And, finally, renders of AT&T's Touch Pro 2 & Touch Diamond 2

Ask and ye shall receive, dear readers. While these are "just" renders and not the in-the-flesh mockups we've seen of the T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon Touch Pro 2s, what we've got here are renders of what supposedly will be coming to AT&T, courtesy of Engadget.

The purloined spec slides are after the break, but everything's about what we've been told, save for launch dates, of course. And we'd expect the home buttons you see on here on the Touch Pro 2 (Fuze 2?) and Touch Diamond 2 to most likely be replaced by the Windows flag button. Also interesting is that AT&T finally may be going with the Diamond line after passing on the original iteration.

And in case there were any confusion that HTC phones get coolest code names out there, the Touch Pro 2's been dubbed the Fortress, and the TD2's the Warhawk.

Phil Nickinson

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  • There's a nice tidbit in the lower right corner there. It notes a September release. It also mentions Windows 7.x as an upgrade. Maybe it's coming sooner than expected - most likely means 6.5 is my guess. Tough call between this, the Android phone, and the EOS. My WM loyalty looks to be in for a test this fall!
  • Yeah, but we're inclined to agree with Engadget in that there's basically no way that's gonna happen, and it points to the age of these slides. WM7 in September? That's a negative, good buddy.
  • I take back all the nasty comments I've made about AT&T. I still would like to see an unlocked version of both the TP2 and TD2 available here.
  • It also says "5-row keyboard" but shows a 40row keyboard. It also shows 13 keys per row, which would make for fairly narrow keys.
  • A couple of points: 1. I LOVE that number pad. But why does the TP2 slide say "5 row keyboard"? 2. You mentioned a possible "Fuze 2" name. Maybe, but wouldn't it make more sense to call it the Tilt 2? 3. Do those zoom bar things look a little different? I understand that these are old, but man, I kinda like these renders better than how they turned out!
  • Drat, @KenB, you beat me to it :)
  • How can these be accurate when it is fairly likely that both iterations will NOT have a forward facing camera for videoconferencing? Too many things seem off for this to be true.
  • OMG I hope this isn't a joke. I've been following the news daily for a 3.5 inch screen WM Pro slider. There sure are a lot of thing that don't add up though.
  • LOL....photoshopped?
    QWERTZ? Keyboard? WFT with the Y & Z keys swapped?
  • lol. Now THAT's funny. German keyboard, from the looks of it.
  • If you want to see these new phones, search YouTube to see some great video demo's. I can't wait to get my hands on the TouchPro2.