Microsoft's Surface Mini does exist, at least according to the Surface Pro 3 user manual

Microsoft has inadvertently confirmed the existence of the Surface Mini in a user manual for the Surface Pro 3, which was recently published on the company's website. The Surface Mini is an interesting device that failed to show up at the Surface Pro 3 event after Microsoft emphasized on the event being "small". Unfortunately, the company failed to shed light on whether or not such a device exists and if it will be available for purchase at some point in the future.

Surface Mini

The Surface Mini is mentioned several times throughout the user manual, with one section dedicated to pairing the new Surface Pen with unannounced the Windows tablet. Other references cover OneNote and other features. Previous reports stated the delay with the Surface Mini is due to the lack of touch support in Microsoft Office for Windows 8, which would change with the release of a touch-friendly version.

Surface Mini

Even with Microsoft confirming the product's existence through user documentation, we'll have to wait for an official announcement to know exactly when consumers will be able to pick up the Surface Mini – that's if Microsoft chooses to launch the device.

Source: Microsoft{.nofollow}, via: Paul Thurrott

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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