Here's a look at what Sprint supposedly has on deck for the next two quarters of the year, thanks to the ninjas over at the Boy Genius Report.

You'll note the Palm Treo Pro, which was just released. Slated for the second quarter is the HTC Willow, which we expect from those monster leak sheets to be a front-facing QWERTY messanger phone. Probably not as up to snuff as the Maple, but we'll see.

In Q3 is the Samsung Ace II. Dieter took a look at the original Ace about a year ago and was plesantly surprised.

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Finally is the HTC Rhodium, which we expect to be the replacement for the Touch Pro.

What's it all mean? The rumors, conjecture and rampant speculation that we may see some of the new HTC phones on Sprint in the next couple of months is looking better. Or, ya know, we could all have egg on our face.

Spec sheets after the break, including for the Cedar, which we don't even see on this roadmap.

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