Minecraft for PC will add llamas and more in the upcoming Exploration update

Developer Mojang has announced that the upcoming 1.11 Exploration update for the PC version of Minecraft will add llamas to the sandbox game, among many more features and additions.

Mojang's blog has the details on the update, which is planned for release on Wednesday, Sept, 28:

The update introduces the Illagers - a new bunch of mobs who inhabit Woodland Mansions. They're a mean lot who attack intruders with deadly magic and summon mischievous flying imps called Vexes. True to the update's name, you can now buy maps from village Cartographers which will lead you to Ocean Monuments and Woodland Mansions. There be treasure! You will also be able to manage your bloated inventory with Shulker Boxes - special chests that retain their contents even when knocked down.And let's not forget the fluffiest of 1.11's additions: llamas! They're basically adorable mobile chests. Stick a carpet on them to make 'em snazzy. They'll even form caravans as you lead them across the land and attack hostile mobs with gobs of spit. Charming!

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John Callaham
  • That (!!!) to Windows 10 Edition!! Awesome!! (y)
  • Enough Minecraft posts! It's like Pokémon go over on android central! The game makes my eyes bleed anyway. Mario nes looks better.
  • And yet,no Mario game gas sole nearly as many copies as Minecraft. Looks are bot only subjective, they are not the most important part of a game. You may have known that if you took a little time to think sometime instead of being a **** on the internet.
  • They need more clickz, but I've just started playing so I am finding them useful.    
  • I find them useful, you find them useful, others (obviously not all) find them useful. If we find them useful, then why are they doing it for "more clickz"? Aren't all articles for the clickz?
  • I agree. I find them handy. There are millions of people who are new to minecraft now, me included. So this stuff is exciting :).
  • Meanwhile, 4J Studios is falling further and further behind in updating the console editions for feature parity.
  • I mean, if new PC features are being added every month...
  • Cant wait to have sharks, whales or some watertype fish in Minecraft.
  • Ahem! Whales are not fish(es?) *adjusts his glasses*
  • Uhuh! I wrote "OR" btw :D anyway Minecraft just lacks underwater creatures, dont you think?
  • Ah so you did =) but I haven't actually played it yet. But I've seen enough gameplay to say underwater creatures would certainly fit that world
  • Bruh do whales have that fin thingy attached to the back of them? Then they're a fish lol. They smell like fish, swim like fish, live in the ocean like fish. Must be a fish
  • You should probably revisit some biology books =)
  • Whales are not fish in fact. But does discussing this make any sense? :D
  • Next you're going to tell me spiders aren't bugs. #AllLivesMatter
  • Yes Emm...... No
  • They aren't. They are Arachnids.
  • By that logic birds are insects because they have wings
  • But whales do not lay eggs like a fish.   Also, not all fish have dorsal fins, either.
  • Whales are Mammals...
  • Maybe YOUR whales arent fish... But mine are ;)
  • Here's a llama,
    There's a llama,
    and another little llama,
    Fuzzy llama,
    Funny llama,
    llama, llama,
    Duck.   http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/llama   Thanks - I will run around like that in Minecraft when Llamas are added...
  • But when will they add Lorenzo Lamas?  ;-)
  • awesome i love updates!
  • Minecraft...it really whips the Llama's ass. Now I miss Winamp.