Xbox One accolades

Microsoft has updated their Xbox One: Invitation ad to include quotes from the press and fans. If it feels like you’ve seen it before, that’s because the new video uses the same music and some footage from the original video that has been viewed over 6 million times already on YouTube. Head past the break to watch Microsoft’s latest accolades trailer.

The video highlights several quotes from the press. Fortune says the Xbox One is the console of the future. Entertainment Weekly describes it as "One box to rule the living room." The New York Daily News hails it as the most ambitious gaming machine yet. There were more quotes flying around in the background that were not read out loud by the narrator, but the last one was very cool.

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The ad also highlights a tweet from Xbox One fan, @nicholaseallain. He says, “The Xbox One is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to mankind.” 

What do we think of the Xbox One? Read all about it on our Xbox One review. How about you? Do you agree with the quotes in the video? Sound off in the comments!

Via Xbox Wire

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