Mint arrives for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1

In early March, Mint ( famously stated that they had no plans for a Windows Phone app. Then in June, they had a change of heart (and probably some help from Microsoft) as the company announced that their financial app was headed to both Windows 8 and its Phone counterpart. Fast forward to last month and private beta testing had begun and starting today, December 4th, everyone can have Mint on their favorite Windows device.

For those who aren’t aware,, which is now owned by Intuit (Quicken, TurboTax), is considered the must-have financial aggregation app. The service taps into any and virtually all of your institutions like banks, loans, investments, credit cards, etc. and then gives you an overview of your current status. Track your spending, plan to save money, see where your dollars are going and more.

Mint is a simple, elegant solution to a complicated monetary world. And now, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1 users can take advantage of the free service.

Main features of the Mint apps

  • Monitor accounts anytime, anywhere. Up-to-date account information is easily accessed on Windows Phones, tablets, laptops and PCs.
  • Track spending. Transactions are automatically categorized to simplify money management, giving users the ability to organize their finances and create customized budgets.
  • Find ways to save. Mint suggests easy-to-follow steps to save more money based on users’ spending.
  • Enter or edit pending transactions. Add transactions at the time of purchase and instantly see available bank and credit balances.

Mint for Windows Phone 8

Coming in at 6 MB, the app for Windows Phone 8 takes advantage of the Microsoft development platform. The app is clean and Modern, allowing users to pin Live Tiles (including doublewide) of their individual accounts to their Start screen, use location services, push-notifications (for reminders) and even a passcode-lock to protect your data.

The app is simple to use too. Users can create an account within the app or head to Once completed, various financial accounts can be added, which will then sync up to their phone.

The big selling point of is the ability to have your bank account spending broken down into various categories. For instance, you can see exactly how much is being spent on bills, food, auto, shopping and entertainment, all without the user doing anything. Users can also see the latest transactions from their institutions to keep abreast of any charges, or have reminds sent for bill payments.

We’ve been using the app for a few days now and have to admit that it’s been a joy to use.  Pick up for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store or scan the QR code below. Link is now live at 11 AM ET.

Mint for Windows 8.1

The app for Windows 8.1 takes advantage of all four Tile sizes, including Large, Wide, Medium and Small. In addition, users can snap the app and resize it, allowing them to work within and any other Windows 8 app.

Taking advantage of the larger display, the Windows 8.1 version shows a pie chart of all of your spending, allowing users to drill down further to see where their money is going. Likewise, you can see the latest transactions, spending categories, net worth, assets (vs. debts) and all accounts.

The app can be found now in the Windows Store by following this link (opens in new tab) and like the Windows Phone version, it is completely free.

Overall, it’s a great day for Windows fans as is a major flagship app. It’s the premier way to keep track of your spending, budget your money and see where you can change your behavior for a “rainy day” fund. With access to more than 20,000 different bank, credit card, loan and investment accounts, almost everyone should be able to make use of it on their Phone, Surface or PC. The apps clearly take advantage of the Windows and Windows Phone platforms in terms of design and Live Tiles, making them excellent “custom built” experiences and we’ve been informed that frequent updates should be expected.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Great news, but looks like the Windows Phone store link is not live yet... Update: The download link is working now!!
  • As usual, give it some time ;)
  • Off topic... Hello Daniel, did you receive my email regarding what appears to be a Lenovo Windows Phone in the Turkish Airlines ad?
  • On Topic..... I'm excited for the Mint app. It's a useful tool for the financial conscious individual. I am however, worried about my private info falling or being aquired without permission into the wrong hands. Can anyone familiar with Mint please provide some info on my security concerns. Thanks in advance.
  • Been using for over 2 years, no problems whatsoever. Highly recommend. It's owned by Intuit now.
  • @go1020... Thanks for the insight. I'll certainly give it a try.
  • Yeah I also am a little worried about giving my online banking login to a third party.   It doesn't matter if they haven't had a problem yet, the question is: how good is their security, and what is their policy regarding mistakes? E.g. credit card companies offer to take the hit on fraudulent transactions.
  • Off topic... oh yea, at the 16 second mark.
  • @infosage I tipped WPC, but no reply :-(
  • Not a Windows Phone, it's the K900 with what looks like a Windows Icon for a home button:
  • @inurear... Thanks for making it clear. The K900 almost looks exactly like my Lumia 928. Striking resemblance I must say. Back to the Mint app... It's not live as yet. I'm melting over here.
  • Nice catch as by the logo's, that's definitely an windows phone. Look pretty good if I do say, chum : )
  • Was just noticing that myself
  • So none of the links work, but if you scan the QR code, it works,
  • It just showed up now.
  • That's mint! (this comment may get lost in translation)
  • Super 8!
  • North east England too?
  • The tropical paradise that is Yorkshire
  • Hello from just next to Newcastle mate :D
  • I have to say, being a new Mint user myself, these apps are very well done. Highly recommended. 
  • Odd because I was signed up for the beta and they said I would receive a link, but I never did. Oh well, official is better!
  • Probably went to your junk mail. Mine did. Fortunately I caught it
  • I never got mine either. And it wasn't in my junk folder...i checked.
  • Neither did I but went to the other thread about link to beta and downloaded. Was already preapproved.
  • I kept doin the same thing, but no luck...oh well.
  • I'm a long time mint user and was in both betas. From day 1 of using it in beta I was impressed with the polish and how much I can access via the app, its just short of the full website experience for graphing. There was almost daily updates during the beta (though I never had any crashes or anything, so someone must have been finding problems). 
  • I suppose it works With financial institutes US only?
  • US and Canada
  • Not working yet
  • I think there is some error code
  • Cool to hear, I will try it out and recommend my finance download the app as well since we are actively saving our money. What better way to keep track of it all. 
  • Freudian slip. :P
  • Might be worth mentioning that it's only available in the US and Canada. :(
  • Are you sure about that? This would devastate me...
  • Change region and install?
  • this links to specific financial institutions, so if your country's institutions are not signed on, there is no point in changing regions and installing it
  • Link is not available. Wait a little bit guys, they are still working on it.
  • Can't wait! Must . . Have . .. Now (already waited more than 2 years since they took my pocketquicken away from me).
  • Going to download this. Always nice to have synchronized finance content between all my device. Before this I use Toshl Finance but it does not available for Windows 8.1. So, changing right now :)
  • Cmon' Store! Stop giving me errors and go live already! I must have this app immediately!
  • Just hope intuit doesn't pull the app and tell you to switch platforms like they did with GoPayment
  • FYI, I can confirm if you were in the beta program, the new link will not currently work for you either. It must be a different link than the one for the beta program.
  • It has nothing to do with whether you are in the beta. The link isn't active yet. Just give it time.
  • Yeah, I know. I was just noting for people in the beta program that we wont be getting access to the final link before anyone else.
  • Yeah these aren't updates to the beta files.  You will need to uninstall and install from these new links on both platforms.
  • Another one bites the dust.
  • US only?
  • Go to and read where their services are available.
  • Giving one company all your bank passwords, what could possibly go wrong? Well, at least they have security guards: I wish banks would allow you to set 'read only' passwords for sharing with Mint, and a weekly report which devices or services used those.
  • IIRC, Mint uses a type of "read only" method of accessing bank data. I love mint, been waiting for this, and as a beta user I can say these apps are quite polished already.
  • That may be true, but when giving mint access I needed to (at least for my banks) give them my full credentials. If those are stored centrally, we're possively one database leak away from chaos. I'm pretty sure Intuit is careful about database encryption, but nothing is 100% secure.
  • The banks provide read only APIs to mint.
  • I think the OP is more worried about the password getting into the wrong hands. I must say though, my bank Capital One does use a special "read-only" password for Mint and other apps. Not all banks do that though.
  • That may be true, but when giving mint access I needed to (at least for my banks) give them my full credentials. If those are stored centrally, we're possively one database leak away from chaos. I'm pretty sure Intuit is careful about database encryption, but nothing is 100% secure. Exactly. I would be safe if the attacked prefers to conveniently peruse my accounts through only.
  • I'm so confused about this comment system..
  • How to use the WPCentral comment system in 3 easy steps:
    1. Switch to plain text editor, because now the rich text editor is broken, at least on IE.
    2. Instead of clicking Cancel, refresh the page. The editor usually can't handle cancelling a comment.
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  • Thanks, that explains what happened above. :) (trying rich text edit mode in Chrome..)
  • that is my concern also. i may be a bit paranoid but can someone tell me the advantage to using a program like this?
  • Finally everyone is coming to windows phone...that's awesome...
  • US only? So i cant feed my UK Santander details into this :'(
    Does support international banks?
    Yes. Currently, supports banks in the United States and Canada. We hope to support more countries in the future
  • Thanks for the update.
  • You should try changing the region and downloading the app and seeing if it works for you. Santander purchased a regional bank in the US a few years ago and in the last few months, they've officially been renamed to Santander, or trust me, I wouldn't recognize the name. I'm not sure if it will allow you to access your UK account, but you're in a better position than most at being able to use it outside of the US and Canada. If it's an app you've been waiting for, it's worth a try.
  • I have the beta and it works okay.
  • Good to see the app coming to windows phone and windows 8, I won't be using it though, it doesn't make sense for me to give one company all my bank accounts passwords.
  • I have been on the beta and I will tell you that these apps are high quality.  These are a must have and I (like most Mint users) have been anxiously waiting for these apps.  My wife has mint on her iphone / ipad and these apps are just as good and offer all the needed features.  This is not your normal 1.0 release as they really hit it out of the park. I asked for two items during the beta - require the pin to be re-entered when relaunching from multi-tasking (it currently does not) and to have wallet integration.  
  • Is it better than Pageonce? I think Check is a solid app.
  • I like pageonce/check a lot, but they don't support the platform, so...f em
  • Kinda sad that Pageonce doesn't update the WP8 app... I guess its time to try Mint.
  • The my don't update check/pageonce anymore so it is better.
  • That's why I use Mobiligy!
  • For those of us outside US & Canada, this will make you smile... I went on and looked at their FAQs and found this... Does support international banks? "Yes. Currently, supports banks in the United States and Canada. We hope to support more countries in the future."  
  • The problem is would be when. As long as I remember, it's been there for ages
  • Sadly that is only for Canada and USA...
  • C'est dommage.
  • Here's what I get when trying to access it here in the USA: Not found The page you want doesn't exist on this site. 38914c80-1c3c-4067-9348-3ffe8e297568
  • I've been running the beta and I am very pleased with the WP app. Love the alerts feature. Especially how it tracks spending on debit cards, the one thing you almost ignore when you use plastic. Devs did a great job and I recommend Mint.
  • Yes. And one thing that mint can do that PageOnce can't is i lets me enter pending transactions, so when I pay my bills with BillPay, I can enter them and get the real amount available, wwgere PageOnce has to wait for the transaction to happen.
  • I've been using Mint on my iPhone and I have to say that this app looks to be in feature parity with the iOS version, a very welcome change!
  • I assume this wont really work outside the US?
    it'd be great if it did, but I mean, skandinavian banks, I assume are too small to have been worked in to the system?
  • I think Mint focuses on the US and Canada only.  The underlying platform is provided by Yodlee and they serve the world (ie open an account at and you will find your bank is available).  In the UK, uses the Yodlee platform.  The secuity platform is key here and Yodlee provide that.  Problem is, can't even get an ios or adroid app for yodlee in the UK.  However they do have a mobile website which is better than nothing.
  • Mint is pretty good as long as you keep up with it. I couldn't, so I got rid of it this year and now use Easy Expenses on my 520, and a few standalone applications on my Mac and iPad - Easier to handle, and I can deal with it, receipt in hand to make notes. I thought the security was fine though, and I had been using it since 2008 on the original iPhone with no problems. That and Pageonce.
  • Does anyone know if Mint and U.S. Bank are playing nice again? I remember that being an issue when I stopped using the iPhone version about a year ago
  • Do both the Wp8 and win8.1 sync up with each other? With a second baby coming a few weeks away, this would be a great tool to have on both devices.
  • Yes. Once you set up your accounts, they'll be on the server and can be accessed from any platform.
  • Mint is a cloud based service so the information on both platforms comes from the same central source. it doesn't matter how you connect to mint the information will always be the same.
  • Ok. Thanks for the info.
  • I have been a Mint user since it was first around on my PC desktop and on ipod touch.  I was so happy to read about the Windows App and signed up to be a beta tester.  Love the app and recommend it to anyone that wants to keep their financial records in one place for easy revirew.  
  • Surprised the beta was less than a month long.
  • Great hand out all your personal info
  • If you use Google, Facebook, probably Twitter, or basically the internet, everyone already has your personal info :) 
  • I don't know if I'm just too old or too paranoid, but I can't bring myself to give access to all of my bank accounts to some external third party.  I'll stick with a local installation of Quicken.
  • If you go to, and click the link to the Windows Store, it will pop up and you can install it from there. I haven't look into the Windows Phone Store yet.  
  • it works with Canadian banks
  • So glad to see it available and not a port over. Great way to check all credit card activity in one spot.
  • That's great and all, but it doesn't do me much good if they can't connect/integrate/sync with Santander.
  • Works with my Santander bank/loan.
  • Is this better than MoBudget Pro?
  • Great to see more and moooar apps come to windows phone. Still waiting for Path :'| where are you Path??
  • So none of the links work, but if you scan the QR code, it works,
  • Link works now.
  • not available in Russia :(
  • Try "Money Tracker Pro" from K-Tech - all data is on the phone and UI is great, recently translated to Russian. Others I tried are either too simple or too noisy/complicated.
  • This is great! The apps just keep coming! USAA Bank was pulled from the store, but my old copy was just updated somehow. No worries on the finance front!
  • I use Excel... :P But I still might consider this...
  • So I assume if something goes wrong, you are still protected by your bank, correct?
  • Well, uh, yeah... I suppose they say that somewhere in that 47-page terms of use document filled with text in a 6-point font.... I'm sure there's nothing at all to worry about. Really. Might want to check with your bank.
  • Holy crap this app is awesome!!!!
  • Has anyone moved from Quicken to Mint? Quicken seems to be at a stand still evolution wise. They just keep wanting more money for no new features. But I hate that they acquired Mint. Or is going from Quicken to Mint too big of a downgrade?
  • My wife and I are in the process now of doing just that. I am finding Mint much easier to use. We did not use many of the features quicken had to offer
  • I really want to give Mint a try. Yet, "free service" and "access to all my finanicial accounts" are not adding up for me. Nothing is free. "Hey, we noticed you make a lot of trips at Store X. Did you know you could save up to 3% on all your purchases at Store X with the Mint Visa?..." "Four trips to Kent's Liquor Mart this last month? We all have problems, but hitting the bottle isn't the answer. Counseling is now even more affordable if you pay your participating psychiatrist with your Mint MasterCard. Mint cares. (Oh, by the way, next week Kent's is having a sale on wine.)"
  • The in site adds are really not in the way, or obtrusive.
  • :-D
  • Yay!!!! Finally...
  • This app is amazing. Quick question though.  Has anyone been able to get the main app live tile on the W8.1 version to actually display anything useful?  It would be awesome if it cycled through all my accounts/investments instead of me having to manually add those tiles separately to my homescreen.
  • So happy it's finally out of beta and I can erase Pageonce for good.
  • Installed. NOW SHOW ME MONIES!
  • Downloaded this today and it is the first time I am using Mint. I am HIGHLY surprised of how well this works. I was a little afraid that I would open my app without any login but the number code is perfect. Great app, highly impressed. Now I hope American Express and TripIp and bring and fix their apps, respectively. Oh and I also want JetBlue app. :D
  • Wow. This app is exactly what I was looking for. Love it.
  • Been playing with it for a few hours. I must say, I am thoroughly impressed. So long pageonce/check.
  • I could go for a mint right now. . .
  • This is great! Thanks mint. WP is on the rise. I loved this app on android && the ios platform. I am loving my Windows 8,1 on my PC; && on WP Nokia 925; soon I will purchase the Surface 2 tablet. Thanks Microsoft for the changes and all windows users who have waited and pushed for this transformation.
  • I really wonder if Mint will make this available outside of North America. Mint has been going on since 2005, and despite being a popular app, it's only being allowed in use for US and Canada. Such an app would really make a change for my life and my budget, in a positive direction, so I hope they will venture on making it available in other countries. //Swedish WP-user
  • Yes. I think I can now claim the app line up on my L1020 is nearing completion. I like the WP Mint app but if you want to see a nice looking app, take a look at the W8 Mint app. Very sharp....A clean layout that functions well on my Surface. Good Job... More like these please!!!
  • have to admit I dont know much about Mint but i downloaded the app to try it out and I am pleasantly pleased. 
  • Got the beta for Windows 8 but couldn't login kept saying username or password was wrong though I could login to the website just fine.  Downloaded it for WP8 now and same thing.  Sent an email to the beta team yet no response.  Bummer.
  • Does Mint support online account companies like ING or Scotrade?