Microsoft's HoloLens is the top gadget of 2015 according to TIME

TIME has named the HoloLens the top gadget of 2015. While not yet available, TIME still believes it is the gadget to beat in 2015, beating out some serious competition. On the list was a 16TB solid-state drive from Samsung, Google's self-driving vehicle, a DJI drone and much more. In the description, TIME states:

While much of the technology world is gaga over virtual reality, Microsoft is making a big bet in a similar-sounding but very different direction: Mixed reality. Wear the HoloLens, and holographic images will suddenly appear around your physical environment. The headset is potentially useful for professionals from surgeons to space astronauts.

Pretty cool to see HoloLens stay the center of a lot of focus and hype ahead of its release. Developer kits are expected to become available in early 2016, though they are carrying quite a hefty price tag. Are you excited for HoloLens? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Time

Jared DiPane

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  • That's right
  • Beat Google and Samsung!! Impressive
  • Nice one!!
  • While I usually don't like anything made by Google, I still think the self driving car is awesome. Any self driving car made a reality with wide adoption will be amazing for the world, less accidents, less pollution and probably the best benefit of all, less traffic! But self driving cars aside, the HoloLens has some serious potential not just on cool factor but real world usage in business and education, it's really a device that can revolutionize the way things are done and for me that's what makes it a clear winner.
  • I agree with you completely. I just hate everything that this stupid company is making. Though I prefer to drive the car myself but self driving car is the future.
  • Huge deterrent to adoption and manufacturing of self driving cars... If my car hits someone, who is responsible?  Sounds like a simple case, but the company who creaetd the software would be liable for damage caused by the item.  Its a potential class action lawsuit just waiting for Google (or whatever company makes them).  Then take the case where they include a use-at-own-risk statement.  You are then responsible.  Will you be able to find insurance?  And if so, I wonder if the rates will be higher or lower?  Besides the techincal aspects of the idea and the ability to do so, at some point the integration of new technology into a current world is always an issue and the current world will continue to hinder innovation.  While the self driving car is a great idea, the implementation is key.  The other issue here is hackability.  While cars are not terribly secure now, giving the full ability to change waypoints and detours, etc... could lead to very unsafe and security issues.  I.e. becoming a prisoner in a moving vehicle sounds terriying.
  • This ^... Can I add that you just mentioned the passanger side or the company making the software, but sometimes it's be a mix of software/hardware/mechanics, so who is responsible? Then you mention use-at-own-risk statement, that would be just the passenger side, what about the ranover pedestrian side? She/He would be suing software, hardware, mechanics, owner, etc all over! Non of which is out of responsability... If my phone/PC/TV malfunction I am not running over any kid walking to the park!
  • Except that this question is already answered. If you brake in time but hit someone because of a manufacturer fault causing the brakes to fail, it is the manufacturer's fault. It would be exactly the same with self-driving carts, except easier to identify because the driver is never to blame while they are not driving. If the fault is to do with the driving software then it is the fault of the company who approved said software.
  • Go Directly to Jail!
    Do Not Pass Go
    Do Not Collect $200
  • I think you'll find that many, maybe even most, of the "innovative" features of Google's self-drive car come from Toyota, not Google.
  • Want! Imagine the gaming application
  • That's actually a revolutionary gadget. It step towards the future. I hope make things right make it a grand launch in upcoming years. I hope to see it in the coming year. But they say that its going to come in 5 freaking years.
  • I could see that one coming.
  • <verge>But, but, but... the limited field of view! Microsoft should be ashamed of themselves of producing such a crap piece of technology. </verge>
  • Sometimes I doubt do they know anything about technology??
  • Wait a second.. Verge is a tech site? Who knew. /s
  • I read your comment and went to check out the verge site and all I can say is wow. Those guy really like Apple and really hate Microsoft. E.g. "Xiaomi’s Mi Pad 2 is an iPad mini that runs Windows 10". Everything Apple is a fluff piece there
  • Verge is just an Apple Marketing by-product ..
  • The Verge is pure crap. If you graduated with an art degree, can't find a job, and still own your MacBook from your college years, you go and get a job at The Verge. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's obvious to be top gadget!!
  • Let's hope that it lives up to its potential.  I would hate to see it up end like Micorosoft products like Kinects or Zune.
  • Kinect is popular and used by a lot of people.  I use mine daily to log in, turn on my TV, switch between applications.  Zune went the way of iPods.  Useless if they also have a cell phone.  Which is basically every child over 10 years old now.
  • Will this be another device Microsoft abandon's?
  • It's a fair question. They do have a history of abandoning their products and services.
  • I'm waiting for an affordable version, and hopefully more light weight. I wouldn't mind seeing one that has just enough hardware to connect to a PC wirelessly to do all the processing. Why is it such a big deal that it be self-contained?
  • This thing needs GTX 970 GFX cards to run it, imagine what batteries that would need! Certainly wouldn't be light weight!
  • Do you want to have to buy a PC to run this $3,000 machine? How will you go about transporting that PC if you want to take the headset to someone's house?
  • Yeah it's like he doesn't want to be productive like a boss wherever he is...
  • Just connect a dock, with a ginormous cable.
  • I would definitely buy one as soon as available to the general public.
  • I've felt the same about pretty much every device Microsoft announced the last few years, the problem is I don't have enough money to buy even half of them :(
  • But will they be able to fit it into contacts?
  • HoloLens Mini, coming to a contact lens near you, soon...
  • Someone's been watching Mission Impossible...
  • I'm kinda surprised that it's not a gadget in the hands of developers yet and it gets this prize already.  It's all based on microsoft demo and controlled try it out demos.  But I guess enough was shown!
  • Unless they were going by when the device was introduced.
  • How about hololens driving your vehicle? That would be awesome
  • Does anyone read Time anymore?