MLB’s At Bat for Windows Phone now ready for the 2014 season

Last month we told you that MLB At Bat would be coming this month. Well we have some great news for baseball fans since the app is now live in the Windows Phone Store. This updated app will get you ready for MLB’s 2014 season. Ready to watch a ton of baseball on your Windows Phone? Then it’s time to pick up AT Bat for Windows Phone.

The app features a lot of core functionality that we had in the app from last summer. Though there are new features for the 2014 season. Most notably:

  • Game day pitch-by-pitch tracking, including realistic ballpark renderings from all 30 MLB ballparks (requires subscription to MLB.TV premium or At Bat 14)
  • Push Notifications for breaking news, lead changes, and more
  • Player card availability
  • Performance enhancements

Those new features are of course what’s new. You’ll get the following features that we’ve always been able to enjoy with At Bat on Windows Phone:

  • Live scoreboard, news, standings, and schedules
  • Pin your favorite teams to the Start screen for direct access to the team page
  • Lock Screen featuring scores and news from your favorite team
  • News Section with filters for original reporting on all 30 clubs and every Postseason series
  • In-progress video highlights

Those features sound pretty awesome right? In addition to all that you get access to live games if you’re a premium MLB.TV subscriber. Wait what?

Yeah. This app has a few tiers of memberships to unlock some features. We’ll do our best to break it down for you. The app contains At Bat features, At Bat 14 features and MLB.TV features. Things like scores, news, standings, video clips and team schedules are included in the At Bat tier and are free. Other free features include Lock screen support, push notifications for your favorite teams and a few other odds and ends. This is all free and included in the base ‘At Bat’ experience.

What if you want to listen to live radio broadcasts of every game? You’ll need to be an At Bat 14 subscriber to do so. You’ll be able to listen to every radio broadcast of every game and can choose between the home or away announcers for that given broadcast. Other benefits for being an At Bat 14 subscriber include batter-by-batter action with Gameday Pitch by Pictch, additional notifications for video highlights and condensed games. You’ll also get access to watch the MLB.TV game of the day for free. Want all this stuff? You’ll need to be an At Bat 14 member which is either $2.99 per month or $19.99 for the whole season.


You can always become an MLB.TV member if you’re a diehard baseball fan. You can become an MLB.TV premium member for either $24.99 per month or $129.99 for the year. That allows you to get all the At Bat 14 features listed above. Plus you can watch every single baseball game on Windows Phone, Windows 8 and your Xbox 360. It’s also coming soon to the Xbox One. For more info on the MLB.TV packages head to the MLB's website

There you have it. At Bat is now ready for the 2014 MLB season. Grab the app in the Windows Phone Store. You can also pick up MLB.TV for Windows 8 from the Windows Store (opens in new tab).

Don't forget to shout out which team you're pulling for this season!

Thanks for the tip AndyD33!

Sam Sabri
  • In Japan baseball huge! where I live in Florida not so much, mainly football.
  • WTH just paid 20 bucks for gameday audio and now they want another 20 bucks for this. Last season if you paid for gameday audio you got access thru the AT BAT '13 app on your phone too. Guess 8 BILLION in revenues isn't enough for MLB they want more and more....screw 'em.
  • I just hit the button at the bottom to log in with my MLB account that I have Gameday Audio on, worked fine for me.
  • Try some of the online radio apps and find the radio station that plays the games. Worked for me last year. Oh yeah, Go Tigers!!
  • Is the Ticket on tune in radio do you know?
  • I think I used either I Heart Radio (a CBS radio product, and I believe The Ticket is as well) or TuneIn Radio I don't recall and I haven't tried yet this year. Good Luck
  • Dodgers baby! Go LA!
  • ^^^This +920, +928, +1020!
  • San Francisco Giants 
  • +920
  • Go Giants!
  • +100000000
  • O R I O L E S Haven't decided if I'm going to plunk down for this season, but I am definitely getting this app.
  • Let's go O's!
  • The stuff this app has is kind of mind blowing. Never thought I'd pay to use it before but I'm seriously considering it now, at least the At Bat subscription. Lets go Yankees!
  • Finally. Been a fan through thick and thin, good and bad as grew. First year MSN was a major sponsor and mlbtv was free! On my 1520 & 2520.
  • Where the hell is NHL Gamecenter damn it!!!
  • Available for 4th place BlackBerry wtf. Yea, I know both Canadian.
  • I want NHL soooo bad. 
  • +925
  • Wow! I'm shocked it came as an update and not as a new app like previous years, AND they delivered it on time. Kudos MLB.
  • +930
  • Yes finally! And if you subscribe to baseball prospectus you can get 20% off MLB.TV premium. Not bad
  • Go Cardinals!
  • Yeah what they said!
  • Go Red Sox
  • This!
  • +100000000
  • Let's go Rays! *cowbell*
  • I'm for the Angels and Mets! I always have been!
  • Homerun!
  • Excited to be able to watch this year on my TV through Xbox and my L920.  Go Rox!
  • SF Giants!
  • Lets go Yankees. I was waiting for this app. Thanks WPC for the heads up.
  • +1020 Yanks!!! Going all the way this year!!!
  • Go Reds.  I hate MLB's blackout restrictions.
  • Tell me about it, I live in Iowa which means I can't get any Cubs, White Sox, Cardinals, Twins, or KC games.  I'd really love to get this and have not problem paying for it, but with the blackouts there really is no point.
  • Proxy Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Give me a +whatever for the Buffalo Bisons!! Wait, that's Minor League. Nevermind.
  • Pirates -- Lets Go Bucs! Living in Charlotte but will always be a yinzer
  • I agree 100%. Picked up a 20 game plan for this year... Can't wait to spend some time at PNC Park. Lucky you to be out of the blackout area haha.
  • We need an emoticon for the "Zoltan" sign. Let's Go Bucs!!!!
  • GO TRIBE!!!
  • Go TIGERS!!!
  • Dam, this sucks, last year game day audio was free on MLB 2013. My 928 sucks as it has no FM radio and I can't listen to games...
  • Mo Forever!
  • You may want to actually proofread your article and fix spelling errors. Pitch it spelled P I T C H.
  • Is is spelled is.
  • Awesome!  Hope it works better than last year's app which was very slow. And just a reminder for anyone that has or is considering an MLB Extra Innings subscription with providers like Directv, FIOS, etc, MLB.TV premium now comes with those sports packages starting this year.   Go BOSOX!!!!
  • Buggy as hell.  Video won't play.  ARRGGGHHHHH
  • So I don't see anything about MLB At Bat 2015 for Windows Phone.  Have they abandoned us?