Microsoft's new APIs allow developers to give their apps a 'human side'

Build 2016 is a developer conference so it's only right we should see some cool new toys for the folks who build your favorite apps to play with. Microsoft's new cognitive set of 22 APIs fit that bill and will allow developers to give their apps a more human touch.

A result of years of AI and machine learning, apps will be able to include vision, emotion, video understanding, language, speech, knowledge, Bing search and more. And web app developers will also be able to take advantage.

One example shown off was the vision API and how it can recognize objects in an image and offer up a confidence score of its accuracy. It can also figure ou the relationship between objects in the image and provide a text based description of what you're seeing.

Another example is speech-to-text, and how its able to isolate background noise and even understand awkward speech, such as that from a child.

We also got to see a pretty amazing example of how these APIs can be put to real, life changing use. The Pivot Head Sunglasses can read moods and the photo app can guide its user to position the camera correctly and analyze documents for blind people. Pretty cool stuff.

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Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • This is the future..
  • Yes!
  • Lol nobody is going to build apps for anything but ios/android.  Just look at the comments section of this article on
  • The one that currently has 4 comments, 3 of which are talking about Tay on twitter? What's your point?
  • "nobody is going to build apps" So that is why there were 1000s of people crammed into a conference center to learn how to write apps for Windows? Or did they all just feel sad for Microsoft and paid $1000s to attend a conference so Microsoft would not feel bad about the work they have been doing? Looking at the articles about Microsoft's announcements today, I see comments such as: "awesome" "This will be very useful" as well as a couple comments that if we were to talk about Android here like that, you would be screaming about haters.   We on the WindowsCentral really need to start going over to iMore and AndroidCentral and start spamming the hell out of those sites like you people like to troll here. Looking at the number of people who comment there vs. the people who comment here, we would increase the number of comments by 20x.
  • These technlogies will work on ios and android and cortana is on those platforms as well. 
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  • Yes , having access to ai API and building ai apps with zero knowledge is >>> than a trivial tile functionality.
  • Developer conference focused on developers.
  • Neat stuff
  • The presenter used an iPhone for demonstration.
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