Verizon XV6175 snapping at T-Mobile's heels

So there we were, perfectly content with T-Mobile rolling out the HTC Snap/Captain/Dash 2 sometime soon, when this had to come along and muck up the works.

According to Engadget, what you see here is the HTC XV6175. And as you might guess from the excellent and memorable brand XV6175, that'd make it bound for Verizon. This is pretty much in line with what we've seen from that leaked HTC roadmap as the Willow, which we've also heard could make an appearance as soon as June.

No word on pricing or actual availability. Let's just hope it's quicker than Verizon managed to launch the Touch Diamond.

And is it just us, or does that rendering here look vaguely like a Treo 800w from the waist down?

Dieter Bohn
  • Eyye... HTC to Verizon: "Hey, you want this thing with our new super awesome keyboard that has been getting rave reviews like everywhere?" Verizon to HTC: "Nah, give us the old crappy one with straight letters. And while your at it, make the space bar non-centered to really screw with people. And ditch the "Inner Circle" thing too. Thanks" And you know Sprint is gonna do the same....damn them all. This thing is basically a Treo Pro but with 320x240 and WM Standard. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it could have been better--like have a dedicated Email key...
  • Dont you dare include sprint in the phone nuetering slander that has become big red's middle name. They have a CDMA monopoly, despite high rate plan prices and lack of care for the customer. I am a Sprint employee who recently had a Verizon employee tell me that the Pre wouldnt help Sprint because "phones dont sell customers". I then pulled out my blackberry storm, and told her I could probably save her money even WITH her employee plan. Point being... I wouldnt work for that wannabe company, and am now a proud owner of an a Touch Pro(for sprint of course)
  • Sorry But ill take phone neutering (which really wasnt done to my lg voyager at all) over crappy reception any day. I get way better reception in my house than I ever did with att or sprint. i can get 3 outta 4 bars in my house with verizon. o-1 bars with sprint and att. also with helio i was also able to get 3-4 reception bars out of 4 in my house. verizon also has the loudest phones specifically my voyager titanium and the storm which is very loud for music. sprint phones u need headphones to really hear the music loud.