A Verizon-branded Touch Pro 2? Already? (And the HTC Cedar for good measure)

Hey, you can't blame us (OK, this guy can) for joking that we didn't expect to see hide or hair of a Touch Pro 2 on Verizon in 2009. After how long it took VZW to get the original Touch Diamond out the door ... well, let's just say we weren't optimistic.

But we're swallowing our man pill tonight and are gazing at what appears to be a pretty legit-looking Verizon-branded Touch Pro 2, brought to us by d474rpr.com. And the green scheme doesn't look too shabby.

And in the same post from d474rpr.com we get a look at the HTC Cedar, said to be destined for Alltel. The Cedar, as you'll remember, is along the same line as the Snap and Willow, though it certainly sports a close look to the Palm Treo 800w.

The next question is: Will we see the Cedar on Verizon as well (possibly as the XV6175), since it gobbled up Alltel last year? It's certainly a possibility, and we've already seen a couple of them go through the FCC under the CDMA variety.

So, um, thanks to WMExperts commentor ckeegan for the snark tip. :)

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  • Wow, VZW didnt seem to muck it up. The black/green looks really nice
  • Good news.
  • I was kind of hoping they'd square off the edges, like they did with the first Touch Pro, I think it'd look much better...
  • curved edges are better for hand feel. adds slimness to a thick device.
  • I totally hated that they squared off the edges of the first one. I always liked the look of the Fuze and the sprint version better than the verizon version. I thought it looked too blocky and outdated. Curved edges are definitely nicer to hold in the hand too.
  • Yeah it looks like they've got the black Touch Pro 2... but the bottom looks silvery. Perhaps Sprint is the only one getting a black Touch Pro 2. Either way... this is my next phone folks. You're looking at it.
  • Would be awesome. Wish it were the Diamond 2 though... If Verizon gets both of them, hell yes.
  • While this is certainly encouraging, it remains to be seen whether or not the phone comes with the full set of RAM and an unlocked GPS.
  • ...yeah but wouldn't it be likely that it would not bear the HTC branding like other Verizon HTC devices?
  • VZW finally
  • when can we expect this to launch? let's hope it's june.
  • that green thing is just a stock color scheme that comes with every winmo 6.1 pro phone dog.
  • Wow. I was considering the current TP. No more.
  • Does this make ATT the only ones to not have solid plans for the TP2? I'm hoping they get it by fall - planning that as my next phone.
  • Yep. If you see some, send 'em along! :)
  • Is there any update as to when Verizon will see the TP2? My wife just got the omnia on her upgrade. I am dying here for the TP2! And I agree with the majority regarding the square TP. I dont like it. I am pretty impulsive and would have bought it and not waited but thats how much I dont like it. I would switch back to Sprint and get the TP before I would get it from VZW.
  • For those wondering, it does have a 3.5mm headset jack next to the mini USB connector. 512MB flash, 256MB RAM, Global w/ SIM, unlocked GPS (Google Maps still sucks though).