Minecraft adds dash of Chinese mythology to Pocket, Windows 10 Editions

Minecraft fans can now add a bit of Chinese mythology to their worlds in the Pocket and Windows 10 editions of the game. The Chinese Mythology pack is now available for both versions, bringing along a whole load of new skins to check out.

From Mojang:

There are 26 new skins that go with the pack, along with a gorgeous new texture set that transforms building blocks with bright and beautiful patterns, and turns weepy ghasts into grinning demons.

The Chinese Mythology Mash-Up Pack comes alongside the game's 1.0.6 update, which also adds in a Worlds section to the Store. The update packs in a whole lot of other bug fixes and tweaks to check out as well, all of which you can read about in the full release notes.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Still waiting for the Fallout stuff... Nice pack though, shall definitely take a closer look at this.
  • My 7-Year-Old son wants to play Minecraft. I've got a Windows 10 Desktop, A Surface Pro 4 and an Nexus 6P. I assume both will let him just build stuff, so besides an obvious screen-size difference does it matter if I get him the Google Play Version or the Windows 10 version? Is this a best-played-with-a-mouse game, or is touch-screen a good exprience? 
  • Mouse control is much better.
  • I played it a while ago on my phone and it was awful,  the controls were just not good enough with a touchscreen. Personally I think the W10 version would be better
  • Well, bigger screen is better and with W10 version you buy once for desktop and surface if both got the same account in Store. Then you got both control options as well, mouse (desktop) or touch (sp4), and you may use a xbox controller to both as well.
  • My kids love the W10 version.... they can use their XBOX controller with it, it's pretty good. As I said though, some content still isn't avaliable for the W10 version
  • I went with the Win10 version -- Thanks Everybody!