Major leak reveals revolutionary new version of Microsoft Bing powered by ChatGPT AI

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft is preparing to launch a revolutionary new version of Bing.
  • The new Bing went live briefly earlier today and revealed ChatGPT integration.
  • New features such as natural language search, chatting with Bing, and much more are on the way.

It looks like Microsoft is gearing up to launch a major new version of Bing that integrates OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology in a way that will revolutionize searching the web. Multiple users have reported seemingly stumbling across a preview version of the new Bing earlier today before Microsoft quickly shut it down.

Recent reports have suggested that Microsoft is planning to launch a new version of Bing with GPT-4 integration, and these leaks appear to confirm that a major new version of Bing with AI is imminent. 

A user by the name of Owen Yin was able to grab a few screenshots and try out a handful of features before his access was revoked, giving us a good look at how the future of Bing and searching the web will function with AI woven throughout. To begin, the new Bing advertises itself as more than just a search box. It describes itself as a “research assistant, personal planner, and creative partner at your side.”

Bing Homepage with Chat Box (Image credit: Owen Yin)

The first big change between a normal web search engine and the new AI-powered Bing is that the search bar is now a chat box. It’s much larger in size, and encourages natural language rather than keyword-driven search terms. You’ll be able to ask Bing to look up specific topics or ideas, and even ask for its opinion, with its responses returned to you in a chat bubble.

All info it references will be cited along the bottom of the chat bubble, so you can click into websites to learn more if you wish. In the example from Yin, he asked Bing what the current movies are, and then asked what Bing is excited for most. Bing even responded asking a question back, so it can better understand your query and provide further information if necessary.

Bing AI Chat UI (Image credit: Owen Yin)

The new Bing is also able to adjust its search queries with you in mind. You can tell it, with natural language, your plans or requirements, such as dietary needs or schedule conflicts, and it’ll do its best to bring you relevant information for your search request that factors in those requirements. It’s mind blowing.

Yin does note that the new Bing does allow you to search the web in the traditional way if you prefer using keywords in a classic search box, along with a page of search results.

Windows Central's Take

It’s fair to say that this stuff is wild, and is going to change how we search the web in major ways. Given that this was made available briefly earlier before being pulled, we’d wager that Microsoft is almost ready to announce this new version of Bing. While no event has been announced yet, Microsoft has already confirmed that it plans to weave AI throughout all its products, and it looks like Bing is first in line.

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