Microsoft is working with Wacom to create a pen that will work across a huge number of devices

Microsoft is introducing some great new pen features and functions in its Anniversary Update for Windows 10 through Windows Ink. The company is working with Wacom to create a pen that will work across a huge number of pen-enabled devices.

While not mentioned during the keynote at Build 2016, Microsoft's Bryan Roper took to Twitter to reveal that it was in the works.

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There are no details surrounding pricing or availability just yet, but it's great to see that it is in the works.

Jared DiPane

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  • For Lumia 950 XL !?
  • Sure!  It's completely pen enabled....
  • What is?
  • If it is then cool... But if it's not I will buy the first Lumia with it, main thing missing Imo.
  • Ah, no it's not, it doesn't have the same hw as the Surface Pro 3/4. Something may be do-able via sw, but it won't be as good. Wacom's work diff. to MS's tech, so there may be a way to get around the lack of hw.
  • ...and have a comprable (or better) experience...
  • If they manage to make a pen that will work with that HP Elite x3 that's coming out later this year, I'm sold. Just take my money already Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Need more details on the technology..
    How could he forget such a big one ;/
  • Brilliant now a Galaxy Note 6 with Windows #Epic
  • Love Microsoft. Posted From WC app for Windows 10 Mobile on my NOKIA Lumia 730.
  • Frustratingly vague. Does this mean that new Wacom stylii will be compatible with N Trig devices in the near future? That'd be pretty nice if a single Wacom pen could work across legacy Wacom/N Trig enabled devices.
  • Another subsidiary bits the dust
  • Not dead but in gestation.
  • Finally! This will be great for artists and designers.
  • What about that Ntrig purchase? I'm assuming they're the "Microsoft" in this case. Would seem weird if they weren't involved at all.
  • I CAME UP WITH THIS IDEA ON GOOGLE+ AND ONEDRIVE....SHOW ME HISTORICAL EVIDENCE OF YOUR COLLABORATION with WINDOWS (w/ndos).Besides...I'm already about to make my presentation Writable Instance Native Dos Equipment X-over. I want a piece of this apple pie in the window.the pen is the consumer utencil.and it gets w indexed to keep it system notable Posted via the Windows Central App for Android