Microsoft's 20th annual CEO Summit was held this week, but it's still super secret

Microsoft held its 20th annual CEO Summit this week in Redmond, Washington, but as usual the company is keeping most of what's discussed at the event a secret. It began on May 10 and will wrap up sometime later today.

Microsoft's bare-bones webpage for the CEO Summit just links to a sparse FAQ page. Here's what it says the event is all about:

The Microsoft CEO Summit was established in 1997 in response to growing interest in the convergence of technology and business issues among corporate CEOs. Attendees have an opportunity to hear leading industry experts analyze economic trends and technology issues. The summit also offers a forum in which CEOs can discuss and debate business challenges and share insights or experiences with their peers from around the world.

The FAQ page has a brief list of some of the over 130 CEOs that are attending the summit, including Warren Buffett, Netflix's leader Reed Hastings and more. It also posts just a couple of topics under discussion at the summit:

Navigating Market Volatility - Continued volatility is to be expected, given sluggish global economic fundamentals, national politics that are heavily influenced by antiestablishment movements, and other geopolitical instabilities.Driving Growth with Technology - The best companies are leveraging technologies to deepen connections to customers and employees alike as well as open up new sources of profitability, at times by entering adjacent businesses or leaping into new ones across traditional industry boundaries.

Microsoft won't be posting any videos or pictures from the CEO Summit, so the mystery of just who will be there and what they will be talking about will have to remain a mystery.

John Callaham