driver! EDIT:  Think N91 vs K800.  N91 had the legendary audio processor and ampilfier (still beats all Lumias on the market today), and K800 had the autofocus and xenon flash. I sure wish Lumias had the headphone out / camera quality of the 808. 
  • My iPhone 6 Plus hasn't bent - at all.  I know people with that phone and the Galaxy S6 and theirs haven't bent either.  I know it's cliche to mention that, but don't inflate the "issues" here.  You don't need a bulky design to be well designed (these days, it's the opposite of well designed since people seem to be obsessed with having super-ultra portable devices now) or have a tough build.  Look at the iPhone 5C.  They used plastic and it's thin, but they used their head and anchored the plastic internally with metal to strengthen it. The problem with the Lumias aren't just the Bulky build.  It's the weight.  They felt almost twice as heavy as an iPhone or Galaxy device in the hand.  Additionally, for those people who case their phones, the phone was even BIGGER and even HEAVIER after the case was added, to the point where it often became unacceptable.
  • agreed. the sharp scquared corners are awsome and they even allow more screen space. 
  • Sharp corners don't really help with more real estate.  The navigation buttons, speaker, and webcam take up space on the top and bottom so the screen doesn't get to the corners.  And even if it did, having somewhat of a bezel on the side makes it easier to hold.
  • I find all of the 600 series phones a bit childish in design, especially the 640, but to each his own, they're perfectly capable phones.  My real issue with the 640 is that it costs $50 more than the 830 in the U.S.
  • 928
  • I rock my yellow 1020 in Corporate meetings all day son! Embrace the Technicolor !
  • I "rock" my Red 1520 without a case as a Campus Director of a Nursing School (Registered Nurses. Therefore many a person sees it!
  • I rock my white 1020 without a case all day long. Love the polycarbonate durability. IPhones all wrapped up in cases because they crack like hell all end up looking the same...boring. Naked they are beautiful devices but with granny panties on they look boring and flabby.
  • I rock my white 1020 with a skin protector. Barely adds any thickness and prevents scratches while still showing the beauty of the device!
  • Amen to that. I rock the same model in an office at a state university. People love the color!
  • Red is king...actually purple is the color of royalty, but that is so medieval...
  • I rock the Green Lumia 930 on a wedding ceremony of white and black motiff. My Green Lumia standsout like a color-pop in a photo.
  • Would have been neat to see an attached photo...
  • Love my yellow 1020 also but I'm ready for a change. Looking for something metallic this time around.
  • Colors alone are not the issue. The combination of color + poor design is what i'm talking about, mate.
  • i can assure you my 1520 is still way ahead of any iJUNK, and its in no way a poor design. I LOVE my 1520, so does my wife loves her 1020, both with awesome cameras, and features, that iJUNK wished it had.  
  • What's childish about the 830?
  • The user...
  • True
  • Well, it's simple. If you have a colored one, stare at it for a while and you'll notice.
  • people like colors. you don't have to get your phone all colorful. stick with black or white. There is nothing wrong with colored phones
  • By owning 2 white Lumia phones (720 + 635), i guess I'm aware of that. My point is, bad design + color = Lumia.
  • 920 and 1520 are some of the most beautiful phones IMO
  • ^^^THIS!!! Finally someone says it...
  • I disagree.  The 830 is svelt.  "All those colors" meaning the black and green replaceable backs? That is the beauty of design without bias for function, it's all in the eye of the beholder.  I've owned Focus, HD7, Titan, Titan II, 920, and the 1520.  The 820 is the most practical of all of the shapes and sizes.  Color sure did bring attention, too0.  People loved my Red 920 and 1520.  At work, with BYOD a pretty growing norm, no one cares; if they do, then consider that perhaps they are the childish ones. Having said that, I think these rumored specs sure are pie in the sky  Here is hoping they are real and necessary to run multi-desktop, etc, that they demo'd at Build.  
  • Hmmm i wish i had the orange ones
  • If colors are childish, why are the others going colors too?
  • I'm still not convinced by the designs + colors that Lumia phones have shown us so far... and others are going "colors" because, since babies, humans develop the habit of mimicking the crowd. 
  • Though it has very bad specs at its pricepoint. I mean: Snapdragon 400, what?
  • Yep very bad specs .!! For a premium price u pay which has exactly the same processor As of 730 launched along with it and has a better ffc too at a quite reduced price than that .!! Even today the 640 has it too .!! :/ they should really have considered that there are many buyers out there who do go on numbers :). Well I expect all the limitations overcomed by the 840 ;) hope so it has the continuum too
  • It`s design attracts me most,especially the little Oreo rear camera,→_→ sometimes I just wanna show others Look I`m using Nokia
  • That just puts you in the "super fanatic" category.
  • Which month of the year we are talking about Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Wait. November. ...
    Holy. is a future flagship, not a release.
    So sad Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • 16th month of 2015. You know, the second half.
  • Available in retail it will be in Q5/15
  • It's gonna be a long summer.
  • They better produce another high end phone soon or the wait is over me. Will have no choice but to leave the platform.
  • Patience Jim, patience. No need for threats. They are optimizing and  perfecting that high end device so that we may all have an amazing experience with the unified windows 10 + continuum and windows hello.
  • Nothing to do with patience's, my phone will not last another year. By the way, been loyal user since 6.1, but can't bring myself to purchase a low end phone and have never liked Apple or Droid. If Microsoft hasn't made some type of announcement on phones in the next few months will have to make a very difficult, different choice.
  • Although low end, u can add a 128gb SD card to most. That makes the iphone and galaxy low end. 640 would be a great option to bridge you over and probably runs smoother than those.
  • Got to start more buying of games.
  • sad but so true
  • Unleash the phones us pretty much cool source.... Infact they only leaked lot of windowsphone 8.1 videos before launch. Hope this is also such kind of trusted news.. QHD Lumia phone and phablet is on the way..
  • it sounds like the Lumia 940 and 940XL rummer i have been reading. Just do a search on these devices, it sounds just like them. We'll see. 
  • That's likely true 940 & XL. 1020 replacement next spring, iLumia lol nah but it likely won't have a number behind it.
  • I'm hoping they have a built in bottle opener
  • That or Microsoft Continuum support. Either is equally awesome.
  • That was probably what the answering a call or replying a message from the PC was all about
  • And a nail filer.
  • Right. If they can put a coffee maker in the Pomegranate Phone several years back, then surely it will come with the new WP flagships as well. It isn't too much to ask...
  • So unknown sources, can't confirm, and its a 7/10?
  • Because there aren't any unreasonable claims.
  • Hopeful 7/10
  • Indeed. Sending text from my PC is something I've wanted for a long time. Would we receive them too?
  • I hope those features don't require any new hardware capabilities so everyone updating their phone OS to W10 can use them.
  • Understandable, but I have a Nokia 920 that's dying to be upgraded to something worthy, so I hope these specs are true or something comparable comes out.
  • You and me both, maybe the reason the "940" is bigger than the 930 is because of the Micro SD slot, which is fine by me.
  • Doesn't need to be bigger for an SD slot. All the smaller budget phones have them. The combination of decent internal storage AND an SD slot is appreciated.
  • I am guessing it will be done through the messenger app, basically syncs a conversation, be it SMS or Skype, between phone/PC.
  • Basically all those features ARE hardware
  • What? SMS to and from PC is 100% software based. Apple did it with no difference in hardware. It's just a matter of updating the Messages app and integrating it into Windows with your Microsoft account. I only hope it's not as big a pain in the ass to turn off as it is with Apple.
  • Huh? No. iMessage is software based. But the system used for SMS messages is different. That feature utilizes Bluetooth to communicate between the Mac and iPhone. It requires a certain version of Bluetooth that's compatible. Two of my friends had Macs that didn't have the Bluetooth capability to turn that feature on. So no that isn't completely software based but it could be built that way I'm sure.
  • If I remember well, it was possible with old Symbian using USB cable. You could read and reply messages on PC
  • Well, at least multi desktop feature will require newer hardware. They said as much in the demo of Office for Windows on phone experience.
  • We are awful close to that already, if we just had BT HID (keyboard/mouse). I can already mirror my screen to a monitor that has a Miracast dongle plugged in. If I could operate the phone with a keyboard and mouse, I'd have a passable desktop. That isn't dual screen, but it would please me. I am hopeful that the next Win 10 Tech build will support the BT HID and the new Office apps show up. We'll get a taste of that possibility. I understand the new Office apps are less than a week away for tech preview (insider) folks.
  • One of the features that made webOS so great way back when, glad its coming to wp
  • And if it isn't, I hope someone from Microsoft is reading this thread and decides to make it happen.
  • Can already be done using online sites, out with a MAC.
  • They are doing "something" different in Windows 10 with SMS, but I haven't figured out exactly what yet. I'm running WinX on a secondary phone and I'm now receiving the SMS messages it receives on my primary Win8.1 device.
  • That has always done that. SMSs are replicated across all your WP8 devices, via the 'backup' capability. It is not exactly a backup. It pulls your SMSs into the cloud and then syncs other devices that are logged in to the same MS account. The big difference is that if you delete a msg or thread, that is deleted from the 'backup' and all other instances, so it couldn't be retreived later from an old 'backup'. All we are miising right now is the opportunity to see the msgs in the cloud, and potentially work with them, That would seem software realizable to me. That is a bit different than a Phone and laptop being in proximity and connected, allowing reaction to phone notifications on the laptop. The top option would require internet and cloud access from both devices, this would just need a direct connection via BT or WiFi. Current hardware does have the ability to run both a Access Point and Point to Point WiFi simultaneously. Consider Miracast. Mirroring your screen is done over an adhoc Point to Point connection from your laptop or phone. If you are also connected to the internet and mirroring your browsing a web site, the device is supporting both the adhoc Miracast connection and the Access Point connection to the internet.
  • Google Voice will give you that ability immediately. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Insert Obama hope picture
  • What does actual high end wp have? Cuad core? 2gb ram?? Hd screen?? And android?? 8 core? QHD?? We will have 8core flagship when android will have 16 core? Probably at the same price. Another thing I don't understand. Why bigger and bigger screen for flagship? I did well with 3.2 and I don't really need more than 4.3". 5.7 wont literally fit in my hand.
  • You must have tiny hands. There's also a rumored 5.2" says an unnamed Qualcomm processor, but I do agree that 6 cores isn't what I was expecting. Octacore should be the way to go for both.
  • Damn, i expectet a 100core processor.
  • Yeah and at least 20gigapixle camera
  • 8 cores come with the larger phone, according to this rumor, it's all about how many you need though. Too many people just look for higher numbers and say theirs is better. It's like saying a a Corvette is better than a Corolla when all you're doing is driving 25MPH. Sure one is better on paper, but youre not even using the extra horse power.
  • Standing still, a Corvette is better than a Corolla.
  • Are you not smart enough to get my point, or are you being deliberately obtuse?
  • He gets your point. So do I. Still I agree with him. ;)
  • Only in look and feel. They both get you to your destination within the defined legal speed limits, except the Corolla doesn't break down as often and isn't as expensive to fix. Plus, the Corolla has more room inside, so you can take friends along for the ride.
  • Irrelevant. The vette is a hundred times better for fishing and that's all that really matters.
  • Fishing for chicks maybe. Wouldn't even be able to get to some of my fishing holes, unless you put a lift kit on it. ;)
  • Of course, women. Why would I want a fish anywhere near my car?
  • Agreed!
  • id rather have something and not need it then need it and not have it.
  • That there is intelligent..
  • Sure
  • Comparing WP to Android when talking specs is kind of pointless
  • My 920 is still rocking well with just a dual core, so sure there will be a difference between 6 and 8 cores, but only on paper. Doubt much else will be different.
  • I agree. I think the Icon is a good size but it feels too large when trying to reach the top of the screen
  • Until you play a game or run HD video...
  • A hexacore would keep up just fine. Hell the LG G4 has one instead of octacore. Better for battery life etc which on a normal size handset is important. Look at all the complaints of bad battery on M9 and S6 etc.
  • @Zulfigar, you must not be running the latest Denim firmware on your 920. Unless "rocking" means watching the "Resuming..." dot-rock show for 3-5 seconds everytime you wake up the 920, unlock it, or switch between applications. It is especially frustrating when trying to take a quick picture by pressing the camera button in a sleep state - 10 seconds later, the picture moment is lost. I really like my Lumia 920, but what I wouldn't do for some more processing power and memory. 2 years ago, dual core was more than what I needed. 6 to 8 cores may be a little overkill now, but in two years it will all be desparately required to keep up with the features and apps of the day.
  • No idea. This dick size compensation has to fucking stop. Tiny hands? I don't know about you people, but I can't reach the entire screen even with 4". 3.7" to 3.8" would be the ideal size. I smartphone needs to be handy, first and foremost.   4.2" is the most I could bear, like the Lumia 900 that I had. That barely fits my pocket without inhibiting my ability for bending over while sitting down too much.   5" is now considered small. Think on that. That's complete fucking lunacy.
  • Considering what we use the phone for now a day, a small screen kills the eyes. Don't like it, get a Motorola razer...
  • Motorola there was a great PHONE.
  • It was, from just a purely phone POV.
  • The problem with that is all this one handed usage is taunted by a small number of people. Like the ones that say they can't live without hardware keyboards. You might genuinely feel that way, but you are still a small part of the market.
  • BS, so nobody would buy iPhone because of small screen srs
  • I used to agree with you about 4.3" being the max - my current phone is 4.3", which is the same size as the Lumia 900. But I went into a shop and put my phone up against a 5" model - the difference is actually very small... just slightly wider, slightly taller. I consider 4.3 - 5.2" to be the ideal size - anything bigger is stupid, and as you said doesn't fit in normal pockets etc. I think this "talkman" phone sounds perfect!
  • The current high end phone for WP is a beginning 2014 device. When it was released it matched the competition quiet nicely. These devices will probably be equiped with a processor capable of driving 2 screens for continuum like shown on //Build. And there is still no reason to put a octacore processor in a smartphone, well maybe continuum will be the first. And for the large growing phones, there is a simple reason for that. People like you demand to put a ocracore in your pocket and expect it to last all day (even more would be better), requiring a large battery. Well they could fit it in a phone with a thickness of 1,5 cm. But most people don't find that exceptable, 0,9 cm or thinner is the norm. Well then we have to grow in other dimensions. And now comes the glitch. By doing this, the screen has two grow, or somebody will complain about the redicoulus bezels. In itself this already eats into your battery life. And then add on the fact that we cannot live with a lower then 300 dpi screen and so on. Having said all this.The following would be the ideal phone for Windows (according to me). It should have the size of a Lumia 620 (in all dimensions) but it must not be made to open up, this eliminates the need of an inner shell and stuff so would free up a lot of space. The screen should be pushed up to a 4" (15:9) screen with real touch buttons (and before I forget a camera button), a resolution of 1280x768(OLED with glance). Oh yeah the body should be polycarbonat(It's still a Lumia). There should be a micro SD card expansion slot accessable by a small cover or something. Well on storage 32 gigs should be fine. Well let's take does fine Pureview camera's, one 5 MP on the front and a 20 MP on the back with triple tone flash. Nice stereo HEVC mics off course. For the processor a quad core should do just fine. I mean a quad core designed like the 810 but instead of two sets of 4 cores, two pairs of cores. And a graphics chip capable of continuum. They should be able to fit a 3200 mAh battery, witch should last for 2+ days. Oh yeah, NO micro USB but a USB-C port. And for wireless connectivity all the latest of course.
  • Wtf, tl;dr...
  • It seems like I will be downgrading from 6" to 5.7" and that's sad, I can't believe you want a 4.3" flagship... You are not going to get it my friend
  • Too big?  That's smaller than the current flagship 1520.  Kind of dissapointed by this news. Next we'll hear it uses an AMOLED screen :(   OK, just a rumor.
  • I have a 1520 but also a Galaxy Note 4 and trust me 5.7 is much more manageable and still a damn good size. It would be perfect.
  • Excuse me. Are you a pygmy?
  • Sigh... People already asking for a ridiculous amount of cores. I gotta wonder about that since I only had up to dual cores on my PC and it always ran my programs rather well.
  • I would have thought the flagship would have an atom x3 and 2-4 gb ram- would make sense for the pc like continuum experience they showed off. But then these are unsubstantiated rumours - who knows what they cook up. I'd imagine it'll be something closer to the surface 3 specs. That six core sounds like the qualcom 808. I'm guessing the octa will be the 810 - no way the 820 will be ready. Still... Atom x3 is what I'm hoping for, in a phablet. And slap that massive camera in there too!!! :D
  • Was thinking the same, but the video about Continuum mentioned Qualcomm by name.
  • Unfortunately you probably won't get it. According to everything we know now, Windows 10 for phone will not support x86. Continuum for phones is only for universal apps to be blown out to tablet format. You will not get true windows desktop experience. No windows and no x86 applications.
  • I wish for phone with Atom. That would make me happy. But even the rumored specs would do provided they include wireless charging.
  • Does not make a difference if it's x86 or ARM, as the Continuum for phones is just Universal apps (and those will mostly be hw-platform agnostic).
  • This rumor is similar to the earlier rumor I heard about L940 and L940XL.  The rear camera was rumored to be 24MP instead of 20MP.  L940 (Talkman) would come wtih a SD808 (Hexa-core processor) instead of SD810.  L940XL (Cityman) processor remains the same with SD810 (Octa-core processor).  It is great to see that QHD screen is used instead of HD.
  • All we need is a Wacom Pen ...
  • If any of the new devices do come with a pen, it'll be an N-Trig pen.
  • Either way, a pen...ok? I don't care if it is made by Crayola...either way, a pen would be nice. Considering MS bought N-Trig, YOU ARE PROBABLY CORRECT in your assumption, however MS loves to let the competitors have an advantage, so I would not be surprised if MS used Wacom.
  • finally!!!!
  • hopefully one of them has is higher than 20mp camera
  • MPs mean nothing. 
  • Actually they do, but they are not the only thing that means something. Once you have cropped a perfectly acceptable shot out of 1/8th of a Lumia 1020 shot, you really appreciate the extra pixels. The extreme resolution on the 1020 really makes snapshots, which is what most people do with their cell phone cameras, a treat. You don't need to worry about framing, aiming... You can do that after the fact and still get acceptable pictures. No that isn't 'photography', but most people just want to capture the moment, and with the 1020 you just need to get what you want to preserve in the viewfinder. You can zoom in later to highlight what you want, and still have a good result.
  • None of it matters if carriers won't sell them.
  • These rumors go back almost 11 months:
  • Sounds nice. Congrats every global customer....and AT&T users in the U.S.
  • I hope its wrong if those does'nt use Snapdragon 820, Sense ID side Retina Scanner, and 25MP cam. Specs should be better than Galaxy Note 5 that has a 4K Super AMOLED screen.
  • I still want a 6" variant of these devices to come around. After using the 1520 everything else feels odd, even the 5.5" phones feel kinda weird.
  • So glad I held onto my 820. If this is true new phone this year for sure
  • Great!
  • I hope those phones aren't fatty pigs.
  • I read the news on another site where they say it will be slimmer than the 930 
  • I like big phones, and I can not lie ...
  • LOL
  • NEVER. 
  • I love your username :P
  • Phone has Qualcomm based 6 core chip but phablet has 8 cores....?
    I would be much excuting 1080p phone and pablet have 6 cores chipset . Camera based and flagship based QHD phone and phablet have 8 core chipset
    . Am hoping 2 affordable flagships of 2016 and 4 Flagships of 2016 . [ where 2 are camera centric 1020 family and Flagship centic 930&1520 family ]
  • The LG G4 has just launched with a 6 core 808 chip an that is a flagship Android phone. I think the new lumia will run fine with this chip. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yup..the trend of XL continues
  • They need one more flagship, succesor to L1020.
  • I have a good feeling one is on the way :)
  • I won't be suprised if MSFT screw it and don't release it.
  • We don't need your negativity in this happy article. 
  • It's not negativity, it's about reality.
  • This! Must..... Have...... Better...... Camera..... Than...... Everyone....... Else!
  • Exactly. I really need that sense of superiority so I can shut up those annoying Apple and Android fans.
  • The other companies are only now catching up with 1+ yeard old Lumias, so I wouldn't be too scared of that.   In a blind test done by the biggest tech-site in Norway the Lumia 830 actually came in second after the LG Flex 2 and tied with the G3.
  • Yess that is something I am really looking forward to!
  • But not larger than 4.7"!
  • Microsoft could use the same camera from the 1020 and bump up the specs for everything else and release it as the 1040.  Other than that, the 1020 still has the best smartphone camera.
  • They can reuse the sensor, but please upgrade the lenses to give sharper pictures.
  • YES YES YES!  To be honest, I really have no longing for a better camera than my 1020.  It is already fricken amazing!  But what I DO need is some serious speed increase in startup, autofocus, and shot to shot, and they need to fix that damn infinity focus bug in lumia camera!  Otherwise, I just want the same camera!  Something better is welcome, but the same camera in a new phone would have me doing somersaults!
  • In addition, I want them to improve the "wobbly" OIS while recording video. Startup speed seems to be fixed in Windows 10.
  • It's been shown at leaked W10 build on L1020 with new Lumia Camera 5.5 thatnit starts super fast (1-2 secobds) and work normaly. So it's not only hardware thing.
  • I'm also quite concerned with shot to shot performance.  Also, switching from still to video mode and vice versa is slow as hell.  If they can address all this stuff with the same camera as the 1020, and KEEP THE XENON FLASH, I'm thrilled. 
  • ^ This ^ is what I'm waiting for
  • My thoughts exactly... It's a shame such a powerful sensor is being held back by such lackluster hardware. Those specs would take the 1020 to infinity and beyond.
  • That will be the 940. These phones mentioned in the article are the 840 and 840 XL.
  • And, the 1520.... A lot of us don't want to downgrade to a 5.7 inch screen... Everything else looks great❗
  • Downsizing (by 0.3") ≠ Downgrading. I think they are making the XL devices more user friendly (like the rounded edges on the 640 XL).
  • Yes, downgrade... Downgrade from those who already have, enjoy, and want another 5.99"+device... We want a device that, in our eyes, is equal, or greater, than the one we have now.. If we have to settle for less then that's downgrading for us... Similar to when att striped the 1520 of wireless charging...
    Nobody is saying that just because a device is 5.7" that it's not as good as a 6" device.. That's stupid, and besides the point.. I'm sure the new high end devices are going to be awesome flagships for a lot of people, and that's great. That's what MS needs... But, that doesn't have anything to do with what WE want to invest in, and that's a worthy 1520 replacement..
    Do you get it❓ We aren't saying that the "940xl" shouldn't be 5.7"... That device is terrific... Rather we want a 1520 replacement, and more than not, fans of the 1520 are looking for and even slightly larger 6.2" Lumia... So, having to "settle" for the 5.7" 940xl is going in the wrong direction, and would mist definitely feel like a downgrade to US...... It's just about having options for everyone.
  • Needs an 820 Snapdragon.
  • Yup. Really hope they skip the 810. I have not seen a single positive article about its performance or thermal issues.
  • They can in the 1020 replacement. But at w10 launch the 820 will not be out, sadly.
  • I really, really hope you're right. But mostly because I hope there is a 1020 replacement haha
  • No phone "needs" that processor. The 808 and 810 will perform very well for at least 2 years. Hopefully these processors are optimized for Windows 10.
  • *sigh*.... QHD. That's going to kill the battery life. I hope this rumor is wrong.
  • With 3000 mAH battery, i don't think so!!
  • LG G3 has QHD and 3000mAh battery. Battery life is merely 'average'.  
  • In fairness, the G3 is also running Android, so I'm sure that doesn't help much.
  • So does the Sony Z3, yet the battery life is roughly twice as long.
  • Yup QHD is unnecessary on phones right now. If customers knew any better they would settle for the 1080P screen and double the battery life. Not to mention you can start the phone at a lower price on release.
  • @kullkid92x Exactly. QHD phone...just sounds dumb to me. I want my mobile devices to charge fast and drain SLOW.
  • There's always someone complaining about something...
  • It will NEVER ends/fails. you are 100% correct. If you go to Win10 feedback section, and read those BoooHoooing people's comts, you will see, some BoIooHoooing about same thing that some whiners were complaining when Win8 came out, and now they want it. Just so many complainers.  You can NOT and will NOT make everyone happy. There is going to be whiner and BoooHoooer out there, BoooHoooing about something. NEVER ENDS. 
  • Haha love this comment
  • Truth.
  • Are you two really trying to justify cutting the battery life in half for marginal screen resolution differences? Wow lol
  • You really think the battery life will be half of what you're getting on your current device? Wow lol.
  • Read the comment literally right below this lol.
    Even then, yes, it will be roughly half. Tests have shown it. Look at battery test comparisons between the Sony Z3 vs LG G3. Both run close to stock Android and both have similar batteries get the Z3 lasts almost twice as long.
  • A couple of things to know: -both the Z3 and the G3/G4 use ips lcd screens. the QHD screen in the G4 is so dense that it needs a shit ton of leds to iluminate the panel. leds that eat power like crazy. the 1080p screen in the Z3 and Htc One M8/M9 don't have this problem -the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 had a 1080p amoled screen and the Note 4 has a QHD amoled screen. tests have shown that the QHD Note4 panel uses less power than the 1080p Note3 panel. this happens in part because amoled panels are more energy efficient than lcd panels and because Samsung is using next-gen manufacturing techniques for the displays. the same is for the S5 and S6. despite an increase in resolution the display uses less power. Now i suspect that the next gen Lumias will continue to use amoled panels so the energy consumption problem will be non-existent  
  • True. I have the z3v and the battery is amazing.
  • That was a QHD screen from a year ago. The new ones will be more efficient like the GS6 or G4.
  • He really does have a point. There is zero reason to have a QHD screen other than to appease the numbers goons. Youll have a bunch of people claiming how much better their screen looks, when blind tests will show that hardly anyone can tell the difference. I don't think the battery life will be terrible though. As long as it has wireless charging I'll be happy. I'll keep one at my office and next to the bed and it won't matter how bad the battery is.
  • Isn't the whole point of having a flagship to appease the number goons?? Who the heck needs that many cores on a phone when desktops do real work with less. If you want a sensibly specified phone wait for the 830 replacement.
  • You make a point. Compare like phones with similar hardware and it becomes evident QHD does consume more energy. One example Sony Z3 vs LG G3. Both have around 3000mAh batteries and similar specs in terms hardware Sony averages ~2days G3 according to many reviews is about a day... And when you look at both phones side by side the QHD on the LG doesn't look any better than Sony's, but that may be just my opinion. If they opt out for AMOLED display it may be a different story but there is always a trade off. I find QHD in phones to be a bit gimmicky anyways especially when you have such high pixel density on a 6inch display or less and you really can't tell the difference. On that note Sharp did make a 5.5 inch 4k display (806ppi vs LG's 538ppi on G3) which is simply awesome...
  • Thank you. At least there are some sensible people in this comment section. My OnePlus lasts me forever despite having *only * a 1080p screen and its one of my favorite features about it.
  • Going to kill the battery.... SMDH..
    You said the same thing about 720p.
    You said the same thing about 1080p.
    Really❓ ...... Just let the engineers worry about that, and sit back and enjoy the device.
  • Rodney the problem is the battery engineers haven't caught up with the screen resolution engineers lol If the same screen tech is installed on two phones and both are about 5 - 5.5 inches a user wont be able to tell which is 1080P or 1440P, yet the 1440P one is going to consume 1/3 the power Maybe for a 6inch phablet you can argue 1440P because you can also squeeze in a 3500Mh battery in there but on 5.2 inches? no way lol Samsung is learning this now
  • Lol... Actually, they have caught up, it's just too damn costly right now... It's more about the developmental cost at this point.... Hey, did you see the article about Battery technology❓❓ That's extremely interesting.
  • Yeah the one about replacing lithium ion with lithium something lol i forgot the name. Lets see how quick they can get thru the testing phase
  • No, no.. The one Mobile Nations did that outlined a whole bunch of new battery technologies... I'll see if I can find it.
  • I think the spec hounds may dictate that a qhd screen is used. But I genuinely would much prefer a better battery duration.if the engineers can improve battery tech that would be really sweet.
  • "You said the same thing about 720p. You said the same thing about 1080p" When have I ever said this? I've never said those words. You're lying Rodney. Show me where I said either of those.
  • Lol❗❗❗❗❗ Jas.. I don't literally know if you said that,,, I'm just saying.... But, you gotta admit that we do see that logic around here from time to time... It has gotten better, though.
  • You man are you kidding us, he doesn't specifically refer to you but people!
  • Actually, I did say "You" to him.. Lol.
    My bad.
  • Actually as much as I can see a slight difference between 720p and 1080p I wont justify buying anything that'll make my battery life worse. I have a Lumia 830 and man... 720p screen looks gorgeous to me still and on top of all that it sits for hours upon use (screen on time of like 5-6 hours for me, and 12-14 hours regular use a day). So yeah. 720p rocks for phones although 1080p,are eye candy. I'd definitely do QHD only with AMOLED screens tho. LCDs consume too much energy
  • No, I disagree... If you haven't used 1080p for a while then you wouldn't be able to see the big difference, which there is... I went through the same thing. Went into the store, and compare my 920 to the 1520, and could see a difference, but it wasn't huge... I did get the 1520, and learned that it take more time to be able to see the difference.. Use 1080p for a week, or two, and you will not ever say that 720p rocks.. 1080 is way better, and there's no going back, but like I said it takes more time to see the difference. Actually, the 920 is 768p, if I'm not mistaken...
    And, as far as battery life, my 1080p 1520 kills the 920... It last all day, and it's not only higher resolution, but bigger... It just doesn't add up... But, what does add up is that peoples rules about battery life aren't always fact,, mainly because of engineering, and technology... Lumia's have come in three different resolutions, and battery life has never been adversely affected... Bring on QHD, and let the engineers worry about how to optimize the device, which they always do.... As far as I'm concerned battery life is a non issue, because there's no evidence that it ever has been with higher resolutions....
  • 720p was a clear improvement, and I didn't really hear anyone complaining about it.1080p on under 5" is largely a pointless waste of power (in terms of wattage and GPU -calculations / memory usage). Anything above 1080p on anything less than 7" is equally pointless. Unfortunately, MS can't exactly have the only flagship with 1080p if others are going for more.
  • I disagree... I have 1080p on my 1520, and I can still see where the screen can be even sharper..
    I can't believe that after all these years some of you guys still hold on to that same ideology that's simply not the case... It's just like parrots repeating things because that's all they know...
    What device do you have❓
  • Still using 925. Sure the screen could always be sharper, IIRC the human eye can distinguish something like 2000PPI at 30cm, but the returns for power spent are getting ridiculously small. There's a reason even the Xone is rendering most games at below 1080p, even when the pixels are clearly visible (and even when trying to hide them with AA).
  • Returns for power spent are getting ridiculous based on what❓ My 1520 has the best battery life if any device I've ever had... What WP device with 1080p is getting horrible battery life❓ I'm just saying,, where's the issue with battery life, provide some actually examples, or it's a non issue... Im not really interested in Theory, rather real life performance.
  • I was mostly refering to above 1080p (as that was my original point), and not just refering to power as Wattage, but also as a generic term for GPU calculations and memory bandwidth used.
  • I know, I know... But, why am I concern with GPU load❓ I'm sure that this 1520 in my hands would kill my 920's GPU, but it literally performs better❗ Nobody is suggesting that the next 530 have a QHD display.. Of course processors will continue to get more, and more powerful, while using less power... I just don't see why some of you struggle with technological advancement...
    When the iPhone came out people said the screen was overkill, then 720p was overkill, then 1080p was overkill, now 2k, 3k, 4k is overkill... When will it stop❓ And, the same argument has been around about what the human eye is capable of seeing... Lol. Quit already❗❗❗ Supposedly, I'm not supposed to be able to tell the difference in 720p vs 480p, but I can definitely see that my friends Note 4 is way more sharper than my grainy ass 1080p Lumia 1520's old ass screen... I just don't see where I'm not getting benefit from cutting edge technology... I've been with WP since the beginning, and you guys said that anything over single core was overkill.. Lol. 512mb of ram was overkill.. SMDH... And, a lot of yall still haven't learned after 5 years, and those closed minded notions have been disproved.....
    No, I'm sorry..... If having 16 cores, and 8gb of ram will make my 4k screen look awesome, and I can use my phone all day, then give me that all day long....... You have to respect engineering, and science, especially if it has shown NO SIGN OF LETTING US DOWN YET.... So, do you expect me to believe that when the next Note comes out, and it has an even higher resolution screen than the current one, that it's not gonna look better in more ways than just sharpness❓ If you guys have been absolutely wrong about every new screen to come out, then should I believe my eyes, and the battery life I'm getting, or your speculation, and old recycled sayings❓ And, I'm not trying to be rude, I just FINALLY want evidence that something isn't better, or not worth it,, because I have always had evidence that it is...... Sorry, I want the latest, and greatest tech, because based on experience I can have faith that MS will incorporate it to my advantage.
  • My point is: I would rather use the technological advancements for longer battery life, or use the power for more content, than pixels I can't (or can barely) see. Or perhaps even *gasp* actual multitasking. If that is not your preference, then good for you, the smartphone market is currently providing you with plenty of options. High end devices with lower pixel densities are the rare ones. P.S. 1080p is 2K P.P.S. I'm not opposed to better displays (especially if improvements other than pixel density are made), but I'm not always willing to accept the trade-off
  • I agree with the better multitasking. That I want...
    But, we can have it all.... That's my point... That's the point about advancement... We don't have to sacrifice anything... MS can do it now...
  • I agree that QHD is overkill, but I assume they're doing it to have similar resolution to their Surface Tabs and new generation PCs? At least they're not trying to do 4K haha Maybe this means 1080p will come to low end? *Shrug*
  • There's no such thing as overkill.... What a senseless, closed minded term... Just, sounds so week, and timid..... Overkill.. You said 1080p was overkill........ Yes, you did. You know you did.
  • For a smart phone? Yep, I sure did. I mean... it still kind of is. I'm still on my 720p Lumia 920 and don't feel like using my mum's 1520 gives me any greater experience with the higher pixel density. The things I like about her phone are mostly the SD card support, faster processor and larger battery. So I guess I'd say 1080p is overkill and QHD is super duper overkill lol
  • Dude... Have you list it❓ 1080p is outdated grainy low resolution junk.....
    Nowhere near overkill.... Lol.
    Of course, like you said, you're still on prehistoric 768p resolutions, so you wouldn't understand.... You've gotta be kidding me... Lol.
    No wonder WP is so far behind... It's fans have no drive for perfection....... That is something that Android fans understand about hardware that a lot of brainwashed WP fans don't seem like you ever will.... NO LIMITS (Go Hard or Go Home).... Enough of this soft, pansy, dandelion, WP7.0 type minimalistic thinking.... I want cutting edge, and you say "overkill"... Lol. You're not from America, are you❓❓
    BTW, I'm just messing around with you, not trying to be rude for real.. Lol. Now, you can give it back to me... Sorry.
    ......... I WANT POWWWWEEEEEERRR❗❗❗❗❗❗
    ......... ⬆⬆⬆ ""Dude doesn't need a smartphone, he needs a bulldozer"
  • LOL! I'm not exactly a power user. I mean, I've dabbled in firmware flashing on my WinPho and my cheap ass Android tablet, but I'm not terribly spec driven. The last PC I built was back in 2013 and I haven't done a single thing to it except add a few more HDDs haha I guess I'm just more utilitarian in that if it does what I need well, and it can do it for the amount of time I need it to, then it's great. But that's why the 920 needs to be ousted; that ol' Snapdragon S4 is REALLY starting to show its age!
  • Unfortunately, that display resolution idiocy is now expected and would reflect poorly on reviews if it was lower. Only iDevices get away with lower resolutions.
  • Looks legit.
  • I am sold on Talkman!!
  • I'm sure Sony would have something to say about that.
  • Isn't that what adults occasionally miss identified the walkman
  • Only if they release it with those names, which they wont.
  • LOL! Walkman? Was thinking the same :P But it's just the codename, not product name :)
  • How about naming Lumia talkman
  • In that case, Sony won't keep quite, just like he said! XD
  • Talkman and Walkman are different enough I'm guessing
  • Of course you do realise that Talkman and Cityman are both phone names from the 80's. The Mobira Talkman and Mobira Cityman, and Mobira was a brandname of Nokia...
  • +Talkman !!!
  • I want both..
  • Hope some good named one like. 940 and 1530 somewhat?! No Xl Xs names or something stupid!
  • Microsoft needs to release a Lumia 1520 successor flagship at 6.2-inches to 6.5-inches with the same internal specifications as the 5.7-inch flagship above. Please Microsoft.
  • Yes, I agree... I don't want a smaller 5.7" device.. No way... After using the perfectly sized 1520 nothing else matters...
    Love the other specs though.
  • I have the 1520 and I think I would prefer a 5.7" rather than 6", but will take either for their next flagship.
  • That's exactly why they should make a 5.7" device.
  • I agree that they cannot dip below the screen size of the 1520 for the 1530.
  • But they will not go to 6" with the successor of the 1520. I'm quite happy to replace mine with a marginally smaller one with hopefully smaller bezels as well.
  • Anything bigger than 6 would be insane. I want them to stay at 6, just better parts. Really the 1520 just needs a 5mp front camera or better. And since it is two years old, an upgraded processor and shit would be cool.
  • Again, we need a Wacom pen...
  • Smh, might as well get a 7" tablet XD
  • 940/940XL is bettr than Iphone 6/6+.
  • Well, duh. 1520/930 are better
  • That would actually be pretty good branding. Would keep them being on the same "level" (x40/xx40) without having to skip 1530. Less confusing too.
  • These phones will compete with the 6s and 6s plus, not last years models...
  • I think he means the branding is better :)
  • Yes for sure! Microsoft really have a lot to learn about branding. Edge browser logo a bit crappie, XL XS kind of names and some more.
    Just stay in touch with clean looking like Apple. Just phone with no brand on the font and on the back a MS logo with Lumia font.
  • Lovely jubbly!
  • SNL!
  • What is love?
  • Baby don't hurt me...
  • No mo...
  • Bring it ON!!!!!
  • F..king SOLD !
  • Exactly both phones have the specs that we are waiting for!!!! Hope this make real!
  • We❓❓ Speak for yourself..
    For a lot of us 5.7" sucks.. We also need a 6" option.. Hopefully one is still coming.
  • Really?? 0.3" make to much difference???? Ok! Specs that I was waiting for!!!
  • No, it's not a huge difference, but it's definitely noticeable...... Look.. How many people out there in the world are used to their 5"+ Android devices❓ At least 5" is average now...
    That's like you asking for them to not care about going back to a 4.7" screen..... I use a 1520. It's no different... Not the end of the world, but not the desirable choice... I don't understand what's so difficult for some of you to understand that people would prefer what they want vs the undesirable... Lol... Actually, a lot of 1520 users are so comfortable managing the device that we are hoping for more. Maybe 6.2"❗ So, now we're going the wrong way.... Maybe you can't understand if you haven't gotten used to a 6" screen..... Maybe you can.. IDK. Lol.
  • I have the Lumia 1520, I really love the screen size. But sometimes could be so big, for example using one hand to deal with it. But doesn't matter. I just said that 5.7" could be the perfect size.
  • Lol, and here I am asking for a 6.2" device.. Go figure..
    But, I rarely, and I say rarely because from time to time my 1520 has almost slipped out my hands, have any issues with it's size... Im serious about wanting 6.2", especially if MS can keep the overall dimension in check.
  • You got used to the 6" screen, you'll get used to 5,7".
  • Give me a 6.2 also. 
  • All this talk about screen size is making me hungry....
    I could go for a 12" pizza right now... Screw a Lumia.
  • Of course I'll get used to a 5.7" screen... But, that's besides the point, and that's SERIOUSLY THE DEFINITION OF BACKWARDS THINKING..
    What do you have against people getting what they want❓ Why does that bother people like you❓ Do you feel offended, or something❓ If I say I want red then why do people like you say "no black is ok"❓
    It's like you feel you have to buy it.....
    Why can't your attitude be like "4.0" 4.5" 5.2" 5.7" 6.2", and 6.5" devices are all cool. I hope one day everyone gets what they want""❓ Is that too reasonable, too forward thinking for people like you❓ What makes you think you're the one to tell people what they'll get used to❓ Just worry about what you want... The reality is that when someone ask for a 7" Lumia it's not because they care, or are interested, in what someone who doesn't want one thinks... It's not to start a debate over what we want because that is dumb.. It's to see if there are like minded people, which there always is..... How would it look if MS decided not to make any more devices under 5.7", and we told you "you'll get used to it"" That's selfish, and I would never do that. I'd just say "man I feel you, hope MS has something for everyone"...... Lol❗❗❗❗❗❗❗ Sorry, went off, dude.... No hard feelings.:-):-)
  • Too long, some things to notice. WAY more important than marketing is KNOWING your market. The ridiculous claim that 'MS decided not to make phones below 5.7" ' shows that you don't understand this concept. MS wants to appeal to the majority of the market, not all. "why not everyone in the market?" You ask. Well, because that is too expensive for little benefit and they are in the business of making investors happy, which means they want to make money. You can be unhappy about this, like I was unhappy about the N950 not being available to the public. However, you should understand the reason, or start complaining for having a thick skull ;)
  • Thick skull❓ Yours would absolutely have to be the thickest possible....
    Because, nobody ever said anything about not understanding, or disagreeing with the idea of MS making a 5.7" device.. That has nothing to do with anything, and I have know idea where you're even getting that topic from.....
    We do not care about whether MS makes a 5.7" device, or not, but terrific if they do.... Next time you decide to open your mouth, and try to make a rude comment, make sure that you know the argument, and read all of the comments... Dude, you're not even responding according to what we saying... So, if you don't understand something then either ignore it, or say something that doesn't make you look like you have a thick scull....
    And, what idiot would say that more knowing your market is more important than marketing❓ That doesn't even make any sense.. That is part of marketing... SMDH... Marketing is a very general term... Look, dude... Just ignore me from now on... Not interested in messing around with people on you level. I don't have time for this kind of BS... Next time you see me having a chat with others mind your business... If you don't like that then I don't know how to help you, and im not interested in entertaining your kind.. Do we have a deal❓
  • The "lot of us" you refer to is a tiny fraction of an already small WP market. Don't be surprised when you get no choice.
  • So, would you say the same about the 1020❓❓ Because, the 1020, and 1520, sit at the exact same market share.... So, I guess a new 1020 isn't important in your book as well.
  • Part of me hoped that both phones would have the big processor. Although I realise that the difference between them mat not be huge.
  • This is still rumor.
  • Thankfully! I am hoping for a cutting edge 820 inside.
  • While we're dreaming lets just ask for the 830❗❗ Might as well..... Why don't they make a sealed battery, and a small accessible battery... I mean small, like 1kMAH.... That would be nice for that extra boost when you need it.. Lol. I know it sounds funny, but think about it...
    Hey, maybe that little battery can use some of the new, more expensive, battery technology, and because of it's size it would cost less, but provide much more power...
    Might be a stupid idea, but it would be nice to see MS start doing some different things with devices, like a device with multiple SD card slots, as I've mentioned many times before.
  • They are working on battery technology that's almost instantly rechargeable.
  • Hell yeah.... Another thing that can help with these higher pixel screens is if they would hurry up with the photovoltaic screens.... Remember, Nokia was working on those recharging screens❓ I wonder if that department is with MS now... I sure hope so..
  • Guys! I just said that there are great specs in this rumors! I referred as we because I talked with many people hoping to get this kind of screen size that's all. If there are people that like 7" or 5" or wherever it's OK! Chill!
  • Yeah, we know.... But, we enjoy blowing things out of proportion, so you chill.... Lol❗❗
  • Oh yes...please be on Verizon wireless
  • If they're smart, they'll be called the same thing across all carriers
  • and is available across all carriers
  • I have better odds of having dinner with big foot then either one of these appearing on Verizon Wireless.  VZW track record with Lumia devices is pitiful... They'll appear on AT&T first and VZW 6 months later will get the ones with no micro-sd and no removable battery....
  • Yeah, and Sprint is way better.... /s
  • Lol!!!! Sad but true :)
  • most of the new devices will be sold unlocked directly from the Microsoft store. This will be the way going forward.
  • So said devices will have every carrier's frequency???  Unlocked is nice but the device needs to have the correct frequency for each carrier, they are not inter-changeable.
  • Isn't Verizon(?) the only operator using their own "system" CDMA or something like that? Other operators work with common standards
  • Sprint also uses CDMA.
  • I mean, unless you're talking about the ICON, which was the last Lumia flagship that was only on Verizon.
  • ATT is the only real carrier that stocks just about all Lumias, so it looks like it'll be ATT/Microsoft going forward unless something is going to change with Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile in the future which I hope, but doubt as everyone including some developers are looking for paydays from Microsoft
  • It's actually not that big of a gap between AT&T and Verizon. Verizon got the 822 and the 928, meaning the only lines of devices they missed out on were the low-end ones, the 830 (the 930 was then about 8 months old and selling at a similar price, so not too much lost), the 1020 (which was highly niche and expensive, with a horrid launch period/hardware pairing), and the 1520 (which was a giant ICON, meaning it'd have less appeal). Verizon's not done well, don't get me wrong. However, I would rather have had the Verizon pairing of the 822 and Icon over a 3-year period than have to stick with the 920 the whole way because no successor to the 920 made it to AT&T, and horrid planning/execution by Microsoft ruined the opportunity to get a 1520.
  • These exclusive phones wont sell much because the carriers don't market them, neither does Microsoft. Microsoft needs to bring the same phone on all carriers then market the hell out of it. Samsung and Apple are good at this.
  • That's why I don't buy branded phones. I buy the international version, it's cheaper and smarter in the long run anyway,
  • Battery capacity should be higher given the QHD display..
  • Agree. 3000 ist a little low for a 5,2 QHD display. I would be glad if this is true but I dont see Microsoft releasing 6 or 8 core phone.. I dont know, its just not their thing. But I wish its true with a bigger battery.
  • How many cores do the 808 and 810 Snapdragons have. I thought that they were 6 and 8, respectively.
  • Why do we need 3gb? What's wrong with 2gb or even 1.5 heh
  • My guess is for 2 reasons. Continum might need it, and there's the people that look at nothing but numbers who will say the S6 has 3GB so it's obviously better.
  • Say, what is the ram part in phones performance? Shorter loading screens? Better app saved in background?
  • I believe it's all for the numbers, to compete with the market. I can't even see a noticeable performance difference between a 1GB RAM and a 2GB RAM Windows phone :/
  • Continuum mode...? 2 screens at same time ;)
  • Well it's certainly not for a 64bit compile seeing as most windows rollouts required 4gb
  • Because more is better?  Where is your MERICA F**K YEAH Patriotism??
  • Here's the deal question: Why are you bothered by better specs?
  • Becuase I hope that Android users wont see that as WP now requiers huge amount of Ram such as android in order to run smoothly.
  • That's just silly. Most don't even notice these things, and those who do area smart enoguh to understand that RAM will help fluidity with the OS. Getting better hardware isn't going to make the OS seem worse in the public eye. That's like saying this cross-platform code support for Java and Objective-C is going make people shy away from Windows 10 because they fear the app market will have too many crappy apps, when the reality is it gives them more chacnes to get the major apps to the platform, just as added RAM just means the device can perform better.
  • People wont see the difference. But the marketing & sales pitch will tell you there is a difference and people wants to comforted and told they gotta have those specs for the ego. That is the reality!!
  • What's wrong with 3❓
  • Future proof, high quality multitasking. More cores with more RAM should (if optimized) allow the phones to handle Windows 10 multitasking and gaming with ease. Older devices will most likely lag. My dual core L920 with 1 GB RAM already lags with WP8.1.
  • I love the specifications "talkman" and "cityman".
    But I hope (so much) they didn't use plastics or whatever for that designs. Because it's looks so cheap. (serious).
  • 940 and 940XL ???
    Would that sound good?
  • Yes it would. Time to retire my 830 soon
  • 1530 and 1530mini
  • unfortunately its going to be 940 and 940XL(these are the same specs i have read couple of weeks ago, on 040, and 940XL). Maybe later we will see a replacement of 1520 in 6 inch(maybe 6.3 or 6.5...???) i have a lot of hopes for Win10 phns. I think we will see more brands introduce Win1o phns. We will see. 
  • Why unfortunately? Read about those before as well hope it comes to pass.
  • Agree.... I see no replacement for the 1520 here... I either hope this is wrong, or a real replacement is coming next
  • Ha ha ha!
  • 840 and 840 XL.
  • 5.2 is kinda big tbh, I still think 4.7 is the sweet spot
  • +1
  • My 1520 would like a word. :-) But yea, there should be a smaller option for those who are so inclined.
  • FINALLY! Someone who understands. But I prefer 4.5, like my 920. If I can't use a phone with one hand I can't use it.
  • That's (not) what she said
  • I'm sure they will release another phone or two that has a smaller screen, but the internal specs might be downgraded.
  • That's what she said. (Sorry, couldn't resist.) And I agree with you. I hate that now most phones have 5"+ screens. That's a bit too big.
  • Agree, they should have a smaller option as well.... Also, a larger option for those who love the 1520.
    I hate this cookie cutter BS.
  • MS Mobile are pretty adept at fitting large screen sizes into small spaces. The Lumia 1520 has only a slightly larger footprint than the iPhone 6 plus, but with a half inch bigger screen :)
  • Looking good, can't wait! I hope they're light and thin as well so the masses will buy them.
  • I have a 1520, which I like a lot, but I think 5.2" may hit the sweet spot....
  • Most definitely.... 5.2 to please the average folks, and 6.2 for us who literally want more..
  • Yea! Finally! Hope its going to great! Just like project Astoria
  • Ok, all these are the latest specs which every high-end smartphone currently has. Removable battery and SD card option are very good though. But whats special about these phones which took ages for Microsoft to make. Hope Microsoft finally unveils 3d touch gesture with these phones or else they are doomed..
  • 3D touch gesture is dead.  The flagship phone for last November had it, and Microsoft couldn't find a compelling use for it.  They scrapped the phone and the feature.  MS is waiting to release new flagship phones so Windows 10 can get prolonged press covereage.  It's frustrating, but I can understand why it is beter for them.
  • They are special for making it to market 6mths after the Android devices with the same hardware.....
  • Android devices had those specs a year ago. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You can't be sure it took Microsoft a long time to build them. It's only just been about a year since Microsoft aquired Nokia, and we don't know what was happening then. Nokia could've had a new phone in the works, and MS could've scrapped it. They had to know what was going on with their OS before finalizing specs on the phone that is supposed to compliment it. Just my guess though.
  • Oh come on, Everyone knows Microsoft is slow as hell. I don't think wp 8.1 was so customizable that nokia could be doing something great with the OS at that time that took Microsoft so long to figure out.
  • Please make it a 40MP rear camera...
  • The truth is a better sensor is better than a bigger sensor. Going to 40 again will spoil the design and who wants super high resolution picture? Higher the resolution, longer the processing times. Hope here comes a better camera technology
  • The higher resolution allows for lossless zooming and oversampling, not just for higher res pictures.
  • 41 MP means lossless digital zoom and stellar 5 MP oversampled images with minimum noise. Seems you haven't used a 1020/808 to see what 41 MP gives.
  • I really hope it is not a 5.2 inch display. My Lumia 930's 5 inch display is enough for me.
  • If the display pushes to the edge, it shouldn't be too much bigger of a device. Look at how Samsung devices have done it, screens got bigger, phones stayed similar in size.
  • The width of the device depends on how thick the bezel is and at what angle they place the diagonal.  It's similar to when Apple released the iPhone 5 with a bigger screen that was taller but not wider.
  • Totally agree with this. The combination of weight and size of the 930 sucks
  • Yeah, 830 was the better build. But 930 has the better specs.
  • Lumia 940 and 940 XL I tipped this off a couple weeks ago
  • MMMM nice very nice, Windows is rolling baaabbby
  • "triple led" oh my... why cant we have xenon? it doesn't matter how much they improve and how much bs they add to it, led flash is useless, even a tiny xenon like the 928's puts all modern smartphone's led flashes to shame, we are essentially WASTING sensor/image quality by using led instead of xenon, just look at how much detail you get out of 8mp pics from 928 vs 920/925 using flash at night, not to mention perfect, razor sharp shots with not a single trail of blur under any circumstances
  • Because xenon can't be used for video recording. It's either LED only or xenon with LED. IMO, xenon should only used for camera-focused phones like 1020. Standard flagship doesn't need it that much. But that's just me. Heck, Asus' Zenfone cameras are pretty good at low light (without any flashes). It even beat those which utilize LED flash. Not as good as xenon, but quite acceptable.
  • there's always a led for video and auto focus assist, or a simple flashlight, well if that's what you want, good, but we shouldn't be settling for less, after you experience a 1020 or 928 you wont ever want to use led flash, low light capabilities is another thing entirely, sure, my 928 is quite good without flash, but you have to think how many shots let you sit there trying to keep your hands steady and hope nothing in the scene moves so you can get a decent low light shot without flash, that just sucks, great to have the option, but if it is the only option then what a sad camera experience... with my xenon flash I know I can get the shot I want with minimal effort, just point and shot, IF I have great conditions, then I might take my time and do a low light/no flash scene
  • Why not both in a flagship? LED for video and xenon for photo. As much as the thought of xenon appeals to me, I could not live without the LED torch facility.
  • I know, my 925 makes other smartphone lights/flashes look like jokes.
  • Maybe I'm misunderstanding you but doesn't the 925 have a led flash?
  • Please be 940 and 940XL...
  • 840 and 840 XL.
    940 will be the 1020 successor.
  • Both sound amazing, more likely to get the 5.2" one, but will certainly give the 5.7" one a look at
  • Just take my money !
  • Right now, I'll take even a rumor of a new flagship. They can't come soon enough for my "much loved" (read: oh god, how did you do that to a nokia) 920. 
  • This. They have hopefully realized that they risk losing that not-so-insignificant group of people still rocking early w8 flagship phones if they don't offer a true flagship that doesn't fall into the "sidegrade" category before those early models start hitting the 3 year mark. I love my 920, the thing is nigh indestructible and has outlasted the heavy duty otter box case that I put it in for work lol. But the abuse of daily life is starting to show on the case and the glass, there is enough dust in both the front and rear camera to impact picture quality, and the battery life has taken a noticeable hit. An inferior phone would be long dead, but even a superman phone like the 920 can only last so long suffering normal daily wear and tear. 3 years is looking to be close to that limit, for me at least.
  • I really hope the 920 replacement is a great design. I actually think my 920 is stunning, still. Dropped it so many times and it has out lasted any other phone I have ever owned.
  • I was right.  Substandard cameras in both.  And they will be WAY overpriced.
  • Lumia 1020, long live the King!
  • Its unfair to call them substandard before the full details are revealed.
  • How can you say it is substandard? It could have a larger sensor size, 1.8 or 2.0 aperture, phase detection autofocus, better optics, etc etc.
  • ROFL substandard? How so ?
  •   How is anything that is nothing more than a rumour at this point, "substandard" ? I'll never understand people need for "BIGGER SPECS" just because. The iPhone 6 STILL only has an 8 Megaixel camera and I don't hear people complain all the time about that. Lets keep overreacting to rumours. >_<
  • Please elaborate on why you feel the cameras are substandard.  These cameras are better (in regards to MP) than the Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 Plus.  Yes 20MP isn't revolutionary, but it is far from bad.  However, I realize the software behind it is important, and it isn't just about the number of megapixels.  I get better photos on my 2+ year old Lumia 920 than an iPhone 6 Plus does.  Try taking a low light photo in a bar with a 6+.  It will be dark and unusable, but my 920's photo is crisp and clear.
  • Since when is 20MP substandard? Not to mention it will likely have a far superior lens to most phones. I think I can cound on one hand then amount of devices with specs on the camera even close to what these phones have. Come back when you have any clue what you're talking about.
  • 20 mpx Pureview with CZ optics, OIS and triple LED flash... "substandard" /coolstorybro
  • 3gb ram only! And we need a 6 inch 4K Screen
  • 4k???? It's not usable with a notebook with 15". Imagine a phone with 3000mhA battery ¬¬
  • Hmmm So 2K screen with 4 gb ram, and 5000Mha battery like the Current Elephone flagship-,-
  • That phone is vaporware, and 4GB is totally unnecessary.
  • Is necessary to play asphalt 8 without lag :P
  • Queue Rodney crying about .3" smaller screen than the 1520
  • 5.7" is far better than 6". Lumia 1520 chassis is too big. I'm glad I've now got a 930 to keep me going till I get a new W10 phone
  • Idk, I don't really notice a difference between 5.7" and 6". I see far too many people crying about losing the .3" like its coming off the tip of their dick lol.
  • So, what's your optimal size❓ 4.7, 5.0, 5.2, 5.5❓
    What if they only made 6.5" Lumia's ❓ Would you appreciate it if people called your opinion crying❓
    Get over yourself, dude, and quite making yourself look so pathetic that you wish others cant get what they want... You gotta be that big of a natural born hater, or have no life to spend your own time doing so... Just worry about yourself......
    Im sure someone has told you this before.. Act like a dude. This isn't gossip girl... Lol.
  • 1520 is about the size of the iPhone 6 Plus and people seem fine with its size. But I do agree that this slight bump down will probably make it more "mainstream" friendly.
  • I agree completely.... Most definitely better for more people.. No doubt about that. And, I hope MS sells a $hit ton of those....
    Nevertheless, that has nothing to do with what we want..... There is a maker for the 1520, no doubt❗ Everyone agrees there's definitely a market for the 1020, and the fact is that both the 1520, and the 1020 are exactly at 3% Lumia market share... I seriously can't see MS ignoring that.... It's just about prioritization, and these more mainstream devices are greatly needed..
    But, we still want our 6" phones sooner than later.
  • Mmm, that is a problem yeah. Still, I think MS needs to realise that the reason those models have a smaller percentage of the Windows phone market is because the people who want premium handsets are buying the competitor's models. MS needs to try to court those people, not ignore them.
  • Yep❗❗
  • I want a true Lumia 1520 successor. A 6.2-inch to 6.5-inch QHD screen should be the size. I hope Microsoft does plan on releasing a 1530 flagship.
  • Of be happy with 6"-6,5" 1080p. I really doubt increasing resolution beyond that gives any significant advantage
  • Exactly.. We need something that we feel is an upgrade.. Fine if other don't, but who cares.. There should be options for EVERYONE❗
  • Microsoft shareholders are who cares. As one of them I'd rather see less hardware fragmentation to lower costs and put more money in my pocket, and into the rest of the company. More money for the company = better products. Economics is pretty easy.
  • Dude... WHO CARES❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗
    Boy, you are hard of understanding..
    People want what they want, and here in the WC comment section we are gonna discus it... Whether MS does it, or not, is up to them, but that's not gonna stop people from ranting, complaining, asking, discussing, or talking about what they want...
    It's fine to disagree, but to expect people to totally agree with you, change their mind, or not voice their opinions about things, is not only selfish, but it's ignorant, pathetic, and a useless waste of time.. This is an AMERICAN based site, and we have rights. Not sure where you're from but you obviously don't understand that,,,, yet.
    If you get what you want, then who cares❓ I could care less if they make a 5.7" device, and they most definitely should... But, just because the majority wants something doesn't mean I have to.... Dude, I am not MS, quit feeling threatened because I voice my opinion... Quit being paranoid. We already know that most people like smaller devices, and we know that MS knows that too... Have some faith as a so called shareholder, and grow up.... It's just people having fun talking about Windows technology, and you ruin it with your oppressive BS... Keep others names out your mouth, ignore the ideas you can't change, and mind your own business...
    Like I said, it's ok to disagree, and I don't care if you disagree with me, but act mature when you do it...... I hope there's not much more closed minded, primitive thinking, selfish, rude, and pretentious, shareholders out there.... We need people who are progressive thinking doing business with with MS... Someone, in this day, and age, who calls someone who wants a 6" Lumia device "crying" is definitely not ideal.. Not when MS is trying to change their image... Maybe I was wrong.. Maybe you aren't young, rather old, and set in your ways..... Please, please, please trade your shares so this company can move on to bigger and better things.... And, quit picking fights. Nobody is gonna put up with your bullying. Sad stuff, man.
  • I'm crying. Love my 1520, 6" perfect for me. I'd have to see with my own eyes if the .3" smaller screen is all that noticeable.
  • You're right... My 1520 makes my friend Notes look tiny everytime.... If you can't tell the difference then you just haven't compared the two sizes enough,, because it's obvious.. And, we like the larger screens for a reason, so why would we want to go smaller❓ Why would we want smaller❓
  • What's wrong with 6"❓ You act like MS never made a six inch device....
    Besides, what's more pathetic is you worried enough about what I want to consciously go out of your way to make a comment about it... You've gotta be a youngster on here. Grow up, and don't loose any sleep about people's preferences...
    Nevertheless, hell yes I want at least 6"... Am I not supposed to because of some jerks immature comments❓ Don't hold your breath.
  • 6 inches of screen is good or more. 6 inches of screen plus bezel making it 7 inches or more is not imho. Bezel less 6(+) is instant buy. You know people tend to project their own needs and desires on information. If people don't want 6 inch they're going to say: Too big etc. And in general people should buy what they want and not focus on what others want to buy or may buy. If these come out with whatever software and spec options MS has for us. They should go ape marketing wise.
  • Yeah.. Why it's not like you ever hear a 1520 fan say "what do you want a smaller device❓Quit crying"...... Lol.
    We don't care, and we think there should be options for everyone.... I have faith that that's MS goal. It's just gonna take some time.... No need for people arguing with others about what they want.... Lol. That's stupid. I hope everyone gets what they want, and you would think anyone that had anything to do with MS did too...
  • Not crying just asking. I'm all for options haha.
  • Agree..... That's what it's all about.. Just ignore these idiotic control freaks on here... Their wives have them tied up, so they come in here trying to run something, and it still doesn't work.. Lol.
  • ROFL are you reading my mind haha. Options we need exclamation mark.
  • Yes, yes I am.
  • I hope the last part about being able to take phone calls and send SMS from a PC is true. It could help get more people interested in Windows Phones since most people have a PC at home!
  • Hopefully it turns out to be what I've wished Google Voice would've evolved into.
  • I use Google Voice all the time from my PC and smartphone, but prefer the PC because I can type on a real keyboard, cut/paste, etc.  Motorola also has an app, Motorola Connect, that allows this with the Moto X, Droid Ultra, and Droid Turbo.
  • Only 32GB internal storage. A real high end 2015 should have atleast 64GB.
  • Like cmon, my N9 has 64gb
  • It didn't have an SD card slot. I think they'll make 64GB carrier exclusives like they did with the 1020.
  • I noticed this too. I love the fact there is a rumored microSD, but why the aversion to putting 64 GB right in the phone itself?
  • Cost. And all the cool kids stream content these days.
  • SD card support. What else do you need? Plus the higher the internal storage the more you pay
  • I agree.  while it is an extra cost for us to buy an SD card, it will bring the overall price of the devices down so it is more enticing and easier on the wallet.  An microSD card can provide up to 128GB, so I'd prefer that over built in storage.  However, I will not buy a device with less than 32GB of internal storage.
  • SD card doesn't have the same performance and functionality as larger internal memory. It's straight up not the same thing.
  • High end specs now, but quite likely not anymore when the phones finally enter the market. Unfortunately, it seems like MS dropped the ball (again) with the release delay for Windows 10 for phones.
  • Okay.... no successor for Lumia 1020... :(
  • Hopefully one is still on the way.... MS did say they were working on one... That was confirmed.
    What size do you want❓
  • I think I heard Daniel Rubino say on some podcast that a 1020 successor is a long ways of.
  • Yeah, even MS said they are working on the next super camera... I actually had two MS employees who are fans of the 1020 admit to me that it was in development.
  • Okay cool. I just don't want to disappoint anyone. It's just what I heard.
  • I think we need a few different niche devices, actually... Super camera phone. Music audiophile phone. Limited edition devices, like promotional movie devices... Eco friendly phone (green colored, totally recycled)... Ultra high tech developers device,, speaks for itself... Red Ferrari edition device, Ford, Chevy, Harley, BMW, Audi, Mercedes edition devices... Fashion devices, like LV, or Prada, edition devices....
    Now, if att, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint, had ALL those devices on store shelves starting tomorrow. WP presence would be huge, and sales would increase.... Whatever happened to the put people first, personal phone attitude that MS had back in the WP7.5 days❓❓❓❓
  • Are you so sure they will produce successor for 1020? I give Microsoft until 2016, i they don't have 1030 or 1040 whatever the hell his name later, If the software, design and hardware can not match lumia 1020...i maybe will buy android phone...If android phone have better camera and better everything. Android will also have all the proper application... that should exclusive for Windows phone, like word, cortana and other else. So only pureview and camera technology also BIG Megapixel will be the reason why i still stick with Lumia. I really hope successor for Lumia 1020 will produce this year or next year. For the size???? i want it....maybe 6 inch.
  • Well, in that regard MS's 20mp cameras just beat out the iPhone 6, and all popular Android cameras.... So, if you're that concerned about Camera quality the Lumia is still the way to go... Especially with new high end Lumia's expected to have even better cameras..
  • Why Qualcomm not Intel?
  • Viruses
  • How explain if possible??
  • That's not the reason, he was just trolling. A virus targets a specific OS and a specific architecture (ARM, x86 for example), and the brand of the CPU has nothing to do with it.
    Apart from that, actually there are no known viruses on WinRT with ARM systems.
  • Atom probably isn't at the energy efficiency they want, I suppose. I'd be excited if they did, though.
  • Because there is no benefit in x86 with the mobile SKU?
  • sploosh!
  • Wiping the drool from my chin.
  • Sounds like a L840 to me.. :-/
  • talkman ? Thats a strange code name... Thumbs up for the specs...
  • Both are old Nokia names from the 1980's.
  • The larger version (1530?) is mine
  • But, it's just not large enough....
    If I had no choice I would get it, but I hope MS stays true to the 1520, and doesn't downgrade it's size at all..
  • What if it's bezel less?
  • Huhhh❓
  • You know a 5.7 with no bezel's. Slightly smaller screen with a much smaller phone body.
  • That's ideal... But, for me it's already small enough... Now, if they could make a 6.2-6.3" with less bulk,,, that would be great❗❗
    Hopefully, Any alleged new devices are going to be much slimmer than before with the new iPhone, Galaxy, and M9 being so damn thin... Maybe MS had to redesign after they saw the awesomeness of the iPhone hardware... The iPhone is super cool to hold, although could be almost TOO damn thin.. I like a little meat on the bones....
  • Goodness me, you have baseball gloves for hands or what? And pockets! You must be a kangaroo wearing baseball gloves haha. No offense buddy.
  • Average black man hands... I keep my 1520 in my front pocket.. I'm 5'9" pants size 32 waist x 34... Average size person...
    No reason why anyone else couldn't manage a tiny little Lumia 1520, and all the reason why I want a Lumia 1750 hahaha❗❗❗
  • Release these on ALL carriers please. I want the Talkman. +822
  • Yes yes yes
  • Removable battery makes these seem false.
  • The lg g4 already has these specs, bar camera, and a removable battery and sd card. These specs exist already so nothing revolutionary, stable and good. And REAL! These sources could well be real. I still maintain slapping an atom in there though!
  • If there was dual-SIM on codename "Cityman" it would be PERFECT.
  • QHD displays on phones are one of the most stupid gimmicks to have come out recently. I know of no phone using them these days where people say "oh this is so much better than 1080p and it doesn't compromise battery life AT ALL".   Good luck getting through a day of battery life with a 3000mAh battery on a 5.2" QHD display with an SD810 (because I'm assuming that's what will power them given Microsoft's public statement. So I think the 6-core is false).   If this is true, it's like they're sleeping and not seeing what's happening in the competition.
  • Absolutely agree
  • 6 cores = snapdragon 808
    Plus windows phone is the best OS with battery consuming. Also almost all recent flagships offer smaller batteries, why this one is annoying?
  • I guess you missed the part where I wrote "So I think the 6-core is false"?
  • The 930 has about the worst battery life of any flagship in its class if you look at reputable benchmarks. We don't want anything like that happening again. 
  • 100% agree!!!
  • Somehow, I feel you would have pointed it as negative if it has less than qHD. You would still have said they aren't learning from the competition who is providing such features.
  • Nop. To me it's negative if it HAS a QHD. Because QHD screens (or 2K displays) are nothing but a gimmick that, on a smartphone, only drain battery.   Hence the competition. The S6 is being reviewed as a stellar device but the screen consumes a lot of energy. The G Flex 2 has the same problem, with the SD810 along with the screen draining battery and redufing the phone to a crawl (hence LG swapping it with the 808 on the G4. We'll have to wait on battery reports for that one). On the other hand, competition that isn't jamming 2K displays on their phones (Sony, HTC) is able to pull two days of battery life (in Sony's case) out of their phones. And guess what the consumer prefers: a 2K display they don't notice or 2 days battery life? ;)
  • The Android crowd largely prefers QHD to 2 days of battery life, because they don't see the connection. It's stupid and pointless to stuff those resolutions in these small devices, but in the end (even pointless) numbers do sell units (not as much as brand though). P.S. 1080p is 2K too
  • Although I often disagree with you, this time I have that same opinions. QHD is a gimmick for smartphones. For tablets, it might give them better display sharpness and they have bigger battery to power them. But on smartphones, 1080p already enough. The difference between 1080p and QHD is barely noticeable. That 810 (8 cores, 4L-4H pair) also quite problematic. 808 (6 cores, 4L-2H pair) is less problematic though. IMO, they should wait for Kryo powered 820 instead.
  • Everyone knows better. Lots of whining for a flagship, and now they supposed to wait?!
  • I gotta disagree with you, I can clearly see the difference of an HD vs QHD display. If its worth draining the battery though is another manner, that depends on what you need the phone for ;)
  • I see a lot people using flagships with a 15000 mAh power bank hooked on permanently. Happens a lot around lunch time!!!
  • I agree. Plain old 1080p is perfectly fine with me! I would prefer the extra battery.
  • Smiley. Face.
  • Sign me up for CityMan but throw in a 41MP beast. That would be worthy successor to my beloved 1020. Come MS, you know you want to ;)
  • Lol, depending on exactly which CPU is used in those rumored phones the Talkman could end up being faster then Cityman. 6 cores would line up well with the Qualcom 808 and the 8 cores would be the Qualcom 810. Problem is the 810 apparently gets hot rather fast and has to throttle down after only 1 minute. The 808 can sustain it's max speeds much longer leading it to out perform the 810 in some cases. Of course the 810 has a faster GPU. Also note that 6 and 8 cores are in the big.LITTLE configuration so it's a little misleading if you think you are getting something analogous to 6/8 core desktop CPU which have 6/8 equal cores. The Talkman sounds good to me. I hope the bezel around the screen is small though because 5.2" is larger then I would like in a phone but if the physical dimensions are close to the 920 then I would be fine.
  • But the bigger body of 5.7 inch phablet will help in managing the heat of Qualcomm SD810 whereas the normal version 5.2 inch version will have enough cooling for Qualcomm SD808. 
  • It's not the size of the device that can provide better cooling system. It's the body layout design. So lets hope they design it well. I'm still skeptical tough.
  • Where are McLaren and Goldfinger???
  • Innovation died with Nokia. Now its just rip-off. Its Microsoft!
  • Wtf are you on about?!!
  • Ow yes and all that so called innovation got Nokia so far.
  • Oh come on, everyone knows what led Nokia so far, it was all due to WP OS. In a market where already there is a strong OS if you choose to go with an underdeveloped OS you are sure to be doomed. And talking about innovations almost all the OEMs use nokia's patents even Apple.
  • Still mourning for Nokia. It's dead. Let it rip.
  • McLaren is cancelled, Goldfinger was it's early name I think.
  • Unleaa theres a 41mp xenon on of those. They will suffer. Aprt from this the other specs are fantastic. But 41mp xenon with all these will pull many more ppl towards it. Coz 20mp is commom nowa days. I using 20mp from 16months on my lumia 1520. Really waiting for a flagship with such specs and 41mp or more with xenon. As always lumias are the photography monsters then y not be on the top.
  • How does one take video with a xenon flash?
  • There is QHD display with only 3300 mah battery? only 32 gb internal?...there is a fingerprint scanner or any other?
  • maybe. maybe also a IR Frontfacing. after all, windows hello on high end phones would be a good addition to W10M
  • Xenon flash please..
  • The removable battery is what makes me think this is false.
  • I somehow hope this is not the case, but won't bother me too much one way or the other. I just hope the build quality won't be compromised on - I desire something sleek and solid feeling!
  • 6 core = snapdragon 808, 8 core = snapdragon 810
  • snapdragon 810=fail
  • Yeah 810 overheats a lot according to reviews
  • snapdragon 808 = runner ,  snapdragon 810= retired hurt, snapdragon 820 = wouldbe winner !!!! :)
  • Not necessarily. Only if it's pushed hard.
  • Qualcomm 810 (eight-core; prone to overheating) and Qualcomm 808 (six-core; used in LG G4 instead of 810 because of heat problem)
  • True!
  • I'm not getting excited until I see more sources independently getting the same info and Mr. Blurrycam appears. Anyone can make statements lime this. By the time Sept-Dec time frame approaches, the next Note and apple phone will have something comparable in specs. I'm more interested in things like apps and will my Xbox 360/One finally be able to recognize my Windows Phone natively.
  • I think they are looking for a nice balance between affordability and specs. Don't make it too damn expensive. And don't compromise on battery life either with overboard specs. I will take good battery life over specs anyday
  • If Microsoft doesn't come out with a 1020 sucessor this fall, I'm probably done with the platform.  I've stood by it through thick and thin - but to anyone who is serious about phone photography, going from 41mp to 20mp is a huge step in the wrong direction. They had a great thing in the 1020 - just needed to make the camera and start up faster.  It's 2 years later... I've waited paitienly but I'm about at the end of my rope.  I still love my 1020 but other platforms are passing us by. Here's hoping these aren't the only new phones coming...
  • I love my 1020, but for mass market appeal, 42+MP isn't going to increase share. It will increase cost, therefore hurting potential for sales. The 20mp is great for almost any scenario. It would be nice to have a 1040 just to say "My camera eats your camera for breakfast!" But that isn't what pushes the needle forward when it comes to market share and ultimately profit.
  • Oh, I hear you - but a flagship is just that.  Should generate buzz and push the envelope.  Nothing about the specs above seems to do that on the scale.  Honestly, if they had a great 20mp with Xenon flash that took extraordinary photos, I'd be in.  It's just getting harder and harder to justify staying with WP.  Being as big a WP fan as I am, the iPhone 6/plus do a pretty darn good of shooting pics.  Even some of the new android phones as well.  It was one area where I could hold my phone up and say, check this out. Just makes me sad.  Not ready to jump ship yet though...
  • Then you may as well leave now, 1020 like phone will not be first priority after the launch of Windows 10, it will take lot more time and anyway you won't get a similar or better camera from any other platform if you decide to shift platforms.
  • Won't get a similar camera to the 20mp proposed or the 1020?  Maybe to the 1020 - though startup speed is always an issue - has been.  But 20mp wise, take top of the line android phones and iphone 6/plus and they can match quality. Anway, ideally MSFT would launch phones across the spectrum with win 10 and ONE would be a showcase phone that showed all the platform was capable of - like the 1020 did in the day.  The shame was back then that MSFT/Nokia didn't have the low end market figured out at that time.  Now they do and they need to concentrate on phones that fill out the rest of the portfolio.
  • Fewer megapixels does not equate worse camera performance. If they improve optics and use a 20 MP sensor with larger subpixels, the quality and low-light performance could be stellar. Look at one of the best digital compact cameras there is, the Sony RX100 MKIII. It's a 20 MP sensor, but the sensor is 1 inch and the subpixels are huge. Not to mention the optics are fantastic (Zeiss).
  • The specs are good, but why are the phones so BIG? Is 4.7 considered too small for a flagship now? I want a thin, light high-end phone that is under 5".
  • In that case you buy an Xperia Z3 Compact. It's, literally, the only phone in that category on the market.
  • Compact isn't really high-end. Its not low-end either but its one of the better mid-end devices (with Android)
  • Yeah, it's ridiculous they wont squeeze all the high end tech into some smaller devices... We need more options....
    Personally, I want 6.2" so I know how you feel.
  • really need any 1 of these 2 phones     
  • I jizzed myself yet again.
  • Gross
  • Be still, my heart... Be still
  • Would rather have one the size of my 1520... But just my opinion.... I know alot of people hate phablet phones but I love mine.
  • I think a tiny bit smaller wont hurt. It's crazy holding a 5" phone after using the 1520 tho. So small!!! And a 4.5"?!? Haha... Never again :)
  • Love this 1520.
    4.5 inch feels like a toy now. Really appreciate the larger screen with productivity apps used heavy all day long.
  • No,, we don't want it any smaller... It's not the end of the world, but at least 6" would be nice... Some of us want even larger.. Nothing wrong with that.
  • Well smaller phones will make it easier to reach those hamburgers....
  • Unless they're two-handed users...
  • I'm with you... 6" is a must.
  • There's something about the 1520 that makes not as enthused as a should. Maybe if these new phone do exist, would be a good upgrade for my wife, especially the 5.7".
  • 41mp xenon is a mustt. On one of those. With waterproof and fingerprint scanner as well.
    Tooo long wait for a flagship plz dont dissapoint MS 20mp is common now. U had 41 mp and we need that with such specs. Lumia 1020 suffered coz of the os and hardware as well. And with such specs and 41mp xenon we will have a winner flagship already!!
  • 41mpx module smake handsets too thick and not very marketable. I'm afrain MS is done with niche devices like the 1020. 
  • Thick is good. Can fill it with battery too.
  • Agreed.
  • I can wait! Take your time bros!
  • Call me Cityman henceforth
  • Hey, Cityman!
  • Cityman for me. Can't wait to replace this 1520
  • Slobbering..."Discman"?
  • I should of passed on the L830 last year. My L920 is still working fine...
  • Same here. L830 is the worst Lumia ever. Should've stayed with the 920...
  • Why QHD though ? Absoultely no use for it.
  • Yes, no use, very difficult to differentiate btwn a 1080p nd 1440p display, plus qhd will consume more battery, qhd should be used for bigger screens, 5 inch does not do it justice!
  • The difference is mostly seen in 3D games, for example asphalt 8 and the likes of it could benefit from this resolution. But yes, I agree that full HD on my 1520 looks astonishing.
  • Asphalt is such a fast tempo game you probably wouldn't notice difference between 720p and 1440p..
  • Pretty sure those games are not rendering at full resolution currently anyway.
  • Qualcomm-based 6 core processor = Snapdragon 808 Qualcomm-based eight core processor = Snapdragon 810 The 810 has been having a lot of throttling problems. I assume that Qualcomm has been spinning new versions trying to reduce this phenomenon; maybe we'll get lucky by being relatively late to the race, and get an improved version of the 810?
  • Qhd makes no sense. Drains battery. The human eye can only see around 300ppi. Full HD would be better. Even if its 2015 and a high end Lumia after so long.
  • Human eye can actually see quite a lot more, even at a typical smartphone viewing distance of around 30cm (which IIRC was about 2000 ppi). It still makes no sense or difference in typical usage scenarios though.
  • These phones are going to be as powerful as a laptop. With continunum for phone this is going to be amazing. 5.2" sounds great to me.
  • Like the specs. But I have to wait longer. If it use 810 or 808, I won't buy it. Standard Cortex cores doesn't match any flagship. I'd rather wait any Lumia which use 820 (utilize Kryo cores and the new NPU thing).
  • I can't get it because I just bought the 535
  • Since when has there ever been a Lumia with a removable battery?
  • I always thought a lot of the lower to midrange ones had access to the battery. Even the 830 if I'm not mistaken does.
  • @TrustySnooze I hope that was a joke. MOST of the Lumias have removable batteries.
  • Lumia 635
  • Not very trusty input :)
  • they sound like what i've been waiting for!
  • Please oh please let the 5.2" one come to T-Mobile. Every single thing I want in a flagship is on that spec list if it holds to be true.
  • And it shud come with aluminium body as well. Flagships shud look like one killer design. Colourfull things can be with the mid range low end and affordable flagships range.
    Expecting something spectacular from MS. With such specs plus and monster 41mp wp10 no app gap things as app port is on with Wp10. With such specs including fingerprint scanner waterproof. 41mp xenon. Ppl will fall for it any day. And above all good marketing!!
  • My red 920 and matte black 1520 would disagree with you. Also no wireless charging with aluminum body
  • Lets hope its true and not a rumour plucked out of the blue!
  •  "In addition, the report claims that Windows 10 for phone devices will have a feature where users can take a phone call but answer it on their PC, and also send SMS text messages from their PC to other phones." Well,  Halle-freakin-lujah. I've been missing this feature since moving from OSX/iOS. I wonder if this ability is in Windows 10 for all current phones or we'll need the new hardware cited in this article? And I like how MS is shamelessly stealing good ideas from Apple. That'll really piss off the fanboys over there. But one more thing... where's the stylus?
  • Yep... where is the stylus or Surface Pen? They just bought N-trig; MAKE IT HAPPEN!
  • That "one more thing".... Sounds like certain someone in the past.... :p
  • Please PLEASE let this be true
  • Sounds like 940 is in the works, I'd hoped for a 1540 or 1040, but still as long as those specs work, no complaints from my side.
  • 5.7" = 940Xl
  • Finally !! , wish the 5.7 model comes with a pen...
  • It better have wireless charging and not by adding a silly case. And it better be on AT&T. I badly need to replace my 920.  
  • It better come to T-Mobile or I'm switching carriers
  • I want Cityman!
  • I have 520, 820 and 930, but thinking about going back to feature phone, but it's good for the people who have been crying for the flagship.
  • 3gb is really not necessary
  • Tell that to the average consumer who looks at 2gb on a windows phone, and then looks at the android or iphone the salesperson is practically begging them to choose over a windows phone... seeing that it has less of something is even more incentive to not get the windows phone
  • Windows 10 requires more ram more than likely. That's what happens when you keep adding features to a mobile OS. 
  • Works pretty fine on my 512 635
  • Actually 635 with w10 manages to keep more apps "open" than my 920. And it often remembers where I was reading these comments. With my 920 w8.1.2 reloads the whole thread and I have to start scrolling from the top if I change apps or even if my phone has been locked for a while. Not always but more often than not.
  • You're right. 4gb is necessary
  • Great specs....had higher hopes for the camera though
  • 41mp xenon on the 5.2 inch one will be massive
  • I'd take massive any day.
  • I want something better than 930 in terms of camera....something as ridiculous as the 1020 if not superior...
  • +1030 (please)
  • We know nothing about the camera yet. The best compact cameras currently are no more than 20 MP. The quality and size of the sensor, subpixel size, optics and other technical solutions are far more important. The megapixel-race ended a decade ago. It was stupid. Let's not return to it.
  • Damn still ARM based huh
  • Is it wrong the most exciting thing is that Microsoft is helping to break the status quo that batteries can't be swapped?
  • Unless you own the LG G4 announced 3 days ago, of course...
  • Well that's why I said helping it. LG G3 started it didn't it?
  • Didn't galaxies before 6 have removable batteries?
  • Also, a few lumias have replaceable batteries already
  • Qualcomm-based eight core processor, I hope it's not Snapdragon 810 ( boiler SoC)!!!!
  • Screen size is ok but the bezels should be less.
    Plz no QHD...atleast not in the Talkman...1080p is more than enough.
    Processor should be octa core
    3GB RAM is good...but 4GB RAM is new standard.being set.
    32GB with microSD slot is ok.
    Rear camera should have Zeiss optics, OIS, laser gocus, sapphire glass and slow mo recording.
    Battery is decent for Win10 phone.
    Last but not the least, these phones should not be named Lumia.
  • Why not named Lumia? Please don't say Surface phone because that's bollocks...
  • Please be real. I want the 5.7inch
  • One flagship rumour and wp fans ahve gone crazyyyyy. Oh cmon MS get it ASAP
  • Microsoft surface phone will be a killer name :D
  • Surface is the name of their tablet line, they should stick to the Lumia name for their phones. 
  • Looks like the small one gonna pack a Snapdragon 808 chip ... I'm so glad I passed on the 930, I just hope my 8X survive long enough, took a pretty bad hit the other day.
  • My Lumia 1520 should hold me out till then! Huge if true!  
  • Judging by the rumored specs you wouldn't gain any significant advantages even from the cityman
  • Maybe even worse battery life. My 1520 gets me through 2 days pretty easily without charging and with charging pad it's really easy to top it up
  • So the Snapdragon 808 for the 5,2" device and the 810 for the 5,7"..
  • That's my guess, too.
  • Hopefully they'll stay the same. Maybe with some improved optics (wider aperture, bigger sensor) and imaging processing, please?
  • ah. was hoping for a replacement to my 1020. guess I will keep hoping and waiting
  • Hype is //build/ing!
  • Also wasn't Belfiore hinting at snapdragon 820 in a future phone or not?
  • Yes, yes, yes :) finally a true successor to my 1520! Even though a 6' screen would be nice
  • So a new phone that costs a lot and I can't buy, because I'm not rich...
  • If only Microsoft would cater for the budget end of the market!
  • Lol
  • Lol
  • I'll take the Cityman if it exists. Can upgrade my contract as early as September so hopefully see them released around then.
  • Also support for connecting mouse and keyboard and working as a laptop...
  • It took them this long to come up with specs that will soon be one year behind? I guess it's better than nothing
  • Hope these turn out to be real, but my heart yearns for a 1020 successor with a true PureView camera backed up by a decent processor. One can wish!
  • What about Qi charging? There are those who wouldn't buy one without it. Well, I don't know if you can with a removable battery.
  • As I understand it, battery makes no difference. Full aluminum body probably would
  • I'll take the Cityman device.  If I'm going to lock myself into a 2 year contract, then I want the best device I can get at that time.
  • I am waiting for Lumia 1030 has 50 megapixel camera Can't wait for it
  • oh let me guess, marketing research tells them 5.7" is the sweet spot, see what happens here? people with a phablet don't care about how big it is, trimming it down only means less battery and less screen and still you get a unwieldy phone, but sure, "research" tells them people looking for a BIGGER phone now want a SMALLER display, perfect sense right?
  • 25mp or above for rear camera, 8mp for front camera.
    But I think my wish list spec for camera wouldn't come true cuz the specs on the article might be fix.
  • Why triple led flash? Why not just a xenon flash.
  • These phones should be spectacular cause that's along time to wait
  • Well, if this is true, we are looking at a normal size and an XL sized phone, considering they both have the same specs.
  • Cityman.. Kinda expected something more than a 20mp camera on this. Overall sounds great. But hoping they drop the Lumia branding for the flagships.
  • Cool. Personally looking forward to devices along similar lines but with large camera sensors, pen inclusion, 120fps slowmo, 4k vid recording and hyperlapse.
  • Meh where is the 1020 successor. Or everytime I go out with my gf she's gonna say we're gonna use her phone because nothing matches it yet.
  • I really hope its fake. Will be sad to se my phablet shrink to 5,7" :'(
  • A lot of RAM. Hope it's for photo and not win10 itself.
  • 1. Looks like I was right. People believed a summary launched would include WP hardware. I kept saying it'll probably be fall, and here we go.
    2. That Cityman device would kind of suck, IMO, if it carries a hot, battery-killing SoC. This would lend to the idea of 940/940 XL though, since the device are so close in specs. Still, I'd kind of hope that a 940/940 XL pair would be identical with internal (except the battery), like with the 930/1520 and 640/640 XL comparisons (though the 640 XL also carries camera improvements).
  • Its should've increased to 25/30MP
  • And please the camera at least F/1.8 aperture. So far LG G4 has this big aperture. I think together with Pureview Technology this will be a very god camera.
  • Pls design well for the front facing camera position, it is very bad on existing Lumia.
  • Hope they sport the LG display used in the G4.
  • Thats what im talking about ...bring it on
  • I hope my 920 can last this long.... 
  • Take 640XL for a while.
  • me too ... on a completely unrelated sidenote someone needs to get a bucket ... i am salivating uncontrollably ...
  • I don't think there will be another 6" phone. 5.7" will probably be as big a we'll see for a while.
  • These devices sound awesome but it's a 1020 replacement or bust for me. I just love taking photos. My 1520 is great with its 20MP camera but I want a replacement monster to amaze my friends again. If I'm Microsoft and I'm going to sell a low volume high end device, it's going to be the surface phone with the prettiest design ever or the king of photography. One way or another when they talk crap about Windows phone, it won't be because it wasn't the king in some category. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Yawn, mid-range phones. Where are the real high-end devices with 128GB of RAM, 40 megapixel cameras and 6000 mAh batteries? :)
  • So these phones will be W10 ready not preinstalled. I'll still wait till December, if I buy 1 of these phones it'll will get W10 by February 2016 (Denim all over again).
  • Wish there was a compact flagship coming out.  I love my 925.  I have a 930 but keep going back to it.  I guess you can't make everyone happy though.  Gotta build what most customers want.
  • Cityman sounds like my next. If they can make it significantly smaller/lighter than my 1520 that would be awesome. The loss of 0.3" on screen is the right tradeoff especially if they can also reduce bezel.
  • OMG! The second one will replace my 930!!!
  • Maybe look at Cortana today on pc latest build. Help shows send a txt. Make a call.
  • I hope none of these is the 1520 or 1020 successor.
  • +1030 + 1530
  • Lumia 840 and Lumia 940 :)
  • More likely 940/940XL
  • Probably yes..!! 840 its likely to have as per rumours 5inch design
  • Big one please and give it a stylus!
  • Hopefully they switch up the old, tired and played out design language. Make it beautiful and not a bright colored plastic looking toy like 95% of the Lumias out now.
  • I've had hot girls compliment my "bright coloured plastic looking toy". It's eye-catching and it doesn't feel cheap in the hand.
  • I'll take the second one in orange. thx
  • 5.7 inches? I hope this isn't the 1530/1540. I have fallen in love with the 6 inch screen. I don't want them to take it away from me.
  • Put me down for a CityMan.
  • if these would work on Wind unlike the 830, then i would switch to wind on the spot.  Only reason i haven't moved to wind is their lack of support for WP. I already paid cash for my current 830 WP from bell i refuse to buy an android just to join their network.
  • lets fire that feedback app and request that this feature of using phone capabilities from PC, like Apple users, becomes REAL!
  • I have spoken with an inside source that tells me that the LUMIA 940 is being released inn jun-jul followed the the hololence.
  • Guys, inside source.
  • Lumia doesn't need these specs for now .
  • For continuum it does.
  • This is just the 940 940xl. We want a 1020 successor!!!!
  • An they come with windows 10 ready.
  • All I have to say is, Wow! Both of those spec lists is are awesome. I will look forward to more info on these phones. And added communication features to Windows 10 after welcomed and a smart idea.
  • Just in time for my upgrade
  • Whichever one gets continuum is my buy.
  • Hopefully both of em ;)
  • Removable battery? Yea since all lumias up to now had that...oh, wait...
  • Dear Microsoft,  Please be sure to give them to Verizon exclusively and release a European version with no US LTE bands.