Miracast and Windows Phone 8.1 hands-on video

When the proper Windows Phone 8.1 update rolls out in the coming weeks, it will be bundled with new firmware. For Nokia devices this firmware is dubbed ‘Lumia Cyan’ and it will enable some advanced features, including Miracast support.

Miracast is a well-received standard for mirroring the contents of one device onto another. If you have a newer TV or have purchased a Miracast USB dongle, you can display your Windows 8.1 device onto a larger screen, which is great for sharing or demonstrating software and media. Prior to Windows Phone 8.1, this support was not present but Microsoft has since added to the latest update.*

If you’re running Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers, you can find the ‘Project my screen’ option under Settings. However, you’ll notice the warning about not being able to project your screen with a wireless connection, and that’s due to the missing drivers, which will be supplied by your phone’s manufacturer.

The Nokia Lumia 630 is already shipping with Windows Phone 8.1 and the Lumia Cyan firmware, so it stands to reason that support for Miracast is present. As you can see from our hands on video, it certainly is, and it works quite well. Users will have separate volume control for the audio portion of the mirroring, and the lag is quite minimal. Whether you want to show off your photos, play a video game or watch a video, you’ll soon be able to do so from your Windows Phone.

Miracast on Windows Phone 8.1

Check out our above video and let us know what you think in comments. Is Miracast something you’re excited about and if so, how are you planning to use it?

*Note: only some devices with newer chipsets will have Miracast support due to certain hardware requirements. The Lumia 1520, Lumia Icon, Lumia 930 and Lumia 63x should be receiving support with the Lumia Cyan update.

Daniel Rubino

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