Microsoft's Surface 2 details begin to emerge

Details on Microsoft’s latest Surface Pro device are beginning to… surface. New reports uncovered by Neowin have brought to light internal specifications of the new device and show a few substantial upgrades over the previous generation unit.

The new Surface 2 will be loaded with the latest generation Haswell based processor, an Intel Core i5, and the unit’s internal memory will be doubled from the original 4 GB to a more impressive 8 GB. The internal boost should allow for longer battery life thanks to the new chipset architecture and faster multitasking. Those of you photographers who loved taking your Surface Pro on shoots will love the new doubled memory – making Photoshop a breeze to use.

Microsoft's previous generation Surface Pro device also featured an Intel processor, but with the company's previous generation technology. A battery boost is a much welcomed adition to a tablet that previously pulled in a sad five hours of battery life.

Neowin’s sources have also stated that the Surface 2 will look extremely similar to the current generation Surface Pro, but will feature a “refined” kickstand. The refinements of the kickstand are currently unknown, but may include increased durability or support for use at multiple angles.

We are disappointed to hear that the unit won’t be a large amount thinner, but those who felt the Surface Pro was a desirable size will enjoy this next device. Those who were wishing to get the thin feel of the ThinkPad Tablet 2 with a full powered process will be let down.

Microsoft will also be launching a new campaign to boost interest in its Surface device – hopefully this one won’t including dubstep dancing. If Microsoft has learned anything from their recent commercials - going up close and person with hardware is much more effective then a snazzy dance routine.

Source: Neowin

Michael Archambault
  • "...beginning to surface..." Ha! Ha! No...
  • Lol... Best part was the pause before the pun
  • :'(
  • Maybe this one I can use on my lap, considering it is a form of laptop.
  • You can use the current one on your lap already. I do it all the time. Really getting sick of this bullshit MYTH.
  • + 1000, in fact I'm doing it this exact moment.
  • Works just fine on my lap. Really don't know what people are complaining about.
  • because the verge and other sites said you couldnt :) simple as that...  I remember articles stating you couldnt do it.
  • I remember those articles. They were WRONG.
  • Agreed I use mine on my lap no issues
  • I tried using my Surface RT on my lap a couple of times.  Its doable, but I much prefer to use it on a desk where it feels like a real laptop.
  • It's a hybrid, not a form of laptop. On your lap, you should really be using it as a tablet and using the onscreen keyboard. When sitting at a table, you can use it as a notebook. You can use at as a laptop on you lap, but it's obviously not designed for it and will be a bit incomfortable.
  • Wonder if there'll be an RT2.
  • I hope so. Despite its shortcomings (namely a lack of apps) its done everything I've asked of it. Cruise facetube, youbook, read on kindle, Netflix, etc. Not to mention, RDP over my VPN to my home PC for anything that requires heavy lifting.
  • I like the smaller size, better battery, and better price. I do understand many people want a laptop substitute (que in the Pro), buy I want something more along the tablet line.
  • if i only use "app"s, then i'd go with a tablet. i choose surface pro over tablets because i want to use the "desktop application"s, which not suitable for a screen any smaller, period.
  • But, the screen size on the pro is the same as the rt. What you say makes no sense
  • Screen resolution is very different - 1080 vs 720.
  • *sigh* Why do "apps" matter on what's essentially a Windows 8 computer...???
  • yes they have talked about this and the new chipset.
  • What chipset?
  • must I do everything for you? :P
  • Yes, yes you must!
  • But I do think it will be a Tegra chipset again
  • Nvidia has said they are working with Microsoft of the next RT. So, Surface will have the Tegra4. However, the Nokia tablet is believed to be a QUALCOMM 800 chip.
  • I've said it before; show me a next gen Surface with a Haswell and an Nvidia Kepler GPU, and I'll buy it.
    It could happen... here's some interesting reads:
  • Why should I do it, if I can command you too?
  • Yes and no. There will be a follow-up device called the Surface 2 (as opposed to the Surface Pro 2).
  • If RT were to be priced lower at $399 incl keyboard, it would certainly be a success! The 1st generation pricing was its undoing.
  • Bring it on I'm down Charlie brown surface 2 is back like cooked crack ahh nvm....
  • And the next RT?
  • The RT naming will be dropped and simply be called Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro
  • actually its the "pro" that is being dropped....surface 2 RT and surface 2
  • Actually it's the "surface" that is being dropped....2 RT and 2 Pro
  • Actually I think this also incorrect. It will be "2™" and "2P™"
  • It will be called i and 3.14.
  • Actually, it's the "2" that will be dropped.
    Will be called simply "II".  Only way to make the distinction will be based on price.
  • The only thing that needs to be dropped is the price! 
  • You guys R2 funny
  • ^ all of this...
  • Can't wait for details on Surface RT 2. Will definitely be getting one.
  • I agree I really want the 2nd Gen rt
  • Me too.. I been waiting for a 2nd Gen surface rt
  • Same my RT has done everything I have asked and the performance has never been an issue.
  • Its funny how much my mind changes. A few weeks ago I was saying "die RT die!" and blaming RT for the bad press behind Windows 8 launch. But the more I mull it over, I'm actually thinking I'll be getting either the RT 2 or the Nokia RT tablet. My biggest complaint with my Surface RT had always been performance, and the Tegra 4 might solve that.
  • I'm quite happy with my Surface RT, but I feel that more power would just make things a little snappier (e.g. rendering of large webpages or playing of web media content). Looking forward to RT2!
  • Which do u guys think is better? Getting a Windows 8 desktop with a Surface RT 2 or getting a Surface Pro 2 and an assload of HD monitors to connect to? I am in the middle of learning how to be a developer and I have Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate and I realize that both options are pretty damn well expensive. What should I do?
  • All depends on the price....I want a surface but the prices need to twerk (drop down low).
  • Thank you for the clarification on the word "twerk" lol.
  • Must think "twerk" is a new term that Miley invented ;)
  • Twerk and Selfie have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary.
  • I have lost any all respect for the Oxford English Dictionary.
  • Me too. We should never have left the English language in the care of the English. I mean really, they invent the letters "t" and "r"  then don't even bother pronouncing them!
  • Twerking is mostly ass shaking, what you need is for prices to get their eagle on.
  • ^This MoFo, lol
  • Exactly: prices need to ass shake. Only then will JayMike Willingham consider getting one.
  • My Kindle Fire HD 8.9in 4G LTE is already on eBay's auction block in anticipation of Surface 2 release. 10+inch tablet for reading my Comics via Comixology and playing Halo. Bring it Microsoft!
  • Is there a chance to see this thing out in time for holiday season or do you think it's probably too late given the limited details on it?
  • Definitely not this year. MS has tight schedule due to Xbox One which will be the BIGGEST launch ever for the company.
  • That's a good point but MS is a big company, and the Surface and Xbox are two divisions really. Makes me wonder what's going to happen to the Nokia tablet that was leaked...
  • Yes, Microsoft is a big company, but most peoples' pocket book is very limited.
  • Nothing about Nokia's plans for the next year or two are going to go differently than already planned I'm pretty sure.
  • I would assume that Nokia will continue business as usual until the board approves the deal
  • It is wildly speculated that the new line of Surface devices will come either with the release of W8.1 or closely thereafter. I would really like this to be true. ⌒.⌒
  • The might just be my replacement for my Surface Pro... ;)
  • Hell YES !!!! Haswell and 8GB RAM.
  • Hopefully these things get a real camera this go around.
  • Perpahs Nokia's tablet could count as RT2.....
    ...Thought not
  • Perpahs, perpahs . .
  • :-D
  • I still can't comprehend using photoshop on something that small. I don't like tablets. Bigger is better. I have dual 24" monitors (1080p) and a 27" 1440p monitor on my main computer and its awesome. You can't do that on a silly little tablet.
  • That's the reason why I plan to get a RT tablet- cause I can't imagine doing any real intensive kind of work on a 10" screen.
  • I use it on my 11" tablet, works well but agreed that you need a desktop for more serious work
  • You do realize you can hook multiple monitors, with the help of a docking station, and a full scale keyboard and mouse to the Windows Tablets?
  • #winning
  • If only Charlie Sheen hadn't made that word mean the opposite...
  • purchase wireless mouse/keyboard and monitor for your desk, you'd be amazed at how well it works! also, you never know when you on a business trip and need to make a minor change thay might be forced to make using that small screen.
  • No, You're silly... =P
  • Yes, but can you fit your Monitor in a folio case, and take it everywhere with you??  The Surface Pro you can, and when your home, all you need is a docking station for connecting to multiple displays.  Now, if MS was serious about this thing, they would release a Power Media Dock -,13019.html
    external GPU docking station.........when MS figures this out, they will be taking my money, until then, ill stick to RDP from Surface RT to my desktop.
  • My Dell tablet has a docking station.  Mighty expensive for a piece of plastic but still worth it.
  • Do you carry those monitors around with you? Use the tablet on the go for some minor work and then connect the surface to on of those monitors and finish the work.
  • While I'm glad to hear this, I still feel a little more excitement towards Nokia's RT tablet...probably cause of the unknown as far as look and design.
  • When is the right time to launch a Surface Mini?
  • What about this Nokia tablet? It looked much more portable than the Surface RT.
  • Now please.  That's what I am waiting for.  I'd even take an RT mini.
  • Aww man, same thickness?! :(
  • Thats what she said?
  • Yep she can't take it
  • Well you know the space is necessary to avoid putting a fan in there...that's Intel for you! =[
  • Hmm.. That would be extremely economical.. -_-
  • I just hope they add a GPS.
  • Not impressed unless no reduction in size means they are stuffing a monster battery in there. Nevertheless the form factor doesn't work well for me with the dangling keyboard after using a Pro for a few months so I'll pass.
  • thats what she said ^_^
  • Power had to do with processing...
  • I hope the battery life is 8~9 hours, so it will still last a good amount of time after a couple years of usage. Keyboard dock or revised Type Cover with more travel and great trackpad would be welcome too.
  • I'm hoping for an enhanced/improved Touch Cover. That's the thing about the last Surfaces that got them interested and curious about the product; in other words, that's what brought them new customers. Therefore, I think it would be smart to improve upon their Touch Cover line, maybe adding a separate battery, more colors, better accuracy, better reliability (so they don't rip on us -.-), or a better trackpad cuz the current one on the touch cover is okay...
  • Multiple angle kickstand is a must, and I hope the device is slightly thinner, the weight is fine but the thickness sometimes prevent people from being interested, just like the Lumia phones. The biggest problem with win8 and wp8 is again, for the general public, still the apps. The sooner Ms can invest to get all the major apps and games on board, the sooner it starts to grow at a faster rate
  • Developers need to invest, the Store is just waiting for them! =/
  • This is a chicken-egg dilemma that can't be fixed right away. It'll come, as it has.
  • I hope you guys are right. Just seems like it's taking longer than it should
  • How about some updated externals, like price...
  • excited!! please release this asap! ;)
  • Well since I already almost bought one (just waited because announcment of the second generation seems to be imminent)... these changes are fine. Will buy. But only if MSFT don't need another f*king 9 months till it's available in europe.
    Honestly I think MSFT would not neet to pull a huge ammount of ads if they'd just release the hardware close after presentation and don't let most of the world wait for another 5 months after US and then release with a stock of 10 devices per country... Some european countrys waited A YEAR from first presentation to actually buy in store. This was just a big PR fail wich needed millions of marketing dollars to compensate.
  • in the UK i we were only able to start purchasing the MS Surface from - about a month or 2 ago, the first time i had seen it in a shop at all, and by that time i decided against it because of the next gen being relatively close by.
  • As for the RT, they should leave that to the Nokia acquisition resources. No need to make competing devices now. Wonder how many people are like me, much more interested in Nokia's RT device than Surface RT 2.
  • Idk, its a toss-up for me...I like both, depends on the style and flavor you wanna rock. "Kn'ah'mean⁉" lol =P
  • When is this supposed to go on sale? Hopefully not when the Xbox One comes out. Everyone will be broke
  • We all broke anyway... =/
  • How about a real docking solution? I would like something that I can dock at work and use my dual screens, keyboard and mouse. Then I could undock it and take it to meetings and such. Give us this and I will lose my laptop and use this instead. Also I want a real docking solution and not some third party USB solution. This is the only reason I have not bought a Surface. Something that would hold the device allowing me to use the Surface screen as a third screen would be ideal. I don't think I am asking for something impossible here.
  • @morgan I do this already... use USB 3.0 .. have a Dell 2340T (23" touch with USB hub and ethernet built in)  I just connect my surface pro via USB.. add a second monitor using mini DP.. done.   I dont even have a regular desktop ..just the great !
  • That's what the dell latitude 10 said
  • I still don't get why people hate on fresh moves... =(
  • HEY! I loved the dubstep dancing commercials
  • I'll probably get this. Although I really really want a 13 inch Surface Pro with an option of a real detachable keyboard.
  • too. Would be great...and no more than 1-1.2kg
  • +1 like my surface but hard to use as a laptop because of the screen size
  • No thanks. Too thick and heavy. Sticking with RT.
  • hopefully theyll keep supporting surface rt 1.
  • if the battery is 12hrs and up for pro, im sold.
  • Better have 3g this time!
  • I think you mean LTE?
  • ... and GPS. You get both on iPad...
  • Now that Nokia = Microsoft, we can safely say that Surface RT2 = Sirius
  • No. Sirius has different specs. And is tninner than the IPad, it is also a RT.
  • You seriously think Microsoft will be offering two RT tablet lines (Sirius and Surface)?
  • My #1 request would be a sim card. Really need it :D
  • I like my surface but the screen need to be a couple of inches bigger to be used as a laptop replacement. Otherwise, I love it
  • What was wrong with the dubstep dance?  It was no less inane the old dancing ipod commercials.  Also totally getting a Gen 2 Pro.  That was exactly what I wanted to see.  Hopefully better digitizer as well. 
  • Naa I mean 3G. Not everyone has LTE. And yes, def needs GPS.
  • Yup. No GPS is what made me hold off on the original Pro.
  • Loved the RT, gave it away, waiting for 2nd gen (or the new Nokia thingy). My only gripe was the on-screen keyboard. Even when split it's way too uncomfortable and takes up a lot of space in landscape mode (tho that has more to do with the 16:9 form factor I guess).
  • This is going to cost a fortune lol.
    But it seems like it's going to be worth it! I hope a slot for the stylus is included this time. I was hoping for a much thinner body, but as long as it's a little thinner that's fine. I'm excited about this tablet, it might be exactly what I'm looking for!
  • The just announced Sony Vaio Tap 11 is lighter (780 g) and thinner (<10mm) and has adjustable kickstand. It does have Haswell which will give longer battery life (rated at about 6 hours which is alright).
  • I'm not sure how this is going to work alongside with Nokias plans to come out with their own tablet. Let's be honest Nokia would make a much more aesthetically pleasing tablet than Microsoft could ever make and you just know they'll focus on the right things, super sensitive high resolution screen, great design, great technology inside. So now they're the same company it's just kinda weird that there is going to be a surface line of products alongside a nokia line of products. I think Microsoft should just can the Surface 2 idea and just hand it off to their Nokia division to come up with something instead.
  • Hopefully they will offer some trade in value for my Surface Pro. I will definitely be getting a SP2 regardless
  • I actually liked the dubstep ad... Does anyone know if there is any new info on the Nokia tablet(Sirius)???
  • What?  No i7?  256Gb SSD? 8GB Ram?  Docking Solution?   C'mon MS...get it together!
  • OK Microsoft....whats the deal?  Surface Pro 2 should have 8Gb RAM, 256Gb SSD, i7 Haswell and 8 hours of battery life!  Where is the docking solution as well?  You want to make real endroads into corporate america, then you better have a REAL docking solution and not a USB one!
  • Thinness isn't too important. Its the weight that will make this comfortable or not. Lets hope they bring that down a bit.
  • If it is WiFi only they can throw it into the waste basket.
  • I'm sure they will keep the dimension the same so its backward compatible with the accessories. However, I'm hoping they would make the screen size bigger and maximize the "surface area". 10 inch is a bit hard for me to work long period. But I do love it.
  • Hopefully WPCentral App for Windows 8 will get updated to not suck on the Surface Pro 2... I can only read half the article with no link to the actual website to view the full article.  Grrrrrrr