Microsoft's Bing Maps revamp is live on the web in preview form, with lots of new features

Microsoft has just launched a new version of its Bing Maps services on the web. The revamp, which is currently in a public preview, adds a number of new features and improvements, including some new search results cards.

Here's what users can expect from the Bing Maps preview:

  • View information for multiple destinations with the new results cards: The Bing Maps Preview organizes your search results into "cards" that are displayed to the left of the map. The cards allow multiple destinations in a single view and each card displays relevant information, such as hours of operation, and similar businesses and services nearby. With every stop on your trip in one view, planning a night out is much easier.
  • Explore and plan using the new layout: The new Bing Maps Preview is touch-friendly and designed to be more intuitive. For example, choose your preferred map style (Aerial, Road) by clicking the button to the right of the map. Or, perform actions such as "save as favorite," "add to route," and "view streetside" by right-clicking on your screen.
  • Plan travel times with enhanced directions: Nobody wants to be stuck in traffic. Using predictive routing, Bing Maps Preview includes the option to input the day and time you plan to travel so you can view the estimated drive time. Now you can easily adjust plans if the roads look crowded.
  • Discover venues using Along the Route: Need to know where hotels, restaurants and gas stations are located on the way to your destination? Along the Route is the new feature that helps you find places you might want to stop at during your trip. Many have suggested this via Bing Listens, and we thank you for your feedback.
  • Easily explore with improved Streetside views: The new split screen layout gives a great street-side view of your destination while displaying the map directly below it. Take a 360-degree tour of the area or drag your mouse along the map to view a new location.
  • Save your destinations in My Places: We've heard from many of our users that it's important to have a quick way to access their most-visited and most-loved destinations. We made this easy with My Places. In one click you can save a location under work, home or favorite. It will even sync with Cortana and the Windows Maps app.
  • Share travel plans with others: Once you've planned your outing, share it with those who will be joining you. Your travel companions will receive an email with the set of results cards, which they can view on their desktop or from a mobile device. And speaking of mobile, stay tuned for updates coming to the Bing Maps mobile experience.

You can check out the Bing Maps Preview for yourself if you live in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and South Africa. More locations will go live in the future. Also, the Along the Route feature is currently just for US users.

Source: Microsoft

  • Been waiting on that "along your route" feature for a longgg time.
  • Same here and love the simplistic look.
  • So one would assume this addresses the need for Silverlight in the new Edge browser. HTML5 now?
  • I was wondering the same, is it finally HTML 5 compatible?
  • Hope it'll take less time to reach world wide preview
  • That's awesome. All these innovations from MS keeps google always running to update their technology
  • All innovations from MS are just for USA and the rest of the World will continue to use Google because MS refuse to expand their "innovations".
  • There must be something else behind it besides refusing it.
  • I think that's not true since they recently add Japan transit info.
  • JUst tried it and works great in Canada & the UK.
  • I'm also in Canada but the link provided doesn't work. Je suis en Canada aussi mais le lien fourni ne fonctionne pas.
    ^ Bilingual just because Canada...
  • doesn't work in Edge for me but it works fine in Chrome.
  • That's why no one likes Canada. Lol!
  • "...if you live in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and South Africa. More locations will go live in the future." That looks like several countries more than just USA.
  • WOW 7 countries + US. Almost the whole world WOW
    (my first coment talks about all "only-US" features)
  • So true. MS really needs to work harder on localizing all the us-only stuff. The lack of features is why Google is superior to bing in Europe. Apple is also localizing a lot quickier than MS, so they really need to shift priorities.
  • You are right that is a big issue. Bing search for example doesnt even have the feature to search by date for us in Sweden that makes it totaly useless. Adding that feature must be like a few hours of programming since its avaible in us and uk? Its just stupid!
  • "All these innovations from MS keeps google always running to update their technology" I'm not sure about innovations. The Verge is saying that Microsoft copied Google.
  • Very True
  • I know the feels. I live in Japan, and Bing Maps is just utterly horse shit.
  • Just in time for Windows 10
  • Not in Portugal, keep using Google Maps
  • In fairness: Google has had most these features already, and they have them in regions outside the US. So....
  • Working for anyone?  Seems like it redirects you back to the regular old  
  • Doesn't work on EDGE, works in chrome. Way to go Microsoft.
  • Ah, you are right.  I tried it in Opera and Edge.  TY
  • Regular old here to. But i live in Europe and Bing is useless here
  • Worse than useless in Japan a couple years ago. Like, there was zero data for a top 5 economic power. Embarrassing for a supposedly global service.
  • Yeah Bing only works in USA which is weird. The rest of us gets Bing Alpha version, i guess they don't wanna compete with Google?
  • Works for me.
  • working alright on IE11  
  • You need to select "Try the new Bing Maps!" on the top center edge of the map and to the right of Road, Bird's eye and traffice options. or try this link
  • Works for me. Try clicking the microsoft link above and entering the bing maps from the blog post link.
  • Your favorite places entered in Cortana on WP now show up. 
  • love the streetside view in the windows app Bing Map Preview, glad to see on web too.
  • This is live on windows 10 for mobile as well. Or at least it has all these same features.
  • Will it finally search for location instead of place by default when coming from search results? Jesus that is annoying. That's why I always use google maps.
  • I cannot see any way of viewing Ordnance Survey maps in the UK. The existing Bing maps can do this. Hopefully it will be added in as for me it's pretty much the only reason i use Bing maps over other services.
  • I need native GPS navigation for Windows
  • I want Along the Route to be available in Brazil already!
  • Does it look the same as the new Bing maps app? If not, fail.
  • Strange looking windows phone pictured in that Bing blog article.
  • What you talkin'bout Willis?
  • :)
  • ROTFL. Bing is not like youtube, it has no bounderies and maps are for everyone.
  • I'd really like to see them include biking, as an alternate transit option.
  • Doesn't seem to working on Microsoft Edge. Works great on IE 11, but just loads old bing maps in Edge.
  • Question. Did they sell this to Uber?
  • They sold small unit that run small fleet of imaging vehicles. As HERE does the same in global scale there were no need for them.
  • I really like this a lot, I can see myself using this over Google.
  • At last we got a perfect competitor for Google Maps. But still long way to go.
  • Hope it replaces Google Maps, the only google product that I use now.
  • Nice.  SImilar to the recent Google Maps update, but I think MS did an even better job!
  • Multiple destination was my idea!! :P But seriously, a while ago I made that suggestion to both Bing maps and Google maps. Microsoft delivered first! Nice!
  • Predictive routing - I have been waiting for this kind of function in mapping. I haven't seen it in any other service, although I haven't looked that hard either. Is Microsoft ahead of the curve on this?
  • Wow, I don't believe we get the preview here in Indonesia. While until now we usually got nothing at all. Whether it's WordFlow, speech recognition, Cortana, or other advance service from Microsoft. It's even only been months, when we got the region option for the Bing search engine. And that's even without ability to use Indonesian as display language.
  • Yep, thats right, i loved when the article says indonesia, but microsoft should do a lot work on it
  • Clunky! but has great potential  
  • My Places Collection is nice and similar to the one in HERE Maps.  But I can't switch to using Bing Maps unless it offers a seamless way of synchronizing the collection to HERE on Windows Phone which I use for turn-by-turn navigation when travelling by car. Does Bing Map work for off-line voice navigation on WP? 
  • Saved places don't sync to Bing Maps on WP yet. I need this to work before I even consider switching. Oh well.
  • Hmm... it seems like it's pulling some locations from my phone, but not from HERE. It's just the places I'm bookmarked in the map that Cortana uses. Does anyone know why I see Yelp reviews rather than Trip Advisor reviews, and if there's a way to customize and add more sites?
  • It would be nice if the maps were up to date. Heh, many of the stores/resturants around my area have changed owners and the names are still ones that only existed years ago. lol
  • Nothing happens when I enter an address.
    I tried IE11 and Firefox. Hopefully, it uses higher quality aerial imagery.
    Bing maps has always produced a lower quality picture, of my house, than google.
  • Lots of new features...that's all very well, but totally useless when the maps are still so very out of date.
  • Oh yeah! INDONESIA!
  • Yoi bro! Tapi microsoft masih harus ditingkatin lagi, masalahnya di indonesia aja kita belum dapet cortana...
  • Loving the new look.
  • I like what they're doing with Bing Maps. It definitely helps Bing Maps compete better with Google Maps. However, when I pulled up the map around my work, Bing Maps is showing restaurants on the map that definitely do not exist. Not sure why that is. I did the same search on Google Maps and the results were much more accurate. :(
  • Always rocked with Bing.  I like what they've done with Bing Maps too.
  • Looks like MS is finally incorporating more and more of Cortana's feature throughout the MS echo system. It's about time!
  • Pretty cool
  • Really like this version of Bing Maps. Feels as a Google alternative compared to the old version of Bing Maps. Let's see in what directions Microsoft will take this. Didn't Microsoft sell the mapping Business last week to Uber? Too bad if that's the case because this preview looks solid.
  • Lovin' the update! They should work with more local content providers for their reviews. Tripadvisor alone won't cut it in countries like Singapore and Malaysia.
  • I like bing and bing maps preview but it agonies me that I can't use on my country. Specially Bing Search. I mean, I use Bing Search but it is SO MUCH MUCH worse than what I see on US.
  • The problem with Microsoft is that is too US, Canada, UK centric. Most of their products (Xbox Music [Now, rebranded Groove], Xbox Video, Bing [Search and Maps]) are meant to work ranging from good to moderately acceptable in those markets. It's understandable that there might be some problems with licensing (music and maps) IP in other world markets. But, MS should either invest well a lot of monies from all those billions in cash that they have in order to offer world class (literally) products or simply let others do a fine work. I am longing for alternatives to the iTunes store Or Google Play for buying digital content or mapping my life. But, my reality is that outside of the before mentioned markets, MS offers stink.
  •     If it looks and works this well on the mobile version when WM10 comes out, I may have to delete Here maps.
  • Oh well, now Google Maps is much better than Bing Maps.