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Minecraft on mobile and Windows 10 to add more customization via command blocks

Minecraft players on the PC version have full reign to mod the sandbox game, but the mobile, console and Windows 10 versions don't have that freedom. That may change as developer Mojang plans to introduce support for more customization in the mobile and Windows 10 Minecraft versions via command blocks

Jens Bergensten, the lead developer on Minecraft, has told CNET that command block support is due soon, but didn't offer a release date:

Using command blocks, you can add new Minecraft rules that do things like teleport players to a different part of the virtual world, reward them with a powerful sword, confine them to a jail, summon a flying pig into existence and obliterate all dangerous zombies.

Command blocks do require that gamers type in long commands on the PC to work, and that kind of interface will have to be altered for the mobile versions:

"Usually what is the most time consuming is to adapt the user interface for touch and gamepad, especially considering it's a bit more cumbersome to type text," Bergensten said.

As far as full mod support, Bergensten said Mojang is working to add it to the mobile, Windows 10 and console versions at some point:

"Modding is a core element of the Minecraft community," Bergensten said. "In order to support mods for other platforms, we need to create a system that allows this without modifying the application itself. We are currently researching our options and hope to solve this soon."

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  • Nice to see new features added.
  • That's all well and good, but when do we get pistons and sticky pistons?! I just want to make hidden entrances, already.
  • I hope they'll add splitscreen multiplayer soon to the Windows 10 version. It's already got controller support so it'd be perfect for splitscreen multiplayer.
    ​Oh, and talking about multiplayer on Windows 10, it'd be great if they allowed multple users to login to Xbox Live on Windows 10 when playing multiplayer Xbox Live games so everyone can get achievements, and it could also allow players to sync their character from the game on their friend's PC to their own PC.
  • I've been wanting split screen multiplayer on PC also. It was the first thing I suggested on the Minecraft uservoice.
  • ya, remembering commands is hard.  One of my friends runs our minecraft server and he typed out all of his common commands and translated them into bar code.  When he wants to do something he just shoots the apropriate barcode.  Works suprisingly well lol
  • Tell him to use macro keys if he has a good keyboard.
  • Any news on Realms support for console and Windows 10 beta versions?
  • Can we make a damn boat yet?
  • Yes! I've been waiting for command blocks :D I wonder about regular console commands though, like /gamemode, /tp, etc.
  • That's a silly comment since x1 & 360 can use a Usb keyboard. Just do it and people will end up grabbing the already popular chatpads
  • Looking forward to getting mods straight from the Windows Store (please, Microsoft!) Sent from my Toaster Oven (Lumia Icon)
  • I would love for the copy and paste mod to come out on the Xbox. It would make my life so much easier. I current have a world where its kinda like a city with suburbs. I let my friends (10-15 people in the world) build their houses in one area and in another we have a city scape with streets, lights, police, skyscrapers. So far we have the Empire State Building, the Freedom Tower, the HSBC Tower (in Buffalo, NY), 2 random skyscrapers, the World Trade Centers (with a memorial in progress), and the Sears/Willis Tower is also in progress. The copy and paste mod would be soooooo helpful. Posted via the Windows Central App for Symbian
  • This is for PE right? Sent from Lumia 550, HTC Desire 816 or Dell Inspiron 5122