Mixer is getting a complete overhaul on Android and iOS

Mixer has announced a revamped version of its mobile app is now rolling out to beta testers on Android and iOS. The new experience sees the Mixer app rebuilt from the ground up with a new codebase, interface, and more.

Mixer says its primary motivation to overhaul the app was to get on a footing where it could accommodate rapid development and deployment of new features. To that end, the app has been rebuilt with a new code base to be "faster and more reliable," Mixer says. The code tweaks should also result in a more stable experience while on the go as well.

On top of the new code base, the app's interface has been revamped as well. Now, Mixer features a carousel across the top of the trending section that shifts through featured broadcasts. Just below, you'll find a list of top games currently being viewed on Mixer, with trending streams just below that. Tapping on one of the top games will take you to a hub that shows every broadcast for that game.

Mixer Revamp

All of that is in addition to improved filters and a new following section, where you can see broadcasters you're following and get recommendations for other streamers to check out. The Mixer team says that, as of right now, most of the features that were available in the previous iteration of the Mixer app are now available to test, but some have yet to become available with the initial beta. Here's a look at what's available now:

  • Top level home carousel shared with Mixer.com with always playing previews
  • Games now on your home page instead of in a filter tab
  • Search with search history
  • Following with LIVE streams ordered first
  • Recommended streams bubbled up to the top
  • Iconography to visually indicate streams with Interactive, Co-streaming and FTL
  • An improved Profile page with links to your channel, your level and your sparks
  • Improved filtering for Trending broadcasts
  • Chat with Viewer list, whispers, and basic mod features

And here's what's coming soon:

  • Reliable push notifications for Android and iOS
  • Further chat parity features with Mixer.com
  • Co-streaming playback experience improvements

The revamped Mixer experience is up for testing in beta for Android and iOS now. If you're on Android, you can easily sign up to be a tester to try the experience before it rolls out to everyone. If you're on iOS, space for testers is limited, but you can sign up for a spot now.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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