Might this be the AT&T Pure?

We assume that somewhere under these cases is the Windows phone known as the HTC Pure — it's just a little tough when your retinas are burning.

Anyhoo, the pics we're looking at here from HTCpedia purportedly show the variant of the HTC Touch Diamond 2 (aka the Warhawk) that we're expecting on AT&T ... eventually. It's more than a little odd to see initial images of a phone while it's case-clad, but stranger things have happened. There's not much to be gleaned other than the 5.0-megapixel camera (which we've been expecting), the usual zoom bar and four-button combo, and a stylus. The $149.99 price (after rebate and contract) is still in effect.

How about it, folks? This tickling your fancy?

Phil Nickinson

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