Microsoft's Windows 10 Mobile phones in India to support both of its 4G bands

Microsoft is expected to reveal two Windows 10 Mobile smartphones, which will likely be branded as the Lumia 950 and 950 XL, later this year. A new report says that future phones from Microsoft will support both of India's current 4G bands.

The report, from the Economic Times of India, states that at the moment, seven Lumia devices support just one 4G band in India, FDDLTE on 1800 Mhz, while just one phone, the Lumia 638, supports both that band and TDD with 2300 Mhz. That will change soon, according to Ajey Mehta, India's manager for Microsoft Mobile Devices:

"We will soon roll out the LTE version of Lumia 640XL. All of our future 4G devices will support all types of 4G services in India," Mehta said, adding that the company is preparing to bring the new devices to the market by Diwali. Chinese rivals such as Xiaomi and Lenovo have already cornered a major chunk of the fast growing 4G smartphone segment."

The story points out that Microsoft's share of the smartphone market in India declined from 4.1% in the second quarter of 2014 to 3.2% in the same quarter in 2015. Mehta told the Economic Times that feature phones in India "continue to bring high volumes for the company and play an important role" but that Windows 10 Mobile will better serve customers in the enterprise space.

Source: Economic Times of India

John Callaham