Microsoft's Sway gets Bing image search integration

Microsoft announced today that its new entry into the presentation space, Sway, is picking up Bing image search integration in the first of many planned feature improvements.

Integrating Bing image search into Sway is also serving as a testbed for Microsoft's machine learning ambitions in the form of suggested searches. According to the company's blog post:

With Bing integration, we are also expanding Sway's ability to assist you in the creation process by anticipating what content you might want to incorporate. Sway continuously analyzes what you've written and suggests terms for related Bing image searches, which you can initiate with just a tap or click. After initiating a search, you'll see results for images tagged with Creative Commons licenses that you may be able to use.

This news follows changes earlier this week that saw Bing image search replace Microsoft's traditional Office Clip Art for its Office applications.

Are you excited to get your Sway on with Bing image search?

Source: Microsoft