Missing unlimited downloads on Nokia MixRadio on Lumia 630? You're not alone!

Nokia MixRadio provides ad-free music streaming and DRM-free downloads on Nokia Lumia devices. If you’ve bought a Lumia 630 already or tried a device somewhere, you’d have run into an issue with Nokia MixRadio.

While Lumia 630 comes with three months of unlimited music downloads, if you head to the Store on MixRadio, you get an error message - Downloading songs or albums is no longer possible but MixRadio has 100’s of hours of free music mixes ready for you to enjoy.

I quite panicked fearing changes in the service and if the unlimited downloads have been pulled off. However, I checked with a Product Manager in the Nokia MixRadio team at Microsoft and learnt that there’s some technical issue with unlimited downloads at the moment. The folks are working on it, and it will be fixed soon. Once it is fixed, you should get to see ‘Activate subscription’ option just below sign in. You can then activate your subscription and enjoy unlimited downloads.

The issue only affects the Lumia 630 devices, and the Store works all well on other Lumia devices. Let us know in the comments if you’ve hit the same issue, or if the Store works for you.

Abhishek Baxi