Microsoft lays off its press editorial team as part of latest streamline measures

Microsoft's entire press editorial team have been laid off as part of latest measures to streamline the company and cutback on expenditure. The team were responsible for aiding enthusiasts, developers, as well as consumers with technical assistant and published resources since 1984. MSPU received confirmation from Microsoft on the layoffs, noting that the move "reflects adaptations to business needs."

As reported by IT Unity:

"A sign of continuing financial pressures on the traditional book publishing market came in last week's decision to layoff all the Microsoft Press editorial staff. These individuals were responsible for bringing Microsoft Press book projects through from initial concept to final publication and are well respected in the industry. The work is now likely to be done on an outsourced basis, probably in association with Pearson, who already handles the distribution of Microsoft Press titles. It is a sad day for a part of Microsoft that has contributed so much to the advancement of learning about the company's technology since 1984."

Platforms covered by the team included Windows 10, Office 365, Windows Server, as well as application deployment. This latest round is yet another blow to Microsoft's workforce, who have undergone reductions in staff numbers over recent years. Should you be intrigued to learn more about the available eBooks and other resources available, be sure to head to the Microsoft Press Blog (opens in new tab).

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • And so the demise goes forth!
  • :(
  • You beat me to it. Did they try to sell it off and there were no buyers? They're trying to save money, but know how to waste 26 billion on a nearly worthless social network... What's the name of it again?
  • It's called LinkedIn and it's only worthless if you don't use it, like all the other 'worthless' social networks you don't use... As a professional I think it's a great tool.
  • For me, it's nearly worthless. And absolutely a waste of 26 billion Dollars. I want to see how Microsoft will turn that "professional" loss making outfit into a money spinner. BTW, are you a paying LinkedIn member or just like the most users of it that are only using the limited free stuffs?
  • No I don't pay for anything but that doesn't mean they don't make money off of me. A lot of the recruitment agencies that use LinkedIn pay loads of money to use it. If you think it's useless for you that's fine, doesn't mean it's the same for everyone else. There's a lot more to LinkedIn if you wish to use it wisely. That of course depends on if you're someone that looks for work on a continual basis or have plans to advance/change your career. If none is of interest than no LinkedIn isn't for you.
  • LinkedIn is facebook for business.  useless.   It is totally worthless and the great all knowing NUTELLA spent 26 billion on it?  what an idiot. MS employees,  I will extend my LinkedIn cubical clearing box offer to you as well.  As seeing the only ones going to be left at MS soon are Nutella and his lemmings.
  • LinkedIn is not Facebook for business. No it isn't useless. Not it isn't worthless. I don't get why people like you trash it so much. Is it because you have no career ambitions or stuck in a rut or something? Did you expect it to just work for you with no effort from yourself? Whether it's worth the money MS paid for it is a different story. However, LinkedIn probably has little to do with why this part of MS is going.
  • If anything is close to Facebook for business its yammer which is probably why MS bought Linkedin to integrate into yammer and better their social media offering with office 365
  • My career is just fine,  since I built 2 businesses and sold them for much more than I started with.....WITHOUT linkedin foolishness.  Business survived for years and years without linkedin.  I built my companies before linkedin,  signed up and saw it was useless and "the facebook of business"  It may be good for cubicle farms and the poor lemmings in those,  to help them cope with seeing the same 3 ft x 3ft grey carpet wall everyday....but for business going forward,  its a JOKE!
  • With your negative crappy attitude I just cant see you building a successful business, at least one with customers, unless you just NEVER talked to anyone...
  • "we've always done it this way. Who needs change".....
    It has its purpose, which may not apply to you. My father works in CEO and executive search and placement, and LinkedIn is the first real competition that they've had in years and years. Quite disruptive for them. So for his industry it's rather important.
    For the average Joe applying to a lot of jobs that aren't executive level or super competitive or super specialized at a large company? Probably not that important. For those people, it acts as an easy way for people to view your abilities and get a feeling for you.
    And perhaps not worth $26 billion. That I agree with. But they saw that value in it, so who knows. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Has nobody heard about  it was the linkedin of the new century... pretty useless as well, yet more to the point than linkedin is: you want a job you find it there, you need to hire people you find them there,  It's not about posting stuff like the facebook feed of Linkedin. that reminds me, I need to congratulate some people on their birthday... err I mean, their new job
  • All ****** managers here.
  • They probably weren't doing a good job anyway. MS sucks at communication. I hope they just outsource their publishing and editorial work.
  • Seems like MS only care about businesses, what bout general consumers, enthusiasts ?
  • Where have you been the past year.  Of course MS does not care about consumers and enthusiasts.   They are an  enterprise company sort of what bb was 10 years ago.  Aaaaaannnnnnddddd,  they are going to fall the same way in a few years.  Because,  the consumer has more power and dollars than NUTELLA thinks.   Yep,  business will sap up a bunch of new tech,  then not buy more for 5 years.  I know thats how it worked when I was in Corporate canada.   5 year lifespan from tech devices etc.  However,  I only had to pay once for word etc,  now I have to pay every month.  ROUGES!
  • Actually, BB enterprise side is footing the bill. It is their venture into the consumer market that has faltered. Enterprise is where the profit is now that consumer spending has plateaued. Just check with Apple and Samsung...even they are looking for ways to reduce their dependency on the consumer market.
  • They do care about 'insiders'. Dummies working for free.
  • Not sure who downvoted you, but you're completly right.  insiders used to be called Beta Testers... I was one of them, in the 90's... after each release we actually got a copy of the product.   Now they call them insiders, and as far as windows phone you're almost require to be one, if you want your phone to work the way it's supposed to work, since with MS all features will "come in the next version"
  • You know not everyone in the insiders program is a dummy. Perhaps it's just people that like seeing something come together (or lack of something coming together, whichever strikes your fancy) that are joining the insider program. It was never meant as a program for everyone to join. Like Mestiphal said they used to be called Beta Testers and is absolutely nothing new about the ideology. Do I like being a beta tester? Yes, absolutely I greatly enjoy it. Do I feel cheated because I'm not being paid for it? Nope, not at all. I find it enjoyable being a beta tester/insider and am very glad that they allow people to join the programs. I'm not a dummy I just don't feel I need to be paid for it as it's just a hobby for me.
  • Did anyone read the article? It said books. Not software, not press releases, not development staff. FFS people get a grip.
  • People will always find an excuse to crap on Nadella.  Also, shockingly racistic comments (Nutella, really?). Since virtually unknown Satya Nadella took over the helm at Microsoft, the stock has steadily climbed and is currently trading near its 2-year high - hovering around $51. During the Ballmer years, the stock bounced in a narrow range between $24 and $30 per share. I think he's doing a great job and people just can't accept MS doing good again. To those I'd say, have fun on another OS.
  • The question is what other OS? I think the people that complain would have difficulties on Linux and wouldn't fork out the money for a Mac. So they would prefer to continue to on Windows and complain about it even though its the most widely used OS for a reason... It's ease of use, functionality, and compatibility.
  • It has nothing to do with race or color it has to do with the fact he has the common sense of a Jar of Nutella and its close to his name....It writes itself.  WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO BE ABOUT RACE?  
  • And how would you like to see your name constantly misspelled or to hear "fire the indian" over and over again? Maybe you could show others some respect? Where did respect even go in this century? Your comments keep getting worse and worse on WC. I think it's time for you to leave WC.
  • I never,  ever said,  or would say fire the indian.  NOT my style  Nutella,  thats a different ball of hazelnut spread all togther.  Nah,  I like hanging around here.  seeing what crap MS is pulling.  The only issue I have with them now,  is that all my deivces are not worth jack **** on the resale market....Oh well.  Never again!
  • Thank you!!! Finally somebody with reason. I am glad there are still a few people on WC who actually spell his name correctly and post comments that are actually useful and worthwhile.
  • How sad, i dont want to judge to what mcrsft did to all this employees.. And I remember what Matthew Santoro said on how google cares about to there employees..
  • Who will be in charge of replying to customers with "Coming Soon™" now?
  • that answer is "coming soon"!
  • Microsoft just needs to fire one more person. Guess who..
  • Im guessing it isn't the guy who is making money for the company and pleasing shareholders. Oh who am I kidding, this is Windows Central, we all know who the armchair CEOs are talking about
  • Well they wouldn't have to fire him entirely just put him in charge of the accounting department. He'd make a great bean counter. Otherwise he will be soon walking the empty echoing halls of Microsoft calling out "Hello,is anybody here?"
  • You just have no idea what a CEO does, do you? That's fascinating.
  • Please enlighten me Mr Rubino. I stand in awe of your intellect. In fact you haven't a clue as to what i do or do not know.
  • I respectively disagree. Nadella has been doing an amazing job. Look at where the stock is now, a history graph shows it all. He has led them out of the Ballmer era and has pushed them into the next era. I do feel bad for those that are losing their jobs and I do hope they find a new job quickly. I think Microsoft even helps those that do lose their jobs find a new one. Microsoft really is quite a behemoth and in today's world they need to streamline. Yeah it sucks to constantly see these reports of divisions being laid off, but for Microsoft as a company it is the right moves.
  • short term Method man.  Short term.  He is charging consumers (what lttle amount they have left)  for everything instead of buy once mantra of the old microsoft.  The "new microsoft" wants to squeese your nuts for every dime,  and then toss you out like yesterday's garbage.   All that Nutella is about is enterprise.  No consumer products,  No consumer software,  No consumer mobile.  I could go on.  I can guarantee that xbox and the teams invovled get the axe next.  I give it 6 months.   They will come out with the "enterbox"  a gaming platform for business.  The first game is you are a ********* CEO and you sqaush all awesome products in your company and replace them with boring mundane grey products.  status quo.   Cubical dwellers will feel right at home.  Face it,  NUTELLA has NO clue on how to run a business that caters to everyone.  MS was that company,  not anymore.  There will be no surface phone,  HP has that covered now.  I am guessing no new surface book either.   I am guessing that within 2 years the entire surface platform will fade into the dust.  The dust call nutella's legacy.  And MS value will be down at least 1/3 or more in 2 years.  Its starting on a downward trend as we speak,  I have been keeping an eye.  Google and Apple are leveling off,  and MS is going DOWN.  Literally and figuratively. 
  • Leave WC. You don't belong here. We have no need for racist people on here and your comments keep getting worse and have finally stepped over the bounds.
  • Again,  I am not seem to be misunderstanding why i call him NUTELLA.  It has NOTHING to do with his race.  if it were,  I would call him curry head,  or naanman or have no idea!
  • @Summer_Moon - I've read Steve's comments and you'real the one who brings up race. It's not racist to call someone a name (childish, maybe). From Steve's comments, it seems like he just thinks he's a crappy leader - I don't happen to agree, but I have to say I don;t see any racist comments.
  • @Richard Ludwig - To each their own opinions. He proclaims he isn't racist and then proceeds to call an Indian Nutella. If you look at Steve's history of comments they are progressively getting worse. I think I'm calling him out before it really does go too far. Also, for what it's worth, I am not the only one nor the first one to call him racist. Maybe, just maybe there's something to it and you are just seeing it from a different point of view. But I'm certainly not wrong, his comments could be construed as racist.
  • Have you met the man, talked to him... of course not! You are talking out of your behind and you know it. Again I fail to see how ANYONE with your attitude would be successful... you are an ass hat with some personal issues and probably should be medicated.. heavily!
  • I can't be that un successful,  I have my dream job now,  doing what I love to do and making money at for me!  I work my own hours,  in the facility behind my nice big house.  I fall out of bed,  in my my shop and start building motorcycles, snowmobiles and off road vehicles.  Dream land!    see ya in the cubical
  • Microsoft has many more openings than the layoffs they have made.  I don't know how to list all openings, but a search for the keyword "cloud" shows more than the max listing of 500: Also, as mentioned elsewhere, MSFT is up over 40% since Nadella took over from Ballmer.
  • Almost in total agreement. When people start to bail for new startups something is not running correctly. I've hardly seen a company blow so much so quickly. But while this view will be incredibly unpopular here in this venue, stock value in the short term is not a sure sign of success or failure. It is the vision in the long haul that matters. While offering a cloud only based business plan seems wise now, in the long term Apple is apt to eat their lunch long term. I don't want to see that. But my feeling is that both Google and Apple are poising themselves to take a fairly large chunk of education, certainly consumers, and eventually business. Microsoft had best have a plan I don't see here long term. I certainly hope so.
  • what about channel 9 or is this different?
  • No, it's just Microsoft Press (Windows Central should have capitalized the "P" in this article).   
  • What exactly did this division make? Manuals and stuff for consumer consumption? Or just in charge of printing anything Microsoft needed printing? They probably don't print nearly as much as they used to, so move would make sense. Sucks, but would make sense. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • A good resource of Microsoft for IT professionals is gone. This is books, help if your in the microsoft fourms, MVP program and a lot of little other things. And they will just outsource it out to contractors.... the NEW American way...sigh...
  • Sure, layoffs. What's new....
  • Laying off loads of employees while WIndows 10 is still buggy as crap...sounds like Microsoft.
  • Not sure how book editors are going to help with Windows 10 bugs...
  • Maybe they will all be outsourced to india.  thats where all the call center/cubcial farms are springing up!
  • It's sad but also reasonable. I think today less and less people learning techonoligy mainly based on book. Internet is a better resource, and the techonoligy changes fast that book can't catch up. For example, for a book about windows 10, many content will be outdated after RS1. However, I still don't like the news about laying off. Maybe the editors changing their roles to write tutorials online would be much better.
  • Agreed! Printing books doesn't make sense, but writing eBooks and creating interactive content would be good!
  • Mullen,  in all seriousness,  they can outsource this entire department to places like India for pennies on the dollar.  Thats the reality. 
  • Things are not going well. Makes one nostalgic for Balmer. This other guy needs to go whence he came. I can't believe with all the senior employees leaving one after another with only the least popular staying (and yes, I mean who you think I mean) that this ship is in for smooth sailing. I'd bail too while there's still something left. Well good for Apple. Now you fan boys can all give me a thumbs down.
  • I vote up on you Rick.   Fanboys here are dilusional.  Yep,  he is making money,  but they are losing customers.  I cannot wait to get the whole family away from MS and it's "services".  I will not be paying into the MS pot for much longer.  Thats how a real consumer shows his fanboy'ism or lack there of.   Had windows phone since my HTC s640 in 2007.  I used a couple of android phones,  but keep the windows phone running,  then moved back full time in 7.  I seriously got sick of the constant retraction of features, availability and whatnot of windows 10 promises.   I jumped ship.  I am glad I did.  Wow,  having my iphone 6s is like coming from a rotary dial phone to a modern smartphone.  YES its that big of a difference.  Any App,  Any Wearable, Any accessory works.  Car Play is AWESOME.   I am getting my new mac this week.  Cannot wait to leave the burden of windows behind me for good.  They were on the right track until Nadella took the reigns.  His enterprise first vision is only good for short term gains.   Blackberry did the same thing,  and we all know where that ended up!