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Microsoft's latest ad shows how Cortana can help new parents

Microsoft has published a new advert for the Lumia 735, focusing on becoming a new parent. Using the power of Cortana, there's not only the selection of features available at hand from the get go, but the personal assistant is also able to get to know interests and habits of the Windows Phone owner.

From jotting down ideas in OneNote, to receiving suggestions and even location-based reminders ensure you're mind can remain on the newborn at hand, while the less important stuff can be handled by the Windows Phone, reminding you of specifics when required. It's a neat advert, teasing just what the personal assistant can do.

Source: YouTube; thanks, Rokibul H., for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Nice
  • Yaa it shud
  • So "maybe on the next upgrade" , A personal digital assistant will change nappies too :P
  • LOL, I wish. :D
  • I think the guys at Microsoft know what to do when it comes to marketing.
  • Really? If theres a company that really sucks at marketing this is Microsoft.. in its whole history since the beginning..
  • I personally find their ads great and they have the right amount of humor... Idk maybe you don't like them but I do and I support them!
  • Seems marketing has always been fine.  It's the products that have sucked.    If you have a great product, advertising can do wonders to get the word out and get people to try something.   But in the end, the product has to be good so it can sell itself by word of mouth.   You can't afford to "buy" every customer.   Doesn't work 
  • There was pretty much no visible marketing for the first couple of years with Windows Phone (from WP7). I saw no ads anywhere, TV or print, and anyone who saw my Samsung Omnia 7 didn't have a clue what Windows Phone was. If the average person in the street doesn't know about your product, then you've failed to market it correctly, Contrast that with the early ads for iPods - black sillouettes of people dancing around. No real product information, just the white of the iPod and its headphones. Pretty soon everyone had one. That's how you sell a product. The reason everyone buys Apple products is because they put the groundwork in early, at the very start, to make their brand cool and sought after. Now their products are mediocre (IMO) yet they shift millions of units of whatever they choose to sell.  
  • Woah... You're pretty right. Maybe Microsoft's (rare) ads get me cause I love their products and generally Windows. Who knows?
  • Excellent points. Only thing different for me is that I did see the WP7 ads on TV a lot in fall/winter of 2010, as did my friends/family. But the ads were so poor at conveying what they were advertsing that my friends/family had no idea that they had even seen a WP7 commercial. The adverts were the one where people were so caught up using their phones that they'd run into things, drop it in the toilet, ignore the half-naked woman in the bedroom. But the message conveyed was: don't use your phone so you won't miss out on the world around you. Not exactly the best message to deliver if you're trying to, you know, sell a phone. I know that the point was that you can do/see more with live tiles and not need to be on it as long to get the same amount of info as you would on an iPhone or Android device, but that was never demonstrated, so the commecial was not effective. If you go back to the first Droid commercials, with the weird red-eyed robot in the middle, and the saying "Droid Does", you have a real winner. It looks cool, they show all the apps and features in a futuristic presentation, and explain the benefits of it. Early Windows Phone ad: Early Droid ad: Of the two commercials, unfortunately it makes me want a Droid more. Being a person who researches, I decided Windows Phone. But the vaaaast majority of the market isn't really going to take the time to research features and specs; they'll listen to the sales pitch and go on what looks cool.
  • If they knew much about Marketing, then wouldn't have been fed up with Lack of new hardware....... I mean new flagships and more mid range phones ..... No exact replacement for Lumia 1320...!
  • Well first of all... Windows Phone is a platform being supported by one major manufacturer and some other minor OEM's so you can't simply request for an amplitude of hardware, but anyway I somewhat agree with you since the only flagships WP can boast about are 2(1520, 930). However, I stay optimistic since I think that Microsoft is gonna treat us with new phones sooner or later...
  • Don't forget the HTC One M8 as well. That's the current flagship, say what you will about the camera but it's a flagship nonetheless. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah you're right... Unfortunately its not widely available. For example it's not available in Greek stores -.-
  • Once Win10 is out there will be new flagships.... but it's going to be more like iPhone, produced by Microsoft, instead of some crappy 3rd party. And, just like the Surface, it will be a marvel.
  • That's what we all hope, believe me!
  • We need windows 10
  • No more Siri?
  • I think that's good, actually.
  • +925
  • Come on, beat those Apple fan boy
  • You know that Siri already can do your chores.
  • I've always thought these personal assistants were a bit of a fad but Cortana is really useful and I use it daily for reminders.
  • CORTANA prove to be useful to me especially on setting reminders and about the weather. These are the topics we usually 'discuss'. Anything else?
  • Problem is.. Location based reminder don't always work :/
  • Or it's late
  • ^This. They always work for me, but they are usually delayed so bad I miss it or have already taken care of it because I remembered myself.
  • it wont work while battery saver is on. plus if u have a good connection never losing network then it should work for you.
  • Now I'm impatiently waiting for her in WP 10
  • I asked Cortana when my birthday is just to test exactly how personal an assistant she is and she was clueless. But nice to know she's capable of setting reminders. Maybe one day MS will actually become serious about their flimsy OS.
  • Enter it 'My Birthday' in the calendar. It's not what you're actually looking for but she'll respond.
  • She cannot know things that you don't tell her. It's for your own privacy.
  • You actually need her to remind you when your birthday is?? That's odd.
  • I don't understand why you're labelling Windows Phone as 'flimsy' just because you expect the personal assistant to know something that it can't unless you tell it?
  • When will cortana come for Dutch language support?
  • My point (or on of them at any rate) exactly. Notice how Android and IOS users don't have to ask that question. Even though they have their own flaws... They are not as egregious as this platform's.
  • Uh, Siri doesnt speak Dutch.
  • Give it a break, cortana just launched not too long ago...when Siri originally launched it could barely do what Cortana does in beta form. It's a service that has been improving rapidly so stop complaining.
  • I see no harm in asking. Windows promotes Cortana as part of the what seems a central experience of windows phone. I can't help but feel that when I buy a winodws phone, I also invest in a piece of Cortana. Before that was tell me. Ever since the birth and release of windows phone 7 voice recognition was promoted and supported. What isn't always clear is that its not available in every market. The Netherlands has so far been skiipped five years in a row. We have one of the highest technological knowledgbase in Europe, we are a significant economic center in the European market. It makes sense that winodws phone, which to an important degree has a business use case would support features to that end. We didnt get tell me. We didnt get Cortana at launch. Less than a year a few more languages were supported, but the main read was more specific features of what Cortana can do. That's nice, but if a market doesnt have access to the features how can microsoft get a true feedback of how useful its service is on every market? The roadmap of what Ive seen is feature after feature of Cortana, dominantly English. But I see no relevant attention to significant useful caseuse in the field, simply because of not one mention of how it reacts to information of other countries. Streetnames, names, builings, foreign words pronounced differently. I have not seen Cortana can be used flawlessly anywhere outside of an English speaking or Chinese county. I get the idea of the 7 major languages, but leaving countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, Scandaniva and probably other significant others boggles me completely. I think it is a valid question to ask over and over. No harm in that.
  • Smart! At 32 yo I'm going to be a first time father in July/August this year. Lumia 1520 FTW!
  • Congrats. I can try this first. See how this work
  • Thx! Let me know how you get on.
  • Congrats! Don't expect to get a lot of sleep once the baby comes but watching them grow and develop is truly a blessing.
  • The problem is it doesn't available worldwide yet
  • Saw this one on Telly the other night.. was quite funny.. but why setup a onenote page for every baby name :P
  • You can share the notes with partner and then both add to list,vote etc.
    Great for shopping lists too
  • That's cool. However its automatic flight tracking is a hit and a miss. Often fails to detect it from my mails. Certainly wouldn't entrust a child's care on it.
  • Bet it works better in the US. You can manually look for the flight number "Flight FR7541" and kind of force her to look for this flight. You might need to change the notes afterwards if it is a regular flight to just look for the date you are actually flying rather than the next day it is flying
  • Nice advertisement, as always. Too bad they ALWAYS forgot to make sure people see this, instead of only upload it on YouTube. They need more TV ads and more banner in public places. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So Microsoft once again took the already invented working thing made by someone (in this case Apple) and reproduce it. What Cortana can do that Siri cannot exactly? I cannot see any innovation behind Cortana that Siri does not have
  • Won't get into a debate about which is better, but one thing off the top of my head that I've not noticed with Siri is being able to say "Next time I speak with my sister remind me to ask her about her Birthday plans" for example. Maybe Siri can do that these days, but couldn't last time I'd tried. Cortana does have more of a personality, even by just having an Icon on screen that represents her adds to this. Things like this were covered in a recent video uploaded to YouTube, and a lot of it made sense.
  • Siri still doesn't have people based reminders :P And Siri wasn't "invented" by Apple, they bought it. It was an app.
  • Wait what? Isn't it exactly Apple who always comes and says "oh, sure you guys did this and this but none of you got it right, we are here to fix it" ? Also, I am fed up with these comments on who is copying who. Everyone (ok majority) follows trends and tries to be better for users, adapting useful features and making them by their own. Only apple tries to hold everything back and sue others for freaking rounded rectangles. For almost every 'invention' apple did I can find you some company who did it before...
  • Am i the only one who thinks its weird that the user with the Cortana logo for his profile pic is complaining about Cortana compared to Siri?
  • Nice add
  • *your
  • Mind
  • On next upgrade she will be your girlfriend
  • I don't get why they keep making new adverts featuring the 735 in the UK, when the phone has been discontinued in the UK. Nothing has been made official, but all online stores have either completely removed the 735 from sale (EE, Tesco) or have been out of stock for weeks (CPW, O2, Vodafone, Amazon)
  • I wondered that too
  • So....Jen put on an accent to cross the pond?   Hello Luv.
  • Nope, it's a new voice actor entirely. Some people don't like the fact that it's not the 'true' Cortana, but for the mass market of non-halo fans Microsoft tried to tweak a few things to make it more suited for UK users - things like speech recogition for the varied accents in the UK, spellings of certain words, degrees Celsius under weather, some of the chit-chat replies, and of course the voice. Personally, I don't mind the change, I think it's a nice voice.
  • Well, I was teasing about Jen putting on an English accent. I think it is a nice voice too. Maybe it is just me but I always pay attention and give a bit more credibility to British voices. Perhaps because I don't hear them often or perhaps because I once reported to a Brit. I wonder if, someday, down the road, we'll have a chance to pick the voice we want for Cortana like we do for our Navi units.
  • I understand MS wanting to provide good support for Cortana, but some of us living in foreign countries can speak English well enough to be able to use it. Country-locking it is outdated and shouldn't be an option in 2015, especially for a core feature that's taunted everywhere.
  • That. I mean, seriously Microsoft, in continental Europe we can speak English quite fluently. Not to diss Americans, but we actually speak foreign languages.
  • This was cute lol
  • They have used the same background music. You always make me smile. I love that music
  • Sir I can do a out more. It can be used as a diaper.
  • I love these British ads.
  • OK guys, now this is disturbing. The route Cortana is showing to the Royal London Hospital is literally from where I live..... 
  • We've been meaning to tell're being watched.
  • Nappies? Never heard that word before.
  • UK Diapers
  • I like the British voiced Cortana
  • great cortana!
  • Doesnt even sound like the usa Cortana, Sounds like this was for the UK but i see that it wasnt.
  • Based on the terms used, this was definitely for a UK audience.
  • Yeah, it was either for, or set in, the UK - the hospital and phrases used are very British.
  • Pretty perfect. As a parent in this current tech generation I am always so grateful for what we have to help us. When my daughter was born I used an app that let our sleepy brains keep track of all the important things. How parents did it with alarm clocks and notebooks is beyond me!
  • How do you get Cortana to recognize "any supermarket" as a location as they do in this video? I've tried this and "any drugstore" or "any pharmacy," and it doesn't understand. Is this a British Cortana innovation? WP 8.1.1? (AT&T Lumia 920, Cyan, WP 8.1)
  • I can't understand the notes system and OneNote integration with Cortana. It's very hard to find these notes and add to existing notes. It's a nightmare to manage. Your can for example say add apples to grocery list. Anyone has a good system to work with taking notes with Cortana?
  •   I like it. It's the little things that get people to notice.
  • I love the ad. But what is the song called at the end of the ad?