Microsoft's 'Turtle' phone pokes its head out at the FCC

Uh oh. Look what was just seen poking its head out of its shell for the Federal Communications Commission. Why, that sure looks like the old "Turtle" phone that was attached to Microsoft's on-again, off-again(?) "Project Pink."

And when you dive a little deeper, the nuts and bolts line up nicely with that leak Gizmodo scored last year. You can clearly see it's manufactured by Sharp, which, as we all know, also manufactured the Sidekick, which Microsoft later purchased.

So the dots likely are being connected to whatever it is Microsoft ends up announcing next week at Mobile World Congress. Stay tuned. [Zuneboards via iStartedSomething]

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  • Wow, I just look at that hardware and say FUGLY! But, if tweenies like it, it could take off...
  • Oh, wow, if they actually manufacture this.
  • Just watch, these things, turtle and pure, will go up and have a flashy ZuneHD like UI, AND be cheap (targeting teens remember). If you don't like the style of this that's why they also have the pure. These two could cost something like $200 max I bet. In which case, they could very well sell good with the right marketing.
  • So, does this mean that all these rumors have been about project pink and not about windows phone 7?
  • Our original post on Wp7 we think *is* about Wp7 and that only. The rumors from the last week i.e. the ones that really seem to have limited the OS (no custom UI, no multitasking, etc.) we this is Project Pink and NOT Wp7 like other have reported.
  • Thank goodness, I was starting to get really worried about it. But I guess we will find out soon enough.
  • the folks at palm must be cheering now that msft are bringong more attention to their line by using what seems like such a similar design. if the price point however is sub-$99 from the outset, this could really take off is the functionality and speed is there. verizon?
  • i say fail its designed like the pre without the webos goodness
  • So you've decided this is 'fail' without knowing price
    hardware specs
    anything about the OS
    what the final product looks like
    what demographic this is aimed at Huh. Can't say I'm impressed with your decision making on this one :-/
  • I bet the build quality is 10 fold of the Pre. WebOS is craptastic...
  • you said i dont know the final design and youre right but i say this design is a fail
  • This is excellent! I like the pure myself. if there is an FM Tuner/Zune and some gaming, then i'll pick one up myself until the 7 series - media phone comes out. I can see MS sell a couple million of these if marketed aggressively. Parents would buy these if there were some robust parental tools (like xbox and win 7). Now, one rumor has it that MS isn't going to reveal this at MWC, but there is a second investors/analyst meeting sometime afterwards... could this be when its revealed?
  • My bet is this: they want MWC to be all WP7 and not to confuse everyone with Pink/Zune phones. Best way to keep the lines separate is to focus on only one branch at a time. This approach, while confusing for all the rumors, makes sense: MS gets the "iPhone/WebOS experience" and get to have their continued business/traditional "Windows Mobile" line. Best of both worlds. Also very ambitious.
  • Hello
    This Microsoft Turtle phone seems something new and different.I like its shape and design..Thanks for this information.