MixRadio reiterates commitment to Windows Phone as it officially goes cross-platform

But in both its press presentation and in conversation with Windows Central in recent days, the company wishes to stress its commitment to Windows Phone and Windows at large for the future. And that includes remaining pre-loaded on all new Microsoft Lumia devices.

We first heard all of this back at Mobile World Congress when we first heard about the new apps. Back then the MixRadio team was keen to stress its continued support and development for Windows Phone and into the future, Windows 10. And none of that has changed.

The iPhone and Android apps are brand new and as such have some new features, like an extended "my mix" (you'd know it as "play me") and a new design. There are still plans to add these features to Windows Phone in the future, though no timeframe is currently in play for that. The two new apps share a common code base, developed using Xamarin, while the Windows Phone app does not at this time.


Microsoft still loves MixRadio, and MixRadio still loves its millions of Windows Phone customers around the world. As I was told in a meeting with them last week, "we'd be foolish to abandon our millions of loyal customers who helped us get where we are today." MixRadio will continue to be pre-loaded on Lumia until such a time as Microsoft says otherwise.

The future is bright, too. MixRadio wants to be everywhere. That includes other platforms, but it also includes the opportunities Windows 10 opens up. No-one is saying Xbox right now, but at the same time, no-one is saying no to Xbox either. Paid subscriptions will also come back at some point in the future, too. Right now there's still work to be done as the company transitions out of its Microsoft ownership, but rest assured, it'll be back. As such, the iPhone and Android apps are currently only free and ad-supported.

The message is clear. Don't worry, MixRadio still loves you and will be around for a long time to come doing what it does best. It's just going to be doing that in a lot more places from now on, and we wish them every success.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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